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Steve LaPlume Issues Statement, His Time at Bentwaters. UPDATED 15.7.17 with Warren's Response

#682 March 12 "Open Lines on the Rendlesham Forest Incident" with Paul & Ben Eno and Steve Laplume. ©Ben Eno

RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge
My Final words on the matter
by A1C Seven Robert LaPlume
July 10th 2017

The following are a few thoughts I want to get out of my head before I die.  I want to put them in print for others to read and draw their own conclusions.  Before I go into details of all this though I feel pressed to explain a few things about my time at Bentwaters and also my reasons for writing this.
First things first.  I am NOT on anyone's side or beholden to anyone involved in this case.  I do not like anyone involved more than another I am not in any "camp" and could honestly give two shits about the whole case anymore.  I am so put off by all the back biting and bullshit going on.  The men in black won for sure.  They only needed to toss in a spoiler and let human nature destroy the case all by itself.  Genius!
Over the years I see people going from being friends and colleagues to hating each other and teaming up with various researchers who seem to hold on and never want to let go or share their pet project with anyone.  The whole thing well and truly sickens me.  The people involved are being used for other’s agendas and such.  I am not sure why my fellow airmen cannot see this but then I tend to see things a bit different than others.  Perhaps they have no choice, as a researcher is needed to get their word out in a community they once knew nothing about.
Which brings me to a bit about myself and why I am doing this.  I have a high IQ.  Not bragging, just stating fact.  I was tested in the 2nd and 5th grade and I have a 147 IQ. I also have hyperthymesia and according to the Myers-Briggs personality system I am an ISFJ Personality.  If you go Google that and read it then you will understand my train of thought may be very different than yours.
So, couple all that together and what you get is a person who would prefer to remain outside of society.  I honestly have a lot of distain for my fellow humans and when people say "Oh that's thinking outside the box."  I chuckle because I think so outside the box all the time said box is about six blocks down from where my brain lives.
I wrote this paper to clarify a few things, to talk about Larry Warren and my relationship with him over the years and my thoughts about him and his involvement in this case.
Please understand I have no ill will toward Larry and do not wish to undermine his credibility though if anything I may say here does, it is not out of hate or anything like that.  I have fond memories of Larry and I partying our brains out and having a great time after we got out of the service.  So with that said, I plan on just laying out what I know to be true with no speculation or embellishment.  Just the facts and let the facts fall where they may.  I have nothing at all to gain by doing this other than not having this in the back of my head for the rest of my life.
So regarding all the characters in this case.  I have only communicated with a few people which I will lay out so you can see how little involvement I’ve had over the past 35 years.
John Burroughs - I met John on two separate occasions over the years and have corresponded with him mostly when I was living in China.  He had asked me to check out a coordinate from the 0111010101011 stuff Jim Peniston laid out.  The location in question was the most holy mountain in China.  Not sure of the significance of that with the case but, whatever.
Jim Peniston and I have talked over the internet a few times and it was more of a "hey how you doing" sort of correspondence.
Col Halt and I have talked back in 2000 or so and it was basically me asking him what to do about all the people calling me about the case.  He told me the USAF had no position and I could talk to whomever I wanted.
OK, so here is a clarification or something I want to explain regarding Col Halt and I recently communicating and a past communication.
Apparently I had sent an email to him saying I would help him "...fucking get Larry..." or something to that effect.  I asked him for a copy of the email but he never sent it to me.  He had kind of a smug attitude and was like "Hey maybe your memory is not as good as you think. Deal with it." attitude.  I guess publishing emails and publicly embarrassing people is how he rolls .  I have no memory of the email but I am sure it is real.  I went through a divorce and got pretty lit and wrote a few regrettable emails in that time of my life, so who knows.   I just thought it a bit chicken shit of him to publish an email from me to him without first letting me know.
But again, whatever rocks his socks and gets him through the day.  I tried recently to meet with him but I could not swing my schedule to go see him.  But now I am fine with the fact we never met because I got this thing about constantly being the person initiating a conversation or call or email. If people can't reply or wait for me to call back or whatever and never take the initiative to reply or call back then I have no use for them as I feel its disrespectful and I am not chasing after anyone.  I am still waiting for him to let me know his son set up his Skype so we can talk over it.  That was months ago.
Larry Warren and I have kept pretty much in contact over the years. More than anyone else, that's for sure.  I also seemed to have trailed him for a number of years trying to get in touch with him after a decade or so of not contacting each other.  I was a step behind him for a while but it gave me a bit of insight on what he was going through and how he affected others in his path.
I will say I have always felt sad for Larry because I thought and still think to a different degree that Larry was fucked with the worst of all the others.  But in a way I also feel he kind of brought it all on himself as he openly admitted when he "came out" about the case.
Larry had said once if you take him out of this case there is still a case.  I am here to urge anyone looking into this case to do just that,  take Larry off the table, remove him and all his testimony from the case, then take a look at it.
Now I do not say this lightly.  I say this because when I first talked to Larry back in Connecticut in the early 1980s he mentioned Omni magazine and such and how he talked to them.  He even took me to the local newsstand and showed me the copy his story was in.  We talked a bit about the case and his story was just as he said to me in my dorm in Bentwaters, nothing had changed.
As the years went by I would stop by and visit Larry at his home in Connecticut on my way to a Mercenary training camp I was involved with in Alabama.  He would talk about different things and one time he called and mentioned Larry Fawcett helping him with a possible book as well as letting me know I could meet Larry Fawcett when I came down to his (Larry Warrens) wedding.  I went to his reception, met Larry Fawcett and gave him a few things I had as evidence such as my DD214 which proved I was on Base during the time period I said I was. I never saw that material again.
The years went on and finally Larry and Peter’s book was published. When I read it I had to bite my tongue a little. This is why I relate what follows in a chronological order of events.
Larry first approached me about all this UFO stuff after I had my sighting in 1981 at the East gate of RAF Woodbridge.  Larry came into my room and turned and closed the door and locked it.  I was sitting on my bunk and he stood by the door the whole time he related to me his story about the two nights he was involved in the UFO incident.
I had heard about it of course but I did not know there were two or three nights involved I thought it was all one night.  It was kept quiet so I never heard a thing, really.
I will go into as much detail as possible as I think details are needed and wanted by any researcher worth their salt.  So you know when I do this I am typing what I am seeing and hearing in a video I can pause, fast forward, etc.  It's in my head but I can see it on the left side of my vision if that makes any sense at all.
Larry confided to me that he also was involved in the sighting and went on to lay it out.  Now right off the bat his story did not seem to jive with what he has been saying.
Larry told me initially he and a friend were walking back from a night out of drinking and such and they were on a road near Woodbridge village.  He said as they walked they saw something in the sky that was odd.  He told me of balls of light how they split and became three and soon after the sighting a person whom he said was AFOSI or from the intel community approached them on the road after they started to continue the journey home.  Larry told me the spook told them both to keep shut about what they saw.  He mentioned the other person did not want to be known.  He then went on to say a few nights later, while on duty, he was told to fuel up the light-alls and take them out by the East gate so he and others did just that.  Larry also mentioned the fuel pump was not working right and the equipment eventually did not work right when it was on location either.
Larry said they were forced to give up their weapons because of our agreement with the UK and he was told to enter the forest.  He said as he did so he saw an airman with his head on his forearm against a tree crying and that animals seemed to be leaving the area.  He mentioned seeing a deer fleeing.  Larry then told me he saw a high ranking official but never mentioned who it was.  He said the officer approached the craft which was out in a small field or clearing.  I remember him saying clearing not field.  But it is a gray memory and not sharp enough for me to be positive.  He said it was hovering off the ground and also that the officer slipped and fell in the mud and he got a chuckle out of it.  He said the officer got to the craft where three beings he described as looking like "kids in snow suits" were at and that they also were hovering above the ground.  He said while he knew they were communicating he could not see how because they were no outright talking.  Larry mentioned other airmen in the area and how it seemed they were sent there as witnesses of some sort.  He then told me parts were flown in from Germany to fix the craft which was put in a sand pit of some sort.  He said there were people filming video of the encounter as well and that film was flown to Germany.
Larry then went on to tell me about his cut off call to his mom when he was talking to her about the incident, being taken in a dark vehicle, sprayed with something to make him ultra groggy then taken and was underground.  He mentioned how there was a being behind a screen and how the person giving him and others orders also gave a talk about the whole UFO phenomena and showed related videos.  Larry said this person was not military but intel.  He also mentioned a vast underground facility.  Larry stated that he was shown where the craft went under the base and were housed.  He said the UFO's would go out and come up under the North Sea where they would emerge from to take flight.
He mentioned they said bullets were cheap as well and how he felt when they were being shown the films and such to make them understand what they saw but that they were also sworn to secrecy.  At the time I remember thinking none of this made sense at all.  Why let them know the truth then tell them to keep quiet?
Larry said he was returned and came up through the photography building.
So fast forward-I was now getting into the Mercenary part of my life pretty heavily and other than a few fun drunken nights out while passing through Connecticut I lost contact with Larry for a number of years.
Oddly enough I had talked to a fellow Merc about the UFO thing once and sure enough when we were in Florida waiting to jump off on a mission in Central America that week CNN ran the Bentwaters story with Chuck DeCaro .  My buddy got a kick out of it and I chuckled at the not so great graphics and artist renditions of the event.
Somewhere in the middle of my Merc career Larry did contact me about a Japanese film crew wanting to talk to me.  This was the first time I ever heard the Halt tape.
I relocated to the West Coast but my father had taken ill and I returned to the East Coast in the later 80's.  I had been racing superbike motorcycles and was working on sponsorship for the upcoming season.  I had linked up with Larry and spent a few days with him up in Lake George NY and asked him since I was a racer not a business man and he was more of a suit and tie guy then if he could manage me and help with sponsorship retention.
I told him I had approached the Very Fine Beverage company and they seemed receptive.  Larry took it from there and got me a sponsorship package or at a minimum he had things set up and I just needed to close the deal because he was relocating and was unable to continue helping me.
The issue I had here hit me like a ton of bricks. Once I called Very Fine and talked to my contact she did not remember me as we had only spoken briefly before Larry took over.  The woman who was in charge of promotions for the company assured me she had no idea who Larry Warren was, who I was and had never talked to anyone about a motorcycle sponsorship and that she would have remembered such a request.  Larry had never contacted the company and it completely fucked up my racing career that year.  I believed I had a sponsor but with none I was sunk for the season.  I had no way of recovering and got out of racing as a result.  I would not race again for about 10 years until I moved to China where I eventually became an instructor at a superbike school.  So after claiming to be a friend he flat out lied to my face and fucked up things for me.
So do I know Larry Warren to be a bullshit artist?  Oh hell yeah.  This aside, a few issues have come up recently that I want to state my thoughts about.
Issue #1 Larry had told me when he was getting discharged that it was a medical discharge for an issue he had with his hand/wrist and that the USAF should have caught it upon enlisting but they did not so they were letting him out of his contract.  I do know he was not under anything disciplinary or he would be next to me cleaning toilets on Major Zigler’s shame patrol.  If he is saying he got out because of anything else I would question that.
The reason he got out and his reenlistment code and all that is on his DD214.  It will tell all.
Issue #2 Larry and his benefits. I was told recently that even though there were no longer medical records of Larry Warren in the VA he still got his benefits.  I do not understand what that's about.  The VA only needs your DD214 and an ID to see if your eligible.  If Larry got out on a medical he is eligible for something automatically.  When I went to the VA finally a few years ago they did not have any medical records of mine nor did they seem to care. They only wanted to know what was up with me and what could they do for me.
Issue #3 Larry and his claim to have met so many famous people like Stevie Ray Vaughn. - I can say this that back in the later 80's I met Larry at his place in Lake George and he showed me photos of him and SRV as well as Yoko Ono and they were Polaroid's if I remember right but either way it was long before digital cameras and such and Photoshop so I have to say I believe he was there and met these two people.  How much he was friends with any of them is beyond me.  The pics of him with Yoko and SRV were taken at the same spot at a particular event though as it was the same background so maybe he could have known them or maybe he was just a security guard or had a backstage pass.  He did mention he had something to do with promotions for a label when he lived in New York City.  I never got into details with him about that.
Issue #4 Larry had asked me to lie once for him when Georgian Bruni was interviewing him.  He called me and talked to me about some film he had asked me to hold when we were at Bentwaters.  Only thing was I have no memory at all about him ever asking me to hold onto or hide film for him and I told Georgina just that.  Larry's exact words were "I just need you to tell her I asked you to hold onto some film canisters for me and that you did."
Issue #5 Larry's time line does not jive.  He told me about the craft splitting and such and said it was when he was on the road back from a night out.  But everyone else says this all happened when Halt was out there with the tape recorder.  Something here is really, really off kilter.
That's pretty much all I have to say regarding Larry Warren other than to say I still have zero ill feelings toward him.  Even though he screwed me over on the sponsorship thing.  That's in the past and I do not hold a grudge over that.  Mostly because I personally feel like the intel guys worked him over.  I truly believe they somehow put false memories in to his head and he is a spoiler for lack of a better term.
I think perhaps a person told Larry stuff and he adopted it as his own.  He talked too much and he got picked up and worked over as a result.   What a great way to destabilize a case or make it go away.  Just toss a spoiler like Larry who is convinced, through whatever means, that he saw beings.  Instant conflicting stories and the case goes South.  Toss in human nature and over the years the case is a total mess of conflicting stories hatred among the actors discontent etc.. the Men in Black really won this battle for sure.
That is what I have to say about the case.  I mean it.  I want zero people contacting me and asking me about it the rest of my life.  You all can just go pound sand and leave me alone.  If I see an email from a researcher or one of the actors in the case I will quickly delete it without opening it.  Just let me be!
I have no use for any of the people involved in this case save a few friends who are on the outside looking in and have an IQ high enough that I can carry on a conversation with them.  I don't mean to be mean spirited here I just don’t not know these people.  I met them for a few months when I was a young man of 18 and was dealing with my own issues like immaturity and such.  Make no mistake, I know what a screw up I was back then but I grew up and matured since then.
So that's it for me you all have a good time with this and have fun biting each other's heads off.
Good Luck
Seven R. LaPlume

Good luck me Ol' China.
Sacha x

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