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A Concise Chronology of Evidences of The Larry Warren Fraud. (With ongoing Updates)

Larry Warren's Ex Wife says I make it all up. Read on and realise her lies.  

My 90 minute presentation of The Larry Warren Fraud

After a conversation started on Nick Popes Facebook page I decided to put my conference talk into a blog and to add the material I had to leave out due to time constraints. I include all source material  and referenced books. 

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Capel Green touts Warren as the original Whistle Blower
The moment I realised Warren had taken Adrian Bustinza's narrative was when I listened to John Burroughs radio show 'Full Interview With Adrian Bustinza'. It was recorded December 2015. I listened to it in February 2016. My first blog was called Left Out At East Gate. As I listened I quickly understood that Warren really had taken Adrian Bustinza's account.

People say that Adrian fully supports Warren's narrative, those people do not know Warren's story well enough to say that, but I do. People also say that I never reference this show, that is because they have not read anything I have written, they do not know the chronology of events, they run on gossip and distorted whispers. Warren says he was with Adrian all night from 11.30pm to 4.30 am. Adrian says he saw Warren and left him in the field and went off with Col Halt.

He Is Not The Original Whistle Blower

Larry Warren is touted as the original Whistle Blower of the Rendlesham Forest Incidents. This is in fact not true. J.D Ingles was the original Whistle Blower, he was referred to as Steve Roberts in Skycrash which was published in 1984, written by Brenda Butler, Dot Street and Jenny Randles.

In the video below Warren clearly states that he is not the original Whistle Blower.

VID (33s) Contact 93 (not the original just the loudest)

In the taped conversation below Warren once again says he is not the original Whistle Blower.

VID (14s) tape recently published by OLM

The A10 Photograph Is Fake & He Missed The Big Show

In the clip below Warren states that the A10 photo complete with UFO was taken on the 28th December 1980. The final night of events was the night of the 27th going into the 28th after midnight, everything was over and done with by the 28th. By his own claims, he was not on duty on the nights of any of the events.

VID (1m 08s) UFO Truth conference. The night of the 28th December is the date of Warren's alleged incident and the  date he says he took A10 UFO photo.
The Halt Memo and Tape

Halt Memo. Everything happened the night of 27th December going into Early hours 28th

John Burroughs stated on the 23rd September 2019 that Warren has said on John's Phenomenon Radio Show that Warren was on his first ever shift. Previously Warren has stated that he was on duty for two and a half weeks before the events. One has to wonder why he stated he was on his first ever shift. His first night shift? He possibly because his dates do not tally with the length of USAF training. I outline that and created a two hour recording of Warren telling different versions of events for my Radio show on Access North West Radio.

The Fake A10 Photograph 

The three photos below are from the files of Barry Greenwood who is the author of the book Clear Intent and runs the organisation CAUS, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. I was sent his files from Clear Intent and in them it stated quite clearly that these photographs were taken in 1985. Warren now denies this, Heseltine said Barry is old and probably confused. But the photo that Warren was flashing around had a UFO in it. It is the same photo as the one in the album, aside from the fact the one in the album is in colour and there isn't a UFO in it. At some point the UFO was added. The photo is fake.

Source: Barry Greenwood files  photo album

Here is the collection of blogs I wrote about the A10.

Larry Warrens A10 UFO Photograph is Irrefutably a Genuine Fake.

Barry Greenwood issues a statement. Warrens latest A10 photograph is not original.

Sacha Christie and Nick Pope faked the photos in 2014.

Gary Heseltine releases statement. A10 photo IS a fake. Warren says "It wasn't me"

If you read any of them then you will know that the A10 IS a fake, yet Warren claims I faked it when we were friends back in 2014,  he somehow uploaded it to the Facebook group Bentwaters Back In The Day. I would like to know exactly how that could happen. Seeing as Warren wasn't staying at my house when this all allegedly transpired and I had not been to his flat in years.

Here is Warren stating once again that the photo is real. That Bruce Maccabee looked at it and said it was a legitimate photo of a UFO. The only version was digitised so how could he determine that without the full picture? It is my belief that Bruce took the photo on face value as no negatives exist.

Warrens Page not fake 

These are the close ups of the fake A10 photo with UFOs. Interestingly these photos were uploaded to Warren's first Facebook page which suddenly vanished in a big fuss. He claimed he had been hacked, he had said this about a hundred times before. Every time he got wasted and went on his computer in the early hours of the morning he would go on epic rants then claim to have been hacked, someone said all that pretending to be him.

Warren accused myself or Dave of 'hacking' his Facebook account. If that was the case then all Warren had to do was show Facebook some ID and have it reactivated. He didn't do that, instead he kept going on about my partner Dave being a hacker, Warren and his associates were telling everyone Dave could hack into their computers via their Facebook accounts if he was on their Facebook friends list.

The ONLY person that account vanishing benefited was Warren. I would have been all over it like a rash and found where he first uploaded certain fake images etc. Another thing that Warren tells people is that I have thirty Facebook accounts, if anyone asks a question, makes a statement to them, Warren tells them it is myself or Dave using a fake account. They still peddle the lie that Dave is a hacker and that he has an account called Michael Black, Michael Black is not Dave Kelly, or myself. It is another libelous lie.

Taken from Warren's Facebook page

Found on my partners laptop in Warren's user account

This is the original from the files of Barry Greenwood who provided the image without the plastic covering to Gary Heseltine. Even though the colour is dark, the original is a colour image.

Source: The Barry Greenwood files

Warren then said he had found the original at his ex wife's house. Here they are in comparison.... The one we were all originally looking at was black and white, the original is in colour and has square edges, this one produced has rounded edges.

Source  Youtube video. The original image is colour with sharp edges, the one Warren produced from his ex wife's house is black and white and rounded edges. 

Eventually it was agreed between Gary Heseltine and his cohorts that it was actually a fake, they set about blaming everyone else apart from Warren who was the person who uploaded the photo in the first place. Ben Emlyn Jones joined in and did some "analysis" of a photo I had uploaded from the files left on my partners computer by Warren when he was using it.

I had assumed the ring that can be seen was probably a coffee cup because Warren uses all kinds of techniques to age his forged evidence. You only have to look at his letter to his mother and the mess he has made around the edges of the first page. My five year old could have done a better job with tea bags.

Weird how all the "splashes" are around the edge, not one goes anywhere else,  
If the letter was in the envelope, the letter would have (what looks like) oil staining the centre of the letter along to fold, or the top edge of the letter depending on how it was placed in the envelope.  This suggests two separate incidences of accidental damage, one to the letter, one to the envelope. he says this is PROOF. I have more to say later one. They look anything but natural. IMO

Image below... The "coffee cup ring" is actually the reflection of Larry Warren's Camera.

Source: Original was found on my partners laptop. Warren stayed with us for four months, my partner created an account for him on the laptop everyone used and allowed him to use it for the duration of his stay. 

 This is how Ben determined this wasn't Larry Warren.

Source: One of Ben Emlyn Jones Blogs The Larry Warren controversy. 

Below... No match!

Source Ben Emlyn Jones blog The Larry Warren controversy 

I took the photo and ran it through an app on my phone to change filters on it to enhance what was actually in the photo. This was the result.

I filtered the image 
Close up
Close up of Larry Warren's face and camera

Larry Warren and the very same camera

Once of Warren's friends, Ant French also did some analysis on other similar images I had found on the laptop and had uploaded for the public to see. He determined that they were looking for a man with short grey hair, a pointy nose, glasses with a chain on his wrist. Warren comes into the conversation and says it is me. They all just went with that like they have no brains or eyes to see what they actually saw in the first place. They just want to be friends with somebody significant, so they went with his lies.

Ant KNOWS he is looking at a man but then just fell apart when Warren said it was me. They all saw a man but then when Warren said it was me they accepted that because they didn't have the balls to say otherwise. 

On the back of the analysis of Ant French, Warren then announced they had definitive proof that I had manipulated the photo. So he is now admitting that is IS a fake, only he didn't fake it, it was me, that then developed into it was me or Nick Pope. After all, we are almost identical.

The image above this one is allegedly PROOF that I messed with the image

Here is the chain Warren wears, one that Ant French said they were looking for....

No balls and chain

Once again, camera and chain....

Both the camera and the chain

VID 2m 07s He swears on sons head that this is real when it is fake.

You will have also heard him swear on his sons own head a few times that the photo was a real image of a UFO and one that was in his face that night. Well as I have said, nothing happened the night of the 28th. He swore in his son's head while lying.

Enhanced a little more... According to Larry Warren, this is me.

Cropped the Camera...

The reflection clearly shows a red camera 

Crop of Warren with camera. 

Full image...

Full Image of Warren with the camera. 

Another photo I found on the laptop which Warren insists is me. If you look to the left at the wall you can see in the reflection in the background as he photographs the computer screen he is using, you will see some art work hung on the wall. The photos of his artwork were left on the laptop too. It is reversed due to it being a reflection.

Same camera, Warren's paintings are on the wall behind him, it is HIS home. 

You can just make out the painting, it is mirrored as a reflection. 

This is one of Warren's paintings, I think it is supposed to be Jimi Hendrix. Whoever it is, it is hung on the wall in the images above.

The actual painting left on the laptop Warren used while here. 

Here is a photo collage of Warren based upon the image I found on the laptop who Warren insists is me and a photo of Warren taken in my home by either myself or Dave when he was showing us his stash of fake memorabilia.
As you can see, it is the exact same pair of glasses, this is Larry Warren's reflection, not mine. 

Gary Heseltine made a statement to the effect that it was myself and Dave who had stolen Warren's photographs and have manipulated them. He really makes himself look foolish here. Warren had a user account on Dave's laptop. There were several user accounts on that laptop, the children had one, I had one. When Warren was using Dave's laptop he uploaded photos from his SD card onto his user account. I showed images of the properties so that people could see that the photos were in situ on Dave's computer and showed the EXIF data.

Gary Heseltine is accusing us of fraud. Gary Heseltine and Larry Warren both accuse me of setting Warren up. Well they should go to the Police with their evidence then shouldn't they? They should take me to court, if that is the case then they will win.  Gary recently made a comment this week that one day we will feel the full weight of justice. I can not wait for the day they summon me to court. I really want them to get me in front of a judge so I can show threm my evidence.

Larry Warren Is In Two Places At Once

Germany or Ipswich? In one narrative he says he went to Germany on Christmas Eve to see some girls he had met with a friend in a club in London. It is in Left at East Gate, he says he was there for a couple of days and flew back on or about the 27th. In another version he is on base, off duty, goes to Ipswich and photographs the A10.

 VID (52s) In contact I was in Germany

VID (28s) Earth Mystery news in Germany

LAEG was in Germany

Below, Warren is talking to Tino Megaro in the Larry Warren replies show. Tino asks him about why he says he was in Ipswich and also in Germany, Warren asks "Where have I done that?"

Larry Warren Replies interview with Tino Megaro

You have seen the video where he says he was in Ipswich (at the top), it was the third video, here is the same video if you need a reminder. 


Larry Warren Replies to Gary Heseltine uploaded 5th February 2019 full video

Larry Warren Replies to Tino Megaro interview, uploaded 7th May 2018 full video

I intend to present these, broken down, together in a seperate article.

Turn Right At East Gate

On the night of the incidents, Warren says he was on duty on perimeter post 18 and had been on duty an hour when he was picked up and taken off by Adrian Bustinza. They set off  and as Warren tells it, they were told to turn LEFT at East Gate. However, Bustinza says they were told to turn RIGHT at East Gate. Adrian does not say he went to pick Larry Warren up.

Bustinza also says that he went off with Colonel Halt and left Warren in the field after taking cameras from people. Also, if you knew the book left at East Gate you would recall a memory Warren has about the camera with the M on it, he says it looked expensive which is why he remembers it, Adrian Bustinza said the same thing. Adrian has the exact same memory, how can that be?

Bustinza said nothing about going onto Capel Green with Warren, he does not recount one single event that Warren wrote in LAEG, he also doesn't say he went with Warren in a car, was knocked out by gas, taken to an underground base and debriefed by a silhouette of a figure behind a screen.

Bustinza says he had to go into a room with several men who were all intimidating him and that the room was dark aside from a bright light shining in his face and the questioner was just a silhouette.

Note the silhouette. This is how he threads things together. I will dedicate time to explain the way he threads things together in the free ebook I am putting together.

Bustinza does not place himself with Warren at all until after Warren gets on the show and then he starts stumbling and sounding unsure while Warren asks Adrian if he remembers things. So for those of you saying Adrian Bustinza fully supports Warren's narrative because he said he saw him on the Phenomena Radio show in December 2015, you are wrong. He does not tell the same story at all.

Warren says the silhouette complimented him on his natural instinct for aggression, Bustinza said they told him bullets are a dime a dozen, they are cheap. he still has nightmares, it has affected him very deeply and he isn't up for Battle Royale. But I am and I have fully seen what Warren has done to that man, in full technicolour.

If you want to know why Adrian Bustinza hasn't set the record straight, just look at what is happening to me because I dared to collect the words of other people in the past. Gary Heseltine says this is all coming from one woman (me) and it is because I love Warren and I flipped. Adrian is also very obviously still terrified of the threats made in the debriefing as anyone would be.

Then there are the comments Adrian made after he appeared on John Burroughs radio show. (Dec 2015, Phenomenon Radio). Adrian Bustinza says he think Warren recorded him talking about the event because he can't understand how he remembered so much detail. He now says he doesn't remember seeing Larry out there, let alone have an entire hours long event with him on Capel Green.

 LAEG Bustinza and England picked me up from Perimeter post 18  

In this segment below Adrian Bustinza says he went off with Sgt Ball, no picking Warren up from post 18, and he said they were told to turn right at East Gate. The significance being Warren called the book Left at East Gate.

VID (42s) Bustinza and England TURN RIGHT at East Gate, Phenomenon Radio Dec 2015

From Warren's book... Left at East Gate.

From Left at East Gate. 

Adrian Bustinza Is In Two Places At Once 

In the clips below Warren says that he saw Col Halt out there wearing Aviator glasses, that John Burroughs was with him but was wearing civilian clothes. Warren then says he went off with Adrian Bustinza.  However, Adrian Bustinza is heard on the Halt tape, Colonel Halt makes time markers on the tape which are for the early hours of the morning.

In the second clip, Warren elaborates, saying that Adrian went with Halt after he had spent time with Warren on Capel Green, as it is told in Left at East Gate Warren is in the field until 4.30am. If that was true then Adrian wouldn't have been with Col Halt who got out there at midnight and went with Adrian and John, they then followed the phenomena through the trees.  Once again, Adrian cannot be in two places at the same time and if he had gone off with Col Halt in this version of events, he would have gone off with Halt at 4.30am.  We know for a fact this is impossible.

lying Saucers have Landed Conference Hull 2015

Flying Saucers Have Landed Conference Hull 2015

Part One. Flying Saucers Have Landed 2015 Conference
Part Two. Flying Saucers Have Landed Conference 2015

Left at East Gate
"I Took Adrian Bustinza's Account" 

One of the things I said right back at the beginning of all this was that Warren told me various things he hadn't said before. He said to me one day that he had taken Adrian Bustinza's account and had absorbed it into his own, his reason was that the story needed to be told. He said he had talked to Adrian and they were "cool now". He vehemently denies saying this to me now but unfortunately for him, I am not the only person he has admitted that to. He told Linda Moulton Howe and Benton Jamieson the same thing during a taped conversation in 1986. He is also denying that ever took place now. He is basically saying that Howe and Jamieson fabricated the whole 48 page transcript. In fact every single person that has called him out is a liar according to Warren.

Again, unfortunately for Warren I still have the emails I sent to Linda at the request of Larry Warren. He says "First let me thank Linda for finding the tape" and clearly states that he has asked me to act as go between. He even responded to part one.

Email from Linda Moulton Howe to myself and Larry Warren

Email from myself to Linda on behalf of Warren.

Below is Larry's response to part one of the transcript of 1986 conversation with LMH and BJ.;

I have asked my friend Sacha, to forward this response to Linda Moulton Howe’s earthfiles reports. There are no politics in this, only I would like this response to be posted on more than one web site and do not know how to do it myself.

First let me thank Linda for finding the tape, as it will give me the opportunity to correct some long standing falsehoods about myself. Please forgive the fact that I am not very good with computers and am better suited to speaking to people than typing to them.

The tape was recorded in  New Haven  Connecticut , in 1986, and as I’ve discussed with Linda, I remember the day in rather good detail considering its over 25 years ago.

I will respond in the best order I can but again, the reader will have to read Linda’s write up to see what I’m referring to.  Again, this forum is not one of my strengths.

By the time of this recording, I’d been public with Rendlesham for over 3 years, and had been interviewed by numerous UFO researchers. The halt memo, and tape were long in the public arena and CNN’s special assignment, UFO THE BENTWATERS INCIDENT {recorded in fall 1984, 1st aired feb 1985} was over a year old.  1986 was a transition year for me, my account, or another author’s version of it!

 1986 was the year that Whitley Strieber told me to write my own book, to set the record straight and also to stop the intentional or unintentional misrepresentation of my experience {not story!} at Bentwaters. That year I named that unwritten book, and started working on early drafts, the next year Peter Robbins joined me on a 9 plus year quest to set the record right with regard to my role in the events, that quest became the book Left at East Gate, and that’s the title I came up with in 1986. Peter Robbins and I are both very proud of that book, though we would never claim it’s a definitive account by any means!

I have known Linda for many years and we have been featured speakers together at many UFO conferences in the  USA in the late 80s and 90s. The last time we met, my ex wife Linda and I had the honour of having dinner with Dr Edgar Mitchell, an honour indeed! My point on this bit of background is simple, I want to establish that  Linda and I go back a long way, also to show that my memory is still intact.

I’d like to make a few points.

1) Malcolm Zigler, a major at the time, was chief of the SPS, he was not my shift commander, that was Bob Ball. This I would know in 1986 or 1980 for that matter. Further more, Carl Drury was the assistant chief of SPS."

2)Lt Tamplin is not the person I saw upset in the forest, she was an LE , she was black and a woman. She stood out in the SPS for those reasons, I never saw a woman in the woods, the person upset was a male, and Bob  Ball talked to him. I never said a medic attended to anyone, that is English speak, and invented by the British TABLOID News of the world, the quote is not an actual statement I made.  I only spoke to the reporter for 5 minutes on the phone in 1983. The events in the woods as I saw them, in my own words can be found in the book.

3) I’ve never said that lightalls powered cameras, nor would they be used for that purpose. The lightalls did not function on site, see LAEG.

4) The October 1983 newspaper reference in the report is in fact the British tabloid, News of the World, and not a  New York paper.

5) The ground fog, referred to in the report was not a craft! I’ve never said it was.

It was a defined mist that was on the ground, and not above it! See other descriptions of this in LAEG.

6) One Night or Three? As I’ve always stated, I was involved in this after xmas but before new years.

1980, Lt Englund and Sgt Bustinza picked me up in a pickup truck, this would be halts night, I never saw Tamplin, further I would have known for years by 86, that the events  were on more than one night just by reading the Halt memo, I was only involved on one night! What was the context of your question? Also I don’t recall Pennistion out there as well, as he was not, john was, and off duty, I saw him and this has been covered by me with both halt and john.P6 ART “effing” Wallace, created by Barry Greenwood, cause I didn’t want my real name used until others came forward. I never introduced myself to anyone as Art Wallace, it was used in the  UK to sell papers, and even in  Japan the TV people got mad because I wouldn’t let them call me that name. They said the Japanese people liked mystery! I said tough shit!! see LAEG.P7 Adrian Bustinza has indeed spoken on the record! He was first interviewed by Larry Fawcett, via phone on April 20 1984. The transcript was published for the first time in Left at east gate (see p139). He was later interviewed by Ray Boeche and Scott Colbern.  (see LAEG.P8 on page 217 of our book). Col Halt backs up how I got to the forest, my description of that nights weather, etc. He only questions my reason for discharge. (P9) Bill Moore and the dissinfo etc. On the tape you say that the atc on  Woodbridge describes the creatures, aliens, beings whatever, as having tails like a devil. I say twice that is not what I saw. It is correct that no one asked or told

me to disinfo the case, that came later and is covered in the book, by the way, I declined! As for  Moore , I was around the scene when he was in D.C.  He pulled me aside and said he saw my file and that he knew I worked for the feds etc. He said it was ok as he did too! Show me the file I said, and he never did. Is it not true that later he said he was feeding ufo info to the spooks? man that guy got a lot of airtime in the ufo world. Personally I thought the guy was full of it. You know, I once met a guy at a conference that told me that star trek (the original series) was real and he was an officer on the enterprise as well, just like  Moore , full of it. However, the latter might have been crazy as a shithouse rat on top of it.P10

I never mixed Adrian’s experience with mine, to protect him, when he put that underground thing on me alone, to Fawcett back in 84 I felt a little let down, so until I did the book I withdrew from that and put it back on him.  Also, all we agreed to do that night in 81 was to get the thing out to the public, that ended up being me.

The book was designed to get responses from others and in it, I had to lay it all on the table, for better or worse. Further to the spook stuff I can say that the Russians, and MOSSAD  have had an interest in this affair. Unnerving.(P11) The stuff about my family is dead right!(P12)Jimmy Carter was not on the base at all although I was told the pres, knew about Bentwaters, more like incoming vp Bush sr, the carter thing comes from my problem of starting a sentence and then skipping to another subject. This is due to a head injury I sustained in 1984 and its weird to see that happen in a transcript, I saw Carter that year ‘86 at central  Connecticut state university, and that was what I was going to say. All that know me know I have that issue, so sorry folks, no Jimmy Carter in the underground base! Well Linda I’m sure I’ve missed something or other, my book is my statement, there are errors in it but it’s the best I can do. Please remember that the tabloid News of the world is a rag, the quotes attributed to me, Halt and Williams were invented to sell papers, that is one of my biggest regrets with this thing is when CAUSE sent the halt memo to the UK to help certain researchers out, it was sold on to that paper for 25000 pounds by a lawyer, cause and myself had nothing to do with it and it put the case on shit street right out of the gate, those quotes ARE NOT MINE, and use words only English people use! I know as I live in  England , don’t believe any of that coverage from 83 its crap and sensationalized an event that didn’t need it. I hope they spent the money well? One last thing, Linda as you know, I know that you have no ill will towards me, and now we go back to intentional misrepresentation of me and un intentional misrepresentation, lets take a look at science writer Ian Ridpath’s website, where he uses a letter I wrote home to my mother trying to fill in the phone conversation with her about the ufo that I got cut off on. I try to be a bit James Bond and identify myself as a guy I know on D flight. Also I end the letter with this, “Ma, I will tell you the whole thing on the ufo , I cant in the mail cause they read it!” Ian uses another sighting of lights earlier that night to match his lighthouse, stars, satellites theory and omits key points in my letter, intentional? I think so, with Malice? I think not. That letter predates Col Halts by a week by the way, so if I’m lying, my mom was my first mark , think about it people. Now for state sponsored this, and this wont win me some buddies but I got plenty thanks, this is part of an email that was sent to Peter Robbins in late 1999, Peter sent it on to me and this is it;

“Peter, great news, signed off on the book deal, nice advance too, please let Larry know that my research has completely backed up his story! Love Georgina .”


As that person sadly passed away not long ago and cant defend the above book, although in life she declined my wishes to defend my points in her book, I will end with a very good quote she often used,

Is it what you know or what you’ve been told?

Thanks Linda, bring on part 2

All the best!

Larry Warren,  Liverpool ,  UK

How can he say the taped conversation never happened when he actually replied? After the first segment he said he wasn't going to do anymore. Now that I have actually read the full transcript, I am not surprised. How would he answer to the fact he said Adrian said he saw a giant man in a cape in the forest?  Or that Bustinza threatened to stab Lt Bonnie Tamplin while holding a knife?

The contents of that transcript are mind blowing, no wonder he denies it.  Linda or Ben really need to release the audio of that conversation, I hope they do and before the film Capel Green is released, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Warren is a liar.

Underground. Bullets Are Cheap. 

Below is a screenshot from one of Linda's pages on her website earthfiles.com which she included in the emails she sent. He says he was telling Adrian Bustinzas account as if it were first hand but in fact it was second hand. If you read the transcript he says a lot more on the matter. he actually says some pretty wild things, he tells Linda and Ben that if it all turns out to be untrue, it is because Adrian lied to him. In this screenshot he tells her that he combined their stories, which is exactly what he told me and what I said right at the start of all of this.

Below is a very important segment of the interview John Burroughs did with Adrian Bustinza. He explains his interrogation and this is where he says the silhouette told him, bullets are cheap.

VID (5m 19s) Bustinza on his interrogation 
Full Phenomenon Radio Show Adrian Bustinza First Interview

In the segment you just heard, Adrian Bustinza tells a lengthy account of the things said to him in the interrogation. One of those things was that if anyone asks him what they saw, he was to say he saw a lighthouse. They repeated over and over again, you saw a lighthouse. Ian Ridpath said once, very many years ago, that part of what they saw was a lighthouse. Warren is the only person keeping that alive. There are other reasons why the lighthouse is significant as you have heard. What Warren says below is absurd but it highlights the gross exaggerations he makes.

Earth Mystery News Conference Toronto 2017 
Below in this segment of the Earth Mystery News conference in Toronto 2017 Warren states that the statement "Bullets are cheap" was said to him. He says he has heard it attributed to other people, but it was said to him. If you have read Left At East Gate you will know that Warren claims to have had a very long experience underground, under the base. he says the bases can be made to vanish with the technology they (aliens) have. He devotes and entire chapter to the underground debriefing where they tell him all about the UFO situation, show him and many others, footage of UFOs, all of which he explains in great detail in the LMH transcript. Adrian's account is absolutely nothing like it. Warren says that Adrian was with him but then was taken out. Why doesn't Adrian say that when he is talking to John on the Phenomenon radio show??


In You Can't Tell The People written by Georgina Bruni, Adrian Bustinza recounts his interrogation, in this screenshot below he wonders where his superiors are, he says "Why am I going through this alone"?. This further illustrates the fact Adrian Bustinza was brutally interrogated, he was terrified and nobody was telling him lots of secrets about UFOs, no one was showing him footage of UFOs, in fact they threatened him and told him to remember a lighthouse. Nobody complimented Bustinza on his natural instinct for aggression either. They terrified him out of his wits, PERMANENTLY.

You Can't Tell The People, Georgina Bruni
Below is a short excerpt from Left Out At East Gate where Warren describes not being able to look around, only ahead and at a silhouette of somebody he couldn't see the features. Sound familiar?

Below is another segment of the LMH/BJ transcript where warren tells them that Adrian told him everything when they got back from Egypt. Adrian says he slipped a note under Warren's door the very next day.

Warren says Adrian told him when they got back from their deployment in Egypt, three months after the incidents.

LMH/BJ Transcript 

Egyptian Lies

In 1994 Larry Warren and Peter Robbins came to the UK for the very first time, to speak together. They spoke at the UFO interest and investigation group EMUFORA, See full video here. There is a lot to dismantle in that video, it is almost three hours long. Below is a segment where Warren tells the audience about when he was deployed to Egypt with Bustinza, Warren says he took this photo of Adrian.

I had heard about this controversy before so I messaged Adrian Bustinza, sent the video clip below and asked him if it was true. This is part of his reply, the rest is between myself and Adrian.

Bustinza's response in Messenger
He says that the photograph Warren is showing was given to Warren by Bustinza, and that Warren was not deployed to Egypt with him. This is another example of Adrian Bustinza not supporting Larry Warren.

Below is a segment of the LMH/BJ transcript where Warren tells Linda when they were deployed to Egypt and that Adrian first told him about the events when they got back from Egypt, three months after they had happened.

Below is a segment of the Phenomenon Radio Show where Adrian says he put the note under Warren's door the day after events, not when they got back from Egypt, three months later. Warren didn't go to Egypt.


Warren first came out as a person called Art Wallace (original statement in this link), this is how he was referred to by Larry Fawcett who Warren says gave him the pseudonym. In this image below Warren is talking to Brenda Butler, Dot Street  and Jenny Randles who wrote the book Skycrash.

Below is an excerpt from Skycrash. Warren said he felt a presence, he did not see any aliens.

Here he is saying that a conversation took place between the Base Commander and the aliens he didn't see, the Base Commander even shook one of their hands. Warren says he learned from everyone involved, they were on the ground, outside the craft, but he doesn't remember seeing them. Nobody else says they saw any aliens. Only Warren says this, everyone else saw lights apart from Jim Penniston who saw an object or craft on the ground. Nothing landed, nothing crashed, it was found where it was, on the ground.

Warren then goes to see a psychologist called Fred Max who uses hypnosis to regress Warren. While he is hypnotised Warren remembers seeing three (aliens) with large heads and big black cat like eyes.

While under hypnosis with Fred Max he also remembers the underground base where he was picked up by a big black car with dark glass windows and that he felt as if he was drugged.

The hypnosis session was conducted by Fred Max. Full transcript here.

In the book You Can't Tell The People, Georgina Bruni wonders why there is no mention of Fred Max in the book left at East gate.

Georgina contacted Peter Robbins, Co Author of Left at East Gate and asks him why.

You Can't Tell The People

You Can't Tell The People
He was told....

As you have just read. The reason why the hypnosis session was not included in Left at East Gate is because Warren had faked it. So the first time he recalls the aliens and the underground base is when he is faking hypnosis, he says he did that because he was told "it better be good".

Full page from YCTTP

Interestingly, even though Larry Warren was pretending to be hypnotised and was in fact lying, he has admitted he took Adrian's account, he passed a Voice Stress Analysis while lying.

Adrian Did Not See Larry Out There

Sometime after the December 2015 Phenomenon Radio Show Adrian was having a conversation with John Burroughs in a Facebook group I have never been a member of. Adrian says he doesn't remember seeing Warren out there. He also states that he thinks Warren must have recorded him talking because he remembers a lot of what Adrian had told Warren.

When Warren saw or heard about these comments of Adrian Bustinza's he wrote a public statement which I believe was supposed to be called "Open Letter" but it ended up being called Opened Lettuce to Christie & Co. Read here. He says that he thinks I falsified the comments. Like I said, they were made in a Facebook group to John Burroughs and I have not even once been in that group.

Adrian Bustinza definitely said those things but Warren wants you to believe that I am evil and that this is all an elaborate set up, because I love him, something Gary Heseltine, Editor and Chief of UFO Truth Magazine, UFO Truth Conferences and Lead researcher of The Capel Green film echoes.

Gary Heseltine says there is no evidence that Warren has lied and this information is all coming from one woman (me) and that I have flipped because I am infatuated. As you can clearly see none of that is true. Larry Warren has lied many times and the information comes from many people over many years.
He calls us silly girls and boys when we are heading for our 50s. 
Underground Bases That Vanish

Below is a clip from the MUFON 2010 conference in Phoenix. Here he is saying that he never said anything about the spaceship needing fixing, nobody shook hands and nothing happened in an underground base. He states "Because I never said it"

Below is a segment from the book Skycrash, he told them that the craft was damaged and needed repairs. Also in LAEG he states Wing Commander Gordon Williams was out there and interacted with the 'non human entities' and chapter three of Left at East gate is called "Underground" and is all about the debriefing underground with telepathy etc.

Below are the aliens Warren drew for Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood for the book Clear Intent.

Even though he says he never said there was an underground base in that clip above, here are photo's Warren gave to Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett of what he says is the entrance to the underground base. He took these photos on his honeymoon with his first wife in 1985 and was when he took the A10 photo, even though he has changed the date of when he says that was taken. He more recently said it was taken in 1980 on the 28th December.

Once again, talking to Kieth Beiby from News Of The World  about the underground facility. The very same story he says he took from Adrian Bustinza and combined with his but then remembered in a faked hypnosis session.

From Left at East Gate. Bustinza could not have been with him at the time Warren states because he was with Col Halt. 

Here he describes the moment Colonel Williams interacts with the life forms. 

Below is a segment from the EMUFORA talk 1994. In this segment he said that he was told by the lawyer Colonel Persky, on Bentwaters, to steal his military documents. He shows some of his paperwork in this talk. I will break it down.

Below you can see the document that matches the one on screen. It is his processing instruction sheet.
This is the bottom half, not visible on the screen. However, as you can see, Lee Swain spelled his name incorrectly, twice, on the same sheet, in two different pens. In the Warren perspective video's he did with Tino Megaro (3 parts) he says HE wrote the bit in the bottom right. It is nothing important so why did Lee Swain sign it while spelling his name wrongly? For the second time on the same sheet... I don't know about you but I have never signed my name incorrectly.

Lying Eyes

Below is another segment of the 1994 EMUFORA talk Warren gave with Robbins. He explains about how he went to see a Dr Echols on the Lakenheath base. He says he went to see the Doctor because he was suffering with his eyes after the exposure to the phenomena. This is one of the documents he says he stole on the advice of the USAF Lawyer.

VID (1m 04s) Solicitor Colonel Persky told him to steal his military records

VID (32s)Taped conversation with Col Halt Washington DC again he admits to stealing the records. 

Below is a photo of the page showing the document in Left At East Gate, nice and clean looking.

From a Facebook post on Tino Megaro's Facebook page. Below is full post.

Full post
Below is a scan of Warren's original document. I cannot reveal who sent me this, it has notations regarding the tippex. Originally from Georgina Bruni's collection. As you can see it is covered in Tippex and the writing at the bottom is identical to that of the bottom right corner of the Lee/Lea Swain document.

Dr Echols is an Orthopaedic Dr. That means he deals with bones, not eyes. If he was an eye doctor he would be an Ophthalmic Dr. Also, Warren would never have been sent to Lakenheath for his eyes looking at as there was an Ophthalmic Dr on Bentwaters.

General Orthopaedics, NOT Ophthalmics. someone said the 'general' meant he was a General Practitioner. That is ludicrous.
On the Chuck De Caro Special Assignment TV program Warren stated the phenomena didn't injure them.

Here is a short clip of the CNN Special Assignment where he says they weren't injured by it

Here is a short clip of the Filey Talk where he says he was immediately injured by it

Below is the full CNN Special Assignment.

From a conversation that took place on a recent addition to the Warren clan, Tim Acheson's Facebook page. John Burroughs, a legitimate witness and the only person who was involved in more than one nights activity, said that Warren only started talking about eye damage when Burroughs started talking about eye damage. As you can see John states that Warren was on his way home from Germany (according to Warren in LAEG) on the night of the events and so couldn't have been involved.

John Burroughs Facebook comment 23rd September 2019

On the 14th of July 2017 Steve LaPlume issued a statement about his time on Bentwaters. He knew Warren, they were friends. There are a few things that Warren has said and done over the years, Steve outlines them in his statement. One of those things is that he remembered seeing Warren at Lakenheath the day he went for his appointment. Steve says that Warren complained of a problem with his wrist and was getting a medical discharge. Warren responded by calling Steve a liar. Read Steve's statement and Warren's response here
Steve LaPlume comment.
Out on Separation

Below is another segment of the EMUFORA 1994 talk, he talks about a request for separation for breach of contract not doing job was trained for, this ties in with what Steve said in his statement. In this segment he rattles on and says "blah blah blah assessment passed and met" as he refers to the Williams document. He says Williams signed it which is out of the ordinary.

VID (1m 33s) EMUFORA 94 
This is the document he showed on screen.  As you can see it has not been signed at all. Colonel Charles Halt thinks this is a faked piece of evidence.

The Pentagon 

In Left at East Gate and also in the LMH/BJ transcript of the conversation, Warren makes a huge deal about him not being able to reenlist. It is a wild story.

This is a segment of the LMH/BJ transcript:

Larry Warren: "Now, I’ve spoken to people in government and at the Pentagon. Everyone of them is aware of who I am. We had my military records drawn up from this place in St. Louis, Missouri, where they keep all the military records – even from my father’s days in the service.

They got them. My records are classified! They were in the Pentagon and then moved to the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1983. That’s where they are.

I was supposed to have a big board hearing – this is all documented and things that people don’t know and why I laugh when people say I’m full of shit.

We organised the meeting at the Pentagon and I was supposed to have a hearing with the whole board of the Surgeon General and everybody because of my situation.

There were Congressmen – I had three of them, Toby Moffett, Lowell Weicker and the Gov. of Connecticut O’Neill sent a letter and finally I got some action.

I had a hearing.

This Pentagon board meeting was called with senators invited as well.

They could not get my military records because this is when I found out they had been moved from St. Louis to the Pentagon for review and now they were permanently at the NSA.

I got a letter stating that. And I didn’t even know what the NSA was then, but I found out it was the National Security Agency (in Ft. Meade, Maryland).

I called the NSA.

They said, ‘Mr. Warren, we have no record of your military service.’

I called back to St. Louis and there was a time when the U. S. Air Force was denying I had ever served!

I called the FBI and have people outside of the UFO community that have worked with me on this including senators that know exactly what is going on and know what has happened to me because they have seen proof and evidence of it.

They said, ‘There is so much security on you, you’re so highly classified with your records and all, they will do anything to keep you out (of re-enlisting in the USAF). They said, ‘But they can ruin your professional life, too.’

Now, I worked for a television network here in Connecticut during an internship when I was in school finishing up. I’ve done commercials.

I’ve copy written for United Airlines. I’ve been somewhat successful.

Channel 10 here in Connecticut, I’ve done commercials, and I’ve taught at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting courses in copywriting twice a month. [Sacha Edit. In the Tino Megaro Larry Warren Replies, he states he worked for Charlie Comer (Lennon's publicist) while he was at Connecticut Broadcasting school and then went on to work in Recording Studios and became Stevie Ray Vaughan's Tour Publicist and worked for Atlantic Records for 20 years)]

Doing alright for 25-years-old.

And I keep the RAF Bentwaters incident away from my professional life.

Some people saw the CNN special (reported by Chuck De Caro) and I was told to stop doing this (participating in interviews).


By my boss at the TV station. He said he didn’t want controversy.

Word came down from the NBC network not to do any story on Bentwaters. And I don’t know if I remember the incident exactly – or the way I want to remember at times.

I’d have to sit down with a psychologist who believes in UFOs to sort it out. I probably need one in certain aspects. I’ve grown up with this essentially!

I called down to Randolph AFB, Texas, and I talked to a captain. I was pursuing my records.

He said I was involved in something that happened at RAF Bentwaters in 1980. ‘I know what you are talking about.’ He said that to me just like that.

He goes, ‘It would not surprise me if you have some problems.’

I told him I had been having problems for two years.

He said, ‘I’ll have someone call you back.’ And I got a call back from a Tech Sergeant Green and he sounded black.

He said, ‘Mr. Warren, I’ve been speaking to captain so-and-so and I’m to relay this to you that there is the possibility you might be able to re-enlist in the military if you stop talking about what you are talking about. I have no idea what this means; maybe you do?’

I said, ‘Yes, I sure do!’

And he said, ‘Thank you very much. If you have any more problems, please contact us, but that’s a word of advice I was told to tell you.’


The Surgeon General

He states was told if you stop talking about the incidents you can re enlist! Ridiculous.

Here is a letter from the Surgeon General which explains adequately that Warren was discharged because he had a congenital issue with his elbow, he couldn't straighten it. No great big conspiracy, unless you want to believe that he rallied all those important people to a meeting at The Pentagon over him getting into the Military.

NSA/CIA Top Secret Military Records.

His records are allegedly stored at the NSA

He claims in the conversation he had with LMH/BJ that his records were snaffled off by the NSA. He says in LAEG they were snaffled off by the CIA.  I applied for his basic records using FOIA. I got a reply. His documents were there, they are available, all he has to do is apply for them, or give someone else permission to apply for them.

Even though he was only in the USAF from his first day of training in August 1980 and he was discharged on the 15th May 1981, he says to LMH/BJ that he got five awards in his first year. At this stage of developments he was lying about the length of time he served. He was in the USAF for only 9 months and was discharged as undesirable or unsuitable. I find it astonishing that in all these years, I am the only person to have applied for his records and that everyone just took his word for it. Read this blog for the full story.

Warren actually issued a statement admitting that his documents were tampered with but that I had tampered with them and uploaded them to the net or Peter Robbins had. We asked him to show us where they were messed with but he refused. Read about that here.

If they had applied for his records as I have, they would have known this is untrue. 

Voice Stress Analysis

Below is a little reminder that he passed a VSA while lying. In the video below that, he tells Colonel Halt in Washington DC that he passed three VSAs which had been arranged by Larry Fawcett. Fawcett and Greenwood wrote Clear Intent and had dismissed Warren as a liar.

Below is a letter from Walt Andrus of MUFON to Phil Klass who was a hardened debunker. Phil had offered to pay half of the fees for a polygraph test for Warren. Walt declined the offer due to the fact that Warren has failed a VSA. The letter was from Walt Andrus and included Larry Fawcett, Chuck De Caro and Marge Christensen. If Fawcett knew Warren had failed the VSA then he would not be arranging three through Connecticut Police which Warren says he passed. Why three? One would suffice.

Excerpt from Klass Andrus letter

Adrian Bustinza Thanked Me

In another Facebook conversation on John Burroughs page, I made some comments about Warren's account being the same as Adrian's. Adrian wrote this;

Our own brothers hell bent on taking ownership and and credit for something that others experience, 

"Sacha and Nigel, I appreciate your interest, support and research. You've definitely been listening with an open mind and surely have a lot of questions.

However the very reason I have stayed a distance is because it hasn't gone away! And it probably never will!!!

I still get phone calls form unlisted numbers and private numbers who I can't identify because I don't know who they are. The Gov?

Who knows; but I know sometime soon I with John after I am able to sit down face to face with John again will come forward to face the critics who have no earthly idea of what rigorous interrogations took place and what they tried to do to us. Some people want the limelight then there are those of us who just want to know why???

I am a USAF veteran who served whole heartily, and still believes in what Our nations stands for!
Ronnie has been very understanding along with John and supportive of keeping my distance.
Reason being is because some of us out there want Glory and they don't experience what John and I have for the past 35 years which has been denial, nightmares, health issues critics and most of all lies and deception from our own brothers only to have the truth surface through others like yourself that have taken time to listen!!!

Our own brothers hell bent on taking ownership and and credit for something that others experience, but can't give details! It's just outright disgusting!

I don't say much but I can assure you of one thing ands that is I have nothing to say except the truth and that's how it will always be.

So many witnesses won't come forth!!! do you blame them???"

John and I, not Larry and I. 

In the screenshot below Warren is saying that Larry Fawcett no longer believes him to Dot Street in a recorded conversation that Georgina Bruni quotes, Dot played her the tape of Warren saying the underground thing didn't happen to him.

You Can't Tell The People (Larry Fawcett didn't believe Larry Warren)

Below is an excerpt from the LMH/BJ transcript. Warren is saying he has erased the underground stuff forever and that he didn't even see those space things. He also says Bustinza denied the Underground thing ever happened.
LMH/BJ Transcript

Larry Warren Tells Linda Moulton Howe, he didn't even see those space things.

Full Transcript Here

I really need to make a full and proper comparison of Adrian Bustinza's recollections to Larry Warren's. I will do that and place it here in a future edit. There are very many more issues to highlight.

On top of Warren's UFO claims he also claims to be a friend to the rich and famous. He says he worked in the music biz and was a big hitter.


In 2015 at the Flying Saucers Have Landed Conference in Filey Warren said in a very bored voice that he had co-signed the mega band Metallica with his friend Richard. This was a wild claim, he sounded so bored when he said it. He said he co-signed the band Metallica, got paid half a million dollars finders fee, that he was Artist Coordinator for Atlantic Records 40th Birthday party at Maddison Square Gardens.

He says it in such a way you have to pull the needle off the record and say wait.. what? Artist coordinator for Atlantic Records Maddison Square Gardens event???  Lets take a look at that gig.

Atlantic Records 40th Birthday Maddison Square Gardens 1988

Obviously I called him out on this. He put up a couple of Facebook posts reiterating that he really had done these things.

 In the clip below you will hear him rattle off that he and Rich Carleson signed Metallica and that he got the $500,000 finder fee. Half a million  EACH for signing a band you are trying to make famous?

In this clip Tino Megaro asks Warren to explain his comments about Metallica because obviously he didn't sign Metallica. It takes him four minutes to tell the story because he does anything but tell the story and says he was joking. He didn't sound like he was cracking a joke in the first clip. He sounds rather bored with it all.

VID  (4m 33s) Tino show very long ramble about how he didn't sign Metallica 

A very basic Google search reveals the truth. Michael Alago signed Metallica. There is even a movie on Netflix about him signing Metallica. Not one mention of a man called Larry Warren or Richard Carleson in any of it. His entire story is a lie.

John Lennon

In 2016 I created three files, they are a huge collection of Larry Warren's memorabilia items and sales. Because he left the images on Dave's laptop, I could do reverse image Google searches. I quickly found several items. How did this start? He sold a sketch he claimed was drawn by John Lennon for £10,000 to Russ Kellet. Warren started making claims that he was a Beatles Authenticator.

File 1) My Experience Of Larry Warren. Online Version
File 2) Larry Warren's Auction Items Document. Online Version
File 3) Larry Warren's Auction Sales. Online Version

Since completing these documents in 2016 there have been many more sales attempts. I will be cataloguing those items in another document.

Warren told everyone May Pang gave the Lennon UFO sketch to him when they were in a relationship together.  In Facebook comments to Russ Kellet Warren stated that Lennon had done at least four more sketches. The sale of this sketch was highlighted in the online news outlet Wales online. I knew where that sketch had come from because I saw it in my house, I had held it in my hand one day when Warren was going through his very many items of memorabilia. May pang, when contacted, said she hadn't given or sold Warren any of John's items, nor would she.

May Pang's Twitter message to James Welsh


Warren then put this photo on his Facebook page. Said he met John in Cafe Fortuna two days before he flew to the UK. In LAEG he says his mum drove him to the airport. The new story is that his flight was delayed for two days and he just managed to get to hang out with John Lennon. Because John died just a week later, we are meant to believe that this meeting with John was so profound, so deep and meaningful to John Lennon that when he died Warren inherited most of his belongings all with permission to sell them.

We are also supposed to believe that John Lennon's uncle Charlie gave Warren many items of John's, again, all with letters of authentication and permission letters to sell. Charlie Lennon died in Liverpool a poor man. Why on Earth would he even have any of John's items? Yoko Ono has them all. But if Warren's claims are true, he took all of those valuable items from Charlie Lennon and let the man die in poverty. In 2013 a letter written by Charlie to John asking for money was auctioned.

Also, it seems that Larry Warren, Charlie Lennon, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Renez Martinez all misspell the word during. They ALL spell it "durring"

What are the chances of that?

His only evidence is this badly constructed 'photo' of the two of them together. Warren claims to be 19 in this photo.

Larry Warren says he was 19 in this photo. 

Below he makes a comment about how they met and where they met.

Warren said this photo was taken on the 28th November 1980 but John Wore this outfit and was out with his Wife, original photo was taken in August

I was sent some photographs by Larry Warren's ex girlfriend Cookie. This is what he looked like when he was 19.

A comparison so you can see how ridiculous that claim is. He is at least forty years old in the 'photo' with John.

Comparison of Warren aged 19

John Lennon was out with his wife Yoko Ono when the image was taken. Warren was in Texas training. 

August 1980 Warren was in Texas in Basic Training. 

This was the start of my hunt for his lies. I now knew what kind of person I had befriended. Many lies were told by everyone. In the screenshot below Malky Smithson says I created the image with Larry for a laugh and Malky knows this because Warren's ex wife Sue McAllistair had told him so. It is very odd then that Warren would insist this photo is real. This photo was the straw that broke the camels back as far as Peter Robbins was concerned.

Peter Robbins asked Warren outright about this photo, thinking I had mocked up a Facebook page trying to make Warren look stupid. Warren said "The pict is real Pete". Please read Peter Robbins statement.

Gary Heseltine says that Peter and anyone who believes me is under the influence of dark forces, that everyone is so weak willed and feeble minded they just believe me. I have incredible mind control abilities.

Also I would like to say at this point because of a comment Malky Smithson made in the screenshot below. The ONLY person to bring Warren's son into this is Larry Warren himself. He throws him in front of him as a shield. "You are attacking my son if you are attacking me". That is not true at all.

I have met his son several times and he is a very sweet boy. Not so much of a boy these days. This is not and has never been personal to anyone other than Larry Warren himself and he should leave his family out of it just as I do. This is nothing to do with family. HE is the one who swore on his son's head while lying and he is the one who says we are attacking his son. He said we threatened his family. The threat was a question. I explain further down this blog.

Malky says Sue McAllistair said I had created the Lennon Photo with Warren for a laugh. 

Close Protection Security Guard

While looking for evidence of Warren's activities I found this article, he claims to have been a body guard when he met Lennon. He echoed this on the Ben Emlyn Jones HPANWO show 197 (transcript) where he said he worked close protection security and that he is licensed by the British Government. That makes him sound like some kind of Liam Neeson in Taken character. The truth of the matter is, he has an SIA card because he worked on the door of a supermarket. How to get an SIA card

The hat and sunglasses discussed in the article below were sold for a pathetic £4000 each. A pair of John Lennon's reading glasses went for $1,000,000. The hat and glasses were on a website Rare and Signed, an auction run by Jason Cullen, he had them up for sale at £95,000 each. I am not saying Jason is a fraud, but that is one huge leap and I would be suspicious of anything of someone so famous, being sold for so little.

My advice to you after doing this research is do not buy anything from an auction house unless it is one of the huge houses that offer refunds if they sell something fake. The smaller Auction Houses are unfortunately enabling forgers, either wittingly or unwittingly. I have my suspicions about some of them. A smaller reputable dealer called Gary King also does his homework. Before you buy anything do lots of research and get assurances. Letters of authentication are often forged too. If you are unsure there is a forum you can upload photographs too and they will tell you if there are problems with the item you are wanting to buy.

Jimi Hendrix

In this photo below Warren is sat on the UFO Monument in Rendlesham Forest. He is posing with an excellent forged Jimi Hendrix signature.

Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Here is a comparison of a real Jimi Hendrix signature with Warren's Hendrix signature.

When I pointed out that it was very accurate, Warren stated he had been taught handwriting analysis by the FBI. Phone calls reveal the FBI do not, and have never conducted any such course in New York City where the student would be taught how to forge signatures.

Alyson Dunlop of SPI Scotland and radio host of the show The ADX Files made some remarks about the graffiti on the monument. Dave Hodrien of  Birmingham UFO Group said he would not condone permanent damage to the monument yet there are photographs of the entire group of people who went on a RFI Camping trip, on the monument, giving a middle finger.
Dave Hodrien thinks that if someone hasn't been convicted then they haven't commited a crime. 

The National Trust state that no one can stand or sit on the monument in their information leaflets. 
The Music Industry

Warren makes many claims about his life within the music industry. I can't quite figure out exactly what his role was in the industry. he was a Body Guard at one point, a Tour Publicist, a Record Producer, he Co Signed Metallica, best friends with Stevie Ray Vaughan who apparently went to his first wedding, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, he says he was PA to the Beach Boys. I could literally write a book about what he says about his adventures 'in the biz' as he calls it.

Tino Megaro interviewed Warren and uploaded the video on May 7th 2018. It is a series of questions and answers. Tino is addressing all the problems we have pointed out and Warren is answering them in order to clear all this silliness up. It doesn't clear anything up at all, in fact he just makes the stories bigger.

Tino asks Warren a very simple question. "What was your role within the Music Industry"?

Duane Carleton, Larry Warren's Old Friend From Vermont

Keep in mind that Gary Heseltine says that if there hasn't been a conviction then no crime has been committed. He says thee is NO evidence that Larry Warren has lied.

On the 19th of April 2018 I received a message from someone that changed everything. Previously, myself and a few others had tried to get Warren to have his stolen Military Documents analysed to see if they were authentic. He refused to do that, instead he went to a solicitor and spent a lot of money having Cease and Desist letters sent to us.

Ben Emlyn Jones was given copies of these letters and put them online for all to see, before they even arrived through our letter boxes. Read this blog for full details. However, the letter was full of lies told to the solicitor by Warren, we all informed the Solicitor that Warren did not have a memorabilia business and the rest of the claims were also untrue. There is no sign of a business. He claimed I had been trying to damage his memorabilia business for a total of 18 months. In fact it was 18 months from the date of the news item in the Wales Online outlet, a news article I had merely shared.

Warren was dropped by the solicitor and told if he wants to take me or the others to court he has three years to do it and will have to represent himself in person. We are still waiting, two and a half years later.

Gary Heseltine stated that none of us were official handwriting experts, our efforts, although obvious even to the untrained eye, were not good enough. Only an experts opinion mattered. Something he fails to apply to himself, especially in the Larry Warren Replies video when Gary is waving around photographs, telling us they are originals, when he himself is not an analyst of any kind.

The rules they constantly place on myself and friends, never apply to Warren, Heseltine or any of their associates. Gary seems to think that because he was a Detective Constable on British Transport police gives him the authority to make these claims. He says he knows what evidence is.

I replied to Duane and we started talking. He told me all about his friend Larry Warren, a liar and a braggart. He has many tales to tell. Warren even acted as his agent for one gig, he promised Duane the world. Duane was a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan and emulated him on stage. Warren made a beeline for him, told Duane he knew SRV very well, that he was a very good friend. He told him many stories and promised Duane the world. Duane was obviously flattered and excited about this, alas, Warren was pandering to Duane's vanities and dreams, a trick he pulls with everyone.

Fortunately for us, Warren had given Duane something. It was a jacket signed by Stevie Ray Vaughan, a jacket that Warren is wearing in photographs standing next to Stevie Ray Vaughan. At some point in the friendship Warren was in NYC and had written a letter to Duane, telling him how he was going to get Duane on the gig circuit, he also mentioned the jacket Warren had given him.

Duane sent the jacket off to a professional analyst, the analyst consulted many other authenticators and they all agreed. The signature was a forgery. how did they know? Because Vaughan was spelled incorrectly. It was spelled "Vaughn" on the jacket but Stevie's name is actually spelled "Vaughan". We know 100% for sure it is Warren's jacket because we have photos of him wearing it and he mentioned it in his handwritten letter. There are problems with the photographs.

See Duane's evidence here Below is the radio interview I conducted with Duane.

Official Analysis 

Stevie Ray Vaughan

These are some of the photos Warren has uploaded onto the Internet over the years. I was sent these by someone who took the trouble to dissect them and send them to me. Larry Warren says that I have messed with his photos, people think he means I forged them to make him look bad but in actual fact if you look at his Facebook account right now, they are uploaded as real. It is obvious he has used the same head, messed with colour tones and generated the images to further they myth that he is a good friend, body guard or Tour Publicist to the rich and famous. He also said he was in the Mick Taylor Band for two years. His evidence is a very badly shopped image (below).Doctored Photographs blog

Video below Warren say's "I don't have to fudge up pictures, I'm in them. Full Video

He says this is real. the shadowing and the angle of his body is out of whack, wearing the jacket he gave Duane. 

Look at Stevie's hair. and the size of the badly angled guitar

Diced and spliced. 

Compare Mick Taylor and SRV composite

The Guitar

I need to tell you about the guitar in the photo because it is important. I have already posted the documents with the full story in but this is so important I feel it is necessary to show you something. It is a letter written by SRV's official Biographer Craig Hopkins. He bought the guitar from Warren in 1995. Below is a 22 point letter outlining his opinions. Warren reckons the guitar was stolen, never sold etc. He calls everyone who calls him out a liar. In the 197 HPANWO show he did, he calls the biographer a fan club guy. He knows full well who he is, he was given an acknowledgement in Left at East gate.

An Open Letter to Stevie Ray Vaughan Fans and Memorabilia Collectors

My name is Craig Hopkins. I am the author of the biography Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night. I have been internationally known for over 25 years for my research regarding Stevie Ray Vaughan's life, career, instruments and memorabilia. Since 1998 my website, www.StevieRay.com, has been one of the primary sources of information about Stevie Ray Vaughan and "SRV" memorabilia.

In February 2016 a Sunburst Fender Stratocaster was advertised by Guernsey's auction house in New York City that is purported to have belonged to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Many sources on the Internet reported it sold for $100,000, but Guernsey's director has stated it was not sold. The guitar is allegedly signed by Vaughan in gold pen and dated "'90," has "SRV" stickers on the upper horn and "Cobras" stickers on the pick guard. Because this guitar has been on the market several times since 1995, I believe I should publish my research on the guitar as a public service so that others interested in this guitar may reach their own conclusion whether Stevie Ray Vaughan owned or signed this guitar.

In my OPINION, and to the best of my knowledge:

This guitar was first sold by Christie's auction house in 1995, having been consigned on behalf of Larry Warren, an author of a book regarding his encounter with an allegedly alien spacecraft in a forest in the UK. Larry Warren claimed to have obtained the guitar directly from Stevie Ray Vaughan.

1. There is no photographic proof that Stevie Ray Vaughan ever touched this guitar or one similarly customized in appearance.

[EDIT this is the photograph]

Look at Stevie's hair. and the size of the badly angled guitar

2. A review of credible equipment inventories and appraisals created by or on behalf of Stevie Ray Vaughan reveals no evidence that he ever owned this guitar.

3. The photocopy of a letter allegedly penned by Vaughan does not appear to me to be his handwriting. In my opinion someone merely copied his tendency to write in all caps and make his E's like backwards 3's. A forensic handwriting specialist (not a common for-hire "authenticator") should examine the document.

4. Singer Paul Ray of the Cobras showed the letter to Jimmie Vaughan who told him the letter was probably not Stevie's handwriting.

5. The statement in the letter is that Stevie acquired the guitar from singer Paul Ray of the Cobras. Paul Ray denied this in writing in 1997.

6. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting appears to have been altered since 1995 in that the name "Paul Ray" has been somewhat obscured, while in 1995 it was as clear as all the other writing. If altered, it was done after Paul Ray revealed in writing that the statement about him was completely false.

7. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting refers to having played the guitar on stage on July 3, 1990, in Vermont. In researching this guitar, Warren made repeated assurances to me in 1995-96 that the guitar had been played for two songs on stage by Vaughan on that night, and that he knew photos had been taken to prove it. He promised to obtain and provide the photos to me. In 1997 Warren finally admitted to me on the phone that Stevie did NOT play the guitar that night, and there would never be any photographic proof. Thus, the two primary verifiable facts in the letter have been proven false.

8. If Stevie had used the guitar on stage, René Martinez, Stevie's guitar tech, would have known, but René told me he had never seen this guitar.

9. A note that originally circulated as provenance with the guitar in 1995 was allegedly written by René Martinez, but he told me he did not write the note. After Martinez denied any knowledge of the guitar, the note has apparently disappeared.

10. The handwritten note does not appear to match a sample of René Martinez' handwriting that is in my possession.

11. In 1995 the inside of the neck cavity bore a piece of tape with "R. Martinez" written on it, implying that René Martinez had worked on the guitar or set it up for playing on stage.  Martinez told me had had never worked on this guitar and had not placed the tape there.

12. A note accompanying the 1995 sale "witnessed" the transfer of the guitar from Stevie to Larry Warren, and had two signatures in addition to Warren's. That note also seems to have disappeared since 1997.  Warren could not provide me with any contact information for the first "witness," Mike Howe. Whether that person exists or was a made-up name by a forger is unknown.

13. When contacted, the other "witness," Pete Jones, refused to verify the facts to me. When contacted by Christie's auction house, Jones apparently did not provide any credible evidence that Stevie Ray Vaughan had owned or given the guitar to Larry Warren, because Christie's cancelled the sale.

14. The note now accompanying the guitar, allegedly written by Cesar Diaz (now deceased) is dated 1999, four years after the guitar was originally sold. Even if Diaz examined or set up a guitar for some unidentified person in 1999, there is nothing in the receipt that suggests, much less proves, the ownership history of the guitar.

15. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz appears to have had the customer's name removed and then the page photocopied to help conceal the alteration. (I have not personally examined this note.)
16. The last "9" in the date of the Diaz note does not look like the other 9's. Did someone change the date to make it more difficult to trace the origin of the note?

17. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz does not refer to any guitar by serial number or other identifying characteristic, and could have been for repair to any of the thousands of Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute Stratocasters made by Fender since 1992.

18. Cesar Diaz worked on amplifiers for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Guitars were tended by René Martinez.
19. A Lyra guitar originating from Larry Warren was sold by a different auction house with a very similar handwritten letter attributed to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guitar was advertised with a photograph of Stevie holding a Danelectro guitar, with the Lyra guitar leaning against his chair or leg. The original, published photograph does not have the second guitar in the photo!

20. A black hat bearing a signature similar to the one on the Fender "Cobras" guitar was sold at another auction in the 1990's. After the auction it was determined that it had been made (and therefore signed by a forger) AFTER Stevie died, and the sale was rescinded. I was told the hat originated from Larry Warren.

21. I am not aware of any instance of Stevie Ray Vaughan giving away a valuable guitar such as this one, much less writing a note saying, "You have my permission to sell this guitar."
22. In 1997, after being presented with some of this information, Christie's rescinded the auction sale of 1995 and returned 100% of the buyer's money.

23. I made the most of the above information available to Guernsey's director and attorney approximately one week before the auction. After reviewing the information, Guernsey's director stated that they would not sell the guitar.

The above constitute my opinions. I do not have any ownership, financial or other interest in this guitar. I do not know who consigned the guitar to Guernsey's and have no reason or intention to harm anyone's reputation. Your conclusions about the authenticity of the guitar may be different than my own. [END]

The guitar is currently doing the rounds on the memorabilia circuit with a $100,000 price tag but it has been as high as $180,000.  Warren tells the full story of how it was stolen in the 197 show.

Jerry Garcia Art Work

Warren had sold a Jerry Garcia painting in an auction in 2013 for £8000 through Special Auction Services, with several other items. I saw this photo on the laptop, only, it had Larry Warren's artists signature in the corner. When I looked at the Facebook page and website of Special Auction Services I could see where he had painted out his own signature and added a different one. He had forged Jerry Garcia's signature.

Below is a photograph of the painting on the SAS Facebook page with a Garcia signature.

Below is a screenshot of the SAS website with the Garcia painting.

Here is the original Larry Warren signature

Warren's Signature.

Another one of Warren's paintings with his signature bottom right. 

Below is the full photograph of the painting as it in situ on Daves laptop

The painting in situ on the laptop. with properties to show it was stored in the user account 'Larry'

Here is warren taking another alleged Garcia painting out of a box of returned items from Special Auction Services.

Budd Hopkins Forgeries

This is a Budd Hopkins original

This is a Larry Warren painting. A copy of Budd's work. Larry has copied every Budd Hopkins painting. I have seen them all in his old flat. Dave said that when he and Warren took some of Warren's belongings to Warren's ex wife Sue McAllister, her walls are covered in Warren's Budd Hopkins copies. I did not know Budd Hopkins work all those years ago when I saw Warren's paintings stacked up in his flat.

Helen Wheels, Jimminy Hendrox

I spent some time sitting on Auction Houses, keeping up- with the sales catalogues, looking out for Warren's items. I knew that he had created one painting himself, I saw him painting it. He sold it as a Jimi Hendrix painting for £15,000. His style and give aways became very familiar to me over the years. He is prolific. I decided to stop doing that and let him get on with it. There are more recent crimes being committed.

The last thumbnail on the screenshot above is the Jimi Hendrix Painting. Below is the LOA (letter of authentication). Warren asked Dave to send an email to an auction house, he sent this image with a photo of the painting he says Jimi painted, but I saw him paint it years ago on a visit to his flat. As you can see Jimi is spelled JIMMI. When I pointed that out, he cut off the top of the Letterhead.

Warren talks to Tino about the painting. This is the one I saw him painting in his flat. It had a blue background and was covered with white swirls. He said "I'm trying something new" about it. Then one day in this house, I saw him touching it up with a pen. That was nothing unusual, he did paint a lot. I didn't know that he had asked Dave to email someone with a view to selling it. I found out about that after we had fallen out when Dave suddenly remembered. This is the email with several items.

Weird how Noel Redding would have Jimmi Hendrix letter head paper rather than Jimi Hendrix. If it WAS Noel's and he had made an error then surely that would be worth more and therefore chopping off the mistake has actually devalued the piece. There are a lot of people who seem to be really bad with names they are really familiar with, including their own.

Below is the auction page for the Helen Wheels flyer. You can see the stamp of Helen's estate at the bottom. 

Andy Warhol has forgotten how to spell Campbells.

Another item we can be 100% sure of is a green card (above) that Peter Robbins gave Warren as a gift. It was a flyer for a gig that Peter's famous sister Helen Wheels had played. There were other acts too.

Warren states in the Larry Warren Replies video that Helen's friend took the flyer around and had people sign it. Andy Warhol was one of those people and has forgotten how to spell Campbell's (soup), Audrey Hepburn was allegedly at this gig and signed the flyer. Even Helen Wheels signed it, even though he says people were signing it for her and that she gave him it.

If you look at the bottom of the sheet you will see that it says "From The Estate of Helen Wheels" which means it is part of the belongings she had when she died. Peter being executor of that Estate, stamped the card and gave it to Warren. Blank. It was unsigned by anyone. Larry Warren forged his Co Authors deceased sister's signature and tried to sell it in an auction. The Estate of someone only exists after a person has died. There isn't a level he won't stoop to

This is one of Larry Warren's items. It is an A4 piece of paper drawn on with black marker pen and was for sale at £4000-£6000.

If you look at the LOA or the blurb underneath, you will see that it is authenticated by Larry Warren. Please note the Lennon scribble face under the sheep on a cloud.

This is the inside cover of Left at East Gate signed by Larry Warren, note the Lennon scribble face.

LOA by Larry Warren


If you listen to this Howard Hughes interview, Howard asks him what it is like to be controversial. For some strange reason Warren says something about suicide and not knowing what that's about. Well, it just so happens that the date of this interview comes exactly four weeks to the date after one of my closest and oldest friends committed suicide. That was meant as a trigger to me. Obviously I was completely devastated by his death, we had grown up together, I had known him over 30 years. I heard this for the first time this week. I hadn't listened to this show until then.

Howard Hughes Show December 2017

Death to the Infidel!

I could literally go on forever about the issues associated with Warren. Gary insists there is no evidence of Warren lying, no conviction, no crime and that is coming from an ex Detective Constable who claims to know what evidence is.

You would think the obvious reaction to my claims from an innocent person would be to prove the accuser wrong with counter evidence. Warren insists that I have spent time setting him up, that everything I am saying is lies. I am his parasite and infatuated super fan. He says he is completely innocent and that I am evil.

Gary says it is abnormal behaviour from me, I am a sycophant, I just love Larry and flipped. All the information is coming from one woman, the female lead troll Sacha Christie. He repeats constantly that I am not professional, that I claim to be a serious researcher and that everything I am saying is lies. All fabricated by myself.

As you can see, this has not all come from me. The things I said Warren had told me right at the beginning, he has said to other people before me. Warren now denies having the conversation with LMH/BJ as I have outlined before but he also said it to Dot Street in the tape she played to Georgina Bruni.

What was Larry Warren's reaction to my speaking out? Death threats. Lots of them. Many discussions about how I might die. More recently, he has really gone to town on the fact that in 2005 I did not believe the official story of the 7/7 bombings. I lived on the same street as one of the bombers, I saw them regularly in our street, in the local park and more often, in my next door neighbours garden. I could not and did not believe they had anything to do with it. I was very outspoken about this, just as many other people were and still are. The same goes for people not believing the official story on 9/11. Now I know I believed whatever I wanted to believe. After all, I believed Warren.

What Warren is currently trying to do is get me killed. He has handed my address out years ago and probably still does. His tactic is to keep on saying I am a friend of the 7/7 bombers that I hate America, he tells people I am on a no fly list to the USA and attaches me to every terrorist attack that has happened in recent years.

He says I am Antifa, a Nazi, I am scum and need to be run out of life, run out of blood. As I have outlined here, the police have been less than useless, but then Warren's ex wife's brother is in Merseyside Police Firearms Division according to Warren himself. Warren acted as emissary for Merseyside Police and took a Police helmet over to a precinct in NYC as a show of solidarity between forces. He says he did this while he was working on Ground Zero. Read here and also this blog for his three different versions of the same alleged activities here. He goes from having worked in that shit hole for four months (his words) because of his experience in the steel industry, to he wasn't in the steel industry, he wasn't working there, he was just there with his Brother in Law who was investigating the attacks. I go into this further down.

This was a message he sent me in November 2015.

Warren was booked to speak at the SPI Scotland Conference in June 2016. I said I was going to go and ask him a question, a question on how his account was actually Adrian Bustinza's account. He perceived that as a threat.

This was his reaction to me saying I was going, armed with questions.

This got him banned from the conference and the University Grounds. 

Another set of threats and lies.

The above post came about because went to the SPI Scotland conference in July 2017. This was Warren's reaction to a photo of myself, Alyson Dunlop, the organiser, and James Welsh. James realised he was being lied to, he was very angry about it. He decided to investigate Warren as well, Warren says James is a sex crime fella. that is a total lie.

I clipped the comment below because I want you to know that this is apparently a military term for killing people. He quite obviously wants someone to get mad on his behalf and murder us all. Myself especially.

I live only a few miles away from Warren. He also tells people that I am an ex mental patient. An ex nut house inmate. His friend Malky Smithson also chimes in like he knows what he is talking about. He has never met me and knows only what gossipping lies Warren has told him.
Military slang for killing people. 

need to be run out of life, out of blood. This very obviously means we need to be murdered. 

Another very obvious statement that I should be shot in the face. 
Below are as many instances of Warren attaching me to terrorist attacks while telling people I support the London bombers, that I am a threat to national security.

These were said earlier on this month (September 2019)

Here he says he will tell people every chance he gets. If his evidence stands up to scrutiny, why have such a vicious reaction?

Warren says he is not holding back any longer, as if he has anyway. He has uses whatever weapon he can against me. At the start of all this he was conducting a hate campaign with about 50 people trolling me, lying about me and harassing me.

So Why Won't The Police Intervene?

As I said before, Warren says he has family in the Police and Gary Heseltine is an ex Detective Constable.

Here is the recording of the visit I had from WPC Wolstenholme to my house at the request of Bradford Police who wanted a statement from me because one of Warren's friends, Malky Smithson threatened to cut off Mick Sayers nose and shoot his family and that if Mick retaliated in any way, Malky would come after me and proved he had my home address by sending it to Mick Sayer.

The 40 minute recording of me being shouted at for wanting to report a crime.

Because Malcolm Smithson has a criminal record for aggravated assault and shouting about UFOs in pubs, the Police were going to arrest him. Malky also told me via Mick Sayer in his message, to go kill myself. Merseyside Police said because it wasn't said directly TO me then it doesn't constitute as a crime. She refused to take a statemjent telling me "I don't work for Bradford Police".

This is one of the message Malky Smithson sent to Mick Sayer threatening Mick and myself. He handed out my home address to Mick, I have met Mick once but at this time I only knew Mick on Facebook. Warren gave Malky my address and Malky handed it out on the net to someone I only knew online. This is what I reported to the police, this is what Bradford Police wanted a statement for to make an arrest, the WPC refused to take a statement.

. "what I'd like to know if your not a rat then why give it to sc......you FAILED.... i was counting on that to prove you were a rat....now if your gonna see me....do it....but i warn you.....private land and i may well have a powerful air rifil pointing at you eye
don't be silly now.....let's be nice and not devious...trespass on our land and its YOUR fault what happens to you
i am up for being nice, but if your gonna pass stuff on to miss bitch....than that's another issue altogether... you got my address then get me.....im prepped
(Pictures of ration books)
going to her was a big mistake.....i KNOW your a rat otherwise ones mouth would have been shut....see james welsh threatened Ben....dumbflop and malcolm Robinson threatened the same dim wit they are now defending..... here have some hand writing you tossers couldn't be added researching
ohhhh im OK to talk with unless i find you been a dirty cunt passing info on
may I remind you
Just came across this, it's going in my next blog. I'd forgotten about this. Malky Smithson, Warren's friend and UFO Truth Magazine supporter, telling me to go kill myself.
He sent a message to Mick Sayer, full of threats.
and you wounderd why I didn't add you as a friend.....didn't trust you and now i fucking KNOW your a rat.....if your at Holmfirth conference...... STAY away from me unless you are gonna be GENUINE and not Mr fucking rat not
ere SC go fucking KILL yourself
look we can either meet under decent circumstances or not at all, larry WILL be at the Holmfirth conference and i shall be with him.......we can either get on or not....but stop being the rat for her. you passed on PRIVATE info which makes you a fucking BIG fat rat....like you with me.....ive watched your posts about me.....its MY turn to screw you over like you did with me you rat
ohhhhh and the guy that barred me from boltmakers.....was screwing his barmaid when his wife was dying of cancer.....i found out about it and didn't like it.....another thing....he soon upped and left the place.....he was DRESSING AS A WOMAN FREAKING OUT THE CUSTOMERS lol.....so get that one down your fucking cunt of a throat......THAT is why you have my addy .....through a legal loophole....but i have SC's......screw with me and I go for her simple as *(this is where he included my full home address)*
BACK OFF in other words......wanna be nice.....be nice....screw with me and well.....I screw with you lot
in fact why the fuck are WE arguing.....we haven't got blood for each other....its due to bimbo brains and you passing on info NOT for her eyes......fuck sake this is a mess.....just let's back off each other and call it quits????.......you DONT post this about as its between US and US only.....not her.......US.....im pissed off in snapping at you but you passing shit along like that......I think we do need to meet (non violent)......not at my address though......im going to Holmfirth and if your going were GONNA have to get on......look there's a lot of personal stuff that's going on and im snapping we really DO need to talk WITHOUT this getting to others ears
or I can arrange for us to meet in a pub in bingley where there's a ex navy guy I know to watch over things????"

The WPC also informed me that it was my own fault for reading the screenshots. This implies that I am only in danger for reading them and having knowledge. This indicates that they think that if I hadn't read them then I wouldn't be in any danger.

Warren wants me dead and has said so in many different ways in public, I can only imagine what he says in private. He is signalling to randoms in the community who might be unbalanced enough to turn up at my door and kill me.

He also lives in Liverpool and will be saying this to anyone and everyone who will listen to him. You can get someone to shoot another person for very little money here. Warren is a coward which is why he is about being a hard man, about being a Hells Angel Enforcer (the baddest of the bad). The real Hells Angels have more integrity in a single skin flake than Warren has in his entirety. However, I believe he is more than capable of killing me if he flips. I believe he would be insane enough to burn our house down in the middle of the night.

The Police Victim Blame

This is what happens when a victim of trolling phones the police when the trolls have family in the Police Force. Warren telling us all he has family in the police absolutely implies bias and corruption. Therefore this member of his ex wife, Sue McAllister's family who is in the firearms unit according to Warren, is actually being implicated in a crime. If I was a politician then the Malicious Communications Act would be used.

I wrote to my local MP and told him about what was happening, he contacted the Police, the Police informed him that they had investigated and there was nothing to answer to. They did not take a statement so what were they investigating? The Police lied to my MP. I complained to the IPCC but they did nothing, they did not even get the names of individuals correct.

The 40 minute recording of me being shouted at for wanting to report a crime.

Below is a photo of Warren acting as emissary (his words) for Merseyside Police when he took a Police Helmet there from Merseyside Constabulary as a show of solidarity. A nice gesture but far from unusual as we found out from one of the 911 responders in this blog. Not only does he say that he took the helmet for Merseyside Police, he also claims to have worked on Ground Zero for four months.

After I wrote the 9/11 blog he then said he wasn't working there four months, but that he went there four times over 6 months. Then he wasn't actually working, he was just there with his brother in law who was investigating the attacks. Only nobody investigated GZ, everything was taken to an island called Fresh Kills and that is where the investigation took place. The video below is 9 minutes long and is the segment where he says he was at Ground Zero and that he took the helmet acting as Emissary for Merseyside Police.

Here are the three transcripts of his three different versions of event. More recently Gary Heseltine says that Warren found his passport which proves he was there four times over eight months. That does not tally with Warren's claims. It proves nothing apart from he went backwards and forwards from the UK to USA when he came here to give a talk in Liverpool, met his (ex) wife, got married, they split up, he went back, she found out she was pregnant and he came back to the UK. Then he went to visit sometime after the attacks to see his family because one of them was caught up in what happened but thankfully survived. I know this because I know Warren and was his friend for nine years.

The only thing that will prove that he was there is his proof of presence which he is completely entitled to IF he was there. He just needs an affidavit from his brother and anyone else who was there in a working capacity with Warren. NOBODY could get onto the site if they didn't have a reason and they would have been issued a tag. The tags would have specifics on them, photos do not constitute as proof of presence, neither do passport stamps.

Warren acting on behalf of Merseyside Police. This is the 5th and 11th Precinct in NYC according to Warren
This is his evidence of working on site at Ground Zero. If you read this blog you will see how a genuine first responder set several questions for Warren to answer. He refused. He said he worked in "The Pit" for four months, smelled the death. Nobody who worked it called it The Pit, it was called the Pile.

The First Responder told me that the photo below is when the site was closed, no one was working it, the officer is wearing a Spring Time NYPD Uniform. In the Larry Warren Replies video with Gary Heseltine (above) Gary comments that the Cop in the uniform was the Federal Officer that could get Warren occasional access, Warren did not correct him. NYPD did not investigate the attacks, Warren said his Brother in law was a Federal Agent who investigated the attacks. They just cannot get their story straight at all. The Cop in the photograph is blatantly NYPD.
This was an access road in the aftermath, the walls were graffiti'd with directions. The Officer is keeping Warren out not in. 
The image below was used in the slide show in the Larry Warren Replies Video with Gary Heseltine. No remarks are made about this image as with the others, nothing was said. A reverse image search reveals this to be from the archives of the then President GeorgeW Bush. Very misleading, while watching the film you could be forgiven for assuming Warren took this photograph.  Since this time Gary Heseltine has said that he has seen Warren's old Passport which shows that he went over to NYC four times in 8 months. That also does not tally with the time frame Warren gave, nor the time frame of events in the clean up of Ground Zero.

Ground Zero Recovery Timeline

Earth Angel 

I have a friend who was present at Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath. he took the ferry over to help in whatever way he could. He was on what was called the bucket brigade. He has been very vocal over the recent Victims Compensation Fund struggles and subsequent victory. I approached him and asked if he knew anyone I could speak to. He put me in touch with a woman who was a First Responder. She was the person who suited and booted people when they cam on site. she was Office of Emergency Management.

She was obviously disgusted with what I was telling her, she reeled off a series of questions to ask him but said she knew he was lying straight away, nothing of what he said actually fits with events. She challenged him directly, Gary Heseltine asked her to prove who she was and to prove that she was a First Responder, something he hasn't asked Larry Warren to do.

She challenged them directly, she approached a couple of radio show hosts to hold the debate, Gary turned her down on Larry's behalf. Tim Acheson called her a liar a fake and a troll, they deleted all her comments and blocked her. At no point has Warren shown any actual evidence of him being inside Ground Zero. Apparently we have to wait for the film to see the actual evidence. One has to wonder why he hasn't applied to the Victims Compensation Fund and why he is the only person who was there that doesn't have a 9/11 related illness. Also, why won't he produce his tags and any evidence? Passport stamps only show he was in NYC but I wouldn't even trust that. His Passport has been mutilated by him before.

He makes a big deal about his Passport being taken from him. This was in the Barry Greenwood Files.

Tim Acheson called her a troll, he said she can be a first Responder and a Troll. She was called a Troll for asking reasonable questions. she didn't hound them, swear or call anyone a name. She wanted to see proof and she told Warren in no uncertain terms "You are NOT one of us Mr Warren"

Since Gary announced Warren had seen his passport, Tim Acheson said this;

Gary Heseltine said this. If you read the above transcripts you will see Warren said over four months.

Add caption

Hells Angel

Larry Warren also claimed to be a Hells Angel. He said he was in the HA for 28 years. In January 2018 I received a message on Facebook messenger from one of the local Hells Angels, he invited me to their clubhouse the following Saturday night. I went with a good friend who was also a biker. When I got there he informed me that the patches Warren flashed on a radio show with Jo Montaldo and Christina George, where Warren was absolutely smashed out of his face, had been confiscated from him. That this was the second time he had done this. Warren was warned about there being a third, yet he is still running his mouth off in Liverpool, he also blames me for this but I didn't even know anyone at that point in time.

Warren incriminating himself 

The outrageous claims of Larry Warren. In this show he says he was P.A for the Beach boys in the 70's. Warren was born in august 1961 and was a child. This show is full of absolute blinding lies. The hosts look very pissed off , you would think they would be delighted to have such a legend on their show.

No Evidence of Warren Lying

As I have said. Gary Heseltine of UFO Truth Magazine and UFO Truth conferences states that there is no evidence of lies, there is simply no evidence whatsoever that Warren is lying or has lied. Funny then that Gary Heseltine himself put a status update onto his own Facebook page after the A10 photograph was found to be fake.

He says there are no lies and ALL of this information is the product of my sick and twisted mind. He is not a misogynist, I am just an ex nuthouse inmate who is infatuated with Warren. Gary has said this himself on a couple of his friends radio shows but he knew he had overstepped the mark and had his friends and enablers remove them.

Below Jo Lomax is interviewing Gary Heseltine who tells her I am in love with Warren, she just smiles sweetly and nods as if she actually has a clue. She is one of the people who have removed their shows to save their own arses and that of Gary Heseltine. I am pretty sure I have the other shows on my old laptop. I have this one below saved in full.

A little while ago Alyson Dunlop wondered how many women Gary Heseltine has had booked as speakers at his conferences. He had been a guest on two shows saying that in his opinion, there are not many women who can comfortable get up on stage and speak of evidential things. This is misogyny at it's finest and obviously we were all discussing these outrageous statements.

I went to Gary's UFO Truth website, pulled up the posters for each conference and counted the speakers. This took me all of three minutes, if that. I counted 53 male speakers and 5 female speakers. 53 to 5. Gary chopped things up and retorted that the ratio was actually 12:1 as if that is any better. It doesn't matter how he dices and slices. Out of fifty eight speakers only five were women. Because I counted the speakers Gary says I am obsessed with UFO Truth Magazine.

You can listen to the video clips in this blog. Gary says I am twisting his words but I actually used video clips so he cannot accuse me of that. He says it himself. I do not have to lead or sway anyone.

Courtesy of Alyson Dunlop. ADX Files and SPI Scotland. 
Gary Heseltine's only defence is to make you think that I am broken, weird and obsessed. Go look at his Facebook page and see for yourself the things he says about me, the conversations and comments he allows are actual trolling. He calls me the lead female troll because I bothered to collect all of these items you have just read about. He has a PDF he has compiled of what he calls the troll and myself, swearing. Apparently I am not very professional. I agree. I am not a professional, I have no qualifications in anything remotely academic.

Gary gives me titles so he can take them off me. Let me assure you, this is not my profession, my interest in UFOs and associated subjects is because I am a UFO witness. I make no claims to be a serious researcher, I make no claims to be a professional. I am me, living my life. Warren used me and trampled on my life and is now putting my life in danger with his dangerous mouth. Everything Warren and associates do is fine by Gary Heseltine.

I saw Warren for what he is and so it fell to me to out him for being a life thief and a memorabilia forger. The truth is never libel and I look forward to the day when they take me to court as has been saying for three years. I have more than enough evidence and there is this little thing called COUNTERCLAIM.

Gary Heseltine wants you to believe that this is all about Gary Heseltine, that this is all an attack on him and the film Capel Green. I haven't even mentioned Capel Green in this blog aside from the second screenshot which touts Warren as the original Whistleblower. This is not about Gary, it is not about the film, it is about the lies of Larry Warren, the lies he has told since he first started talking to people.

As far as Capel Green is concerned, where they are filming is not Capel Green it is Capel St Andrew. Capel Green is over the road at the other side. Warren told me before we fell out that he got mixed up, that he thought he had the right spot but that the right place was at the other side. I said this right back at the beginning.

The red dot is roughly where Warren currently says was the landing spot. He denies saying it was at the other side. If you look to the right of the road you can see clearly where Capel Green is. This map is roughly the route Col Halt, Bustinza and the others took. Had they walked that way they would have seen the spectacular show Warren says happened. They would have headed straight for that, not to the other side where it happened to John and Adrian. Warren got the wrong spot and that part of the film Capel Green is based on Warren's lies.

Capel Green is not where warren says it is, it is not where they were filming.

Barry Greenwood map of Capel St Andrew

Although very faint, the map (above) Warren outlined for Barry Greenwood in the early to mid 1980's. You can see that he has actually said it was a lot higher up on the map than what he says now. In fact it is at the opposite end of the field and to the left of the field.

Above is a screenshot of the EMUFORA conference talk 1994. As you can see the location has changed several times. That is also mislabelled, that is not Capel Green. Capel Green is at the other side of the road around about where you can see the number 6.

The UFO Photo

Another one of Warren's items of evidence is a black and white photo he currently says is an official DoD image. He does not have any paperwork to support the release of such an image. One can only wonder what tale he has to tell about that. originally he said it was a photograph given to him by a civilian, that he kept the photos for 19 years and had smuggled them off base in a Stein that he bought from Germany when he did or didn't go the weekend of the incidents. Georgina Bruni writes about it in You Can't Tell The People.


Early in 1999 I had called and left a message for Larry, who had been visiting Liverpool, where he was staying with Sue McAllister. There were some final details I wanted to check with him; however, I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. He told me that a few months earlier he had been sent some photographs of the actual UFO encountered by Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, which were taken during the initial incident on 25/26 December. I had heard rumours that someone had managed to take pictures and smuggle them out but had never been able to find any evidence to support this story. According to Larry, someone had read the reviews of Left at East Gate on the Internet and had sent the photographs to him care of his publishers. Included in the package were negatives, a Bentwaters photograph folder, a map with directions to the landing site and a letter from the witness. Larry would not reveal the contact’s full name but gave his Christian name as Mark. The witness was an accountant living with his wife and family in the United States and although he was very nervous about the whole affair and did not want to be named, he had sent Larry the photographs in the hope that it would back up the case. The witness had been a bystander who was off duty when he and another airman saw lights over the forest from the nearby village of Eyke. He and his friend became curious and drove back to Bentwaters to collect a camera before making their way to the forest. On passing some buildings by the roadside (Foley Cottages), they saw lights moving through the trees and decided to park the vehicle with the aim of investigating them. But Mark’s friend was frightened and refused to follow him into the forest. As Mark moved closer to the lights he could see two figures and a triangular UFO sitting in a clearing. At one point he was only five feet away from the UFO, standing behind a tree taking pictures. The UFO then lifted up and began moving through the forest, dipping in and out of the trees. Mark thought the others had been abducted and decided to run for it. On returning to the base he put another film into his camera and shot pictures of the ground. This film was then turned over to his superiors, and he was told that it had come out ‘fogged’. Three months later, when he thought it was safe to have the UFO film developed, he risked taking it to the Bentwaters supermarket. A few days later he collected the film, which included pictures of himself and some friends taken prior to the incident. For the rest of his tour, almost two years, he kept them safely hidden on the base, sometimes moving them to other locations when he became nervous. As soon as Mark returned to the United States he placed the negatives and pictures into a safe deposit box and there they remained until they were sent to Larry in late 1998. An incredible story! Over the course of several weeks, I listened to Larry as he told me about the pictures and how Mark had kept them safe all those years. In an attempt to get the facts correct I would go over the details, only to find that the story changed during these conversations, which of course gave me cause for concern. Then Larry sent me one of the photographs. It was a glossy black picture with a group of coloured lights in the shape of a triangle and a few other coloured balls of light scattered throughout. I eventually had the photograph blown up and lightened and was amazed to find what appeared to be a distorted forest with a triangle of lights hovering over a clearing. Beneath the lights was an azure mist and at ground level there appeared to be a strange yellow mist rising up a few feet off the ground. It certainly looked interesting and, as promised, I sent a blown-up copy back to Larry. I am aware that the photograph could easily be a hoax. However, until it had been enlarged several times and lightened there was nothing to see except blackness and a few lights, so that in itself is interesting. I asked Larry if it were possible that someone might be trying to set him up, but he was adamant that the source was genuine: not only did he know the identity of the witness, but they had exchanged correspondence and talked on the telephone. Besides, the photographs had come not only with the negatives but also with the Bentwaters supermarket folder, and of course there was the map that Mark had sketched, indicating details of the route to the landing site. If these photographs were of the Rendlesham UFO, they were a good piece of evidence, but unless I could talk to the witness, or have something constructive to back them up, I had to remain wary. Larry promised to send me a photocopy of the Bentwaters folder and a negative. Hopefully, if the negative proved to have coding, it would at least date the film. Imagine my surprise then when a week later I received a call from Larry confessing that he was the person who had taken the photographs. I was dumbfounded. My first question was, without doubt, ‘Why did you sit on them for nineteen years?’ This was followed by a barrage of questions. I could not believe that he would not use them in his book or even in the early days when he was trying so desperately to prove his case. Peter Robbins was devastated but still had confidence in Larry, blaming it on the incident and the fact that he had been messed with. Meanwhile, Larry confessed to Peter that he had told me the story and given me permission to use the photograph. Obviously Peter felt betrayed, having been his coauthor and helped research his story for almost a decade. I felt for Peter, I had only worked with Larry on a chapter and knew how intense it was – there were surprises around every corner. The problem was the way Larry convincingly told the first story – all those details. I thought he deserved an award for an excellent performance. .


Steve LaPlume wrote this in his statement

Issue #4 Larry had asked me to lie once for him when Georgina Bruni was interviewing him.  He called me and talked to me about some film he had asked me to hold when we were at Bentwaters.  Only thing was I have no memory at all about him ever asking me to hold onto or hide film for him and I told Georgina just that.  Larry's exact words were "I just need you to tell her I asked you to hold onto some film canisters for me and that you did."

Steve gave a talk a few years ago. This is it.

This is the photo Warren gave to Georgina Bruni:

Larry Warren says that John Burroughs in is this (above) image to the left. If you go back to what Georgina Bruni told us about this photograph being of the craft Jim and John went to investigate on the first night. Warren then told her that he took the photo. This is the one that is currently doing the rounds as a DoD photo.

However, this is a scan of the original. Someone highlighted the area of interest.

Even when you crop a little smaller, there is no evidence of a person. You can see something that looks a bit like a face in the first image which is heavily cropped and over exposed, but when you look at these, there isn't a body to go with the head. It is just another one of Warrens lies.

Also the other issue is that Warren wasn't out there on night one, how would he be able to take this photo? Just like everything else Warren produces, it just can not be trusted.

Not only has Larry Warren said he is the original Whistle Blower and Primary Witness, he has worked with every rock star you can imagine, he was a Tour Publicist, Worked at Atlantic Records and EMI, The Hit Factory... basically all the huge music producers.

At the same time he was unemployed (Skycrash), a pharmaceutical Rep (Bases), He was at Connecticut Broadcasting School where Charlie comer picked him up and took him under his wing when Warren was working at the Recording Studio doing voice over work while at school (Larry Warren Replies ZXAlien Warrior). He says his father secured the student loan to do this yet when someone contacted both schools, neither had heard of him, he claimed to have a BA in Communications. They do not do BA in communications at either School. He then said Peter made a mistake while writing their book but in 2015 at the Filey talk it was part of the bio Steve Mera read out. 

But at the same time he was working at a TV network in Connecticut and somehow was underwriting for a commercial airliner (LMH/BJ transcript) while also working in the steel industry (Larry Warren Replies Gary Heseltine) which was all just after he had spent a year in England while finishing school in the USA, signing on to the biggest UFO event Britain has seen just after being a PA to the Beach Boys, Body Guard (NME)

He then became a trained killer who was scared of witches in a village called Butley(LAEG) He was also an abductee and had invisible friends he could see (Filey 2015).

But not only that, in 1975 he also had a Bigfoot sighting. What hasn't happened to this man? Here is the transcript of his Bigfoot account from the Truth Frequency Radio Show with Andy Young 15th August 2015 and the audio. What happens usually when I direct people to a broadcast, the host removes the recording. I have obviously saved them and also transcribed some.

Full Trasncript Truth Frequency Radio August 2015

Larry and the Hendersons

Larry Warren's Bigfoot Encounter on Ringo Starrs 35th Birthday, July 7th 1975

Host: "Uh huh. Yeah. What I'm interested in is what happened to you forty years earlier."

Warren: "Right.  Err. Oh right well on July 7th '75 and you're going to the Bigfoot thing. See we go from Ringo to Bigfoot. Makes sense.  And we umm you know we we we were going to Niagara Falls on that day. It was very on the New York Thruway western New York somewhere and my mother was driving and I was fifteen years old or fourteen years old and we're driving and err my sister's in the back seat and it was broad daylight. We were on the slow lane on the New York Thruway.  It's about five lanes I guess and we're heading west.
And there was a barn. I could see that  in the distance. It was so hot I mean.  I think our windows were down.  And there was a tree line and a long a big giant field and err this barn way out in the distance.  (Takes a drink)
And out of that tree line came a deer running."

Warren: "And it's an element I don't bring into it a lot because it kinda disturbed me really and this deer is running.   You don't see deer during the day in the summer  and you know upstate New York is very rural. It's vast farmland. A lot of people have guns.  They're hunters.   You're not in a Bigfoot suit running around in a hundred degree temperatures but I'll get into how it ran.  And this thing right behind broke out of the trees and umm and it it it pulled itself for..I can only say this to anyone that's ever seen or thought they saw one of these and and at that point in my life I think I'd probably seen the Roger Patterson film which is authentic of uhh in Bluff Creek shot in '67."

Warren: "That is a hundred percent real and they can't build suits like it..." (Host plays music over Warren's talking, saying they are going to a break).

Host welcomes audience back and says that he has never put "any credence" to the Patterson-Gimlin footage of 1967.

Warren:  "You don't believe that?"  ( Host says he thinks it's a "guy in a suit").  Right.  That that was errr disproven believe it or not.  There was a very you gotta watch this you see this stuff.  The debunker community is very effective and I'm not talking about the government. I'm talking about people that since these things don't exist they can't and I will do whatever.
They are quite crafty.  That was disproven and uhh the guy that was with Roger Patterson I think Gimlin is that his name Bob Gimlin ummm and again I wasn't there errr but it is been proven even uhh you you.  All I can say on that because I'm not an expert on it and I go with my guts and I  go with (drinks) kinda go with what I've seen."

Warren: "Uhhh I would look into more on has that ever been proven that was a suit.  Now you might still say well that's just a guy in a suit and that's your right."

Host: "Well it's the footage they showed of the guy who was in the suit alongside and he had the same stride and everything so."

Warren: "Yeah but there's a muscular errr under you see .... and the face is not anything to do with that mask.  I have seen that comparison and all ...(Host comments about an undiscovered primate) They're not a primate.  There's never been an ape in America.  (Talking over each other and host is not convinced by the footage.)  There's NEVER been an ape in America.

Warren: "Well there are from what I have seen on you know like alleged Big.. you know I guess in the Bigfoot community which I'm not part of though I've reached out only in this last year cos what I saw is forty years this year.. in July. It was July forty years  so you know you get thinking about it.  My mother you know is quite older now and in a in a nursin' home but so you try to make.. I think I keep a lot of memories as fresh as you can with the older you get.  And so I thought about it and I have never really told - people know about it - but I don't run around sayin' I've seen Bigfoot."

Warren: "But from what I hear funny[sic] enough the big there's a Bigfoot research community and they're as vicious as the UFO  (Host agrees) ...that's what I'm told yeah." (Hosts agrees about all the viciousness)

Warren: "And it's only this creature you know and they go cra..but again isn't it EGO, right? And it's probably the SAME thing.
But with what I saw uhh I don't know. My personal feeling...with with..if I've... the thing broke out of a tree line.  Now we're on a highway so I would estimate the speed limit by then had been reduced to 55 (mph) I think by 1975.  So you're in that zone and what I saw break out deer this was a buck and err and it had four antlers and all that was running bouncing and I'm watchin' this thing and that's unusual I'm not a hunter or anything but it is hunting I know a lot of outdoorsman and hunters and they know the woods.   Uhhh and this deer was running for its damned life because prob'ly about twenty feet behind it and gaining on it was this thing that uhh was reddish in colour, not black or brown."

Warren: "Uhh it...uhh...you know I'm not with you so I can't show you the width of it" (Host asks if it was definitely not a bear)... "No, we have black bears in New York state and I we are very familiar with black bears and errr and this errr and black bears do live obviously out in upstate and western New York state definitely."

Warren: "Absolutely not a bear and it was uhh uhh I remember the colour errr errr almost reddish very reddish-brown.  And a very definite reddish-brown and the MASS on this thing.  Now it broke out. Now the first thing I'm thinking it just didn't look like anything I'd seen.  You know. At all.  I didn't I'm like this is so .. this was prob'ly about forty seconds of visual and that's it and it stayed with you forty years.  I mean you see a bear. I've seen bears runnin'.  You know what they are."

Warren: "This thing the MASS of it was disturbing how big this thing was and it looked like it was had launched off its back legs and was grab...it grabbed the ground twice.  But I can't tell yer it made the deer look like a little toy."  (Host asks how tall it was)
"Well what it did it launched itself on all fours twice and then got UP and RAN!  And it was running and it had I'll tell you what it's hard to demonstrate this and I've only started looking into other Bigfoot things to correlate it and I've read similar things now."

Warren: "And the thing ran and I will tell you the next thing that was so strange other than the SIZE of it was that its uhh it it hadda hit thirty miles an hour.  It had to.  Because it was almost keeping pace.  We were on the s.. lane thirty yards from it.  So we're on the slow lane. Other cars start slowin' down remember that.  There was a New York state police car had pulled over.  Clearly saw it.  I don't know. I've looked for any reports. Something. Other people did see this. Broad daylight about a hundred degrees and why I knew it was July 7th they had just said it was Ringo Starr's and I'm a Beatle freak.  It was Ringo  Starr's 35th birthday on the radio and thank god to Ringo for that because I knew the DATE.  The approximate time midday. It was so damned hot that we were talking about suits and I know they hoax the Bigfoot things."

Warren: "They're pretty obvious to see the hoax a lot I've seen a few good lord.  You see sneakers err trainers. Sneakers they call 'em in the States, on this guy oh it's bad.  But this thing was not and if it WAS a person in a suit then the person would have been about eleven feet tall in an estimate.  They would have been, they would have err errr a width of shoulder of about four and a half feet.  It stood, when it stood,  it the size again the size and the way the legs moved was so different to anything I've ever seen walk on two legs."

Warren: "And the length of the arms it was like a linebacker but it had no neck and it just a pointed kinda head with a light-coloured face it wasn't a black face. It was light.  It's why I think of a person, right, you know?  And just to.. it's not an ape or a it's not an animal .... so what it did it ran... I'm stretching out forty seconds cos I still try to really I can still picture it.  And I'm sure it's...nothin's cloudin' it but it finally got near the stream.  We're heading toward a bridge and err a little bridge and there was  a stream there obviously ran under it into this field.  And beyond that stream about another hundred yards was a big red barn, remember that."

Warren: "And this thing caught the deer. It slapped the back end of it with its right arm which was massive. It slapped it and spun the deer through the air."

Host: "Somebody's asking in the chat room if this is in the Fort Detrick area."
(Editor note: Obviously the chat room person is not conversant with geography as Fort Detrick is in Maryland.)

Warren:  "Well boy I wish I knew man you know!  It's western New York and near, you know I wish I I had marked what town but I was a young guy then.  But ummm heading towards Niagara Falls. It was about mid-state on the New York Thruway so we were about half-way between Albany and Buffalo I guess.  And it was very flat country I remember that. "

(Editor note: If Warren was travelling from Albany to Niagara Falls along the New York State Thruway he would have been approximately 260 miles (crow) - at the mid point along the Thruway - from Fort Detrick, MD. Considering how important the military medical installation has been historically it seems odd that Warren had not heard of it.)

Host: "Yeah and he says 'if so ask him if he's seen red-eyed aggressive deer.' "

Warren:  Laughs.  "Uhhh no! Errr no I haven't.  But this chased...wasn't a deer either. And errr but it killed a deer because it hit it and the deer flew in the air and it was a full... deer are big in America they are big and this was big.  But this was nothing compared to what hit it.   And it took its legs out and it just flew and it went into the bush and this thing obviously jumped to get it but had to jump in the stream.  But you know how you move your neck very freely?  You know how your neck can just move naturally left or right and this is my last image of it its upper body did that movement."

Warren: "There was no neck movement and it was so unnatural and bizarre, and it seemed to run above the ground. Now I'm not sayin' it was in the air runnin' it didn't seem - it seemed to glide.  And that was what really held ya.  And then you get this gut feeling like I shouldn't be lookin' at this in the solar plexus.  You know if you have a strange thing.  If you ever have or whatever it's hard to describe but if any one of your listeners have had something unUSUAL happen to them not this or anything you get a little feelin' like just odd right in the gut you know right in the chest area it's the solar plexus."

Warren: "And it's something I find that has happened in the past.  I had that exact feeling and we crossed the bridge. So that was it.  It was disturb.. cos the deer flew I mean it knocked it off the ground and my sister didn't notice and frankly had we run the Bigfoot over she wouldn't have cared anyway.  She is not interested in any of this stuff unless it's going shopping or her grandkids and god bless her.  My sister had no interest couldn't care less as long as it stayed away from her house."

Warren: "Other cars pulled over and my mother and I at that instant I think just as it went out of sight my mother had seen it before I did. We looked at each other and at the SAME moment we said  'Bigfoot!'  And I don't remember what we said after that but my mother errr would tell you to this day yah we saw it.  But so did OTHER people so I've reached out to this errr I've got enough trouble with the UFO bunch but I I've been kinda lookin' into it and tried to study a bit more about these things which obviously on the East Coast have a history going back to the you know the f.. nations' people the the natives. Native Americans."

Warren: "And uhhh that go back forever and I mean..."  (host interrupts the monologue saying that "they have hundreds of names") ..."oh yeah yeah they got all the different nations. Tribes have different interactions.  Some have been violent some have uhhh you know and really credible things. Law enforcement people Whitehall New York uhhh in 1976 in fact if you see that Bigfoot show where they run out in the woods and scream at each other where nothing ever happens."

Warren: "That errr Bigfoot, that  creature would not even come near these people but uhhh they're doin' well with their show. Good for them.  But it doesn't move the argument FORWARD and uhhh all of New York state's very rich in history the East Coast of these sightings going back forever."

Host asks Warren about the colour of the Bigfoot as being reddish-brown like an orangutan's colour.

Warren: "A colour very similar to that, absolutely.  I hate..never like saying that cos someone will say well it was an orangutan that escaped.  It could put an orangutan in its pockets.   The the si..I saw the face mate as it turned and I can still remember thinking (pause) I don't remember what I thought ...it was a 'uman face it was 'uman-shaped not like you and me but you would not think an ape at all."

Warren: "It was brief but it was definitely and it was not an ape and it was not a listen it was the biggest goddamed thing I would not frankly and I've never been an outdoorsy kinda guy. I would never camp in the forest.  Never.  Not now.  And I never wanted to after that cos if I've seen this and I'm no-one special (REALLY??) these things LIVE out there."

Host speaks briefly about a woman (he can't recall her name, but it's likely Jane Goodall) documentary-maker that believes there is an undiscovered primate in America.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NmCmfdFAhQ (Jane Goodall on Bigfoot, 27th  September 2002)

Warren: "Yeah well you see this is where I'm not with the argument on that.  I'm with that this is a tribe of some sort of being and I think.  I tell you what there's a lot of human to it this is my opinion.  And I've read other research.  You know there's a habitation they call these things where these things live and they are studied very closely by ummm.
I'll tell you a story that I - second multiple-y second-hand uhh that I find really disturbing here is that yeah I mention the 'Missing-411'  by David Paulides".

Warren: "And his organisation and I guess he's ex-law enforcement. There are very smart people behind a lot of UFO you know studying this stuff and uhhh applying very scientific methods because you know mainstream science ain't gonna touch none of this because they're dependent on FUNDING from authorities but I did believe the knowledge that these creatures exist in North America and Canada.  In fact around the world in one form or another.  Yowies they're called in Australia."

Warren: "Uhh it's mind-blowing because I I think as 'uman beings we are the most IGNORANT bunch of critters runnin' around..." (Host interrupts saying 'It's Jane Goodall')... "Okay good ...Goodall..well..."   (Host: "She believes there's an undiscovered primate or Bigfoot or whatever")

Warren: "Okay well that that's great and she knows her business definitely but I would love ..is she alive still? I mean but she's a legend obviously.  But I would uhhh really wonder what she would think of myself and wha..again I don't even have a picture and even if I did they'd say it was a lighthouse in an ape suit.  You know like Rendlesham's a lighthouse.  I just put them together and then..."(indistinct)

Host states that Jane Goodall is still alive and 81.

Warren: "Eighty-one rest her heart.  Well she umm you know obviously someone that knows this stuff but I from what I I this thing I don't believe and the Native Americans never they don't call them an ape uhhh they there's something weird.  I'd say they're a lot of 'uman and a lot of weird and now you must know that their DNA has been af... one hundred per cent confirmed as being 'uman and unknown."

Warren: "And that's Melba Ketchum she's a errr a biologi.. what's it that people do DNA?"

(Editor note: Ketchum actually said that it was a cross with "an unknown primate species" as below).

What to believe about Bigfoot. Ketchum Project.

Warren: "She's a doctor and is a big team and they've had alleged pieces. Now I'd like to see more of her work but the three markers and I'm not an expert on this on DNA markers show that this thing is 'uman and an unknown something.  But not ape."

(Editor note: So what is a 'primate' then as mentioned by Dr. Ketchum if not an ape?)

Warren: "There's never been an ape (indistinct) found in North America by the way."

The host mentions the Yeti in Russia. Apparently Putin went looking for the Yeti.
(Editor note: Is Yeti not associated with Nepal and Tibet?)

01:46:5804Warren (from a distance): "I'd like him to find it."  Back to microphone:  "And it can put its big foot up his little you-know-what.   What a clown that guy is.  He just stuns me he he he is amazing. I'm not a fan."
Host mentions a comment in the chat room about the creature running almost as if it was off the ground.  'When you view different time lines it tends to do that and the ground levels look different.'   He's also asking 'do you see ghosts?'

(Editor note: We are aware of people seeing entities appearing at different levels according to the time from which they manifest.)


Warren: "Ummmm (laughs) that that's fascinating what he just said cos it it well that's that really kinda works for me a little bit.
As far as ghosts I've had a few things I think we lived in a my first wife and I lived in a house that had someone.   I saw it when I thought I woke up at night and thought there was an old lady in our bedroom door and my ex who was in medicine not a doctor but in medicine she uhh my first wife saw it uhhh this woman and shape."

Warren: "Uhh have you ever have a toilet seat that just doesn't stay up? 
We have all had one of them  in our lives (we have? -ed.) but we had one of those.
And one day we were just sittin' there (on the toilet together? - ed.) and we'd see chairs move and I'd lose my house keys and they'd be moved.  All kinda little things.  And uhh what we found out is our landlord Pete it was probably his mother who had lived in that apartment because some of the behaviours uhh. His wife Gladys was a teacher. Why do I remember these people's names?

Warren: "And uhh so yeah I think I did see something.  I do believe ummm that happens. I don't know what umm frankly I don't want to hang around when some got in the house some place.  But I yeah yeah I have seen a lot of unusual things and in in my life and I'm a repeater."

Warren: "And you know you're not some view it as well if you're lucky enough to even see anything you know is that uhhh I have no answers for it but I've seen things and you still scratch your head. I'd say  the only people who avoid in this world I say keep an open mind when people tell  you cos I'm sure even the worst sceptic has someone in their family that has experienced something unusual in this genre one way or another."

Warren: "Or or debunking. There's a difference between sceptic and debunkers.  America gave birth to one of the most vile of them which was Philip J. Klass.  Uhh I went toe to toe to him a number of times back in the 80s.  He was a man that would write absolute lies about people and bullied a woman - women witnesses.  His his bag was the UFO thing.  He wrote for Aviation Week.  He was a shill and a stooge for whover stirs the pot.
And probably didn't know the reality or if he did he was on a little bit of a payroll.  But they're vile type of people."

Warren: "Then there's the sceptic. Now I'm a sceptic. Cos I ask myself questions.  Now when you gave an opinion like a guy in the (indistinct) in the Roger Patterson I think different but that is cool. You know, I wasn't there. I could be wrong. You could be wrong... (Host tried to interrupt) and that's cool because"... (host succeeds in interrupting and saying that it is his opinion!)

Warren: (from a distance again):  "And that's cool and I (back at microphone) respect that with people.
A debunker is a different thing.  A debunker (indistinct) with personal attacks on witnesses.  Uhh they will twist the any evidence the witness can bring forward and often there's not a lot that will suffice them.
Again you're stuck with what you've seen in your own mind and then you've come to terms with it saying I've seen it.  I know I saw it.  And ummm I'll never know exactly what it is and frankly a lot of this stuff I don't want to know.  It's a little disturbing."

Warren: "The Missing-411 I'm not promoting David Paulides but please check out this guy I mean folks if you're listening and his work and..... "

Warren goes on at length about the research into the massive national parks in the USA and how children have gone missing, as have adults, and that there is a coverup of the whole business.

Host says that they've come to the last three minutes of the show (oh joyousness!! - ed.)  He asks Warren if there is any information that he wants to give to listeners.


Warren: "Yeah I you know I don't know the links for any of this I think that people are pretty savvy on you know.  Uhh our book is Left at East Gate and I'm not tryin' to and you know Rendlesham Forest did happen it wasn't a lighthouse and it was of extreme national security to America and to uhhh the people of Great Britain.
Do not base your knowledge on this on Youtube videos.  You have to read many sources and decide for yourself what works for you."

Warren: "But you are folks being lied to by the government on well we all know it right on so many levels.  Keep an open mind. Have a great life.   And see ya on the big screen. I don't know. Hahahaha I've enjoyed the show."

Host winds up the broadcast thanking Warren and mentions the word "attacked."

Warren: "I don't get attacked in my face, mate. You know I'm not a wilting lily but unfortunately and I was warned by a woman named Betty Andreasson.  I I did not seek this out but she said you know when you go public and I never knew Rendlesham would all turn into what it did it was I just wanted to talk to someone outside my family which were not really into any of this. They're supportive but it wasn't their bag.  Uhh they knew something happened to me in the military but I think it disturbs parents right?

Warren: "And their world view got kinda weirded out but the umm you know at the end of the day uhh I knew you know you DO get attacked.  You you're particularly with this because there is so much evidence. It's a threat to some people and some people just like to attack.
But if someone ever wants to debate in person or uhh discuss things I'm a very amicable kinda guy and if I can't have an answer for something then I'll say I don't know."

Warren: "And that's ninety per cent of I don't know what happened there.  I don't know what the Bigfoot was but I know it was not a guy in a suit or you know a lighthouse or you know misidenti it was just something that shouldn't be in western New York State running at thirty miles an hour.  Laughs.   So I just live with that.  The attacks uhhh unfortunately always happen behind your back and at great distance. That's thanks to the internet.   So many cowards can stay in mum's basement and keep typin' and that's what you deal with.  I don't bother with people like that.

Host thanks Warren saying that he, Warren, covered more topics than any other guest previously on the show.

Warren: "It's it's been a weird life and I wouldn't trade it for a thing! But it's all true which is even weirder. Bursts out laughing.


There are more versions, I will add them when I find them.

The book Left at East Gate was pulled by the publisher. Gary Heseltine tells people that both authors asked for it to be pulled but that is another lie. When Peter Robbins couldn't ignore what I had written anymore and after talking with Warren about the John Lennon photo, when Warren told Peter "The pict is real Pete", Peter got in touch with Cosimo and informed them.

When I heard Peter had done so through the grapevine, I also sent them some material. Eventually they pulled the book from sale. First of all they suspended it, that was in October, in November Warren contacted them and said pull it. If you read the reasoning in the below announcement, you will see it is being pulled because of embellishments and inaccuracies. Warren told them he wanted it pulling because he lied in it? No. Warren told them to pull it 20 days AFTER  it was suspended.

I do not claim to be a serious researcher. Gary gives me these titles so he can take them off me again. The crimes Warren has committed over his lifetime, he deserves jail time in my opinion. You make up your own mind based on what you have seen in this blog. the only defence Gary has against me is to paint a picture of a broken and twisted freak.

If people decide they don't like me, I can live with that, what I can't live with is the lies of this man. I had to be able to live in my own skin again after fighting his corner for him, after promoting him and telling people how wrong they were. How wrong was I? So you can think what you like, but I had to do this. I had to show you who he really is and what he does to people.

The contents of this blog are as minimal as possible. I have about 50 times the material set out here. this is a truncation. I will endeavour to add more material as time goes on and will then cut this into sections. When the film Capel Green is released I will know which Narrative Warren has chosen to tell and will be able to further dissect that narrative and show you where there are problems.

I am not interested in any of the other witnesses, I believe they are legitimate so I will not be discussing those people unless they lie and place themselves with Warren at any point in their story telling, I will then only show why that was not possible. I am literally not interested in talking about anyone else because this is about the Lies of Larry Warren and the massive fraud he is perpetrating.

Gary Heseltine says there is no evidence against Warren. My behaviour is not normal, I love Larry and I flipped because I can't have him. This information is all coming from one woman, the lead femal troll as he refers to me now, I am a sychophant and this is all just Fatal Attraction stuff and my behaviour is creepy.

For those of you who don't know the film Fatal Attraction, this is what Gary Heseltine is saying about me.


  1. Wow, Sacha!
    Kudos to you for your exhaustive research! You've proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Larry Warren is a liar, and that Gary Heseltine is a knowing and willing accomplice!

  2. Flipping eck!
    Well, if your NOT a serious researcher I don't know who is! And that's meant as a compliment

    1. I am sorry I just found your comment waiting moderation! Thank you so much, well I am certainly not professional but scertain parites would have you believe I am just screaming nonsense. thank you for reading through and for your comment xx