Friday, 26 May 2017

Nigel Mortimers libelous statement About Sacha Christie in the guise of an open letter to Peter Robbins

Nigel Mortimer
4 hrs ·

Hi Peter, You know that we have been friends with you on FB for some years now (that is both Helen and myself) and in that time we have shared some insightful views regarding UFOs and our mutual love of books and bookshops. In a way, although we met many years ago in Leeds, I feel that I know you on a spiritual level and resonate with who you really are. I hope that you continue to see our friendship in a mutual and respectful way.

Last night, I listened to you being interviewed on this show:

I am fully aware of what has been happening in recent months with regards to Larry and yourself, but I feel that I have to say something concerning this as I too (and Helen and my family) have been affected by certain 'players' involed in the evolution of it all.
Before I go on to that, I just want to say that I respect you fully for stating fairly in the show that you have no doubts that Larry was at the Rendlesham Forest site (at Capel Green) in 1980, even though you have some concerns with regards to some of the other accusations about him being made at this time and this has led you to believe that Larry may have been dishonest about information he has shared with you down the years?

I do not know if Larry is telling the full truth about his encounter and involvement, whether he has forgotten certain aspects, or if he is confused about the way he was actually involved. On the other hand, it may be the case that Larry is telling it exactly as it happened. Due to that, I have to weigh up all sides of the argument and look at those involved in promoting their views that he is making things up. I can do this, as I have been affected on a personal level by these people -the ones who live day and night trying to persuade others that Larry is a liar, almost to the level of obsession.

I am really writing this to you Peter (and I want others to be able to read this so that there can be no confusion as to what I did say to you) because I feel that certain parties involved in RF in the UK are trying to manoeuvre you against Larry, not for the benefit of seeking the truth regards the case (as they often claim) but to satisfy their own 'hatred' of Larry Warren on a very personal level.

In my view, people like Sacha Christie, Alyson Dunlop and David Young (amongst others in a tight-knit little gang of gangstalkers) attack people that they do not 'get on with' or people who do not align themselves with their own viewpoints. I know this as a fact Peter, as I (like Larry) have been a victim of personal abuse, gangstalking and internet vitriol by these named people. So much so, that I had to report Sacha Christie and her associates to the police for their unwarranted actions on me and my loved ones. (Sending photo's of disgusting images in emails to me
and calling me and Helen immature names is not 'serious Ufology'). I can tell you Peter, I did nothing at all to this person and her associates to encourage or deserve that kind of hateful behaviour at any time. There are a number of other good people in the subject here in the UK that have been treated in this way and some are even (unlike myself) frightened to speak out about them because they have seen what will happen.

I know you are sensible to be able to listen to all sides Peter. I have never doubted your integrity. But please consider fully what you are being told about Larry if the source is from these gangstalkers. They lie and twist the truth whenever they can in order to paint only their own picture. They do not care about the consequences of doing this. Their involvement in Ufology is to cause havoc and trouble. I have seen it happen more than once for it to be coincidence.

I like Larry. I sense that he is a good soul. I have personal reasons as to why I do not think he is making anything up about his involvement in 1980 at RF and this is nothing to do with taking sides (I have been called 'Larry's bitch' by these gangstalkers), but has more to do with actual Ufology. I am working on the fact that at the time of the RF incident in 1980, numerous similar UFOs were encountered in the UK (within days /months) that hold specific aspects as those found at RF. Larry has mentioned one of these, the OBOL (orange ball of light) associated with the landed UFO at RF in 1980. A couple of weeks prior to him encountering it, I too observed an OBOL close to the NSA base at Menwith Hill in 1980. This changed my life into a quest seeking UFO truths for nearly 40 years.

Please be careful in whatever you decide about Larry, Peter. Please don't let these nasty individuals use you for their own ends. They are cunning and will stoop to the lowest levels to cause confusion so as to take everyone's eye away from what is really important here. An honest search for the truth regards RF.

This is not said to you as an attack back at such people like Sacha Christie, Alyson Dunlop, et' all. I have moved on from what they have done to me and Helen, but I will always stick up for those who they attack in the manner they choose to do so which is in my view abhorrent. If you are in any way different to them,they attack you. (they attack me because I channel and investigate 'portals')... It is, in fact, a kind of racism.

Peter, you have a long held friendship with Larry. You know him better than most people, certainly better than the gangstalkers who, in the main, are relatively new to the UFO scene. None of us are perfect Peter, we all know that and I am certain to some degree Larry will have made mistakes. A complete and utter liar? No, I don't think so. The one thing I can tell you is that he does not go out of his way to upset people. He does not send disgusting emails to people and he does not get his son to threaten to kill you in private messages (hey, Sacha Christie?)!
Yes, I am aware that Larry blows his top from time to time. This is totally understandable when you consider what these vile people do to you and then try to act all innocent like to the outside world.

PLEASE Peter, consider everything. The book you wrote with Larry is a classic appraisal of the events of 1980. Larry has his story to tell in it and your joint investigations down the years have kept a focus on the site which is so important to the realisation of UFO truth when that happens. Don't let these people distract you from that. They only have one agenda. To destroy Larry Warren and anyone like myself, who tries to take a sensible, unbiased approach to all of this.

My very best wishes and love,

from Nigel & Helen.