Monday, 30 November 2009

Same Shit, Different Deity.

Mysteries are molecules,
They all appear the same
You just have to shapeshift
To keep up with the game.
Get smaller and smaller
Go back to the start
To try and uncover
Who played what part.

Is man playing god
Or is god just a man?
The final man standing
The first man on hand
To pick up the pieces
Of the original plan?

"Don't do it" say's hindsight
"I've had enough!
I'm not hanging around
For things to get tough"!
But hope springs eternal
When hindsight is done,
She plows on regardless,
She want's to have fun.
Then fear raises doubt
And confusion comes too,
Hate is the only thing left to do.

We want things to change,
We want to be good,
We want to clean up,
If only we could.
"I didn't break it"
"I found it like this"
If only a fairy could grant us a wish.

No one's in front
We're all first and last
If only we'd learn
From mistakes in the past
But we try to keep up
This impossible pace
Yet no one is winning
In this human race.

Sacha 1997