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A Summary of the Larry Warren Fraud

I WISH I knew him

I knew him

Charlie Lennon and Larry Warren spell during as durring. 

In a very short time I will be releasing some irrefutable evidence of Larry Warren's fraudulent activities. As if I haven't already.

A summary of The Larry Warren Fraud

Open Letter to Stevie Ray vaughan fans by Craig Hopkins. Larry  pretends he doesn't know who he is and in a radio show referred to him as "some cat who runs a fan club". Craig actually bought the guitar through Christie's in 1995 and has several calls, exchanges and even met once. Warren knows exactly who he is. he wrote both SRV biographies.

The contents;

An Open Letter to Stevie Ray Vaughan Fans and Memorabilia Collectors

In February 2016 a sunburst Fender Stratocaster was advertised by Guernsey's auction house in New York City that is purported to have belonged to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Many sources on the internet reported it sold for $100,000, but Guernsey's director has stated it was not sold. The guitar is allegedly signed by Vaughan in gold pen and dated "'90," has "SRV" stickers on the upper horn and "Cobras" stickers on the pick guard. Because this guitar has been on the market several times since 1995, I believe I should publish my research on the guitar as a public service so that others interested in this guitar may reach their own conclusion whether Stevie Ray Vaughan owned or signed this guitar.
In my OPINION, and to the best of my knowledge:
This guitar was first sold by Christie's auction house in 1995, having been consigned on behalf of Larry Warren, an author of a book regarding his encounter with an allegedly alien spacecraft in a forest in the UK. Larry Warren claimed to have obtained the guitar directly from Stevie Ray Vaughan.
1. There is no photographic proof that Stevie Ray Vaughan ever touched this guitar or one similarly customized in appearance.
2. A review of credible equipment inventories and appraisals created by or on behalf of Stevie Ray Vaughan reveals no evidence that he ever owned this guitar.
3. The photocopy of a letter allegedly penned by Vaughan does not appear to me to be his handwriting. In my opinion someone merely copied his tendency to write in all caps and make his E's like backwards 3's. A forensic handwriting specialist (not a common for-hire "authenticator") should examine the document.
4. Singer Paul Ray of the Cobras showed the letter to Jimmie Vaughan who told him the letter was probably not Stevie's handwriting.
5. The statement in the letter is that Stevie acquired the guitar from singer Paul Ray of the Cobras. Paul Ray denied this in writing in 1997.
6. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting appears to have been altered since 1995 in that the name "Paul Ray" has been somewhat obscured, while in 1995 it was as clear as all the other writing. If altered, it was done after Paul Ray revealed in writing that the statement about him was completely false.
7. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting refers to having played the guitar on stage on July 3, 1990, in Vermont. In researching this guitar, Warren made repeated assurances to me in 1995-96 that the guitar had been played for two songs on stage by Vaughan on that night, and that he knew photos had been taken to prove it. He promised to obtain and provide the photos to me. In 1997 Warren finally admitted to me on the phone that Stevie did NOT play the guitar that night, and there would never be any photographic proof. Thus, the two primary verifiable facts in the letter have been proven false.
8. If Stevie had used the guitar on stage, René Martinez, Stevie's guitar tech, would have known, but René told me he had never seen this guitar.
9. A note that originally circulated as provenance with the guitar in 1995 was allegedly written by René Martinez, but he told me he did not write the note. After Martinez denied any knowledge of the guitar, the note has apparently disappeared.
10. The handwritten note does not appear to match a sample of René Martinez' handwriting that is in my possession.
11. In 1995 the inside of the neck cavity bore a piece of tape with "R. Martinez" written on it, implying that René Martinez had worked on the guitar or set it up for playing on stage.  Martinez told me had had never worked on this guitar and had not placed the tape there.
12. A note accompanying the 1995 sale "witnessed" the transfer of the guitar from Stevie to Larry Warren, and had two signatures in addition to Warren's. That note also seems to have disappeared since 1997.  Warren could not provide me with any contact information for the first "witness," Mike Howe. Whether that person exists or was a made-up name by a forger is unknown.
13. When contacted, the other "witness," Pete Jones, refused to verify the facts to me. When contacted by Christie's auction house, Jones apparently did not provide any credible evidence that Stevie Ray Vaughan had owned or given the guitar to Larry Warren, because Christie's cancelled the sale.
14. The note now accompanying the guitar, allegedly written by Cesar Diaz (now deceased) is dated 1999, four years after the guitar was originally sold. Even if Diaz examined or set up a guitar for some unidentified person in 1999, there is nothing in the receipt that suggests, much less proves, the ownership history of the guitar.
15. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz appears to have had the customer's name removed and then the page photocopied to help conceal the alteration. (I have not personally examined this note.)
16. The last "9" in the date of the Diaz note does not look like the other 9's. Did someone change the date to make it more difficult to trace the origin of the note?
17. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz does not refer to any guitar by serial number or other identifying characteristic, and could have been for repair to any of the thousands of Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute Stratocasters made by Fender since 1992.
18. Cesar Diaz worked on amplifiers for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Guitars were tended by René Martinez.
19. A Lyra guitar originating from Larry Warren was sold by a different auction house with a very similar handwritten letter attributed to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guitar was advertised with a photograph of Stevie holding a Danelectro guitar, with the Lyra guitar leaning against his chair or leg. The original, published photograph does not have the second guitar in the photo!
20. A black hat bearing a signature similar to the one on the Fender "Cobras" guitar was sold at another auction in the 1990's. After the auction it was determined that it had been made (and therefore signed by a forger) AFTER Stevie died, and the sale was rescinded. I was told the hat originated from Larry Warren.
21. I am not aware of any instance of Stevie Ray Vaughan giving away a valuable guitar such as this one, much less writing a note saying, "You have my permission to sell this guitar."
22. In 1997, after being presented with some of this information, Christie's rescinded the auction sale of 1995 and returned 100% of the buyer's money.
23. I made the most of the above information available to Guernsey's director and attorney approximately one week before the auction. After reviewing the information, Guernsey's director stated that they would not sell the guitar.

This is the blog where I dissect Warrens alleged friendship with SRV and the faked photos he used to generate an image of himself with SRV and the guitar Craig Hopkins bought. Incidentally, Craig Hopkins is given a thanks in the book Left at East Gate at the back.


Here is a link to my blog which is the transcript of the show where he says a lot of outrageous things!


This is my blog regarding Adrian Bustinza's comments Warren actually accused me of falsifying the comments made by Bustinza. However, the conversation was between John Burroughs and Adrian, in a facebook group I am not a member of.


He also went to see a solicitor to have a cease and desist served on myself and three others just to stop us from talking about him. He lied to his solicitor and he then refused to represent him. Warren still says publicly he has already taken legal action. He has not. that is a lie. He then gave his copies of our letter to a friend who put them on facebook before we even got them.


Here is the blog where I talk about Warrens fictitious relationship with John Lennon. Warren tells everyone i am trying to ruin his business and character, the only problem is, I just repeated the news. May Pang said the sketch he sold to Russ Kellet is fake. I didn't, I just said i saw it in my house and Warren left a copy of a photograph of it on my partners laptop.May Pang said it is fake to another news outlet. .


One of the so called pieces of evidence Warren has is a photograph of an A10 which he alleged he took during the day while driving around Ipswich. It has a ufo over it. In LAEG he states he was in Germany and only just made it back to base in time for duty having stopped at the Cherry Tree pub and walked back to base. I discovered images on the laptop Warren used while he was here. I then spoke to Barry Greenwood who had all the photos warren gave him in the mid 80s. I told him that Warren was saying that it was taken in 1980 while Barrys notes show it was taken in 1985.  He assured me that photo was taken in 1985 on Warrens honeymoon. I busted the date, I busted the fact the UFO above it had been added in. I wrote about it, Barry Greenwood issued a statement, then Gary Heseltine talked to Greenwood then claimed HE had bust the photograph.

LarryWarrens A10UFO photo is fake

Barry Greenwood issues stetement about warren's faked UFO photo

Gary Heseltine Issues statement Barry Greenwood is old and confused

Then I was accused of faking the UFO Image.

Larry Warren Accuses Sacha Christie and/or Nick Pope of Faking A10 photo

Because I called his documents into question he then blamed myself or Peter Robbins for tampering with them.

Larry Warren says Sacha Christie or Peter Robbins tampered with his military documents

Larry Warrens military records are tamperted with by his own admission.

Peter Robbins appeared on a show that was advertised to be discussing the recent issues. No such thing happened, I wrote an open letter to Peter robbins

Saca's Open Letter to Peter Robbins

Warren wrote an Open Letter to me

Larry Warren's Open Letter

Peter robbins eventually released a statement about his disassociation with Warren

Peter Robbins statement

In between all that I wrote to the National Archives asking about Warrens Military Records,. Warren has always complained that the NSA snaffled his away. I got a response within 24 hours to from the customer emergency response team.

Successful FOIA for Warren's basic military records (they are not held by the CIA or the NSA)

What Larry Warren is saying

This is the statement Warren Gave to Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett for their book Clear Intent

Testimony given to Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett in 1983 as Art Wallace his pseudonym

This is my blog from a year ago when he was going to be speaking at the SPI conference in Scotland but was barred by the university itself, not SPI, for his threats to me. I was barred from this event but have been given a guest pass for this year. Everyone who opposed me initially have now been helping me get this information out. At the time they believed what Warren had told them and that was that i am a drug addict, a child abuser, I neglect my children we live in filth and that i loved him but was with dave. Dave and I were always doing drugs and arguing. The truth is, he was the one doing drugs and we kicked him out. He said he left because he couldn't stand our arguing.

Banned from Glasgow SPI Conference


Alyson and I started talking after she released this statement. We have become great friends.

Alyson Dunlop statement

There is so much more.... Please check through past publications and check back soon as I will be revealing some new evidence which he cannot deny but I am quite sure he will try. To hear Warrenm telling various versions of various parts of the events he claims to have participated in please go to this blog. Even if you don't read a word and just listen to the clips you will hear him speaking and telling different versions. This isn't coming from me, this is all his own voice, his own words, his own radio shows, interviews... All from his own mouth.

Sacha Christie's Open letter to Gary Heseltine

Gary knows full well warren has lied.

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