Thursday, 21 June 2012

Who's life is it anyway?

I often wonder why I do what I do. I have no definitive answer other than what else can I do? Sit back and watch TV, distracting my mind, flooding it with garbage to file.. Which is all the mind does. It processes everything it has seen and tries to make sense of it. If it cannot make sense of it then it will go over and over and over the same issue trying to find a conclusion. A place for it to fit.

The state of your mind reflects entirely in the state of your being.. not just your physical being but YOU. Your sense of who you are and where you fit in. We can see how many different kinds of tribes there are.. all trying to find that belonging.  That place where they can simply ‘be’. A luxury ill afforded for some of us and unattainable in this present lack of cohesion that is the entity some call the UFO community. For the most part I see little community spirit, but then facebook is hardly an adequate gauge of the real humanity you find in people you actually meet.  In fact if you were an extra terrestrial race and had to judge the human race by its facebook, you would most certainly bugger off and come back in another few thousand years out of sheer morbid curiosity and to maintain a safe distance too I should imagine. Weapons all over the planet.. and now they want them in space… From what I can see the only thing we should fear is ourselves. Even if we are non-violent, peace loving humanists… Our lack of bravery in the face of every essence of our humanity being polluted, from inside and out makes me want to scream.

Some of us are doing all we can and for every single one of us there are fifty with their feet sticking out, their bad mouthing and derision… All manifestations of a lack of empathy and that is how we describe sociopaths. So while you have your ‘empathy’ for ‘your tribe’ you have nothing but derision for another… Even if it’s one tribe out of a thousand, which is hardly the case, it’s usually for all but your own tribe. Birds of a feather flock together and peck at the eyes of anyone who would question why? What? How? Simple questions but it seems as if you don’t already know everything like these so called awakened and enlightened folk then you are a lesser being.  I’d say that was a tad elitist and egomaniacal and not something borne of a sound mind and heart.

Take the blog shrink wrapped aliens and cheese sandwiches penned by non other than Relentlessly positive… Ahem. Slated the entire Rendlesham 2012 conference even though it had some great speakers and was reborn in just nine weeks, over two continents,  from the ashes of the previous version which was spectacularly destroyed  by  Team Binary Bollocks… That is Jim Penniston and John Burroughs who are on a crusade to hold the world to ransom with their profound message from the future people. They must want us all to be dead soon if that’s the case.  Withholding a message for humanity.. The Pope did that with the Fatima letters.  Hmmmmmm. Of course this is their favourite read at the moment.. so emotionally stable are these men of honour… glee filled finger tip tapping I shouldn’t doubt. Relentlessly un-evolved.

I am so sick and tired of it all. The bullshit. Politics are more important than people. No one gives a shit about where they get their info.. as long as they get it. In no other segment of society would anyone get away with the underhand disrespectful thoughtless and downright mean behaviour they do within this subject.  I put my life on the line when I talk about the things that happen in it. I don’t mean risk death but I risk a lot. I’ve sacrificed a lot, I’ve lost friends and family and my life has change so much I don’t even recognize it anymore. But things are changing and this is why. We witnesses, contactees, abductees, experiencers.. whatever your preferred label, are sick and tired of liars and thieves and we’re not waiting for anyone else to tell us what to do or tell us what is happening… We are talking to each other and figuring it out for ourselves. Becoming  researchers ourselves. We know what we need.. We lived it. So I reckon you all should keep that in mind, because one day we might stop talking to you altogether.We might just stick to our own tribe, controlling everything that’s ours, so that certain people from certain other tribes, can’t just help themselves to what is ours. If we are telling you something it’s about our lives, it’s not a story and you should consider it a privilege. Unless you don’t care at all and if that is the case why do you hang around us waiting to attack. Small minded egos? We don’t care anymore.

We are the ones who see the things you think you know about, we interact with the occupants of the things you chase in the sky yet you turn your back or laugh at the very thing you should be listening to. More fool you, because of that we figured out we don’t need anyone but ourselves and we will try and figure things out and we will try and save the only home we have even if you think we’re mental. One day, if you can bring yourself to, you might say thank you once in a while. Ha.. Well it’s a start isn’t it?

For those of you who are already to tired to come out of your hiding place because you are overwhelmed by your life events, You can still come out in hiding. You can keep all of your life to yourselves and still have someone to talk to and advice on how to get well, publish a book yourself.. all the things we often have to hand over. That is no longer the case.  We’re taking care of our own with love and respect.