Saturday, 16 March 2019

Larry Warren claims to be a 911 First Responder and Ground Zero Hero. Edited.

Larry Warrens Proof he was part of the clean up of Ground Zero. 

For those of you who have been following the Larry Warren Fraud, you will know what I am about to talk about. For those just finding this blog, or wondering who this guy is, this will be news to you. Larry Warren a U.S citizen, originally from Albany New York, now living in Liverpool, UK, he claims to be a lot of things. A Military Veteran after nine months in the USAF (with a discharge code of unsuitable or undesirable), A Military Whistleblower, a UFO witness, has seen Bigfoot and is now trying to convince the world that he is was part of the clean up of Ground Zero.

It has been a while since I first saw the video of him gatecrashing a conference to tell the audience that he flew in to New York in the immediate aftermath of the attacks as an expert in the steel industry. I called him out on it as soon as I saw the footage. Having known the man personally for nine years, we ment in 2007, he never once remarked upon his expertise in steel nor did he ever mention he was a participant of the clean up and recovery of GZ. For someone who can't keep his mouth shut about anything, this is either a huge surprise or it isn't actually true.

After I called him out on his 911 claims, he went on the attack. He made another video calling us all scum, me especially, he calls me The Nutbag and The Terrorist, Gary Heseltine states that anyone who believes me is under the influences of dark forces because I love Larry Warren and I am a heroin addict who abuses my children. When my fiance and I allowed him to stay with us for a while when Larry fell on hard times, Gary says I moved him in so I could have an affair with him. There is no evidence Warren has lied, I am a superfan who flipped. I have mental health issues and should not be listened to. He stated, it is just a fatal attraction thing.

In this video (below) he reiterates he was there, in "The Pit" and he smelled the death, he repeats, I smelled the death. He then tells us how he recovered the bodies of nine Fire Fighters with his brother, or brother in law, he says both, who is CIA and was there as part of the investigation.

I stated that I did not believe this, I showed his ex Co Author (the book has since been removed from sale because of innacuracies..lies basically) who stated categorically, Warren did not work at Ground Zero. Peter lived in Manhattan at that time and Warren never mentioned it in all the years since 2001. So what happened next? A third video. This one a long one as Gary Heseltine asks him questions and blatantly enables Warrens false narratives.

Below is the full video

After seeing this I couldn't have been more disgusted. Every word a lie with a self proclaimed excellent Detective using the reputation he tells you he has, not what he actually has, to underline the 'truth' and castigate myself and Peter Robbins for lying because we have an agenda. What that agenda is supposed to be, only they know.

So this is how it rolls. Warren says he took four trips to New York and had full access to the site due to his brother or brother in law being CIA. He originally said he was there because of his expertise in the steel industry, after all, if you were there as an engineer in any capacity, you would have a reason to be there. In fact anyone who was there had to have clearance and good reason to be there. No one could walk on and off site as he is suggesting. Not one person there had the authority to take people onto site. He just isn't that special. Nobody was.

I am looking at these lies and thinking, I need to tell someone official. This is Stolen Valour. It is NOT the truth and Peter never mentions it because none of it happened. Just to note, Warren told me he took the police helmet to the museum, silly me, I didn't even realise it didn't exist at that point in 2002 when he went home for a visit. he did not go as a part of the crew. He told me about his holiday there and that he went to Ground Zero to pay his respects.

I deliberated for a long time, how do you approach people with this? It is so ugly. Eventually I had to talk to the one person I knew had been there. This man left his home to go to GZ, it took him two days to get there, got across by ferry,  he helped for two days in the bucket chains. At the start this was a rescue operation and they were hoping to find survivors. Unfortunately there were none, but for his efforts, he ended up with cancer and is now recovering from surgery and doing a damned good job too. I approached him with a very brief rundown and asked if he knew anyone I could speak to about it. I sent him the first video. He inititally said that he couldn't help me, I wasn't going to push it further, after all, this is just some crank lying about being a hero.

Ten minutes later or thereabouts, I received a message from him, he gave me a name and so I contacted that person who was very interested in this man saying these things. They had never heard of him which is unusual because this person knows literally everybody. Did I have any more information? Oh yes. So I sent the information on, the videos and everything I knew that was relevent to 911 and GZ.

Many people worked there and each of them had a purpose. They were all there as part of an organisation, there were many alphabet agencies involved and each person was a part of one of those agencies and organisations. Each person had a specific purpose and nobody, but NOBODY else was ever allowed on site.

The person I spoke to has spoken to others and they have some questions they want answering. For now I am representing those people from the 911 community and if they are not satisfied with those answers there are going to be problems.

Now I know exactly what the response will be from Warren, I am lying, I am abusing the 911 first responders by pretending I am talking to them and that I am not worthy of the answers, this is too personal and I am a troll. Well that is fine, they can say what they like about me, it matters not. This is about Lawrence Patrick Warren, not Sacha Christie.

These questions are the questions the 911 community would like you to answer Larry Warren. Gary heseltine has no need to comment on what he believes to be true. Feel free to be the person who facilitates the questions and responses, but you have no need to make any commentary as you were not there. It might be easier to copy and paste the questions below and to provide the answers. Upon completion I will provide the details of the person enquiring to you if you do not wish to share the information in public.

You know how to find me. Get Tino or Dion to ask someone in touch with me, other than that you know what my email address is, let me know when you are done and than I will give you the contact details. I do not need to see any of the replies myself.

Edit: I said that there were no survivors, this is in fact incorrect. I received this message this morning. "Actually after reading what you wrote - twenty people survived and rescued, six NYPD three FDNY two PAPD and some civilians"

Here are the initial questions;

What day and date did you recover the bodies of nine Fire Fighters?

What agency were they from?

Who were you with when you discovered them?

Which Engine and Ladder were they from?

How did you find them, what were you doing?

Who else was there?

What happened after you found the Fire Fighters?

How many were there and was there anything else about the situation you can confirm?

What were you doing there?

What department did you work with?

Which agency asked you to be there?

Who paid you?

Who asked you to return each time?

In what capacity were you employed each of those times?

Which entrance did you use?

Who signed you? Nobody wants names, just the agency.

Where did you go in the pit, which area?

Which entrance is behind you in the photograph above?

How many ID's were you issued in your four visits?

Please describe the first ID badge you were given.

What colour was your ID badge?

Where was the office of security management located?

Who was guarding the site?

Which check points did you go through?

Can they talk to your brother who you say you were with?

Which office did he represent?

Do you have your proof of presence?

What is the registery number of your proof of presence.

Please explain how you got your proof of presence.

How many affadavits do you have for your proof of presence.

Where did you eat?

What food was brought on site at the beginning?

What were the ladies who delivered the food to the crews called? Not individual names, just a nickname.

Have you registered for the victim compensation fund?

Would you like to register for the victim compensation fund?

The representative of the 911 community I am speaking with would like to confirm what you have said with the FDNY and the DoJ then if you so wish you can be including in the compensation fund, you have a year left to enroll as the enrollment process ends in 2020.

I am more than sure you will be happy to answer these questions.

For the readers, Gary Heseltine is a retired British Transport Police Detective. He is making a film with Dion Johnson of Indigo Transmit Films production company. They are making a documentary film about Larry Warren who claims to be the witess to a UFO landing with aliens. It varies between 3,4 and 7 aliens. The film is Called Capel Green and is about the all American Hero Lawrence Warren.

There is one more question that needs answering. You said you sold a sketch drawn "by a certain person" with Yoko Ono's blessing. Where did that money go? Who did you pay it to?