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Proof that Warren & Co wants me dead and he wants YOU to kill me, The makers of the Capel Green film support his behaviour.

Moderators are Larry Warren and Capel Green 

5 days ago (Sept 2019) I was sent a series of screenshots from a group called RAF BENTWATERS UFO Incidents 1980 Pass The Napalm. Lawrence Warren/Larry is a Moderator in this group and is the person posting about me inciting violence, something he has done all along. The Admin is Tino Megaro and the other Moderator is the Facebook Page for the film Capel Green.

As I have said before, attempts to complain to Police in the past were pointless. They refused to get involved, in fact they totally lied and said they had investigated what was happening and said there were no crimes committed which is interesting seeing as they didn't once take a statement from me so what were they investigating exactly?

With Warren saying that his ex wife's  brother is in the Firearms Division of Merseyside Police, I believe this is why they didn't act. Also Gary Heseltine is an Ex Police officer. I have reported the latest posts to the police but I am still waiting for them to visit me. I am writing this because I do not think I will get a fair hearing again and I believe my family are in very real danger.

Yesterday Gary Heseltines wife Lynne, posted something about a comment that was made on Facebook by someone else which I had 'liked'. The comment was something along the lines of never having to kick a coppers back door in before. this is a joke because Gary Heseltines ex told someone some very unsavoury things  about Gary and his ''backdoor'' habits.

What did Lynne do? She turned it into a drama about someone actually going to kick their house door in. They KNOW this isn't what was meant but after what Larry Warren has said about me recently they really need to do some counter damage to me. As if they haven't tried hard enough already.

 So this is what Lynne Heseltine has to say about me defending myself against their accusations and dangerous games they play with my life.

You want to know why I moved to Liverpool Malky?

This is why I moved to Liverpool, you couldn't live up to one of his turds.

I posted the screenshots of Larry Warren's comments about me on my Facebook page, they reported  them and I got a 30 day ban. I get a 30 day ban for the things Warren has said about me? Okay then... This is my reaction.

Below are the more recent screenshots and then after that some of the things that have been said in the past few years.

Then there was this post.

These are screenshots of things that have been said about me all along. You know, if I am wrong about Warren and the things I am highlighting that other people have said about him in their books about their own personal dealings with him are wrong, why don't they just present the evidence instead of trying to incite YOU to MURDER ME.


Malky Smithson seems to think he knows a lot about my life. Let me tell you about his. He plays virtual trains and lives at home with his mum. when the police went to have a word with him for threatening me via Mick Sayer and telling me to go kill myself, his mum chased him about with a magazine hitting him with it, ripped the router out of the wall and shouted at him.

The police refused to look at any of the screenshots, they did nothing about it. Then when Bradford Police asked Merseyside Police to take a statement so they could arrest Malky Smithson a WPC turned up at my home and shouted at me for 40 minutes. Shouted at me for wanting to report the fact that Larry Warren had given Malky Smithson my home address and was then using it to terrorise me through people I only knew on Facebook. Mick wasn't a personal friend of mine, at that time I had never met him, I only knew him on Facebook.

So they are handing out my address and inciting violence against me. They are lying and saying I am a threat to them and the irony of Malky Smithson telling Lynne Heseltine to beef up their security is wild. He thinks he can diagnose a psychiatric disorder and says I already know what a straight jacket and an asylum is because I have been an inmate and I need to be sectioned again.

I have NEVER been sectioned. There are no such things as asylums and i certainly have not been in a straight jacket. .

So I want you all to know this. Once upon a time I was an idiot. I believed Larry Warren. I believed that the official story of the 7/7 attacks wasn't true and I couldn't get my head around the fact those people were radicalised. I used to see them often at my neighbours house. There was a 3 foot wall separating our gardens, my neighbours kids and my kids played together. One of the bombers lived opposite me. If you have ever seen someone doing good work in the community, you know those people who do good things..? Yes? Well that is what they did and so no I couldn't and didn't believe it.

I also didn't believe the 9/11 Twin towers story either, I didn't believe that something so massive could be pulled off without a single person knowing about it. you know what? MILLIONS of people feel that way about 9/11 and 7/7. do they deserve to be hated upon and murdered for those beliefs? NO!

This past three years have taught me a lot about myself and one of those lessons was that I used to believe whatever I wanted to believe. I did biased research and came up with biased opinions. Something a lot of people do without consequence.

the makers of Capel Green want you to believe that I spend all day trolling all of the witnesses. Lori Rehdfelt complains that no one has had to put up with what they have.... Nobody has said a damned thing to or about Lori but she has plenty to say about me.

I have said all along this isn't about Capel Green, it isn't about Gary Heseltine of any of the other witnesses. It is about the many lies of Larry warren. The lies I have shown you in his OWN WORDS.

So i want you to know that Larry Warren and the Capel Green crew want me so broken i can't speak and larry Warren wants me dead. He wants you to get mad at me for believing 9 years agho that the bombers were patsies and I want you to know that if anything happens to myself, my partner and my children that it is a direct result of the things Larry Warren and Malky Smithson have said about me.

They hand out my homne address while inciting hatred and violence in their group RAF Bentwaters UFO Incidents 1980 Pass The Napalm and also the things he has said to people privately and those people live in Liverpool. I live in Liverpool and Warren lives in Liverpool. *It is only a matter of time before someone kills me.

Yet Lynne Heseltine thinks she is the one in danger and is trying to paint me to be a terrorist as well as Warren, although due to the style of the post, I actually believe Gary Heseltine Wrote it and I do not believe Warren wrote this because of his posts in the past. he can't type or spell.

If anything happens to my family it is Larry Warren's statements that lead to the attacks. We are in very real danger.

These are hate crimes, malicious communications and harassment. what I have been saying is all true, the truth is NEVER libel. They know they can't win that argument so I have to be silenced.

Please contact the police in Merseyside to express your concerns or just sit back and watch me be murdered.

Merseyside Police contact details

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