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ENEMY WITHIN RADIO 15th August 2015 Larry Warren, on Rendlesham and 'his' life, Some Extracts and Quotes

ENEMY  WITHIN  RADIO 15th August 2015
Larry Warren, on Rendlesham and his life
Some Extracts and Quotes

"This interview with Larry Warren was first broadcast LIVE on Truth Frequency Radio on the 15th August 2015. And was quite refreshing as although Larry does mention the Rendlesham Forest Incident briefly at the start the main part of the interview is all about Larry and we discuss Larry's involvement in the music and broadcasting industry and working with True Greats Like Stevie Ray Vaughan and several other topics and even have a great chat about Larry's own Bigfoot sighting!!!!!"

THE Whistleblower

Warren: "...  I guess most notably known for being THE whistleblower for the what is known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident...mistakenly called often 'Britain's Roswell' though nothing crashed...."


Warren: "...and other than that I've had a regular life semi before that and after it and err that kind of thing.  I don't know. Is that - I co-authored the book 'Left at East Gate' I forgot that - and errr with a guy named Peter Robbins - and that's errr been  in print eighteen years updated ten years ago, getting a new facelift next year and updated and err still in print - for a reason.  A new centrefold, I don't know."

Whitley Told Me To

Warren: "...It's out there and it's a good introduction. It's what happened to me with - I brought my co-author in - and you know Whitley Strieber. I don't if you folks have ever heard of him - but Whitley was the guy to tell me you should write a book and I.. I - in '85 cos I was already misrepresented in a few other people's books and errr you know unfortunately if you are -are non-credible witness in this stuff it doesn't matter if you're misrepresented because you're just enjoying the Jones of you know being talked about.  Doesn't matter to these kind of people."

I'm THE guy

Warren: "To me it does and details are everything, everything.  And Rendlesham Forest or whatever they - it used to be called the Bentwaters Incident - but over in England they changed it around you know. It's always the ever-changing thing.

But me I'm THE guy that got it all out by accident and then seek to be known for this stuff it was pretty much a career-ender back in those days and a family relationship issue you know. I'm not from a family where this subject's popular or - errr thought about or - you know.  If anyone says I'm from a family that probably wouldn't say anything if they did see something except for me - you know.  And my mother also seen things you know so I've had the phenomenon in my life - whatever it is -  I don't pretend to know.  I - just that it is being suppressed by - this government which is in England, and MINE."

I'll Respect Yours But Don't Disrespect Me!

Warren: "I'm outspoken.  I - I -  piss people off but I've got my view and I'll live with it.  I'll respect yours but don't disrespect me.  Don't get personal.  I'm not saying it to you two, but you know it's a tough gig man - you know.

But I'm not out to sell no-one anything except our book which you can - on Amazon dot com - and what's it called? - the - the - the thing the kids all look at.  They look at books on a screen what is it?
Kindle!  That's the one!
Now why anyone would like to have something like that it's not like holding a book and the next book to hold make sure it's 'Left at East Gate' and you get 'em at a real steal I don't know where. We don't see much money from it but go get yourself one.

It's Loony Land

Warren: "Oh it's not about money, brother, you know if - if I didn't talk about it to be honest with you you wouldn't know about Rendlesham Forest"  (laughs) - "it is the end of it.  Like I said I could be Adolph Hitler's long-lost grandson right?  And I'm not folks, I know that will be on the internet next!"

Warren: "Did you hear what he's admitted to? " ahh - you know you can't win in this.  It's loony land on the internet. It's the unified conspiracy world you know - you can't  die.  I will never be able to die naturally because the government would have killed me.  Not the fact that I've been smoking like a chimney since I was eighteen and whatever and you know ummmm - you live with it - you know - this stuff goes on. If you've been through it you don't know what it is."

Warren: "We got wrapped up in the 'Heaven's Gate' thing you remember - the bunch out of - errrr - San Diego back in the - in fact our book had just come out and it's called 'Left at East Gate' right?"

(Warren then digresses and mentions a documentary made by Jennifer Stein.)

Warren: "Anyway, I forget what I was saying but - so who cares?  I I mean it's thirty-five years of this garbage and before this was even known we who lived through it were dealing with it."

Warren: "Can I sum it up in a word for you?  Simple! Three letters?   E-G-O."  

I Have Met All Four Of The Beatles

Warren: "I have met all - and this on my life - ALL FOUR OF THE BEATLES, right?  Over the last fifty years at one point or another.  I have met all four of them - as you know when they were solo - including Mr. Lennon -  and I will tell you now what were we talking about?  The Beatles right? (long pause)

Guys? Beatles right? They're pretty popular.  They had a few hit records if I remember.  Right well I will tell you this in my experience, and I've known a LOT of very heavyweight famous people in the arts that are very nice people by the way.  They count their blessings.  They know they've worked hard to get there - not like the flavour of the month - flash the tits era now we're in with the auto-tune.  And I know a little bit about the music business."

Warren: "Well I will say this.  I'll sum it up. Those four men are probably the greatest thing that's ever happened to music in my view in -  in - errr the modern era.  They - they just changed America really just after Kennedy was assassinated and then they come.
And you think they'd be walkin' around like 'yeah pretty cool man'.  You know what?  They're very normal guys and living in a situation which frankly I wouldn't wanna be in - to be one of them - cos look what happened to John and all  - and George getting attacked."

Knees Of The Egos And The Damned Internet

Warren: "But they wouldn't even come up to the KNEES of the EGOs I have encountered in the UFO field.  Now that says - that's all I can say.   I have never met - it's almost a psy -  errrr what's the word - some mental issue and I think -  listen it's very -nowadays with the internet - it's - it's very easy to get on - you know on this and that - and make up that you're some kind of - err - errr experiencer or abductee.
Most people that go through that experience don't want you to know it.  They don't want their family members to know it.  And it's a very PRIVATE thing. 
Then there are some very authentic brave souls that ARE authentic and go forward to help - ummm - anyone they can.
Unfortunately - I - in my opinion - I've met many that are NOT authentic - in my heart.
You know how your eyes are your book.  It's a very easy thing for people that desire and need attention that maybe can't write a good song or maybe can't paint a good picture - whatever, you know - and it's a very easy way to get a name for yourself one way or another, because of the damned internet."

I Earned The Right!

Warren: "And I'm all for freedom of the 'net and all this type of thing but I am a person that has EARNED the right to have my name associated with the Rendlesham - you know - with Rendlesham.
I'm a prick in other parts of my life.  I'm not a perfect guy but I EARNED that through blood, sweat, family - you name it.

These other people - you just type a few words and you're the Flavour of the Week.
You don't have to bring any proof to the table.  Many other people don't expect any.
Look at the things on Youtube!"

More Of A Social Thing

Warren: "So I've been in this field - errr in and out of it you know.  I mean I do conferences.  I  like meeting people.  I've been in so long I pretty much know everyone I'm speaking to and they're just like hey let's go have a beer. You know. Enough. We know it.
So it's not that, it's more of a social for me but there is a massive ego.

There were also excellent people that are doing great work.  I may differ with them.  They may differ with me on certain whatever - you know - but unfortunately mine - what happened to me at Rendlesham - is not based on research.  It's based on what HAPPENED to ME!"

I Have An Ego

Warren: "So that's where I base it on. I don't tell how other people feel.  I don't know how you feel.
But I - err - errr - think it's a sad state of affairs (takes a drink) in this - err - subject and it's - ummm - it's down to ego and - errr and it's a 'uman thing I guess you know. 
I have an ego but I - errr - we all do and that's healthy but these are very unhealthy egos."

No More Libraries Or Book Stores

Warren: "I'm not out to sell nothin' to no-one except our book which is on Amazon dot com I'm kiddin' - but they used to be in libraries but I don't think libraries exist any more. Have you seen an active library anywhere lately?

Warren: "I live in Liverpool and I'll tell ya we don't even have a bookstore any more do we?  I don't know."

"They've got rid everything here - I think it's a damned shame.  There's nothin' like holdin' - I'm an avid reader since I was a kid you know. Not as much now - and I don't read on UFOs.  I like biographies, true stories and things (takes drink) and - err - our book is really not a UFO book by the way. It's about abuse of power. And about we wanted to write it from a 'uman perspective.
I'd say Travis Walton's book - errr - 'Fire in the Sky' is another one which he wrote himself as well."

Dumb Chimps

Warren: "You also have the dynamic as a witness in this - is that witnesses are dumb chimps therefore researchers must speak and write for them.
Well I address that in our book early on cos I had.  In the 1980s in America and here England is a little - this is no insult - I was here. I love England.
I was a little behind and a little more conservative by the way, but America's extremely co - UFOLOGY the MUFONs and all that were very, very conservative."

Dancing Chimps

Warren: "So you can talk about lies.  But you talk about structure or seeing a non-'uman thing or whatever you perceive it as which I have.  I don't know what it is but I want to see it again.  There's somethin' runnin' around here, but ummm -I know that. I'm not tryin' to sell no-one on it.  There's somethin' goin' on.

But the darnedest thing is that - umm - back in those days you just as - errr - a witness - you weren't supposed to be a dancin' chimp while let me bring out my pet witness you do your little tap dance and then goodbye.

Well I've seen that happen to me ONCE at this conference and there was no way - in fact the guy that co-authored 'Clear Intent' - which was the first book Rendlesham was in - and it was - errr - when the Freedom of Information Act was all kicking off in America and - umm - Rendlesham - it was called Bentwaters."

We Got The Memo Out

Warren: "We got the Halt memo out.  I did, with the help of other people.  We got it out and it was in that book and there was no way I was going to be a dancing chimp.  I never was before and I won't be, wasn't going to be for them.

So it cast me as a bit of an outsider. I didn't play the GAME. And I'm known for that.
I'm my own representative on this planet.  Liked by some. Hated by others. Don't give a damn."

Warren: "I gotta wake up every day. I gotta son. I gotta good family. Good friends. And - err - but I try to do the right thing.  I probably should have gone dug wells in Africa.  That would have probably been more VITAL you know. Definitely less toxic.  But no-one held a gun to my head and I did what I did.  I was warned."

The Only One

Warren: "But at the end of the day no-one in history of THIS subject has ever had their passport taken off them.  I'm not a felon - errr - for speaking about this subject. 

Well you're talkin to THE ONLY ONE and guess what?  When that happened - and it took a former United States Attorney General top lawyer in the land under two presidents - errr - Lyndon Johnson and then Richard Nixon - assistant to Robert Kennedy during the Kennedy administration.  That man's name was Ramsey Clark. 

Well all that happened. I got it back.  My right to freely travel out of my country was suspended.  And speaking of sensitive defence issues in a public forum on foreign soil.  ALL on paper."

Warren: "I can't emphasise more that the witness is usually the first casualty - the authentic witness in that field. 
Because of, what's that three-letter word?  EGO!"

Warren: "I've only written one book because I had to.  I'm not a writer by trade at all. You might read the book and agree I don't know.  But I wrote all my own stuff."

Next Year We're Updating It

Warren: "It was too autobiographical and it came out when I was a little too young so next year we're updating it.  We're going to put the picture section - which sucks - and I've never liked it - in different, and change the cover which is a great cover but it needs to you know it needs to be changed. 
Now we didn't want aliens on it or flying saucers or whatever - which I did not see - and all the pop culture things.  We wanted to leave it to the reader. But the chapter about what happened to me at that base was only one chapter.  It's again about abusive power.

I Like Nick

And it is backed up with more documentation than ANY book on that subject and it remains the only book fully co-authored by an authentic witness to the events.
I'm quite proud of that. Yes I know another one that came out by Mr. Pope but Mr. Pope wrote that book - ummm  - errr -ummm - yeah - and he's an old friend but - ummm - Nick is another again - he's -  I like Nick.

My co-author ain't too pleased. He wrote - errr - errr - a thing about Nick's recent book on Rendlesham called 'Deliberate Deception'  and it's free to download and I'll let Peter deal with that and - ummmm - that was his thing."

Warren: "You know, everyone's got an agenda when they write. I just wanted to tell my story - to correct a record that has continued to be falsely misrepresented by other people about ME constantly and you just sometimes - you gotta walk from it you know."


Warren: "It's about to happen again with Mr. Charles Halt where a proverbial nuclear weapon is gonna fall on  his lap and - errr -  because of his own DOING!  you know! 
Like I said - the big ugly toxic all-EGO - you go to Rendlesham with some of the witnesses - EGO!    We should ALL be getting together - sitting down - but that ain't ever gonna happen." 

Warren: "John Burroughs, another witness. Nice guy. Uh - we're good friends now - errr - I support him.  We have different views on things but - errr - I saw him out there on the third night.  He was involved two nights and was closer than anyone in this stuff.       
He's been - he's wanted - I've been pushing for us all to get together before by 1985 even though so many guys were still in the military.
So again I did a lot of the stuff first and now it's cause célèbre so everything's new.  I mean a lot of people out there think this all came out in 2010 and that had to be corrected  cos there's new people through the internet."

Keeping The Record Straight

Warren:  "Or maybe kids or whatever you know. So keeping the record straight has been probably the worst part of it and it's all a non-stop thing.  It's non-stop."

And most of the witnesses from Bentwaters and Rendlesham errr just I'm friends with them I talk to them I know them and I knew them THEN I know them before it and after it and errr they just want nothing to do with it.  Well why would you?

Host announces a break in the programme.

Resumes - with host having a chance to ask a question about the abuse of power.
Warren launches into vagueries and states that Ben Afleck cannot act.
Warren goes  in many directions hardly answering the host's question but taking pot shots at heads of government.
Fifteen Years A Taxpayer

Warren: "As you know fellows I'm not very good on computers but I pulled off Skype though yippee!"

Warren: "We were killers. We knew what we were doing".

Warren mentions Mark Chapman having killed Lennon "on the orders of someone I'm sure." 
(The reason Chapman is mentioned is that Warren is refraining from commenting on the governmental system in the UK and doesn't want to meet another Mark Chapman).

Warren: "I've been a taxpayer here for fifteen years and I love England. And the NHS I hope that they don't get rid of that."

Warren talks about Jim Maars, the author, being a  great friend of his.

Just Christmas Records

Warren agreeing that there are no protest songs any more and that Bob Dylan is just doing Christmas records now.

Warren talks more about the woes of auto-tune.

The Music Industry Is Dead

Warren: "The music industry is dead"

Warren: "Sadly in Liverpool - not a big live music scene.  Isn't that funny since the fellas come from here.  But you're right it's so - what's the word - so whitewashed now. It's like that movie Soylent Green.

Host struggles to get a word in edgeways: "The scene is still there behind the scenes. The bands are still there but they're just not getting the air play, like you're saying."

Warren: "I think there are great screen writers out there and I know some people in the movie business actually - and - err they've made some fine movies.  One is a friend of mine Peter Broughan - he did the movie Rob Roy if you're familiar with that and - errr - historical chronicle there - and some other fine films."

Warren talks about Ozzy Osbourne.

My Own Reality Show With Ten Cameras

Warren: "I should have my reality show, shouldn't I?  (Host mumbles in agreement)  Have ten cameras follow me every day.

UFO Truth - Holmfirth

Host mentions an upcoming Gary Heseltine conference at which Warren would have been MC.

Warren talks about conferences in Holmfirth.   Warren states that he was also going to be co-hosting the conference.
Warren mentions knowing Stanton Friedman "for well over thirty years" and hopes that Gary will bring Travis Walton over next year. 
Warren says that people like to hear "direct witnesses" and "Travis would be a sellout"

Host then says he's going to do "the show live from there" ie the Holmfirth conference.

Warren then talks about Graham Birdsall and how he attended his funeral.

A Social Thing

Warren: "It's more of a social thing you know.  It's a thing for people to get together once a year.
Everyone's working hard. They get some time off to do it  - and England needs it.
There's a lot of SMALL conferences.

Warren: "There are other conferences too but - ummm - we - my friend Gordy Goodger - has done a number of very successful ones down in Woodbridge where the Rendlesham thing happened over the years and involved a number of witnesses etc. so they DO go on."

We All Suffered Disability

Warren then goes on about John Burroughs and his medical disability claims and that "we all suffered disability and the same health effects - errr - pretty much from these events.  I WISH we had done it as a class action cos there would have been more power with numbers but it's a solo act for everybody."

Warren theorises that the 35th anniversary conference/get-together for the Rendlesham event and witnesses will be in Ipswich around 28th December 2015.

Host then goes on to shower praise on Warren for his excellent writing ability and how he (the host) read half the book on the first night after buying it.

More Than Just The Big Ugly

Host: "Larry Warren is a lot more than just The Big Ugly.  There's the music, the art, the various bizarre things that have happened to you through your life. Where would you like to start?"

Warren: "Where would YOU like me to start?"

The host starts off by suggesting that Warren had "some quite interesting friends."   These were friends that no-one else could see, when Warren was younger.

Warren: "Well again, we're talking about the experiencer thing and uhhh

Hosts suggest to Warren that he tell the Rolling Stones story.

Steel Wheels

Warren: "I worked on the Steel Wheels Tour and it was at Shea (Note: 10/11/25/26/29 October 1989) which is gone now - uhh -and Eric Clapton came and jammed and all - but I can tell ya how the Stones operate cos we mentioned the Stones before and I said I'd tell ya the first hand.

Well the Stones they have these tents set up and Chip Rachlin was the Stones' business guy and was - Chip with this incident - so Keith -Bill was still with them - Keith, Bill and Charlie and Ron were in this one tent and they have a juke box a Wurlitzer.  They bring it on the road with them everywhere."

Warren: "Mick resides in a separate tent. He doesn't come in with them.  And my friend was working there and the juke box broke down.  They have a pool snooker table also.  The juke box broke down and my friend went over who happened to be a woman and this is how sexist these guys were and did somethin' with it to get it goin' and it pissed someone one of the members I won't say who off so much that she was fired or sacked. On the spot.  True story."

Warren: "Then she went off and worked with Barbra Streisand so I think she did all right.  But it was funny.  You see they're funny guys because a lot of the English rock stars you know from my day and our day whatever I don't know how old you guys are but you know there's still that old you  know that English guy from that time they're not too with the women's lib thing you know how dare a woman do what they could have done or should have done....I'm not saying that against them. I  mean Keith is a lovely guy and a very well-read decent guy.  People says it's amazing that he's alive, well folks, it's showbiz.

Warren: "It's an image.  He wouldn't be alive if he did what people think he does all the time, he wouldn't be.  What is he now, seventy-two now?  But a true icon isn't he?  He's just the encapsulation of Rock and Roll.  And he's a very cool dude.  He doesn't play fools though.   So that's my Stones thing.

Warren then talks  about almost running over Mick Jagger on  Fifth Avenue.

Warren: "What else do you want to know? I can tell  you all kind of dirt on people.  (Bursts out laughing)

Worked With Stevie Ray

Host: "We've got Steeler in the chatroom asking about your guitars earlier on but also he's also quite a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  I believe you worked with Stevie didn't you?"

Warren: "I did and - errr- I - I knew Stevie really well - err - from 1980 on and I met him at - errr.... 
When I was in San Antonio there was a bar called 'Way Out West' and he had - errr - errr - three piece Double Trouble - but it was a different drummer.  It wasn't Chris Layton.  It was a guy named - geez I forget the guy's name - and there were about twenty people.  I met him and I re-met him - then I did road work. 

I worked for a guy named Charles Comer - and Charles not only was John Lennon's PR - errr - in New York but also Stevie's through Epic Records and - errr - so yeah - yeah I had a long association.

I was with Stevie a month before he died and - ummm - (pause) - in Vermont and he did a gig up there. 
I wasn't with him at that time.  He was on the road with Joe Cocker if I remember cos he did a tour with Jeff Beck which I did do."

Warren: "And the Cocker one - errr - or something like that anyway.  It's so long.  
And - errr - like I say in the book,  he said to me - when's the  - he wasn't into UFOs and all that.  He saw something once and told me - and yeah he grew up in Dallas, Texas.  Not from Austin, but he made his bones in Austin. 
And he - errr - he had some interesting stories like when Kennedy got killed - you know Lee Harvey Oswald was in his neighbourhood or - errr - someone pretending to be him when J. D. Tippett was shot."

Warren: "And he was a kid and he remembered that very well with the police searching the neighbourhood and Oak Cliff and all that kind of thing  - and the Texas theatre where Oswald you know - I'd ask people about - you know - about - he's from Dallas what do you remember about all that?"

Real Nice Man Came To My First Wedding

Warren: "But - umm - yeah a real nice man.  Came to my first wedding and - errr - (long pause) - just a great - you'll never hear a bad word about Stevie Ray Vaughan ever because no he wasn't a saint and he had his issues with the alcohol and drugs - cocaine - not heroine or anything and was clean three years when he died but even when he was in that mindset. 
And he was a tough S.O.B.  Small, he wasn't a big guy physically. 
He had hands like vice grips though and he is finally -  finally - been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Warren: "Him and Double Trouble - cos you see Stevie was a different kinda guy when it came to music.  Errr - you know he started to rise in popularity and his last album group album was 'In Step'.  He started to rise up and he always had an agreement in that group that each of the guys were paid equally.  Equal shares.   And there was never a 'look at me' - none of that. That was not how the man was.  And he died at thirty-five I think it was and - errr - he would be in his early 60s now which is just stunning but then again I'm headin' on sixty."

Warren: "And, umm, you'll never hear a bad word. It is SUCH about time he was inducted and and the fellas. And thank God, and - umm - you know I never got a cover of Rolling Stone when he was killed and - and he was killed in a helicopter crash if you ever - people don't know - right after his show at Alpine Valley which I was through many times in the shed - you know - outdoor amphitheatre, East Troy, Wisconsin.  It was like a little ski mountain. There are hills.  There's not very mountainous in Wisconsin.   About an hour from Chicago, and he chose to get on, he was offered a seat on a helicopter and some of Eric Clapton's people died on it too."

How You Doin' With That Book?

Warren: "It was initially reported that Eric Clapton did and Stevie coulda woulda coulda shoulda could 've gotten in the van but he was tired and he wanted to get back to  his hotel, the Four Seasons in Chicago, so.

The helicopter took off.  I was not there.  I - I - but the month before he said 'how you doin' with that book?' and I said well Peter and I were - believe it or not - working on it still in 1990.  We were years from - five or six years from even selling the thing and to a publisher, and he said 'get that book out man and I gotta read it' and he never got the chance."

Did Jam With Them Once Or Twice

Warren:  "And he died and so - uhhh - but he is,  God - you know - really I mean - there is Jimi Hendrix - as far as I'm concerned. There's Stevie.  Jimi Hendrix was Stevie's idol so if you compared him to Jimi, Stevie would've - uhh - said very politely 'man I just like to play'.  He'd say 'no way am I like that' and he was a very humble man like that but he was a - well all anyone has to do is listen to Stevie's music - and errr - man what can you say, and it's never been matched.  Often imitated.  He was such an influence to young players.  I'm not a guitar player I was a bass player. Did jam with them once or twice on sound checks (laughs) - that was kinda scary.  He was nice to me."

My Brother Got In There

Warren: "But he was an amazing guy and I'm so thrilled he's in the Hall of Fame.  He should have been there years ago. But that's another big political thing.  The Hall.  Who gets in, who doesn't. Uhh - why they get in. It's - it's like any thing, organisation.
That three letter word mate!  E-G-O!
So, my brother got in there and umm we're really proud of him and you know he knows it.  Great man, so listen to Stevie any time you can folks, and Double Trouble."

Stevie's Guitars

Host:  "Steeler in the chat there, Larry, he said 'Stevie was in a class of his own.   Can I have his Strat please?'
I don't know
(laughter from Warren)

Warren: "I I don't own Stevie's - any of his Strats - errr - his brother - errr - owns Jimmy owns - errr - all of - errr Stevie's gui... MOST of his guitars.  Some are out there, authentic ones, but - errr - and some have been sold to raise money for charity through Eric Clapton's - I think the Crossroads organisation - for errr - drug and alcohol rehab - which Eric Clapton set up in Monserrat so you're going to have a little bit of money to get down to that to get fixed."

Warren: "But yeah all these guys have been through the addiction you know - err - thing.
 I've been associated with Eric Clapton before and all that and they've all - he's a different kinda personality than Stevie - but man I tell you watch him play up front - right in front of me is stunning."

Warren: "And umm - yeah - and I went to the tribute for Stevie - err - down in Austin err in '94 or 5.  God it's twenty years I guess and that had - ummm - Bonnie Raitt, Eric Cl.... -  a lot of people that Stevie knew. Robert Cray.  Buddy Guy - one of the nicest guys in the biz. Uh yeah, they're very humble people."

Warren: " You know, the blues is kinda my motivator but no - Jimmie,  Jimmie Vaughan - is the custodian of Stevie's - errr -Number One Strat which, believe it or not, the famous beat-up one you see - uhhh - which is a '63 neck on it - was a '58 body or something like that.  I'm not a guitar geek.  And that, believe it or not, was ONCE owned by Christopher Cross (laughs).  You remember him?"
(Warren launches into song)

Warren: ".. and all that kinda thing but Christopher Cross is another Texan, a great player, and - err - yeah a lot of hits in the early 80s I guess if I recall, but a great guitar player. 
And he gave it -errr - he traded it at Charlie's Guitar Shop in Dallas and - errr - Stevie - or Fort Worth I forget where that is, and Stevie - err - bought it before he was - errr - you know - famous like we know him now.    A great man though, so."

More Great Friends

Warren: "I can't say enough. There's another great guitar player out there - errr - very close friend of mine and a real friend - is Ray Gomez and though his career - umm - you know - ummm - you know he - he - you should have him on about the music business. His first gig in the States was doing a session with John Lennon at the Hit Factory and - err - doing a demo - errr - for err - the owner of the Record Plant's - err - wife and a disco song, believe it or not, and that's not widely played or heard.  Errr - but so Ray played on that. It was his first day.  He was from France and it was  his first day in the city and he got that gig through Will Lee the bass player from Late Night with David Letterman."

Warren: "Blond guy, brilliant player. And then Ray went on to work with Aretha and - errr - errr - Stanley Clark - Roy Buchanan for about nine albums.  And Roy was a great guy.  Was drunk - errrr - and down in Virginia and sadly Roy was - errrr - probably beaten up and killed by the police and made to look like he hung himself.  So Roy Buchanan is another great player and Ray Gomez.   And I judge them also on how they are as people, you know."

I Met Jimmy Page

Warren: "Cos - err - I met Jimmy Page and all these kinda people - these very soft-spoken quiet kinda gentleman kinda guys.  Not like you see in Led Zeppelin.  And Robert Plant - lovely guy and you know they're - they're just nice guys and they've all grown into - to older age.  Look at what Rod Stewart's done! You know his - his voice is not what it was so he went into doing the American Songbook.  So he adapted himself and he's brilliant."

The First All-Starr Band Thing

The host asks Warren about a post on his (Warren's) Facebook page about Ringo's 75th Birthday and how it brought back a particular memory for Warren.

Warren: "It did.  That - that's another guy.  I did the first All-Starr Band thing he did with - errr - I know where you're going with this - but you wanna hear a funny Ringo story? (Host: "Please do")  Well you'll love this one."

Warren: "Well he does the All-Starr Band all the time NOW and he did (indistinct) in '75.   Frankly I think he's in better health definitely than two of the Beatles but even Paul I mean - and errrr."

Warren: "And - umm - we were at this gig and Ringo was with his wife Barbara Bach.  It was at Saratoga Performing Arts.  And in fact my friend Nanci Gordon  is a radio personality in the States - err - rather well-known. " 

(Note: Gordon is an ex-broadcaster for Mix 98.1 WJJR in Vermont )

Warren: " Are you there? (long pause)   (Host: "Yeah we're 'ere")  Okay sorry - was just hissing then just stopped. Do you think - thought it was a snake or the computer I don't know. "

Inside An Upright Piano

Warren: "...but we umm - so Ringo and Barbara are in a certain room.  The other room was the band which basically that year consisted of my friends Rick Danko, Levon Helm from THE band.  Uhhh - Billy Preston, who was quite a funny guy.  Joe Walsh who was a stitch man.  I found him inside a piano - an upright piano.   That was one story, but ummm - see these guys all partied back then.  They don't now else they wouldn't be with us, right?"

Warren: "So - ummm - and whoever else was in there I forget who else. Jim Keltner - you know who played on John Lennon and everyone's records you know - lovely man.  One of the Wrecking Crew by the way.   And - err - so - umm - the school the Saratoga Performing Arts is another like Alpine Valley - big shed - music shed with a balcony.  You can  get  50,000 people there.  And they unfortunately - the backstage security at SPAC - was run by off-duty teachers you know."

The Lunch Ladies

Warren: "It was the summer and so that was their summer job. And that could be a home economics teacher - a little lady - the lunch room lady - whatever!  That's their security!  Unless the bands brought their own which they did have 'em but. 
So we all - they - Ringo - they do the thing.  Ringo comes out and does a song where some kind of thing goes on."

Warren: "So the band didn't have to be with him.  So it was now time for them to come out and these ladies, these lunch ladies or whatever, walked all of us out, and then walked us right out onto the loading dock and shut the door.
So I'm standing on the door.  Ringo is on stage starting his thing expecting the band and there was no band because the entire band was trapped outside on the loading dock."

Host: "Uh huh. Yeah. What I'm interested in is what happened to you forty years earlier." 

The subject then changes to Warren's experience on 7th July 1975 when he saw a Bigfoot from the family car in New York State.