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Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When We Practice To Deceive! A Shenanigans Update.



Thought I would write a little update blog. Hello, long time no see. I hope most of you are well. Big grin. 

If you have been folowing this Hoohah for any amount of time, you will know the main characters in play. Two of them have been briefly featured in the shenanigans and written about on here. The people who glued themselves to my back and rode me like a cheap Blackpool donkey for years, milking everything they could get from it, mostly attention. After all, this was nothing to do with anyone aside from myself and Larry Warren. 

Unfortunately, Larry cannot hold his own piss, never mind his temper and so he had representatives who did their worst. Unfortunately for all of them, their worst was not good enough, I am still here! Cooooeeey!!! All my pages are still up on Facebook, my groups, profiles and pages are all tickety boo. I haven't posted on one for a while, but that will change when this film comes out, I promise. 

That brings me to pages going missing. 

The Rendlesham Lolita who was Jim Pennistons ex, I have written about her before, she witters on and on casting aspersions, mixing up the fecundity she creates out of other peoples lives and showering it all over her now shut down Rendlesham Facebook page. Of course she has another one and is twice as deranged, losing ten years of trolling was a huge blow. Trolls be Trolls though, so she continues on. 

Read about her here and here

Lets move onto one of the biggest trolls of all. A man who decided my life was his to discuss and lie about, to pass blame back to me when I outed Larry Warren's lies one after the other. The man who said he investigated everything and found everything to be a lie, when he couldn't investigate his way out of a wet paper bag full of holes. Ben Emlyn Jones or BEJ as I shall refer to him as, I just cannot be bothered writing his whole name out anymore. BJ for short.  Some images of BJ at his finest. Just so you get the proper version of him. Not his pretend nice guy persona. 

My friend tried to send me a link to a blog where he says he is manly and desirable.... the link goes against community standards. 

Below is a screenshot of BJ on his own forum, the real BJ, not persona BJ.

What is he up to these days? Talking crap as ususal, but this is the funniest thing of all, considering the things said about me by him. Remember all the Truth Mob bullshit? Well, you might laugh at this, I did. Mr BJ's blog is totally banned from Facebook. Now, I am all for free speech, you can say what you want, so can I. I don't have to listen to what you have to say and vice versa. However, when someone is telling lies about me, riding my life while calling me a troll, well it is hardly likely, given my personality type, that I am going to keep quiet. No matter how he paints himself as my victim, he is not my victim. None of this was any of his business. I am not the only person he has done this to either. this is called Karma and it is spelled Ha-Ha.

Read more here and here

I outed Larry Warren after he lied to my face, in my home, we had been friends for NINE YEARS, not two minutes. I discovered his lies and practices and did something about it. Warren can't keep his temper in check and so he had representatives. One after the other, they glued themselves onto my life and rode it until they fell off, exploded, burned down, fell over and sank into the swamp. 

You cannot kill the truth, you can only bully it, obscure it with lies. They couldn't kill the truth so they tried to have me killed, handing out my address trying to whip people into a frenzy that I am Antifa, a terrorist, that is all they had. Not once did they counter any of my information with information, they countered all of it with personal attacks and lies. So anyone who got involved was getting themselves between myself and Warren, in an issue that happened between us, to put it in a nutshell, it was nobodies business but ours. That can never be taken off the table. It is my life and he was living in my home and was lying about events at Rendlesham Forest in 1980 to MY face. 

Anyone attacking me on his behalf is/was a troll. If you listen to the editor of UFO Truth Magazine, he will tell you not to listen to me because I am mentally ill and because I swear.  That is a decription of about 70% of us. He has a PDF of me swearing because he wants you to know I am not a professional. He is right for once. I am NOT a professional and have never claimed to be. I am a witness and experiencer of multiple phenomena. 

Below you will read an actual incitement to murder myself and friends using veiled language. "Run out of life", "Run out of blood". He means "These people need killing". Why do we need killing? To stop us from outing his lies. He wants YOU to do his dirty work. This translates to "Murder them on my behalf" and I can assure you, the cops are not all over me like a rash. They do not care about friends falling out on the net. If you want to know why they aren't doing anything about the death threats, ask the Ex Detective Gary Heseltine who is making the film about Warren. Although it is now about the area, it WAS about Warren. Don't believe me? Watch the first Capel Green Trailer.  Oh by the way, "Get Some" is a military term for killing. 

Funnily enough, most of those people have apologised to me. Just the hardcore few and all the noobs left hanging around them. The rest of Ufology has lost interest in the film because it has been going to come out over and over again, supposedly finished now, alas, it doesn't appear to be. I can't help but wonder if most of the Larry Warren stuff has been removed and that is why it has taken so long. It will be interesting to see if it is anything like it was originally supposed to be. We await the release with a large splodge of morbid curiosity.

They tried to destroy me but in doing so they destroyed themselves, their arrogance and hatred blew up in their own faces and this is the result. Pages gone, blogs banned. Film still in edit, we will have to wait and see. Whatever is in the film about him, is a lie, it will be easy to debunk, because whichever version of events he is telling, I have already debunked it. 

Bye for now!!

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Saturday, 21 March 2020

The Abductee Video Diary

A no frills, straight to the point collection of videos of Alien Abductees discussing their experiences. Not all of the experiences are to do with Aliens, we all have paranormal events in our lives too. We will be discussing the whole gamut. In this episode Paula and Sacha discuss why they decided to do this and how they met. In 2012 Paula rang her to talk about the experiences she has had all her life and some that her daughter had been having. They have been firm friends ever since and have even had experiences together, some gained time and other abduction events, all of which will be told over the course of a few weeks. This is just the beginning of something. Stay tuned as it grows and develops. Please get in touch if you or anyone else have been affected by the things we disscuss. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell for notifications of uploads. You can message me on Facebook and Twitter, please state "Abductee Diary" as first words of your message in DMs Facebook Twitter Email

This is Episode one, Paula Green part One.

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Steve LaPlume comes out of the shadows to discuss his Rendlesham UFO sighting

Steve LaPlume 

This is the first interview Steven LaPlume has given after many years out of the scene.

Steve witnessed a UFO over East Gate at USAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, late January or beginning of February 1981 just a few weeks after the Christmas incidents which are now referred to as the Rendlesham Forest incidents.

It is exactly 39 years since he and his colleague Wendel Palmer witnessed a large craft go over their heads while on duty.

Steve talks to me about what he saw, how life was on base, how he got himself snapped out and later became a Mercenary, an Actor, a Motorcycle Racer in China and what he is currently doing.

It is one of the most frank interviews I have ever had the pleasure of, hard at times, some genuine laughs, some nervous laughter, on my part.

He is a very honest man and I really enjoy talking to him. I am more than sure you will enjoy listening to him.

Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Fake Rendlesham Therapist Who Tried To Change Jim Penniston's Rendlesham Narrative With Lies. Edit 13th Dec 2019 & 17th December 2019

One of the real mysteries around the RFI collective is Tracy Nicol Farley. Why is she a mystery? Well it isn't actually her, it is why she thinks anything is her business when she was in a relationship with Jim Penniston for only 8 weeks and the basis of their relationship was pure lies on her part.

She has a page, it is called Rendlesham and is on Facebook. The page is nine and a half years old and is dedicated to stalking Jim Penniston, myself, my partner Dave, Jim's Co-author Gary Osborn and Rendlesham researcher Ronnie Dugdale.

She seems to think that the events that have happened in our lives with various people are some how her business. It seems the only thing that concerns her currently, is the identity of someone who went by the name of David Rochon and that there is some huge conspiracy of silence. Basically, nobody will tell her again, she already knows everything that has been said, but pretends she doesn't and acts like we are all hiding some big important secret. She keeps mentioning someone else too, trying to make out we are all in some big thing together, hiding secrets from her. Well... if there are any secrets, they are no business of hers anyway.

She sits on her page and has done for just shy of a decade, wittering about Jim and John, Myself and Dave constantly, and anyone else who dare have an opinion on anything. I don't recall the Rochon situation much, it never meant anything to me aside from another bit of gossip amongst three hundred thousand other moments of gossip, insinuation and drama.

Page created 2010

She seems to think that all of the to's and fro's between us researchers is her business because she shared a bed with Jim for a couple of months. So lets look at that. She recently accused me of being Jim's new guard dog, that is so funny. Jim and I barely talk, I have done most of my chatting to Gary.

Jim sent me the book because he thinks that it will explain everything adequately and that it will convince me that the binary code is real. Jim knows as does Gary and the rest of the world that I believe Jim when he says he saw the craft, touched it, drew the symbols, I 100% believe that. I struggle with the binary code and have explained that is because of the way things came about and things said way back then which were contradictory. I am however aware of the fact that I believed Warren and therefore all of the narrative in my head that was amalgamated by him, was a total lie and so in fact, I didn't know the whole story at all. Back to the drawing board for me.

When my partner Dave fell out with Jim almost a decade ago it was when Jim started to speculate about what he should do with the codes. Dave said to him send them to me I will put them on the website, Jim said he wanted to either put them on a disc or in a book and sell them. Tracy seems to think that there is another huge crime committed there. Dave declared it all a scam and quit helping with social media and whatever else he was doing for Jim and John as they were still friends at the time.

Now Tracy still wants me to say something about that so here is is... Tracy, he did sell the codes, translated in his book written with Gary. So.. there you go. I was right, he did want to sell them, Dave was the person who cried scam and dumped them. I don't know why you think I am so important in all this but I am flattered and amused that you have solidly written me into things more than you can actually write yourself into things.

So lets rewind to when Jim discovered that she is a liar. She told him she was a therapist, that is how she came into his life. She is not a therapist. She told him to stop taking his medication and started telling him he was talking in his sleep. He recorded himself sleeping, one day when she said he had been talking in his sleep, he listened back to the tape and he in fact had not been talking in his sleep. that was another lie.

This makes her a liar and manipulator. We can speculate as to why, I will leave that to your own imaginations, but why would you tell someone they are talking in their sleep unless you were trying to control the narrative and make yourself look like a witness to the phenomena and information when you are not.  Tracy Farley lied from day one.

Scenario: Military UFO witness is approached by a woman who claims to be a therapist and isn't, worms her way into the witnesses life and lies to him and the world about him saying things in his sleep.  What kind of a person would do that? Not a spook. A spook would be much cleverer than this. The chosen spook would actually have credentials to cement their role in the scenario, they would have a narrative and stick to it and they wouldn't do anything as idiotic as trying to convince them they were talking in their sleep saying relevant things about the incident they were involved in when they were not talking in their sleep..

So who is she? Where does she come from? I can trace her back to the Anderson institute where her daughter H.F seems to work. The Anderson cult of time travel. I did find a photo of her daughter, they look very alike, I won't be posting it here though. Other than that, nobody knows. We know she hops around from South Africa to Ireland, she told me she is from Leeds originally, obviously, I can't believe a word she says, only a fool would believe a known and outed liar.

Lets travel back through time to when this all blew up and Jim wrote a Facebook Note which is still on his page.  It is a very interesting read on many levels, but for the purpose of this blog lets just keep the spotlight on the lady who craves the attention so much, Ms Tracy Nicol Farley.

The huge irony is that the first part focuses on Tracy bitching about her name being on the website and she wanted all traces removing, she then dedicates a page to hounding Jim, Gary and others and sits on it for a decade spewing the same thing over and over again. Yet she thinks she can diagnose me with some sort of disorder needing 'heavy' medication. I am not the person stalking my ex boyfriend of 8 weeks for ten years with no sign of a let up, after lying to him from the get go. She doesn't post under her own name, she hides behind the name "Rendlesham" while she constantly mentions all the people who aren't allowed to use her name.

I am also not in any frenzy, why would I be? This is laughable trolling and boy am I used to that now. Its just noise from desperate people wanting to be special when they're really not. Only liars care about being believed, I couldn't give a rats anus whether you believe me or not, if you look at the evidence, you will see what everyone else sees. If you don't, it won't reduce my oxygen supply, I won't suffer from it. After all, this isn't the whole world, it is a small section of a specific interest group.

Facebook pages are just that, they are not important organisations wielding power. I have been doing this for years now, if I got worked up at every comment I would have been dead by now. Stress kills. But they want you to think I am completely unhinged, broken, weird and devious, when in actual fact that is a reflection of Tracy Farley and her ilk. If you think that of me, I am fine with that. I do not care about what complete strangers think of me. Nobody is stood screaming in my face, if they did I would record them, call the police etc. We now know she is definitely not qualified to diagnose anyone with any kind of illness, never mind knowing whether a person needs heavy medication or not. We also know she never reads anything unless it is about herself, so she won't have read a single word of my research and therefore all her conclusions are massively flawed because she has chosen wilful ignorance, just like some of the followers of the Capel Green lie.

In the comments above Tracy tells us her intention is to cause further harm to myself which will result in me needing heavy medication. This statement is purely to cause psychological harm via harassment on social media, I haven't written anything about Warren in two months and the last blog was exactly that, the last blog. Now she thinks it is funny to mock people she thinks have mental health problems, someone who needs heavy medication is a Banshee. Tracy Farley is the fake therapist and has no qualifications in that area and if she had, statements like this would see her struck off. Nobody is in a frenzy apart from Ms Farley. Here you can see  her for what she really is. 

Housecleaning Tracy Nicol Farley

By Jim Penniston on Monday, 24 December 2012 at 13:00

House cleaning time on Tracy Nicol Farley.  I have kept quiet for a couple of years, but it is time to set the record straight on Tracy Farley and her childish behaviour.  I will not comment further other than this one and only statement.  I am using some of her postings to demonstrate on the instability of this person.  She has misrepresented herself with John, Gary, and I.   So it is now time to set the record straight.   We do have all the emails and communications from her to back ALL that we say.  And we do have an attorney and are prepared to eliminate this issue legally. 

I now see finally the removal of my name of Gary Osborn’s official web site in relation to the Rendlesham case. This is not enough. I want ALL reference and any association of myself which include any reference to Wayne Herschel of Hidden Records; I will NOT be associated with this person nor the binary codes or any individuals in relation to RFI. Due to the sensitive nature of all this,it is in their interests to remove ALL information relating to myself as quickly as possible. I will however in due course and in my own time, tell my side of what did take place when I feel it is the correct time to do so. I have sought assistance re this and I am quite able to write my side of accounts as I experienced them without any bullying or harassment from others who have tried to intervene these past months. I ask Gary Osborn to now ensure ALL reference re me is removed and not just my name of his site.

Note by Gary Osborn:

I have taken this person's name off my web page as is her wish that I do so. As she stated, she now wants nothing to do with the Rendlesham Incident or the codes. My actions in doing so are not to be interpreted wrongly – i.e.,that I've “caved” by giving in to her demands. Its proper protocol to respect a person's wishes to remain anonymous if it’s requested. However, at the same time I can only shrug my shoulders at the irony of it.

I warned her about the consequences of doing this when she first asked me to remove her name some months ago, because it is a fact that she was the one who got me involved in the first place and that by taking her name out of the picture, it will only cause another “hole” in the accounts that are already rife with holes, inconstancy's and contradictions – a hole that would cause more headaches to researchers in the future. However these are all things that Jim Penniston and John Burroughs have assured people they are going to finally put right in their book.

End of response statement. 

Tracy Farley continues to complain about wanting answers. Tracy came to me saying she was a professional therapist, and that she could help me find some answers, and now she is trying to reverse it.

Tracy was invited to the Rendlesham Reunion in December 2010 by 'Prometheus Pictures', so she could be an active therapist with us and for me personally while we were at Rendlesham.

In the event of stirring up old trauma and things, below are the excerpts of emails between Kim S of Prometheus and me prior to going to the UK.

This CLEARLY shows Tracy Farley's intent while there as my therapist.

Prior to going over to the UK, Tracy was actively working also as my therapist.

Important: Tracy Farley instructed me to STOP TAKING MY MEDICATION to keep me from dreaming and getting proper sleep. This later proved to be an irresponsible action on her part – especially when the facts later became known that she was NO therapist and had lied about that.

She also wanted me to tape and also sends the results of ALL my dreams to her.

She would then analyse my dreams and help with the PTSD which was involved with the RFI.

From: Kim S

To: Jim Penniston

Sent: Wed, December 15, 2010 10:05:12 AM

Subject: Re: Woodbridge Trip

 Hi Jim -

Can I get the name of the therapist? I need to firm up hotel reservation.


- Kim

Sent from my iPhone

On Dec 9, 2010, at 4:31 AM, Jim Penniston wrote:

From: Jim Penniston

To: Kim S

 Hello Kim,

Thanks for the confirmation and itinerary ... Looks good ... the Therapist will be in Woodbridge the afternoon of the 27th from Johannesburg, so requires a stay of the 27th thru the morning of the 30th.  Also I am unable to download the attachment with the flight info ... I don’t have an associated program to do this ...Could Melissa, possibly cut and paste it into word please.  It would be appreciated. Otherwise it looks very good on the set up...

Hope we have no bad weather while we are there ...  They have been telling us that there has been much snow and rain.  Of course John and I are used to that kind of weather.  Might make it difficult for you folks though ... Be waiting for your reply.

All the best,


James W. Penniston, USAF/Retired

Here is an unauthorized and public posting of one of the many, many dreams that I openly sent to Tracy in confidence and in her claimed capacity of being a professional therapist.

This is a private discussion that I was having about my dreams. The dreams were generated by stopping medication of a beta blocker which was prescribed by my Doctor.

Tracy claims she is a certified and licensed hypno-therapist, so I trusted her with these documents.   In the documents I clearly say they are private and confidential and I want them destroyed after reading.

Here is what Tracy published on the Internet, and to all my friends,without my consent or permission ... what kind of person would do something like this?

Jim Penniston to Tracy Farley:

[He asked her to destroy the emails but she published them instead. Sacha edit]

This is part of a series of correspondence by Mr. James Penniston that was given to me over the course of a year. There has been much exchange of information in private between us. Some will not be released.

What needs to be explored, is that this alleged information is"dangerous" as well as the "time" element which needs to be investigated further as to what it all might mean etc.

Ok Tracy, here is what John believes ... he has not told me his source ... i.e., dreams, or what ... So bear with me on all of this, some I wholeheartedly believe and some is up for debate ... But to tell Johns part of his belief ... I must also talk about things too, things I have never mentioned to anyone, they have been a secret I have kept them for thirty years ... so this is very dangerous information ... you will know when you get to it, that is explains time travel, the effects and how they accomplish this. It does not talk about origin, that hopefully we will find in December ... it also tells about the binary code, that I have always known what it said, and this must stay between you and I only … no one else can know ... So I think I will tell it all to you, or at least all I know so far ...

I would like it destroyed, the email that is ... If I sound paranoid, I am ... I would like you to print a copy or save it to a disk ... In the event something happens ... Don’t foresee anything happening, but, I want to ensure this information is not lost and at least one other knows of it ...thank-you my friend ... So here it goes...

John thinks that our DNA has special properties that he and I share... (He wants DNA Testing Done, the Cost is very high) He believes that we have been influenced as a race ... that our DNA, has been altered throughout millenniums. Only a few possess the original DNA, which has been passed down throughout the years ... He also believes that the DNA string has the ability to remember life times before ... In particular, and independently of each other ... we both remember 1780. Involvement was in the military at the time.

The time before that were around 200 BC ... He also believes that it has it limits on memory which may be carried ... and passed on to the next generation.

To be able to receive and to communicate with them, only the people who have these traits or DNA enhancement can do that ... So it was not by chance on that fateful night neither of December 26, 1980, nor for John on the 27th and morning of the 28th. It was orchestrated for us to be there ... as it has been done before. Of course when you can control and manipulate time, all is possible too ...

That is why on the second night with Halt, John was internally directed to go out there ... and that is why it went to John and appeared to John and no one else except Adrian who was twenty feet behind him on the ground… that is when John got up and approached the blue and white light ... Adrian saw John being taken into this light and disappear ... And before John disappeared a triangular black craft appeared within the light, Adrian’s testimony ... And at that point the information about the first night was only known to me, and of course John could not remember it... So identical match of craft and color ...

Adrian has a lot to add to this, and he is the other on our book ...The witnesses whom wanted to be left to obscurity for the rest of his life has agreed to talk about all of this ... including the fact he did not see Larry Warren out there during this activity ... although it was possible he showed up after it was over, but highly doubtful ... But who really cares about his XXX  XXX fabrications and embellishments... I just don’t personally care about the Warren factor, with RFI, because he is insignificant about what really transpired out there … that night ... but you will know as you read more ...

And Larry used Adrian's account that he had told Larry, before it was deemed TOP SECRET ...

I was in front of John about three feet, we were together ... We both remember hitting the ground when this blinding white light pulsated to a high magnitude with blue light fringing around it.

I entered the bubble field first, then John, silence was then the most prominent part of it ... the area or field seem dead, the air, no sound,no rustling of air or wind, no distant sounds, no animals, nothing ... a dead silence. A feeling of a new dimension. A strong static on clothes and hair and skin ... being pulled toward the light ... Then dissipated ... I was alone.... And from John’s perspective, he has no memory. John is standing still and motionless.  I yelled at him, of course no reaction he does not move, he of course cannot hear me, and I then turn and focus on the craft, and did my stuff, as I have told so many times before.  I was very scared and I had John non responsive ... it was just horrible........ His memory starts as it lifts off the ground as the bubble recedes and back through the trees ... And we mean through the trees.... The trees were very close there, they were only separated about four to five feet ... The craft was at least nine feet long or wide ...

Anyway, John believes that I was supposed to receive all communication on night one. From the binary code after touching the Glyph and having they imprinted in my mind ... John was meant to be the enabler for the second night ... memory has failed him and memory has failed me, we both believe by design, a safety protocol by them ... The interference was caused by the U.S. Agents and the sodium pentathol .... and we believe suggestions to remember certain things ... That is why we both believe in total recall will happen at the sites ... And of course our uncontrollable drive to return. We have known we must return for at least 16 years ... the date is coming and weare ready...

Back to John, he believes that, they have been travelling from the future, or even another dimension ... he was not clear on this ... He also believes that they have been coming here for a very long time ... For at least five to seven thousand years ... He believes there is clear evidence throughout history of their presence and influence on us as a race. Of course time to them, is relative, is it not ... What is thousands of years could be a year to them ... Who knows ... it is all about time...

We both talk about being drawn in ... On the first and second night for John and only on the first night for me ... This drawing in is pulling like gravity pulling on us, pulling us toward the pinnacle of the light ... Now for the time travel stuff ...

It is because the travel is only possible with great speed. A residual effect of a jump for them after arrival is a gravity field that is many times stronger than what is natural here on earth ... The so called bubble, the space initially after a jump, around the craft is changed; the airis dampened to eliminate sound transfer to our ears ...

Charging of the field appears to us as electricity and has the feeling of static ... And of course time draw down or displacement happens.

The disappearing of light is the craft only coming to synchronises to normal time and space...

The source of the speed generation is from tachyons, a sub -atomic particle, source of power. They are able to charge and contain them, for some reason they occur naturally throughout space ... containment of these little guys, is the key to using them for the purpose of travel ... Although unable to generate enough power to achieve light speed, it is not needed ...

Because the time threshold to create the field is actually before light speed. (I am sure this goes against all of our understanding of physics too) There is a window which operates from slower to faster, until the time field is opened ... Depends on things I do not know ... But, there is a clear reason for this...

That is why they have limits on the amount of time they can transverse. It requires speed, and they could not ever generate enough speed to gain the speed of light. So much energy is needed, that even to them it is not possible for light speed. It requires way too much energy... the effect of time warping or looping is done at acceleration below the threshold of light speed,where these fields will naturally occur.

It creates a phenomena, which only they know, and not us, during this time warping/looping they achieve what they call translucence travel, unknown to us... when the craft reaches this window of speed, the craft itself becomes where you can see through the bulk heads and walls of craft... as for the traveller, they would seem suspended in open space.   It becomes invisible for a lack of a better term.... causing a dimensional phasing of sorts. Space narrows and is focused in a circle ahead of them... It is an unknown to us and why it happens of course would be too... It is the variables with translucent travel that allows time to slow or speed up... or allow them to travel through time.

The craft on my night was an unmanned craft, a drone, or probe if you wish ... The main ship remained in space, far earth orbit. Now John’s night, I do believe that was manned ... They use them all the time ... these probes, even though they are different sizes and different missions they can travel within a generated field of gravity and slip through our atmosphere with ease. A bubble effect is produced, which will not cause sonic booms nor hinder extreme manoeuvring. And no air displacement of course...

One other thing, I do have two people from two separate geographic locations decoding the binary code.... Well, it is still not done ... but what you will find is the binary code tells what the craft is, it will translate to say:

Fourth Coordinate Continuous Sequence Probe for Exploration of Humanity ... and the ships number 3338 (that part does not make sense to me,unfortunately, does that mean there are that many of them??) And the equivalent of a GPS coordinates for RAF Woodbridge ... evidently a future site of something important in the future.

I have always believed this since that night. Can I decode the binary stuff written ... no I don’t have the education to do it ... but, I will stake my life on the above and what it says ... This has been with me since the night of initial contact ... So, it is just not me who knows now ... so do you and I did ask you if you were prepared to go the long haul with this, which is your life time ... Now you know what I have known, from day one...

So there is nothing more to tell, until December.  I wait for discovery of the rest.

So there it is my friend ... now what do we do with this ... Well,we see it out, and hope for total recall from the landing site, or a scheduled contact ... this is unknown...

Now imagine if you will, we came out with this in 1980 and said to hell with the classified stuff and the Air Force ... What would happen, what would people think...... well I am sure we would have been separated from the Air Force and with a bad discharge too....? Or maybe something much worse....

 Written to me by Mr. James Penniston 2010

 In closing with this posting by me, is there more to come, yes there is more to come.  (In the book) and with our attorney.  The bottom line is that I trusted this woman as my therapist and shared private dreams from the post tramatic stress disorder.  She promised to help me understand these dreams and trauma.  Instead she is trying to use these dreams against me.  She has publicly displayed them, and is trying to use them against me.   Is anyone responsible for what they dream?


As you can see she is entirely deceitful. She isn't anyone seasoned, she doesn't weild huge secrets, she asks questions she knows the answer to constantly. for nine and a half years she has sat on that page talking about things that are none of her business, the only thing that is her business is the eight weeks they were together. My business is not her business and she can quote me until she drops down dead, I have nothing to hide, I am not in cahoots with anyone, I am certainly nobodies guard dog and all the things she says are imagined in her head.

She has no clue of the status of any relationships in anyones lives, not mine, not Gary's, not Jim's. She has trolled and harassed all of us incessantly for 9.5 years giving the impression to outsiders that she is somehow relevant. She says she saw Jim writing things down, she says a lot of things, she said she was a therapist and that Jim was talking in her sleep, so nothing she says can be taken as the truth. Just like Larry warren, not involved but made it all about him, Tracy does the same and is another desperate narcissist who wants to be part of something that wants nothing to do with her.  Below is a small collection of some of the posts she has put up this past week, if you go back the whole nine and a half years i bet our names have been mentioned a thousand times.

She even says in one post that it was not my partner Dave who set up Jim and Johns website and social media pages, it was John Rackham, that isn't true but she says John told her that, so she believes hearsay over facts. Because of that post i tagged Jim in a post and asked him to confirm it was Dave Kelly who established their Internet presence. he commented to the affirmative, so that in itself shows you that Tracy Farley hasn't a single clue what she is talking about and is quite simply Jim Penniston's stalker who wormed her way into his life by lying to him.

Here is the link to that Facebook post which is public so you do not need a Facebook account to read it. Jim Penniston confirms Dave Kelly was his webmaster and social media manager.

Tracy NEVER corrects any misinformation she spread, she just moves on and pretends it never happened, never mentions it again.

He told me himself he was partially interviewed for Capel Green. The only part of that film that bothers me is warren's testimony. this has never been about Capel Green, it was always about the lies of Larrty Warren. Why shouldn't they be in it? Gary heseltine tried to make what I was doing about him and Capel Green. He failed and is a total disgrace and has compromised all of the witnesses by gluing them to Warren to make his story stand up, it really doesn't under scrutiny.

I do not need to do any such thing. YOU need to correct all of your false statements Tracy

Ok lets look at what she thinks she knows about Dave Kelly. She and others have been telling people that Dave is a hacker. He is a computer guy is the rumour. That is actually rubbish. Yes he knows how to create a website, you pay for your domain and use templates, this does not involve coding or any such thing. I created my own blog and I am definitely not a computer wizz.

Now Dave originally was a tool maker, he is fully qualified and won an award many years ago. He then went into Telecommunications. Now telecommunications and IT are two completely different things. What Dave was doing is laying copper cables and was responsible for Liverpool Universities telephones and data connections. A huge responsibility as you can imagine, but at no point did he ever install a computer or have anything to do with software on those computers. He installed the cables, telephones and the sockets needed for people to communicate.

Fortunately his Facebook business page still exists, here is the URL so you can go through it and get a good idea of what it was Dave actually did for 20 years until they changed from copper cable to voip systems and his services were not in keeping with the new requirements of communications within the University. His duties included him working in highly secure server rooms for the University, connecting them to other government services, one slight paranoia about anyone being a hacker and that is the end of their career, it will be the end of Daves career.

Some of the areas in the University are literally top secret and only Dave had clearance to enter these areas, none of his staff were allowed anywhere near them. He had to go through numerous interviews and background checks to be given the clearance to enter these very secure parts of the University. Dave has told Tracy that her dangerous mouth could affect his career but she doesn't care about that, she doesn't care about anything apart from who David Rochon is and who's saying what. Her pathetically shallow existence and dangerous mouth could actually cause very severe issues, all over a bit of gossip. She is literally happy to destroy lives and careers thinking she is somehow significant and that her obsessive curiosity is more important than anything in the world.

I was not planted in the book, as far as I am aware it is my research that is being referenced, not any assumed friendship. Jim, John,Gary etc have always known that "Warren was a liar, I outed the liar and they are glad I have done what I have done.

You should get a life of your own or something Tracy YOU are the one who spreads RUMOURS. I have presented evidence of lies but you do not read anything.

Keep rolling your eyes, see if you can find a life of your own at the back of your head.

He IS selling it in the book The Rendlesham Enigma 

Why are you asking who Rochon is if this is how it played out? 

Because only you are bothered, no one else cares. Nobody cares about you, so why would they do anything for you. 

You are going to be dead before you get that answer. Nobody is going to tell you anything, you will have to wait forever. 

Once again.... The Binary is in a book that is being sold. So there you go. He held onto it, had it translated and then SOLD IT in the book. 

The fact that I have had a couple of short communications with Jim Penniston and a few conversations with Gary Osborn feels like incest to Tracy Farley, the author of all the Rendlesham posts. Incest. We barely know each other but that to her conjures images of sexual relations between family members, I think that statement says more about her than it says about any of us. She has sat on that page for just short of ten years repeating the same questions, you would think in all that time she would have figured something out, read a few books, listened to the podcasts and radio shows, but no. You will see how she says she hasn't read any of it, how she only manages to listen to ten seconds of a recording, she then relies on other people to give her a truncation which she then repeats as if what she is saying is first hand and her own conclusions. She told me once that she hasn't read any of the books because Jim's future people told her not to.

You can buy the Rendlesham enigma, Penniston and Osborn, here


Tracy's response to this blog, I'm Jim's Guard Dog again. She thinks I'm helping him sell books. Every time I reference a book, I hyperlink to Amazon. Here's proof.

Blog Titled You Can Tell The People.
Wrong Again Tracey.

Friday, 6 December 2019

To Tracy Farley the RFI Lolita (wanna be)

You can't figure out the simplest of things can you?

So desperate for some attention, you sit in a bucket of your own fecundity crying out for attention. Well here you are you've had some attention you sad article.

Endlessly posting about the one that couldn't get away from you fast enough because you lied and manipulated him.. You're a saggy old lolita wanna be with absolutely no life whatsoever.

Endlessly posting about something said 10 years ago. If you have the emails you know the story, I can't even remember and don't care because it's utterly ridiculous gossiping nonsense that only matters to you but you don't matter to anybody.

You've slept with.. sorry...had sex with and tried to bed them all to get information and you FAILED.

Hoppity hop. Gary H, Jim P, JB saw right through you and left you standing.

You tried to manipulate Jim by saying he was talking in his sleep so he recorded all night. You told him he was talking in his sleep trying to write the narrative, to insert your own bullshit into proceedings and FAILED. You were together for only TWO MONTHS. 

You are a FAILURE and a sad middle aged nobody who's only value to the public is endless "omgs whats she on about now" about you and your pathetic ways. "Oh god rumpledforeskin is stamping her foot again"

Nobody cares. Nobody is interested. You're all alone with you witter page and nobody gives a flying shit.

You can mention our names a million times, which you will, and nothing will change because nobody is going to talk to you about any of it. So carry on and on and on and on.

You are the single most jealous blob of nothingness I've ever had the misfortune to have experienced. 

You're a failure like Larry Warren. A nothing. Not even a real person. Just empty nothing.

Planted in the new book? I'm in loads of books because of my research. You're in a book because you're a sneaky tramp.

You get back what you put in and that's why you'll never have, or do, anything of any worth.

Witter on.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Ode To The Charlatan

Buy your way to paradise, 

Buy lives youve lived before. 

Buy trinkets, but truth and trandensence might cost a little more? 

All those stalls of crystal balls, have wonders to behold, 

Have you not yet learnt that all that glitters is not gold? 

Its all in you, you see. 

Its gratis mate, its free. 

Its in yourself you find the key to your spirituality . 

No need to take out finance to fund your yogic guidance, 

No need to pay the booking charge, the added VAT . 

Ah these healers make some profits while the sheep fill up there coffers,

But it all looks like a sham inside a mockery to me . 

So ,raise the double standard! 

Raise your hearts and hands! 

Empty out your pockets for the mystic charlatans ! 

Chant their empty promises! 

Get down on your knees! 

God is love! 

Om shanti! 

That's £9.50 please 

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Sacha Christie The Larry Warren Fraud Conference Talk at The Halt Returns to Woodbridge Conference, Sept 2019

In September 2019 Colonel Charles Halt returned to.Woodbridge to give a conference talk about his involvement in the incidents and subsequent issues. 

90 minutes of back to back evidence.

Larry Warren and Gary Heseltine have made every effort to make you think I am broken and weird. Even Larry Warren's Ex wife Sue McAllister says I make everything up.

Here is 90 minutes of Larry Warren telling different versions of the same events. This consists of audio, video, screenshots and various books about the Rendlesham Forest Incidents.

Everything has been said before by himself or an author. Proof perfect that it is NOT all coming from me.