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Open Letter To Gary Heseltine

 Gary Heseltine

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of activity from you hasn't there? Show after show after show moaning about me. At the start Warren was doing his own thing wasn't he? But suddenly vanished! He was supposed to be appearing on the Jo Lomax show on CCN but there was an announcement from the show organisers saying "Due to unforseen committments, Gary Heseltine will be replacing Larry Warren as guest".

David Young and I posted on the CNN shows anouncement. I asked if it was anything to do with the fact Warren and Joe Montaldo just called Race Hobbs, producer of KGRA a paedophile live on air, I can't actually remember what David posted now, possibly the infamous Filey Conference recording. Whichever, it was totally relevant. We were blocked and labelled trolls for asking by the admin. So we went into the chatroom and sat and asked reasonable questions all night. None of which were answered. At the end, to Jo's credit, she did ask if you would answer some questions but you said no way. She said they would have you back on to answer questions, that will never happen. You won't answer questions on the spot, or at all, you just call me a troll which is such a cop out, calling anyone a troll is a technique of avoidance, so you don't have to face a person or what they are saying. It's an immediate turn off for the easily swayed, you know for those people who don't need any evidence, they just roll with it for professional reasons. It's so lazy and conceited of you all.

As you were talking to Jo Lomax about what happened to Warren, you stated that Warren saw a red mist on the ground. Red? It was yellow Gary. A yellow mist lay on the ground in a circular shape, sometimes he says it was pill shaped, kind of elongated, sometimes he says it was a foot off the ground other times he says it was on the ground, but it is always a red light which came across the sky to it. It was about the size of a basketball, stopped, touched the 'fog' and a sparkling shower erupted that blinded them all. This caused him his Opti/Ret Burn according to more modern tellings. Weirdly though in the CNN video he says the object didn't harm them at all.


I can't be sure, but it seems his performance on the show he did with Christina George was so utterly embarassing that you decided to put him in a box and shut him up. Not long after this someone had taken over Warren's Facebook account, his usual life threatening rants were replaced by "If you wouldn't mind awfully directing yourself to this particular article here you will see that there is no way on Earth Larry Warren wrote this status I paraphrase. So for a short while even Larry Warren was a complete fake. Why didn't you/whoever just write a status, "Larry can't come to the phone right now he has been tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth"? Why was it thought to be a good idea that someone just pretended to be him? Do you know how that looks? He appears on a live YouTube stream completely off his face and the next thing we know, Warren has vanished and a Larrybot is operating his Facebook page and you're doing all the talking. Click images to enlarge.

Screenshot below is for comparison 

Click to enlarge

Fatal Distraction

Throughout all of these shows I have obviously been painted as a stalker by Warren and yourself, also by Warren's ex wife who peddles the pretense that people thought I was his ex wife, I have previously debunked this lie but here is the evidence yet again. Even though I have proven this before, you continue to tell that lie that people think I am his ex wife, and that information came from his ex wife. You said it in the Jo Lomax show. Here, once again, is the story behind all that. I have put this out before Gary. If you knew what was going on you would know all this, you are repeating lies. Click images to enlarge.

Disparaged Housewife

Gary, you stated I am a sychophant, there is something wrong with my behaviour, you say it is just a fatal attraction thing. Rather than proving me wrong about anything, instead of addressing the things I am saying, all you have done is attack my character, my personality, my lifestyle and my mental health. Warren has attacked my children and my mother as well as my partner Dave, calling him a hacker. Saying somehow Dave killed his facebook account. All that account needed was for Warren to show identification to Facebook to prove it was his account. He screams he was hacked out of it and that if only he had that account he could prove everything about the A10 photo etc. Get him to reactivate the account then. All he has to do is prove to Facebook he is Larry Warren. End of crying episode, cheers and merriment all around because then you can all prove that somehow I faked all the photos Warren has been uploading for years right?

Temper Tamper

It's a little like the military documents he said I tampered with, the ones I put out are altered, yet they match perfectly the ones in Left at East Gate and everywhere else on the net. Now we know he can get his military documents, why hasn't that been done? Where are the comparisons I asked for to show me where I had changed what and the uploaded them and replaced every copy on the internet. Why is that a question you avoid? Why am I a troll for asking? After all it is one of my long standing questions now. If Warren reactivated that Facebook account you could prove everything he says right? If Warren applied for his military records then he could prove me to be a liar right? What is the hold up on that?

It's also like the A10 photograph that you wrote an article about in your magazine. You know the one you all said at a later date, I faked it. Or the guy who analysed it faked it, maybe it was Nick Pope? It was uploaded onto his Facebook account years before we fell out. It is fake. It was faked by Warren, you just refuse to admit that. Read this blog to refresh your memory, because you've read them all before right?

You also said that I am responsible for tampering with other images. They were debunked yet here he is only a month or so ago on January the 8th 2018, using a debunked photograph as evidence that he was friends with Stevie Ray Vaughan, all while saying SRV wrote wall of denial about the Rendlesham Forest Incidents. That is a total lie. It was written about drug addiction and wasn't even written by Stevie at all, it was written by Doyle Bramhall who had his own demons.

You say there is no evidence of Warren selling forgeries. There is a letter by Stevie Ray Vaughan's official biographer. Also recently Peter Robbins identified some items in auction Warren was selling, he had forged Helen wheels signature after her death. May Pang is also a victim. he uses her name constantly to sell items, he creates fake letters of authentification from her for items that never belonged to John Lennon. I didn't make that stuff up, it has all been said by someone else.

Posted January 2018. Debunked July 2016
Stars in His Eyes Blog Debunking Stevie Ray Vaughan Photos.

Warren States He Was In a Band With Rolling Stones Mick Taylor (above) For Two years. 
The fake SRV guitar in a fake photo. See letter to SRV fans by Craig Hopkins (below)

Stars In His Eyes Blog Debunking SRV photos

Letter By Trial Lawyer Craig Hopkins Regarding Larry Warren's Sale Of A Fake SRV Guitar In 1995
Craig Hopkins Collecting SRV Memorabilia Advice Page

Click to enlarge. Taken from Andy Young Truth Frequency Radio Show July 21st 2016

Click to enlarge. Taken  from Andy Young Truth Frequency Radio Show July 21st 2016

Pot Calling Kettle

Now Warren is even accusing me of stealing my account of our group UFO encounter in Wales, from Whitley Streiber along with my other experiences, all of which have been written about by other people who were unfortunate enough to be with me when certain things have happened. Until recently I haven't written about my own experiences, I have talked about them in public since 2005 and so have other people. One of my experiences is written about in three books because there was a house full of people and it happened to more than just me. Dogged Days ~ Ellis Taylor. Does It Rain In Other Dimensions ~ Mike Oram and also in Ann Andrews book Walking Between worlds, Belonging to None.

My Account Of UFO Encounter, Warren Claims It Is Whitley Striebers Account.

Death To The infidel!

So Larry Warren and Gary Heseltine, you are not trying to sabotage my career here, you are trying to sabotage me. I don't consider this to be a career, It is not my profession, I do not get paid for anything. I write my own blog. You are trying to make me look bad so that I lose all my friend, my reputation as you see it would be trashed and replaced with the 'reputation' that I am just a crazy drug addict, child abusing mother who lives in filth and moved a friend into the house so I could have an affair with him under the nose of my fiance and children, but when I didn't get my own way I just went crazy and am now his stalker, I am just a mental case bunny boiler. In some of the posts written about me they say I am an ex mental patient, a nut house inmate. A mentally ill housewife who is off her meds. This is the image you are painting of me so people don't like me, don't listen to me, don't talk to me, so they all hate me.

You want all my friends to hate me, in fact you want the whole world to hate me, you want to destroy any support I might have, you want me removing from the scene. Warren wants me dead and has made no effort to hide the fact with his endless threats which you seem to think are fine. You don't bring up my evidence and counter it with the evidence you say you have. No, you go on radio shows to whine about how horrible and mental I am. What a troll I am, you say I am a terrible person who has poisoned the minds of everyone into believing me. All of Warren's long term supporters now support me because I am the good liar, this is a pity party and it is all for me Gary Heseltine right? . Then when I point these things out you say I am playing the victim, but you are the one crying victim. I am making observations about your atrocious behaviour and your own wall of denial. You say I am trying to ruin your magazine, how so? I am talking about Warren not you. You made this about you, I didn't. If I talk about you talking about me, you say I am attacking you. Your problem is your association with Larry Warren, not anything I have said. I couldn't care less about you or any of the people supporting you. It is laughable that all you have to say is that I am crazy.

The Law Of The Land

I have legitimate questions about Warren's account but according to you Gary Heseltine, Ex Transport Police Officer and owner of the brand of UFO Truth Magazine, it is all "rubbish". No convictions and no arrests. Yes that is highly unusual as we discussed on the ADX Files show this week. Highly unusual that Suffolk, Glasgow and Bradford police wanted to act on behalf of Mick Sayer, James Welsh, Alyson Dunlop, David Young and Myself, yet Merseyside police refused point blank to look at anything, take a statement and in fact shouted at me when they were meant to be here to take a statement for Bradford police ,but they refused stating they don't work for Bradford, all the while Bradford were more than happy to make an arrest because that man had menaced people twice before. You were a police officer so you know what that's about right? To everyone else it looks incredibly suspicious yet you choose to use it as a victory of some kind. You relish in the fact I have been harrassed by around fifty people over the past couple of years on behalf of Warren. Most of which now support me. No one has managed to chase me off but you think you can don't you? You think you are the person who is going to make everyone see the crazy stalker you say I am. If you haven't heard the show Gary, here it is.

ADX Files, Enemy Within, Show 83

Integrity Deficit

Obviously I have said a lot about Warren's life. People ask what has the rock memorabilia stuff got to do with what happened at Rendlesham? Absolutely nothing is the answer, but it has everything to do with the kind of person he is. So because people want to know what this has got to do with Rendlesham. I am going to outline a lot of things, not everything, that would take forever because literally everything he says is a lie. Yes that is a bold statement, so I have spent some time harvesting clips from various shows. Some of the shows I knew well, remembered well, found them easily, but while I was on that mission I found some other things that really need to be showcased that I really want to put to you Gary Heseltine. Firstly I will outline just some of the issues about his account, then I will move onto other things.

Lets just take a look at what it is I am saying shall we? See if you can respond to any of it without calling me names, in fact lets see if you can do this without talking about me at all. If you take Sacha Christie out of the situation. there will still be a situation. Look at the situation.

Right back at the start of all this when he was speaking under the name Art Wallace his account was very different to what it is today. Did you know that he told Dot Street, Brenda Butler and and Jenny Randles for Sky Crash, that when they got to the field and closer to the object, there was a ball of light that touched him on the head and he woke up back in his bed at the barracks. he said he woke up and his room mate told him he had been there about an hour. He told Brenda and Dot that he didn't see any aliens but that he felt a presence. Interestingly that same room mate according to Warren in his talk for B.U.F.O.H later commited suicide. Warren shared that bit of information to the Filey audience by doing an impression of someone shooting themselves in the head with full sound effects. But it seems to me he was back at the barracks in their room the whole time. You can find out can't you Gary? He called his room mate Alabama. Ask him was he in the dorm all along or out with those guys crying against a tree? The fact is 'Alabama' bought himself a ticket home and flew off AWOL, he had to be brought back to face the consequences and he definitely did not shoot himself in the head.


Anyway! Lets get back to this part because it is very illuminating Gary. As I have shown, in Sky Crash Warren states he didn't see aliens but felt a presence. Under hypnosis he remembered so much more, including seeing aliens! Aliens he now says he never ever said he saw. The first time he 'remembers' seeing aliens, was when he was being regressed by Fred Max. The big problem I have with that is that he actually faked that hypnosis session. If you read You Can't Tell The People by Georgina Bruni, you will read how he faked the whole session, he said he didn't want to disappoint anyone. So the very first time he saw aliens was when he was faking hypnosis.

Fred Max Hypnosis Trasncript

Source: You Can't Tell The People, Georgina Bruni.

As you can see from this image of page 313 of Sky Crash originally he doesn't see anything much. He passed out, woke up in his dorm where his room mate told him he had been there for about an hour. However when he had his faked hypnosis, he remembered seeing aliens.

Not only did he not see aliens, he said that the rumours the commander was there were hearsay. In later years he tells us of how the commander shook hands with life forms. Currently he says he NEVER said any of that. 

Let's talk about Germany now, we really should go back to the start, to before the start. He says he was in Germany until the 27th of December 1980 in Left at East Gate. He also states in the interview he gave with Peter Robbins, "In Contact, 1993" he states he was in Germany, he got back on the 27th, his shift rotation started on the 28th. He got up and went to Ipswich for the day and was put on an insignificant post and that his night of events was 28th going into the 29th. It is now established that he was on his first ever shift even though in Left at East Gate he says his guard mount was boring 'as usual'. He wouldn't know, it was his first ever shift wasn't it? You have said this in an interview with him yet recently you said he had been on shift for 10 to 12 days. Which is it?

Below is a clip of him from In Contact filmed in 1993 saying he was in Germany but came back on the 27th of December 1980 for his shift rotation beginning on the 28th December 1980. Then two clips of him saying he was in Ipswich on the 27th December 1980. These were taken From his Filey talk in June 2015 and also the KTPF show March 2015.

What Day Is It?

But when we listen to him speaking in a video titled "Larry Warren Early Interview" he states that his night was again was the 28th going into the 29th and was a Tuesday. Actually the 29th was a Monday. Tuesday was the 30th and that is when he told Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett the events had happened. Now he states his night was the 27th.  As we can see from the drawings he provided to Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett he thought it happened on the 30th December.

I have included these three short segments of an interview of Warren. Unfortunately I don't know the date. I included them because not only does he talk about aliens, he tells a different story. The aliens didn't come from a bubble as he states now, he says he saw a light split into three, each of these lights had a life form in it. Not only that.... he says the Base Commander was there! If you read the book Sky Crash he says the Base Commander communicated with them. Something he now says he never ever said. NEVER said it. Video is 37 mins long.

Here is a short clip of Warren saying the Base Commander was present, below that in the second clip is from his Filey talk July 2015 where he says he never said he said any of it. This is a very short clip.

CNN Special Rendlesham Incident Full Episode

Larry Warren drew this for Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett in 1983/4. Note the date. 30th December. 

Given To Barry Greenwood By Larry Warren For The Book Clear Intent.
Taken From Barry Greenwoods Clear Intent Files

As you know Gary, Warren is telling people he never said he saw any aliens and he never said he saw the base commander, he also said he never said there was an underground base. So here are  clips and photos of the entrance to the underground base which he gave to Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett for the book Clear Intent. So how do you explain away all of the above?


Okay lets move on to when Warren was picked up from his guard post. There have been numerous people in the back of that Jeep. Adrian Bustinza and Bruce Englund usually feature, but who is driving changes. Also the person who explained the unexploded ordanance bit changes too. It's a road block guy in KTPF show, It is someone he knows from the barracks in another, One time Adrian Bustinza said it out of the window and another time Warren himself says it. Sometimes Bobby Ball is in the Jeep, in Left at East Gate it is a black officer who's name he can't recall and more recently in his Filey talk he says Steve Longero was with him! This is all documented. But then we get to the bit where the driver of the jeep asks "Where the hell are we supposed to go"? Here are two different versions.

Taken from B.U.F.O.H talk July 2015 Filey

Taken from KTPF Radio Show

Adrian Bustinza

It wasn't that long ago when Adrian Bustinza stated publicly that he did not see Warren out there. Larry Warren then accused ME of falsifying the public statements Adrian had made using his own Facebook account, in a conversation to John Burroughs in a group that I am not a member of!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge
When I wrote the blog Left Out At East Gate (which I updated with Adrian's comments) Adrian thanked myself and another for listening with an open mind. Not once did he say, you got that wrong Sacha.

Click to enlarge
More Concerns

Steve LaPlume also said that Warren had asked him to lie. He states Warren was getting out on account of a disability that wasn't noticed in training. He had a problem with his wrists and so was getting out of his contract. He told Georgina Bruni this and he also made a statements of his own.

"Larry confided to me that he also was involved in the sighting and went on to lay it out.  Now right off the bat his story did not seem to jive with what he has been saying.
Larry told me initially he and a friend were walking back from a night out of drinking and such and they were on a road near Woodbridge village.  He said as they walked they saw something in the sky that was odd.  He told me of balls of light how they split and became three and soon after the sighting a person whom he said was AFOSI or from the intel community approached them on the road after they started to continue the journey home.  Larry told me the spook told them both to keep shut about what they saw.  He mentioned the other person did not want to be known.  He then went on to say a few nights later, while on duty, he was told to fuel up the light-alls and take them out by the East gate so he and others did just that.  Larry also mentioned the fuel pump was not working right and the equipment eventually did not work right when it was on location either.
Larry said they were forced to give up their weapons because of our agreement with the UK and he was told to enter the forest.  He said as he did so he saw an airman with his head on his forearm against a tree crying and that animals seemed to be leaving the area.  He mentioned seeing a deer fleeing.  Larry then told me he saw a high ranking official but never mentioned who it was.  He said the officer approached the craft which was out in a small field or clearing.  I remember him saying clearing not field.  But it is a gray memory and not sharp enough for me to be positive.  He said it was hovering off the ground and also that the officer slipped and fell in the mud and he got a chuckle out of it.  He said the officer got to the craft where three beings he described as looking like "kids in snow suits" were at and that they also were hovering above the ground.  He said while he knew they were communicating he could not see how because they were no outright talking.  Larry mentioned other airmen in the area and how it seemed they were sent there as witnesses of some sort.  He then told me parts were flown in from Germany to fix the craft which was put in a sand pit of some sort.  He said there were people filming video of the encounter as well and that film was flown to Germany.
Larry then went on to tell me about his cut off call to his mom when he was talking to her about the incident, being taken in a dark vehicle, sprayed with something to make him ultra groggy then taken and was underground.  He mentioned how there was a being behind a screen and how the person giving him and others orders also gave a talk about the whole UFO phenomena and showed related videos.  Larry said this person was not military but intel.  He also mentioned a vast underground facility.  Larry stated that he was shown where the craft went under the base and were housed.  He said the UFO's would go out and come up under the North Sea where they would emerge from to take flight"
"Larry had told me when he was getting discharged that it was a medical discharge for an issue he had with his hand/wrist and that the USAF should have caught it upon enlisting but they did not so they were letting him out of his contract.  I do know he was not under anything disciplinary or he would be next to me cleaning toilets on Major Zigler’s shame patrol.  If he is saying he got out because of anything else I would question that"

This is very interesting because Warren told Andy Young on his Truth Frequency radio show July 2016 Stevie Ray Vaughan was at his wedding. You would think Steve LaPlume would be saying something completely different here.

".Larry and his claim to have met so many famous people like Stevie Ray Vaughn. - I can say this that back in the later 80's I met Larry at his place in Lake George and he showed me photos of him and SRV as well as Yoko Ono and they were Polaroid's if I remember right but either way it was long before digital cameras and such and Photoshop so I have to say I believe he was there and met these two people.  How much he was friends with any of them is beyond me.  The pics of him with Yoko and SRV were taken at the same spot at a particular event though as it was the same background so maybe he could have known them or maybe he was just a security guard or had a backstage pass.  He did mention he had something to do with promotions for a label when he lived in New York City.  I never got into details with him about that".

Click to enlarge. Taken from Truth Frequency Radio July 21st 2016
He also states that Warren asked him to lie for him. that lie was he wanted Steve to say he smuggled a cannister of film out of the base in a mug he bought from Germany, which we now know he never went. The story of that film cannister is interesting too. He gave photos to Georgina Bruni and told her they were from a guy who was local to the area and had seen events and taken photos. He gave them to warren. Warren held onto them for nineteen years apparently. Georgina accepts the photos but then receives a phone call one week later from Larry warren saying that he took them. That very same photo is said to be of events on the first night, a night Warren states (now) that he wasn't involved in so he couldn't have taken that photo. The story of that photgraph in his Filey conference talk in 2015 is that it is in fact an official DoD photograph now according to Warren. 

 "Larry had asked me to lie once for him when Georgian Bruni was interviewing him.  He called me and talked to me about some film he had asked me to hold when we were at Bentwaters.  Only thing was I have no memory at all about him ever asking me to hold onto or hide film for him and I told Georgina just that.  Larry's exact words were "I just need you to tell her I asked you to hold onto some film canisters for me and that you did."

Here is more evidence of Warren's bragging about his connections.

"I relocated to the West Coast but my father had taken ill and I returned to the East Coast in the later 80's.  I had been racing superbike motorcycles and was working on sponsorship for the upcoming season.  I had linked up with Larry and spent a few days with him up in Lake George NY and asked him since I was a racer not a business man and he was more of a suit and tie guy then if he could manage me and help with sponsorship retention.
I told him I had approached the Very Fine Beverage company and they seemed receptive.  Larry took it from there and got me a sponsorship package or at a minimum he had things set up and I just needed to close the deal because he was relocating and was unable to continue helping me.
The issue I had here hit me like a ton of bricks. Once I called Very Fine and talked to my contact she did not remember me as we had only spoken briefly before Larry took over.  The woman who was in charge of promotions for the company assured me she had no idea who Larry Warren was, who I was and had never talked to anyone about a motorcycle sponsorship and that she would have remembered such a request.  Larry had never contacted the company and it completely fucked up my racing career that year.  I believed I had a sponsor but with none I was sunk for the season.  I had no way of recovering and got out of racing as a result.  I would not race again for about 10 years until I moved to China where I eventually became an instructor at a superbike school.  So after claiming to be a friend he flat out lied to my face and fucked up things for me. 
So do I know Larry Warren to be a bullshit artist?  Oh hell yeah".

There are other things to consider too. such as in his interview on KTPF radio he says that he saw Col Halt before he went into the forest and saw what he says he saw. But in his Filey talk he states that he was walking back after his event with Adrian. He states categorically twice, he split with Adrian AFTER their time on Capel Green and that is how Adrian could be with both Warren and John and Halt. At 1h 11 mins into the first segment and then again at 1h 22mins in.

In Other Muse

I hope for other people reading this, you can now see there are many issues with Larry Warren's testimon(ies). You can see that I have every reason and right to challenge public statements being made by a public figure, in public, especially when there are so many inconsistencies. Inconsistencies that Gary Heseltine says don't exist. He says that my behaviour is abnormal, it is all rubbish and that I am basically a bunny boiler. It's just a fatal attraction thing. Don't you Gary?

So now I have explained not all, but some of the issues with "Rendy" I will bring up some other blatant lies. The ones that people have asked, "What's this got to do with Rendlesham".

I think the best and most recent lie was recorded by David Young while he sat in the audience at the B.U.F.O.H Flying Saucers Have Landed Conference in Filey July 2015. I have mentioned it already in relation to Rendlesham. In this talk he tells the audience of about fifteen people he co-signed Metallica and received half a million dollars finders fee. He is saying that he discovered and signed to a record label the band Metallica. I know right! Incredible! Weird then that the documentary on Netflix and all other literature about Metallica talks about Michael Alago, the man who really signed Metallica. so that's a LIE. 


John Lennon and May Pang. 

You accuse me of being the person to sway Peter Robbins, amongst everyone else. But it wasn't anything I said, it was Warren. If you read my Open Letter to Peter Robbins you will see we were both asking the same questions as each other. You will see that Warren told Peter that this photo was real and that Peter took exception to that. Peter made his own mind up about Warren. As has everyone else. Here is Peter Robbins statement if you need to refresh your memory Gary. We are supposed to believe that this photograph was taken a week before Lennon died when Warren was just 19 years old.

Here is the news article where May Pang stated the sketch Warren sold to Russ Kellett was fake. I never accused him of anything to do with memorabilia until this happened. Yet you both put it at my feet. That I am lying, that I am trying to ruin his business and reputation. Well my name is not May Pang and I did not say this. Once again, I am repeating news and you both put everything at my feet. I include screenshots of a conversation from May Pangs page on the anniversary of her UFO sighting with John Lennon on 23rd of August 1974.

Click to Enlarge

Click to enlarge

Daily Post, May Pang Article. Lennon UFO Sketch is Fake June 2015

My John Lennon Sketch Mystery Ends Here Blog

Below are two radio shows, I have referenced the Andy Young show already, I talked about Stevie Ray Vaughan being at Warren's first wedding. The second show he is telling Ben about his superstar laden life and how Yoko Ono copied an art exhibition he did just the year before in New York. It is very interesting to say the least. He tells some amazing stories. Most of which can be found in biographies. Michael Francis ~ Starman, Alf Weaver ~ The Original Rock and Roll Bodyguard, Peter Grant and Richard Cole both wrote books who's memories have been absorbed by Warren.

Truth Frequency Radio Show Andy Young

HPANWO Radio Show 197

I also want to bring up the fact that Peter Robbins stated categorically that the flyers he gave to Warren that he put in for auction, originally didn't have any signatures. He actually forged Peter Robbins dead sisters signature then tried to sell it.

Click to enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge. My Original Facebook Post

Here are two documents I put together of his auction sales and auction items. Auction Items DocAuction Sales Doc

All American Zero

There there is the fact that he also claims to have flown out to Ground Zero immediately after the atrocisites and worked on site for four months because of his 'career in the steel industry'. He says he saw body parts being pulled from the wreckage. In reality he had a four month old son and was still here in the UK. He actually attended the Leeds UFO Magazine conference at the end of September!

As you can see Gary, all of these issues didn't originate with me. They have followed him through the decades. There have always been problems with his account. I chose to believe HIM the man, not his book. I read that after I'd made my mind up about him, after I met him, not before. Even though I met him in 2007 and have met him many times, we even went away to the Weird Weekend in Devon together for five days with Peter Robbins, you tell people it was just an online friendship but you are wrong. You are wrong about everything you have said about me.

Skanky Whore Bore

Recently James Welsh Called Christina George a "Skanky whore" for reasons known only to himself. You deliberately twisted this and put it at my feet. You are still doing the rounds saying your wife was called this but that is not true at all. You placed HIS commments at the feet of "The Fab Four" not at James' feet. OUR feet as a collective. We are not a collective anymore. Anything I post is to do with me and the same goes for alyson and David. As for James, none of us even speak to him anymore. Nobody called your wife anything at all. Then when David and James needlessly apologised to her (because nothing was directed at her) you twisted their actions and said they were trying to make you and your wife fall out! I don't even see your logic there.

Christina George posted an announcement that she would be broadcasting a show with Joe Montaldo discussing me. I posted the screenshot of her post, James jumped in a said "Shut up you skanky whore". Your wife wasn't saying anything so how does "Shut up" make sense? Christina was directing a post to me and that was James' knee jerk reaction. I told him not to talk about her like that. You then twisted this into "The Fab Four" had called your wife a disgusting name. How does James' mouth represent all of us? By the same token Gary, I could hold you directly accountable for all the things Warren has said.

The Crying Game

It seems you just need something to cry about all the time. Something to keep you in the victim zone when really you are the aggressor. You have taken on a fight for Larry Warren when you are not in full posession of the facts. If you have looked at my blogs then you are blatantly lying because the evidence speaks for itself, yet you say there is no evidence against him, it is all rubbish! You continue to peddle the myth I am mentally ill because I was ill fourteen years ago, you think that you can use old mental health issues against me now. I have never hidden that fact I had post partum depression after the birth of my daughter so I don't know why you think parading that will help your cause.  I am mentally ill for asking the above questions, for looking at Warren's claims properly? You say I am mentally ill because I have researched and challenged the bold and ever changing statements of a public figure! Well I contest that you are mentally ill for supporting and promoting someone you admit you don't know personally, you just meet at conferences, without looking at the evidence! I could say you are mentally ill for calling me mentally ill when you have had no medical and psychological training whatsoever, you are not qualified to call me any such thing! You got involved in this situation voluntarily then started to cry about people speaking badly of you. Don't throw yourself under a bus and then scream you were run over on purpose. It's just not normal behaviour from a 'professional researcher' and ex police officer Gary.

Now lets see if you can respond to this without talking about me at all, without once speculating about my mental health. Try talking about the things I have mentioned here because currently this is all you have bunny boiled it down to, which is pretty weak in light of all the things I have mentioned in this blog and the many others I have written before.

                      A Fatal Attraction Thing (for those of you who don't know what that means)

Seeing as I am held responsible for the words and actions of people hundreds of miles away from me on the internet, I have decided to hold you directly resposible for all of these statements because that's fair isn't it? That's logical.

Trying to incite violence and hatred towards me

Telling people I/we need to be murdered

This was the post that had him banned from the Glasgow conference. See this blog, These supporters of Warren are now supporters of me. SPI Conference Drama Blog

This was posted on a thread of Ronnie Dugdale, it was a video of his daughter playing in her band. Many of the schools parents were tagged in the thread and saw this. Peter Robbins had commented positively and so Warren flipped. 

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