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Rendlesham Revealed UPDATED 2015

What Really Happened

Please note. When I first wrote this article I was under the impression that Larry Warren was a legitimate witness. I no longer believe that he was even involved. I believe he took Adrian Bustinza's testimony and that of John Burroughs and other witnesses and created a collage event which he now calls his own. Please disregard any comments favourable to Larry Warren. I will update this blog with this new information in mind at some point in the future, at the moment I do not have the time. Sorry for any confusion but I take back everything I ever said in support of Larry Warren. Please see my blog Left Out At East Gate

(I will also alter the colours so they are less insane, originally this blog was black and white). 

I think it's fair to say that I have found something that totally puts the Rendlesham Forest incidents in to context. 

The events that occurred over that weekend were the actualisation of a joint forces research project into the behavioural science of staff on nuclear bases. This exercise involved all three forces and was instigated by the DNA and developed between defense agencies and contractors. It was all planned.

Not only was it a behavioural sciences research project but it was also an opportunity for them to field test various very highly advanced technologies.  Technology that has left me with my jaw on the floor . The document[s] I found is 244 pages long (each) and I have read it fully three times and parts over and over... I know what happened and have found as many other bits of documentation, including patents to back most of it up, no I haven't selectively chosen to make facts fit, there's just so much of it, I'm overwhelmed. Thirty years has been spent chasing ghosts, a few more collating the exact info from now on will be a challenge I know a lot of people will relish. There are ten documents in total... Number four which covers 1980 is unavailable, simply because they do not know where it is. They (foi) can only find references to it on the internet. 

UNDER RDT&E RMSS CODE B310080465 B99QAXRA10107 H2590D.


AD#: P002 914 TITLE: (SSeS0cPuRrAit)y. System Operational Recording and Analysis
P002 915 Computerized Site Security Moniter and Response System.
P002 916 Behavioral Model of Shipboard Physical Security.
- P002 917 Some Human Factors Aspects of Military Entry Control
P002 918 Impact Resistance of Concrete.
P002 919 Area Coverage Intrusion Detection Systems Research.
-P002 920 The Potential of Olfactory Reception for Ultratrace
Chemical Analysis.*
P002 921 Quaddafi Has One of Our Nukes or Some Things We Need
to Know About Behavioral Science and Security.
P002 922 Human Factors, The Error of Omission.
POD2 923. Vigilance Performance of Security Force Personnel.
POO!? 92)4 Threat Assessments "Horse Before the Cart".
-P002 925 Psychological Deterrents to Nuclear Theft.*
P007) 926 The Utilization of Emerging Technologies in Physical
Security Systems.
P002 927 Ergonomic Data Base for Physical Security.
-P032 928_ The Effects of Weather Sensitivity on Stressed Personnel.*
P002 929 Facility Intrusion Detection System.
P002 930 Job Performance and Brain Asymmetry: Relevance for
Physical Security Personnel.
P002 931 Instrumentation for Security Force Evaluation and
Training. -]
POO 932 GUIDAR Alarm Assessment.
P002 933 Overview.

"SSOPRA is a developmental project aimed at defining operationally relevant,
quantitative measures of man-equipment effectiveness in security systems. An attempt
will be made to develop such measures through on-line recording of the sensor inputs
and communication network at an updated operational weapons storage site. The
project is aimed at filling an information void concerning present strengths and
weaknesses in actual security system operation."
"If the recording and analysis techniques to be used with SSOPRA prove successful.
a longer range objective will be to package the system in a convenient form for use by
the security system personnel themselves. It is intended that the system be as general
as possible and thus be applicable to all sites having upgraded system"
" (At this point, four threat-dependent scenarios were
presented, involving security at nuclear storage sites. The
first involved non-technical electronic security systems alarmgeneration
until the guards began to ignore the alarms; and
the second involved more sophisticated technical alarm generation
which produced the same result. Once the guards turned off
the alarms or began to ignore them, the adversaries were able
to act. In these theoretical scenarios they were able to make
off with a nuclear weapon, which was ultimately delivered to
Muammar Qaddafi. The next two scenarios involved actions of
individual guards when faced with situations such as a peaceful
demonstration which is then redirected into a violent attack
on a site and a teen-ager who penetrates the site on a prank,
resists capture, mouths off, and is beaten. The full scenarios
are not included so as to not widely expose potential vulnerabilities.)"

In a nut shell... They started to compromise the site early on. If you read Left at East Gate larry says they were shot at from the woods. I should imagine there were other incidents surrounding nuisances about the perimeter fence. There will have been an attempt or a successful mission to actually steal one of the nuclear weapons... I have heard it stated in the past by someone on the RFI forum... Well you were right. The test was to see if after so many 'false alarms' whether the security staff would eventually pay no attention to the problem. One thing I do note is that there didn't seem to be ANY alarm system in place. No one has ever mentioned that.... Not that I have heard or read. The next part of the programme was to test psychological deterrent perimeter fencing. This was by means of a leaky coaxial cable running at the edge of the perimeter to be tested. This device emits electro magnetic energy which anyone who's studied paranormal experiences properly knows can be the cause of paranormal experience. The equipment was to give the intruder a sense of dread... Refer to Left at East Gate again. 
The next part of the programme was to read the personal signatures of the men by way of a remote brain wave data collector. Yes.. That's right... It was called the VERP. The last part of the programme was to test holographic machinery with a view to integrating it into the on board security systems of ships and submarines, to deter or delay intruders.

Now I know it all sounds too far fetched, even more so than aliens but trust me. This is the absolute truth of the matter. The leaky coaxial cable was called the Starfish.....Something everyone in the 81st jumped all over me for. The word star fish was heard in the underlying recording of the Halt tape which I brought to every bodies attention in July last year. The patent for the starfish was filed after the event but as i have highlighted in the document, the technology had to be proven to be valid FIRST. Previous patents lead back to 1977. in fact ALL the patents lead back to 1977..... The same year the USA sold the Russians a 40 tonne mega magnet for the woodpecker.

Interrogation transcript

They also wanted to know what would happen to people who breathed in heavily negatively charged ionised air. Those people were Larry Warren and Adrian Bustinza who were chosen to walk up to the craft and walk ten paces to the left and ten paces to the right.... Negatively charged ionised air removed an electron from the surface of the skin tissue after having worked its way as an electrical current through the muscle tissue.... Refer to Left at East Gate again.... Larry Warren was admitted to hospital because his skin was bleeding. Larry told me when we were in Woodbridge in September that he remembers seeing a hand held instrument which had holes in it. That was the device used to create negative ions... You can find them on the net. Also they were testing a method of intruder detection by way of gasses that are inhaled and seep out of the skin and can be detected by devices days later. once again in left at East Gate Larry and Adrian are checked over 'for radiation' a couple of days later. One other thing they were developing was an olfactory sensor. An implant into the nose that can detect gas emissions from faulty weapons. This machine also changes the bio-electric nature of human cells and alters the metabolism.

They were then taken, interrogated using hypnosis drugs and violence and I suspect those techniques and methods are still being implemented today because *Jim Penniston claims to be in contact with extra terrestrial beings. The NSA have equipment that can transfer voices and images to the brain. Jims Binary code and communications are very likely to be a product of direct microwave energy weapons. There are means to test for this, calcium deficiencies and problems with lipids in the blood are two factors to check.
 *Just realized my error. Jim is allegedly in touch with people from the future... According to Tracey Farley who says she has witnessed this. Apologies. Tracey also claims not to have read Larry and Peters book because Jims friends from the future told her not to.

The programme continued to run to see how everyone would react to continued activity. Steve La Plumes 'moment' was all part of the plan. there are other instances too that Steve and I have discussed which underline suspicions of being microwaved. Literally.

The lights seen zooming about the forest... Plasma.... They employed a plasma generator. Here is a communication from Andrew Pike to me a few years ago.

"While we were investigating, there was also a report of a group of UK Army personnel guarding an object on the roadside. These objects, including the one by the roadside, were described as cylinder or torpedo shaped, with a molten metal appearance, fluid-like, with rainbow colours across their surfaces, some were actually dripping molten metal. Then on 26 December 1980 I was infomed about red, plasma lights and 'UFOs' which had been seen in Suffolk close to Rendlesham Forest. These 'UFOs' were dripping molten metal and had posssibly crashed into the forest. There was also reports of lights seen off the coast of the now famous Orfordness Lighthouse. There was also a report of something either crashing into the North Sea or leaving it around 9pm on Christmas night". 
He ends with " What of the cylinders from the sea with rainbow colours and fluid surfaces"?
I'll tell you Andrew/everyone...  Along with just a few patents of the technology used.
Plasma Charged Bolts 

Here is the full document, highlighted where I think the info is petrtinent to what happened.

Although not identical you can see the similarities between these and Jims drawings

This is also an image of experimental electrons Ionised... Can't help but wonder if this is something similar to what Charles Halt saw.

So the derision has begun without a minutes investigation from anyone. Really this should be something that they would be happy about seeing as the have a case in point to sue. but no... Time travellers is more likely.

This link was sent to me by Steve La Plume after I informed him of findings.

more supporting evidence just so you get my drift..... This is from the second set of symposium notes. I am sure you will find them to be of extreme relevance.

Update; Over the years since I wrote this entry I have collected all of the symposium notes. The research project took place over ten years and each research project was carried out on a nuclear base somewhere. I have notes for symposiums 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10 number four is missing. I have applied under the freedom of information act for this document which is still unavailable after almost 35 years. The notes on the research projects discussed during the symposium covered the 1980 technology tests and behavioural research projects. Unfortunately they are not able to release the notes to me because apparently the simply do not have them. They can only find references to the notes online. Along with all the other documentation which as one of the speakers outlines technologies and ideas that are very "Buck Rogers" quote unquote. Make of that what you will. I know what I think.

Here is a link to a list of attendees and the company they represented at the third symposium. Please feel free to check out the names of the attendees and their patents. You will see what they were working on just by investigating the attendees. I did. You can find document five above or google it to check out the attendees of the fifth symposium. Unfortunately I can't share with you the attendees of the fourth symposium which covers 1980 as I stated above, because it has simply vanished.

Ok lets name some names.

Attendees of 2nd symposium

List of attendees 3rd symposium

Just a note of interest.....

This photograph was taken at Miramar Airshow on Miramar AFB San Diego. This is what happens when ions discharge in the atmosphere. Larry Warren described the object in Capal Green as bright shards of rainbow colour. When I showed him this photograph he agreed it was very similar but what he witnessed was more green than this. This is plasma discharge. Ions discharging on particulates in the air. Read Left at East Gate for full description of the object Larry saw. Larry agrees with me that things were set up and that this does fit the bill. Larry believes that this was a honey trap set up to attract ET.

This is an enlarged series of images taken from a photograph Larry took the photograph of an A10 during the day of the third incidents. It wasn't until last year when facebook friend Mick Sayer spotted something above the A10. With kind permissions from Larry Warren.

The drawing below is from a 1984 rendition for the Japanese interview posted below. See the similarities?

Malcolm Zickler Investigated the events immediately afterwards. He then went on to have an extremely interesting career considering the above. Woodbridge Security Engineering Group

Click here to download Peter Robbins free Ebook Deliberate Deception

Testimony from Steve LaPlume regarding the base and his UFO encounter on the base.

VERY early Japanese interview with Whistle Blower Larry Warren. 1984

To get a copy of Left at East Gate click here

Even if you don't believe any of this happened in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, it happened somewhere. This behavioural sciences in physical security on nuclear bases project happened. At no point am I saying all ufos and nukes incidents are all part of this test. The dates do not add up anyway. I have witnessed unknown structured craft myself. UFOs are real.



If you think this is all a bit too SciFi then you should familiarise yourself with the Fort Benning Incident. I was fortunate enough to know John Vasquez and talked to him a lot before he died. We had become friends. He was convinced it was extra terrestrial in origin but it was a Joint Attack Weapons System test... JAWS. All the documents are out there...

My co-host and I interviewed him on our radio show

Another interesting document which might be relevant due to the fact this was an all agencies involvement without knowledge process.

USAF Protocol for UFO incidents homeland or overseas.

DoD protocol for UFO crashes at home and overseas. A page might pop up warning you of malware on this site but there is no malware on this site.. how can there be? It's blogger!!! It might redirect you to a blank page. Try again if it does this to you.