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Sickening Anti Semitic, Homophobic attack on Peter Robbins on Ben Emlyn Jones Facebook Page. Ben is the victim, according to himself.

Ben Emlyn Jones recently posted something about Peter Robbins on his Facebook page and a meat head called Jay Deavin wrote that he hated Peter and called him a jewboy fag, then changed his comment several times using the edit function until he was happy with his arrangement of his sentiments. Ben reckons Jay Deavin is one of the people who outed Larry Warren as a fraud with me. Jay Deavin is a REAL PERSON.

The post offensive

Ben's opinions on Peter yet again, comments from Jay Deavin and Sue McAllister, Larry Warren's Ex wife and weirdly obsessive enabler

Jay Deavin having a good old practice at getting his meat head feelings in order. Maybe the lady doth protest too much.

Yawn indeed Sue. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn indeed. Hows that 911 story of Warren's working out for ya? 

Poor Ben. 


Indignant outrage. Quite rightly so, well said fellas. 

This attack is worse than 9/11

Ben says that he is almost 50% sure that Jay is one of us. So NOT sure at all then Ben?

He then goes on to say in his podcrap, IF he is right (which he DEFINITELY is NOT) and it was one of us, then that makes this a FALSE FLAG OPERATION and called it a mini 9/11. Ironic that he brought 9/11 into it seeing as that is one of Larry Warren's most spectacular lies. Lets just add that in for effect because Ben says Larry Warren hasn't lied and apparently he has proven this. Only Larry Warren was here in the UK and was seen at a conference in Leeds when he was also somehow at Ground Zero because of his expertise in the steel industry.  He claims he was flown in especially to help with the clean up, yet he gets no mention on any of the registers, not one photo in the memorial photo albums or any other images anywhere and he is probably the only person not to have suffered with any of the diseases associated with the clean up. No evidence that Larry Warren has lied....

Here is Ben's podcrap, skip to over half an hour in as he just witters rubbish and gives everyone an update on the space weather because you know, all the executives at BT, Samsung et al, need Ben to keep up with when business will be busy. Only telecoms and people who work within the power industries and probably NASA (etc) need to know that stuff and I am sure they are all avid listeners. Go Ben!! Saving the world, one line fault at a time. Yeeehaw! Listen here.....

Ben's podcrap about him being attacked for racially abusing Peter Robbins which nobody ever said. .

What never happened Ben's imagination files (blog post)

Lets just go back over his drivel because I digressed a tad there..

He considers this situation to be on a par with 9/11 and in his blog puts racism above peadophilia as a more heinous crime. He is ALMOST 50% sure this is a false flag operation as bad as 9/11. That this is the worst troll attack he has ever been subject to. Well if you look at HIS forum HPANWO then you will see what a troll attack looks like and this is FAR from an attack in the first place. Where is the evidence of us attacking Ben? Nowhere because it doesn't bloody exist.

Peter was called names by Jay Deavin, names that Ben apologised to any of his friends who saw it but not to Peter who I must add... Is completely heterosexual without the slightest homosexual inclination. Also please take note of Sue McAllister, Larry Warren's EX wife who not only is agreeing with Jay but inflaming the situation while indicating that he is in fact more than just a jew boy fag, people just don't know the half of it, he is so much worse than being a jewish homosexual according to her, because that is a terrible crime isn't it? She didn't see fit to tell Ben about the comment, even though he bleats that no one told him, nobody thought they had to (or cared?) so she must have thought he would be okay with this, which is understandable because of how he REALLY is, not this false prophet we see on Facebook, sanitised to almost death. He freely admits he hardly ever uses Facebook anymore, prefering to use other sites that are far more difficult to have anything removed from if you a a parasitic troll.

Ben hangs out on here where he can be a proper uninterrupted troll

A mini 9/11.  How pathetic is he? How derogatory is he to those who perished because of those atrocities? How much of a victim is he? He is 100% a poor little man baby victim according to him.  NOBODY accused him of racism, the attack wasn't even racist and I feel like I have to point out that the only people who think of Jews as a race existed in 1940's Germany and since that time, pockets of meat-heads around the globe who hate anything that isn't white and straight. It is religious intolerance and also homophobic. Racism has nothing to do with it but Ben doesn't know the difference because he is 100% a feckless attention seeking drama queen, total idiot and professional victim, forever crying man baby.

Nobody said Ben attacked Peter AT ALL, NOT EVER but Ben has turned this into something about HIM again because it is the ONLY way he can justify his continued interference in MY LIFE and the life of Peter Robbins. We discussed the situation, as is our right, but Ben only wants free speech for himself and he wants us to stop talking about him talking about us. Well we won't and we are not going away and seeing as he likes to make everything about him, lets do that. Warren was my friend and was living in my house. Peter Robbins was Warren's friend and Co-Author and NONE of it is anything to do with Ben Emlyn Jones, yet he insists that WE are trolling HIM when HE is the one interfering in the lives of Peter and myself. Can I say this enough? NO I CAN'T. So I will say it again.

This is our actual LIVES that we live every day that Ben thinks is his business.. These are real events that have happened to Peter and myself, nothing to do with Ben in any way shape or form. He cries when we retort to his never ending conspiratorial insanity. 28 blogs about us, who even knows how many radio shows and his stupid videos of heavy breathing nostril shots while sweating profusely, denigrating everyone and everything that doesn't conform to his delusional insanity, while continuing to pretend he is a hospital porter when in actual fact he will get arrested if he ever sets foot in the hospital he was sacked from, unless he is dying. He was sacked for happy slapping a colleague with learning difficulties while filming it. He denies this of course but he was ordered by the court to stay the hell away, they upheld the hospitals decision in his appeal and had an injunction issued against him. He will be arrested and charged for breech of the court order issued against him if he sets foot on the hospital grounds.

Here is a photo of an idiot outside a hospital that he has just been banned from by a court order. He actually sat outside and filmed himself saying all this. He isn't allowed any nearer than this unless he is dying. Below is the video of him bleating in his full on victim, weird stalker way. 

He records his shows while he sits in front of his camera, in his festering pit with his forlorn and redundant hospital porters uniform hanging in the background, he starts his videos "Hospital Porters Against the New World Order with pride and dignity"... Pride and dignity? NOT a Hospital Porter. Sacked and barred from the building by a court order. Pride and dignity? Do me a favour. Walking through the streets in a cricket hat with childs toy sword is the opposite of dignity. Everything about Ben is the complete opposite of dignity. He is an interfering parasite who thinks that his every brain vomit ought to be aired without contest and that he can sucker himself onto a host and feed from them until he has had enough, which is never, but it probably explains why he is ever expanding while his weasley eyes vanish behind his overstuffed eyelids.

Meeting Droike. 

He recently walked through the city center wearing a childs cricket hat wearing a jock box, carrying a childs plastic sword he had found in the street, while talking to his camera, going to meet someone called Droike, which incidentally, many people think Ben IS Droike, trolling himself for the attention. Droike, if he even exists, hadn't agreed to meet Ben for this manly man baby punch up with a plastic bendy sword. He just went on the off chance that Droike had received his invitation for a manly punch up and had gone to all the effort of meeting Ben in his suggested place at the suggested time. The only person who turned up to this playground insanity gone mental was Ben himself. The instigator of this potentially violent situation. One can only imagine the scene if Droike had turned up. I am sure he would have died... laughing.

In the video below he laments the fact that he can't confront Alyson Dunlop and myself in this manner because we are women... Don't let that put you off Ben I am all about equality. But the fact that he COULD confront David Young this way seems to placate him momentarily. David is yet to have received an invitation for a manly scuffle with Ben. He might be a large chap but he isn't a giant mentally is he? He would contest that remark and I am sure he will and when he does I will show you more evidencew to the FACT. As if you need any really. Double click videos to enlarge.


Forum post offering Droike out for a manly scuffle with a plastic sword and the comment that he never turned up. It's special

Ben likes to act like he is some sweet little angel, but five minutes on his HPANWO forum and all those illusions quickly fly out of the window like the monkeys from the wicked witches castle. Ben's forum is a platform for hatred, racism, anti semitism, general people hating, it is basically a troll pit and is an accurate reflection of Ben himself, ironically he is trolled the most on there and i have to commend those forum members for their galliant efforts.

As you glance through the posts of Hagbard Celine (Ben's forum name) you will see some choice language and a lot of holocaust denial. Apparently the gas chambers were just showers with normal plumbing and he uses a photograph of POW's who are not yet emaciated and says they all look healthy. He KNOWS this because he knows how the world works, he is the ONLY person who can see it and by golly is he going to stop the New World Order and save us all from our own ignorance. Not that we are in any danger... Everything is crisis actors and fake blood, it is all staged and nobody actually dies. So really we are ok then? Ben can shut the hell up and vanish up his own event horizon then? GREAT! double click video to enlarge.

Will the real Ben Emlyn Jones please stand up. Oh there you are. 

Ben as he really is. 

I am all for free speech but some people turn it into a weapon. Ben IS a weapon, but only in the street slang sense. Ben wants to say whatever he want's to say about everyone else, he facilitates the constant bullying of various people on his facebook page and especially his forum, but he doesn't want anyone talking about him. He just want's to do whatever his deranged mind throws up without any resistance. Tough shit Ben. Those days are over. Gone are the days when Ben holds court on his page with the rest of the gang of merry misogynists, they are too busy trying to look squeaky clean because there is a massive chance all this is going to blow up in their faces and all they care about is the film Capel Green. They HAVE to behave now because of how badly they behaved before, they want this to ALL go away and so they don't want Ben's insanity gone mental rhetoric and attention being cast on their baby. Also far too late, once said, always said.

Ben reckons he has single handedly caught out and highlighted our lies and proven that Larry Warren isn't a fraud. He SAYS it but he has done no such thing. All he does is witter on about who said what and produced the most retarded analysis anyone has ever seen. His blogs are nothing but attention seeking whinges without any substance, no facts, no hard evidence and not once has he countered my evidence with anything remotely substantial. He is a gossip monger, a fishwife, a guttersnipe and a craphound, not a researcher but a crisis hugging parasitic half-life-form, not sure that I can be any clearer. His books are ridiculous, his story lines are weak and plotless and are a direct reflection of Ben himself. Sloppy, overstuffed, pointless and plotless.

As I said, Ben thinks his every waking thought  ought to be video'd and shared in the public domain because we are all so friggin fascinated by the contents of his mind. 


                              Stay tuned! Peter has something to say too.               

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