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SPI Scotland. Gangstalkers extraordinaire. The lengths Larry Warren will go to to discredit me so YOU don't listen to me. *last update 19/06/16* 13.38pm

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This is a blog about blogs written by persons unknown to me regarding an unrelenting group attack on myself. People who have taken this upon themselves due to the sinister behaviour of all involved. Ufoology has hit a new low. No, I know, you wouldn't think it could get lower than hell but here we are. I am not going to copy and paste the article because I have been told by many friends not to listen to it, so I am not going to read it either. If you have been following this closely you will have read that I have just crawled out of a massive depression, some of it brought on by having Lary living with us in our home for free while we went through bankruptcy and a house move. He moved in when our youngest child was 10 months old.  As his ex girlfriend story goes in LAEG she left her wallet on base accidentally on purpose I'd suggest but he told me he left his wallet in reality. There was some mention of a conversation about that part of the book. Seems to me he has lived his life freeloading and lying and hitting women...Also in his book. He hit his ex wife.. Angry over running from his lies, not PTSD from the incident. PTSD from running running running and attacking anyone who gets close to the truth.

One person in particular has really done a stunning amount of work. Here is a link to the blog. I might read it one day but for now. I couldn't feel any more nauseated by the whole affair and the lack of testicles in this so called community. More like a pit of grass snakes in viper costumes.

ADX Files Transcript


Malcolm Robinson works selling advertising space for the Hastings Observer and I am sure that THIS will make a  great headline too Malcolm. Not that he ever wrote the headlines. Do you love it?? The man who made his name talking about a creature that doesn't even exist.

Tip for life.. You can't make yourself look good by default by trying to make someone else look bad. You can't tell the world how horrible someone is by being thoroughly revolting.

Police complaints have been made as have complaints to spreaker and Glasgow University, who knows what else has been done. I am not doing it. The people who hate you even more than I do are doing this. I won't give you my hate. You're too pathetic for hatred.

Its "Having taken part" not "Took Part". 

Now divorced from it all? You "tooked" part in it Malcolm.... Too late now.

This is a response in comments below this post, Just in case you do not read the comments I felt it was important to add this is.

"I hope that SPI and their minions see this. Dunlop and co are lying about their so called "innocence".

The conversation was not "banter". The comments were directed at Sacha on particular. I explained that one person made a threat - George Smith. NOT Sacha.

I asked that the thread be closed and was leapt upon by a proverbial wolf pack. Dunlop talks about speakers "becoming ill" because of the "lies". There were no lies from my side. I fully explained the situation in a civil matter. I explained to Larry that a couple of my police friends weren't amused that he threatened me. Of course, I was accused of "playing him" because I dared question the reasoning behind his threats. I have serious chronic illnesses, and Sacha has never hid the fact that her health has not been perfect. Has SPI considered the effect their blatant gangstalking gas had on us? No. Why? Because we are the ones who fight back against the lies they purport were "banter". Dunlop said she was on the phone at 2 a.m. comforting Warren because he was upset. Why? Because a woman actually stood up to him? What about the audience members who are concerned about their own safety in case a speaker violently reacts to a question he doesn't like?

Warren mentions "New York Strong" style as his way of fighting. Poor deluded lad - he wouldn't stand a chance against a 10 year old Glaswegian!

SPI, Dunlop and associates forget that the entire conversation was screenshot - not just by me. NOTHING WAS MISUNDERSTOOD/TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT! The physical threats, the blatant reference to mental health, and the deleting of comments after I advised the police were informed. Too late by then. Many SPI members had screenshots of all the bullying.

Alyson Dunlop is also a "trained" therapist. As such, she should have been the first to nip the thread in the bud, like I asked. However, that did not happen. What does that say to potential clients who come to her looking for aid? Will their mental health issues be paraded for the sake of a conference next year? Does she laugh at them behind their backs?

As for Malcolm Robinson, I asked him to straighten out events and was told that a lot of work had gone into making the conference run smoothly, but yes he agreed that Sacha DID NOT MAKE threats referred to in the gangstalking thread. However, he was not going to correct that.

What the f***? Once again trying to be a people pleaser rather than a mediator.

Like many of those who have experienced the UFO and abduction phenomenon, I want answers. I don't want book deals or talk show/conference spots. I'm not in this for the money. My own research stemmed from my experiences - experiences which in my naivety, I allowed Robinson to publish in one of his books. Kind of ironic that I've been blocked when my accounts helped him make money..."

*ADX Files show 24 Transcript * ADX Files audio available in link.

As you will read/hear Larry Warren states than I was drunk on stage at my conference talk and was incoherent. See for yourself.

Rendlesham 2012 Conference ~Sacha Christie

Only, my partner and I had lunch afterwards with Captain Bob Salas and his wife Marilyn. Who are you going to believe? A man who was in the Air Force for 134 DAYS or my friend Bob?

Seeing as this blog page has had thousands of hits this past month, I am sure you won't mind passing this on too. This is the face of ufology here. Pretty ugly yes?

Thank you to the people who have done this. I won't forget it.

Just a few recent public threats and encouragement. Also with a statement not objected to by SPI that Larry will be talking about me on stage {{{flattered}}} that people want to pay money to listen to someone talk about me when they can know everything about me, from me, for free. My life isn't for sale. I even do all my conference talks for free. I always have.

The first threat...

Steve was totally oblivious to the politics involved here. 

Then I hear Larry is speaking at a conference.

Below is an excerpt from the SPI page post. 

Who IS the instigator? Me? How? Contrary to popular myth I did NOT have the conference cancelled, I complained. So what is my crime? The conference was not cancelled for no reason. They act as if the conference being cancelled was the start of it all and that I did that out spite for no good reason. I do not have the powers to control minds. They decided to take that course of action. 

I want them to show us all the evidence of my alleged attacks. My lies, my twisting things out of context. I want to see it. 

For those of you who do not know, a Glasgow kiss is smashing someone in the face with your forehead at full force. Commonly referred to as a headbutt. Malcolm loves the idea of that, don't you Malcolm?

Fantastic PR indeed.

This delightful comment was in reaction to Ronnie Dugdale posting a video of his daughter and her band performing. All children and parents were tagged in the video. Obviously Peter isn't allowed to play with Ronnie if Ronnie and Larry aren't friends anymore. How very dare you Ronnie!
This was a capture by one of the mothers. No one has attacked his son. He hides behind him. But as we can see, he even offers his own son out for fights. Best irony... Larry was living with us because he got evicted. Yup. He lived on Job seekers allowance... £75 a week.. So where was all this money coming from that he so generously lavished us with, oh sorry, we conned him out of? Well... That's coming up in my next freedom of speech exercise. He could easily have moved out on all of that... So whichever way you look at it. He took advantage and moving out was not a priority to HIM. His train tickets to Suffolk will have been £300!!! Add to that the rest.

John Lennon Fake Sketch Mystery Ends Here

Larry Warren and May Pang, the lost weekend 1974.

Larry Warren, John Lennons friend and John Lennons Ex Girlfriends Ex Boyfriend.. Seems legit.

* 07/06/16

Last week the head of the security department emailed me to inform me that the SPI Scotland conference had been cancelled due to the behaviour and intended behaviours of both organisers and speakers alike after complaints by myself and other members of the public.

Not to be defeated (!) they will still be holding the conference, somewhere, and you can get your tickets by making a phone call to Malcolm Robinson who will give you details and sell you a ticket. NO ONE will be allowed in on the door without a ticket and there will be no ticket sales on the day. Also, if you wish to ske a question at the conference, you must know what that is before hand and must submit your questions prior to the event for approval. You obviously cannot ask a question based on anything said on the day. God help you if my name is on your friends request list. I am sure they will be checking. Oh and I am barred.. Have been since I said I was going but as yet not one of them has had the balls to tell me themselves, they left that to someone else.

Sounds like fun. Wonder what all the fuss is about. I mean.. He isn't physically threatened by me if he is in training now for a ninja style leap of stage to put my windpipe through my spine. Basically to tear out my throat so I can't SPEAK. Interesting words he chooses. All very telling.

But then I get a message today from a friend saying this;

"They have had several calls about the violence threatened by the speakers. The events coordinator and general manager are looking to tell spi that there needs to be security to ensure the audience safety. Apparently the general manager does not want the conference to go ahead"

Very fishy indeed.

Just for a laugh... Malcolm Reported me for posting a private message to me, from him, on his profile page. I got a 24 hour ban for it! Hilarious. Whats wrong with posting his lovely message which was a show of loyalty after Nigel Mortimer attacked me on his page? Why offended? Its quite a skill to play victim while attacking. I applaud you all for your acting skills.

A concerned party wrote this blog after seeing this horror show play out. We didn't know each other before she wrote this. There are so many people upset by this and for many reasons. This behaviour poisons the entire subject. Still convinced that I am doing this to them. How? By what reasoning? Defending myself?

Sue Demetre Bullying Blog

Another concerned blogger

Here is the latest regarding the conference, which by the way I had no intention of having cancelled, I merely wanted Larry to talk about his part in Rendlesham rather than using his time to further bad mouth me with the approval of SPI which is obviously still on the agenda. You're buying tickets to listen to gossip rather than UFO encounters. Larry Warren has not publicly spoken about his part in the RFI events properly for years. 2007 at the weird weekend he sat arms crossed sulking while Peter did all the talking. 2009 he played a video. Another conference he put a video on, spoke for a bit then got me up for a short while. MUFON 2010 he was given an opportunity to speak after a speaker dropped, he put Gary Heseltine on. He compared Rendlesham 2012 conference and does so for Gary Heseltines conference. Radio shows he talks about everything but and talks about everyone else. He was even annoyed before the last show we did with starborn support that Peter wanted to discuss the soil samples decided he wasn't going to let him speak and talked non stop all the way through. Peter did not get to speak.

I think it is about time he spoke about his involvement in the events of that weekend in 1980 FOR A CHANGE.

Latest SPI Statement.

May I just remind everyone that all this is because I pointed out that Adrians story differs from Larrys. The book LAEG contains the mixed accounts of Adrian Bustinza and John Burroughs not Adrian and Larry. This was Adrians response to what was being said. Why have SPI taken this personally? I think Larry wasn't even there.. So what? Why the big stink? Unless I am right.

I also said that Larry IS a drug user after Col Halt said he was on the Jimmy  church show in December. Larry absolutely encouraged me to tell the public this was not true and from December onwards I arranged for him to go on many shows defending his "Good name". I apologised recently to Col Halt for calling Him Col Slanders (!) on the UFO Undercover show on UPRN. Larry admitted as much too just before my partner threw him out after another night of rampaging from him. He says we kept him out of the bars so he stopped. In February I awoke to find a message from Larry telling me he had overdosed on 'blow' (cocaine). I assumed he'd fallen off the wagon under the stress of it all, after all, thats not uncommon with people with genuine PTSD. I myself abused drugs for many years in a desperate attempt to escape my own head and get away from the things in it. In 2007 I went with a friend to the Weird Weekend in Devon with a friend. We ended up taking Larry and Peter all the way there, seven hours in a car. All weekend we were totally on one and it is still a story now. Larry and his two floozies! Well.. I was so far off the rails I was in orbit and even had a badge that said "If found, please return to Earth". However I got a grip and haven't taken them for years.

I hear that Alyson dunlop has been sending me Reiki long distance, no wonder I felt ill. She bleats about disability while completely ignoring the fact that I am disabled. She feels sorry for me and is sending love I am told. A far cry from this then which is really how she feels. Alyson is a trained therapist.

Dunlop Bio

                                The saying "We see things as we are" springs to mind..

Here Alyson is resurrecting history she had no part in and getting it completely wrong but spreading the lies as truths.

Here is the full  conversation of that incident which sickened Mel so much she closed the group. This will take you to my public photograph album on my facebook account.

Women in Ufology Attack

So she complains of the strain of it all after involving herself for no reason and that no threats have been made. What vindictive lies have been told about Alyson and Malcolm OR Larry for that matter? Why is SHE heartbroken? Did she break her heart in the fall? I can see no other reason. Everything I have said is on here and in public posts on my facebook. ALL are public so people were free to comment, alas, they blocked me so they didn't get involved in any of them nor could I speak directly to them.

May I remind you Alyson Dunlop, "Professional Therapist";

Only... I don't drink and if you do not think you have done anything wrong then why have you all deleted your posts? Surely you would stand by your words if you thought you were righteous and surely you would have produced all evidences of me attacking you? I have not attacked ANYONE. Disputing Warrens testimony is not attack. Exposing lies that have been $old for more than thr££ decades.


Larry's latest death threats. This is to a friend of mine who lives in Suffolk UK, not Liverpool. I live in Liverpool. Larry lives in Liverpool. Steve does not.

Here is another threat on the SPI Scotland public page. This was to another friend of mine who tried to reason with them. This also went uncontested by SPI. Not only did it go without remark from the organisers and director, they banned her from the group and blocked her from their profiles calling her a spy. Even though they did all this in public where people could not help but see it. She is a spy.

I have also been chatting with British UFO researcher and Haunted Skies author, John Hanson. John is currently working with Col Charles Halt to produce a book about what happened and who was actually there. Here is a statement from Col Halt who thanked me in recent days for providing important information which will be included in the book The Halt Perspective.

Within the past 24 hours John Hanson also received his own threat from Larry which is not the first time. John who lives with his partner Dawn tells me Larry threatened to have their house taken from them, presumably he means after they lose a legal battle against him.

I would also urge everyone to listen to John Burroughs and Ronnie Dugdale on Johns show Phenomenon Radio show on KGRA on the 30th of June this month. Some extremely important information is going to be discussed. I will post the podcast once it is available.

Here we have another precious moment. I don't think they understand that I never have had any intention of having the conference cancelled. I want them to talk about ufos! Many people complained to Glasgow University and some even contacted Merseyside police and not because I asked them to. They are so disturbed by this behaviour, they feel compelled to act against it, Do they think I have some kind of mind control device that made the people at the university decide to cancel the conference on them? This is truly pathetic. Have you EVER heard of a conference that will not reveal it's location?!! Outrageous. All for one man. This had nothing to do with any of them but they have taken it upon themselves to do this and to continue unabashed. They call me crazy?

Never the less. Here is the conference venue details, not the conference itself, just the venue. The conference is 25th June. Topics Discussed Demons.. Not Rendlesham Forest. Not exactly a ufo conference.

SPI Scotland Conference Venue

Why don't you just talk about the Rendlesham Forest incidents rather than carrying on this ridiculous charade.

So it seems that they SPI lot are going through my past finding idiots because no one else will play with them, Jeffrey Pritchett is a total darling and his boil on the neck Chip.. They remind me of that thing with two heads in MIB. Personally I think Jeffrey needs to grow some testicles. None of these people commenting even know me. They just think they do.

This is Jeffrey in a nice mood.

Chip just jumps when Jeff does. But all this is, is a group of people who fell out with me. All that is happening now is they are gathering all these nobodies, most of whom did not speak to each other before I fell out with Larry. So the troops gather against one woman. Wow... Oh By the way... I am friends with Jeffs ex girlfriend and I was mentioned in a court case in the USA which was set because of his harassment of her. So.... Doesn't take much to figure out. These people consider themselves to be professionals. Well I'm not a professional. I am me, living and talking about my life. Can you tell the difference? I think it will probably be very obvious to you why I don't like them. What's to like?

I dedicate this to my 'haters'.....

Update* 15th June 2016;

It has been brought to my attention that during the ADX Files 24 show Warren tells Dunlop that he will not be talking about his part in the Rendlesham Forest Incidents because he stopped doing that a long time ago!! That's what he is known for. That is his 'thing'. He is the self proclaimed Whistleblower of the event yet he thinks that people want to hire him not to talk about the only thing he is known for. Also.. On the back of my claims wouldn't you think that it would be the perfect time to "set the record straight" and explain his involvement rather than refusing to talk about it? Obviously it was followed by more threats. This is the man that calls me a fake because he got vibes... We have known each other nine years and he was happy for me to carry him into the public after Col Halt revealed he was a substance abuser. I have to beg the question, was he lying then when he said he believed me and gave me a conference spot, or is he lying now? When one person tells two narratives of the same timeline, one of them is a lie. Nine years of using me or just now, abusing me? All you have to do is listen to him the past nine years speak of me. MUFON 2010 he mentioned me. Listen to the radio shows between December 2014 and June 2015, the ones I staged for him. Was he lying then? Or is he lying now? More importantly, why won't he talk about what he says happened to him on that third night of events? Because he is above that now? Is it beneath him? I thought he was the whistleblower? Not whistling anymore is he? No, he is avoiding,now why would he do that? At least they said they would answer ANY questions asked, so I hope someone has the balls to ask him about what Adrian says in comparison to what he says.

UFO Undercover show Refutal of Col Halts allegations of substance abuse.

Update 18/06/16

My son has just been harassed in the street by Larry Warren. Maybe this will help you understand that this is NOT an online spat.

I was sent this last night.

He means THIS Billy Buchanan. The very same Billy he had to publicly apologise to for totally getting the story wrong in an article.

I also note the unerring support from Philip Mantle. The man who writes endless books on Abductions and UFOs yet doesn't believe any of it;

Integrity is everything.

I keep thinking my last posts will be the last but it just keeps coming so keep checking back

**EDIT 1/7/16.

The conference went ahead on Saturday 25th June 2016. After the first venue was cancelled by the University due to public concerns, the second venue was in jeopardy and the conference almost didn't happen. To find out why click here.

Update. Alyson and pretty much everyone else have now seen Warren for what he is and have been helping out the lies.