Thursday, 30 June 2016

SPI Scotland Conference 2016. Spi's and Lies.

The mighty lion was going to roar last Saturday at the Queen Union Bar, Glasgow University. I didn't hear a roar, it was more of an utterly unremarkable whimper after all the promises.  Game of Drones. But I am not here writing about ditchwater, I am writing about the catalogue of lies told about me by several people, but now the group of misinformed people is growing at an exponential rate. Loyal supporters of Warren, just as I was. Nine years I have known Warren and I didn't know him at all, these people think they know him, me, everything about everything and the abuse continues with more abusers and enablers gathering together, they want to feel connected to something, be important, latching on to something they can't have but desperately want, or just swarming mindlessly, resting on peer presented reputations for their voices to be carried. I have never even heard of half of these people and I know 100% for a fact, they do not know me at all.

The conference has been beset with difficulties, all down to me they say. My mind control powers are amazing if I can get people to cancel conferences for absolutely no reason whatsoever! Malcolm Robinson and Alyson Dunlop keep claiming threats were made, there were attacks, things are being twisted out of context and that threatening to put someones windpipe through their spine and end their life and threats of headbutts were all just larking about. "Come to Glasgow we will do you over" and "it's not just the men" claims disabled accredited therapist and two time kidney transplant patient Alyson Dunlop, who then complains about how ill this is all making her, Well.. Maybe you should have acted like a grown up and not a child then Alyson. You also lose the point of yourself attacking another disabled woman! "Come to Glasgow we set about you" was the tag line wasn't it?

I am still waiting to see the threats and attacks you say I orchestrated. You haven't told anyone what I have done Malcolm, Alyson, and you are acting like having the conference cancelled was my initial crime and attack, but why would the people at Glasgow University act in such a way if you had done nothing wrong? Why did you delete most of your posts if you believe you have done nothing wrong? Also... why do you think it was me that did all of that to you? The only people I have phoned are the police and my solicitor. I sent one email to the University at their request after other people complained about all of you and your shocking behaviour. You have publicly named me for having the second conference cancelled and I am not sorry to tell you, you are completely wrong. I did no such thing. In fact I am about to show how you are the deceivers, the liars and humiliators. You want to talk about slander and defamation and court... Aside from the fact you mean libel, good. Because it is happening so you had better get together your folder of evidence against me, I have a folder of evidence about all of you and your orchestrated hate campaign. Just to remind you... Libel is untruths. If something said is investigated and it turns out to be true, it is the truth and not libel. The authorities will not prosecute me for telling the truth no matter how embarrassing it is to you. Just because it is embarrassing does not make it libel, defamation or any of the legalese you are bandying about. The people guilty of that are you Warren, SPI Scotland and 'fans'.

Here is how it all began. I found out Warren was speaking at this conference..

The entire, still public conversation can be read here. . As you will see I did not threaten anyone in any way shape or form. I even went as far as blocking George Smith so he could no longer participate. He is the only person I have blocked from participation throughout. This entire series of lies was born from this very conversation. Check the dates. George issued the threats and this has been twisted out of shape and placed squarely at my feet. All of it. To understand the question and reaction to the prospect of it, I refer you to this link Left Out at East Gate.

After I posted on my Facebook page about attending the conference Alyson Dunlop posted this status in response to the threats made by George,

You can read the entire deleted conversation exactly as it happened here.  After another conversation took place on another Facebook post she claimed the threats were taken out of context and it was all just a bit of banter. Why delete the thread then? Everyone just has to take that as read then...?Which they did.

The conversation that is taken from was on Bill Forte's page. The real victim of a ridiculous prank. Bill was the unwitting photographer of Robbins enactment of stabbing of Warren. when taken in context, it's not that funny anymore. I spoke with Bill after Ted Roe brought me into the conversation. He was initially angry his photographs had been posted on my blog to be taken out of context and twisted into some vile meaning but quickly understood why I saw them in that manner. He was a total gentleman and we reached an understanding. Note, she did not make this comment in public on her own page as she initially did. Ironically I was a participant of that conversation, none of them would have known that at the time, they all have me on block.

Then Warren delivered his own public service announcement;

This is where it all started to get heated behind the scenes. People were completely horrified by this threat. Who wants to pay money to go to a conference where it is promised that if anyone asks a question they will have their windpipe put through their spine? We know it is directed at me, other people didn't and the "whomever" tag opens that threat out to the rest of the audience. So concerned by what they were reading, they complained to the university and also calls were made to Merseyside police. I received an email from a gentleman I do not know very well, Mr A. Johnson. He informed me he had made a phone call to the university and that due to the fact they had received numerous calls from members of the public, they wanted me to contact them. My communication with them was ridiculously brief.

SPI then went to another venue within the university and booked the venue but refused to publicly reveal where it was being held. Obviously... someone told me straight away and I added the information to my blog. Once again concerned members of the public contacted the new venue to ask them why it was suddenly ok that they speak within the same University grounds.... As soon as the university were inundated with messages and calls from the public again, they agreed and said that their own security team had raised concerns about them speaking at the second venue. But by 4pm on Thursday afternoon, the organisers at SPI Scotland had agreed to drop Warren from the speakers list and pay for extra security as they explained to someone I know online but have never met.

The email below is in response to Dominic asking the university why it was not ok for them to speak in one part of the university but is ok in another. Did the previous concerns of the public no longer matter? After all, nothing had changed but the venue. I did not ask Dom to do this, he was so disgusted by the whole affair, he fully involved himself because it was the right thing to do. He cares about me and my family and also the ridiculous attitudes within the paranormal circuits that negatively taint everything. It might surprise people to know that there are people out there who do things for no gain or accolade. His support kept me going as did the immense support I have had from John Hanson and his partner Dawn. I have had support from many unexpected quarters and every bit of it carried me over this highly disturbing and upsetting event. There are others, they know what they did, I will never forget any of it.

So you can imagine the confusion this has caused! The assumption I was the root of the issue is incorrect as you can see. This email came from the principles office. Obviously for me, the confusion surrounds why they didn't tell Warren or any members of the public. After all Malcolm quite clearly states here Thursday night but if you read the time on the email it was 4.16 pm when this was forwarded to me.

 Which? lawyer says. "A refund should be due if the advertised act does not appear"

This is a message sent just after Warren moved out

If I have been attacking Warren for years how do you explain why this is from only a year ago?

The entire arrangement between the University and SPI director Malcolm Robinson rested on their agreement to drop Larry Warren from the event completely.... Also.. How on Earth can I have been attacking him for years when he was living in my house up until one year ago? After Col Halts Jimmy Church show appearance in December 2014 Warren recorded endless shows, some with me, as I defended him against what I thought were lies but actually turned out to be truths. The problem is that Robinson has actually named and blamed me when it absolutely was not me, nor was it my idea or desire. I merely wanted Warren to talk about his part in the Rendlesham Forest incidents in light of Adrian Bustinzas most recent radio show. Something he point blank refused to do saying he stopped doing that a long time ago.

Malcolm I know you are Scottish but we call them solicitors here in the UK. I'll get my people to call your people. Just as a small adage; The events team have passed a message on to me saying that they will confirm all of this to my solicitor and the police. They know who contacted them better than I do and they are happy to confirm I did not instigate or have anything to do with their decisions. I don't think they are very happy that Warren was given his 'five minutes of fame' on his nonsensical, rambling video.What was that comment about a chainsaw?? They agreed he was not to speak and that agreement was broken.

The video below is Larry's five minutes of fame and Peters adulation of an all American boy turned all American hero. Five Minutes of Fame Video

I can only imagine the scene on the Saturday morning as Warren turns up and is turned away at the door by the extra security Malcolm agreed to pay £450 for so the conference would go on. Why didn't he tell him? Too scared? Thought they could blag it? They did tell him and he thought he could just set the record straight and they would allow him in? I could speculate forever on what their game plan was, I don't really care. I can assure you, Warrens at the door humiliation was the doing of SPI Scotland, to be more accurate Malcolm Robinson. He was completely aware of the stipulations for two days prior to the conference that Warren had been sacrificed so the show could go on. Unless of course they are going to suggest the principles office staff are liars?

Then I have to ask why then, when an announcement was made on Friday that tickets could be bought on the door when previously sales were only via personal contact with Malcolm or Alyson, did they not mention that Larry Wasn't speaking? I knew two whole days before the event as did Malcolm et al. The public were not informed and I have to wonder how many did travel up buying tickets on the door expecting to see Warren speak only to find out when they got there that he wasn't speaking. There is a huge pretense going on here. The pretense of no prior knowledge of him being barred from the University until the morning of the event. As Malcolm states it wouldn't have been happening if it weren't for 'him' saving it by the skin of his teeth. Such an heroic act, agreeing to drop a speaker and pay for more security because of the speakers actions. Braveheart springs to mind. You can take our speaker, but you will never take our conference. I couldn't care less about the conference, what I care about are the lies being told, the vile bullying and enabling. You know, all the illegal stuff. Especially the harassing my son in the street when he was with his family.

Then there are the lies, sorry.. libel, in this post.


Please produce the attacks. Please especially produce the attacks on your son. Thanks for the admission you were in the living room when porn was on.. You blame my 15 year old daughter for watching porn with you in the room? Showing you it? So why did she tell us about it after you moved out and how do you know what night I mean? Should you not have been concerned enough to say something if it were true? Fortunately I know what she was doing, her sociology homework project which was about serial killers. Busted.

How did you have all the money you talk of in the above post on £75 a week? £300 train fares to Suffolk, the alleged £400 we 'conned you out of', food and other travel expenses. There's your money to move out right there, there is your money to see you mum right there. You did neither. You also never paid a penny for living here. Not a single penny. I need to say... You were only in our home because you were evicted for non payment of rent. We were evicted because our landlord who had inherited the house when his mother died, could not afford the repairs needed and because he lives in New Zealand, couldn't do them himself and so he SOLD the house we were living in and our eviction order was a matter of legal process to break the contract we had all signed. It also secured us a house because we were good tenants. Everything you say is a twist of the truth. Absolutely everything. Is THIS how you could afford it? 10k for a fake Lennon sketch?

Malcolm, Alyson...

Please provide details and all evidences of the things I have said to you, the attacks I am supposed to have performed on you all. What illegal behaviour is it you are alluding to yet not proving. Please explain why you have deleted most of the posts I have reproduced in screen shots this past few weeks. If you have done nothing wrong and you feel righteous, why have you done so much 'cleaning'? Please publicly publish ANY or all evidences of the things you have accused me of. My ACCUSATIONS, not attacks, were directed at Warren, You decided to involve yourselves... If I was attacking any of you why would you be on my thread talking this way? Once again I ask you.. When and how did I attack YOU or SPI?

Ralph Hull. Who are you? You do not feature in my life in any way so I know for a fact you don't know me at all... So this, is truly disturbing. To think you are sat at home imagining me masturbating is really quite concerning. Your words are a great insight into the machinations of your mind!!

Heidi.. Never heard of you. You know nothing about me, yet you and Ralph both joined in without ever seeing ANY evidence of my alleged crimes! You never will either, there are none.

Ben... Wrong again.

David.... What are you playing at?


Still waiting for the explanation. This can't have been it... You didn't tell anyone what I have allegedly done to you.

Finally... this was posted by Warren yesterday

Q. What's the Difference between Libel & Slander?

A. In general terms, Libel is defamation in permanent form and Slander is defamation in a non-permanent form.
Most commonly Libel tends to be written, broadcast or published online and Slander tends to be the spoken word.

Q. What Do I Have to Prove in a Defamation Claim?

A. In both libel and slander cases, you need to prove that:
  • The allegations have been published to one or more persons (other than yourself)
  • The allegations refer to you – either that you are named, pictured or are identifiable in some other way
  • That the words tend to lower you in the eyes of right thinking members of society.
  • That the publication has caused or is likely to cause serious harm to your reputation.
In slander cases, you will also need to prove that you have suffered financial loss, unless the allegations relate to your profession or an offence punishable by imprisonment.

Q. What's the Difference between Libel, Slander & Malicious Falsehood?

A. With a claim for malicious falsehood, the allegations do not have to be defamatory of you. However, you do have the burden of proving that the words are false, published maliciously and have, or are likely to, cause you financial loss.

Something you are all guilty of. Best start getting your evidence of my crimes together. We are going there. 

I never did get that statement.

For the rest of the libel, defamation and malicious falsehoods against me follow this link. For the libel, defamation and malicious falsehoods on my part you will have to refer to their imaginations

SPI Scotland Gangstalkers Extraordinaire


You are going to shut me down forever more? How do you propose to do that? Are you not currently riding on the back of free speech enthusiasts? You can't shut me, or anyone else down. Get over yourself, you have no power, no authority and no money. Or do you mean you are going to kill me or have me killed? By the way.. My family are originally from Liverpool, but you knew that didn't you? You have known me for nine years.

              You are not a 'Bronx Boy' you grew up in Albany, Glenn Falls... It's all in your book.

A cut and dry libel and defamation case qualifies me for a no win, no fee solicitor under British law. You have no evidence, there were no attacks upon any of your persons in anyway shape or form by myself and telling ugly truths you rather people wouldn't know does not constitute to any of the above. The truth is the truth and it will out. Malcolm said he was going to issue a statement outlining why Warren didn't get to speak. I very much look forward to adding that to my collection of libelous screen shots. After all, their assumptions are false, their arguments premise is therefore false and so any conclusions drawn will be entirely inaccurate.

For the start of it all and the build up to this click here..

As the saying goes; It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.

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