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The Larry Warren Fraud, Absolute Proof. (Updated)

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Official Documentation of Analysis of items

I recorded an interview with Duane Carleton, the main author of this document (below)

The Larry Warren Fraud

At the start of all this, I had nothing apart from my word that something was very wrong with the narrative of Larry Warren. I had to put my entire life out there to prove to you all that he is not telling the truth. Eventually people started seeing the truth and tried to help me uncover the very many problems with his narrative(s). It was truly amazing to me how many people came forward privately to help. Nobody wanted to be on the receiving end of the internets vitriol and so they stayed out of the limelight. I need to thank all of you for your contributions. Every single one of them, including sharing and spreading the word. It was worth it.....

On the 19th of April 2018 I received a message from someone that changed everything. It actually changed nothing at all, but everything at the same time, I just couldn't talk about it. We have tried many different ways to obtain proof, some actual evidence. People were tempted to risk buying something of his and then having it analysed, but nobody quite dare put that much money on the line and why should they? The police should be investigating this, not me and the others.

We tried to force him into a corner to have his military records analysed but instead of taking us up on the offer, he spent thousands of pounds lying to a solicitor to have us all silenced. He is a public figure, making public statements and wants to sue the public when they question what he calls evidence. His deciet was shown to the solicitor and he was dropped by them. If Warren wants to take any of us to court he has to represent himself.

However, the truth is never libel and the last place he wants this is in front of a judge, but that is exactly where I want it. He has made many threats to take us to court and still lies that he has done. No such thing has happened, but in doing this, the hope is that one day that will happen, just because it hasn't yet does not mean that he is innocent as Gary Heseltine keeps saying.  He says that the title Conman means convicted. No Gary, it means confidence man or confidence trickster.

For the benefit of Gary Heseltine who has no idea what a con man is
Miracles Do Happen

We tried all we could but we didn't have anything solid. We needed physical evidence, we needed a victim, someone who has bought something and found out it was not genuine. Well we didn't get a victim, although there are many, all we could hope for was that someone will see these blogs and come forward. I know it happens... Because it happened last year. Contrary? Nope.

On the 19th of April 2018 I got a message from one of Larry Warren's old friends. They knew each other from 1993 when Warren lived in Rutland, Vermont, to around 1999/2000 when Warren moved to England.


First Encounter

"Hello. Just this morning a friend of mine sent me a link from Nick Pope talking about the Larry Warren Fraud. It also had a link to a lengthy post from Peter Robbins. I would like to thank you for uncovering Larry the con man. I knew him when he lived in Rutland, VT in the early/mid '90's. I am aware of many fraudulent stories, deceptions and lies I was able to catch him in while he was here. I also have physical proof of his bad forgeries. I was able to stop a few of his memorabilia sales. There are too many stories for me to go into here. If you ever wanted the info, I would be more than happy to provide it. When my wife and I figured out he was full of crap he bad mouthed us and made us out to be the bad guys. I am happy to see the rest of the world is catching on to him. Thank you".

Sound familiar?
Behind The Scenes

Duane and I have been talking since this time while saying nothing in public. The usual tactic is for them to start trying to destroy anyone challenging Warren's narrative. Not wanting to be embroiled in a spat, Duane has spent these past months creating two files of evidence against Larry Warren who lives here in Liverpool. Not only does he have an actual item of memorabilia, he has letters of authentication and also a personal letter from Warren to Duane, who like myself, was his friend until he found out he was lying about who he knew and what he did for a living.

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Those of you who have followed this investigation will know that we were defeated in trying to have his military records examined and compared with his own handwriting. What we needed were actual handwriting samples, not copies of handwriting. Analysts need the original pieces. Warren was unwilling to do this even though we offered to pay for it and have him choose the analyst. We were thwarted then, but not now.

Here is the evidence discussed in my show, Paranormal Mysteries on ANW,  on Sunday 14th January 2019. I will embed the show when it is uploaded to YouTube. This show will be repeated Weds 17th Jan at 8pm GMT and Friday 9am GMT. Overseas listeners will need to disguise your IP address to make it appear as if you are in the UK due to the music licensing laws the network is bound to. An app called HOLA will do that for you. Hola download page.

Time Will Tell

Duane Carleton/Larry Warren timeline:


March 9 – Tuesday – DC meets Larry Warren at Marcia B’s Roadhouse while playing the members of Soul Kitchen in Rutland, VT Larry tells DC that he used to work for SRV.

March 12 – Wednesday – Larry attends a Tin Pan Alley show at Paco’s in Rutland, VT. DC and Larry go to breakfast after at Clem’s Country Kitchen

March 25 – Thursday – Larry attends a show w/ The Heavily Bros at Marcia B’s Roadhouse in Rutland, VT. Larry gives DC the leather jacket and with the crown pin on it and tells DC that the jacket was signed by SRV and the pin was the one off SRV’s hat. Larry sang along with XXXX and DC on CSN’s “Long Time”

March 26 – Friday – Larry attends a Tin Pan Alley show at Marcia B’s Roadhouse that was a benefit.

May 22 – Saturday – Larry writes and mails a letter to DC

June 23 – Wednesday – Larry attends a show at Macleod’s Compass Rose in Rutland, VT w/ DC,

June 25 – Friday – June 26 – Saturday – Larry attends a Tin Pan Alley show at Gurey’s in Manchester, VT. Julie attends the Friday gig. On Saturday Larry acts as manager and books another gig there.

June 27 – Sunday – Ben and Jerry’s festival in Sugarbush, VT. Larry talks us onto the tour bus with The Band and then takes me into Buddy Guy’s trailer. Buddy seems wary. We end up onstage for the show.

July 4 – Sunday – Classic Rockfest in Stratton, VT. Larry talks DC and himself backstage at a show featuring The Band, Leon Russell and Johnny Winter

July 15 – Thursday – Larry attends a show with the Heavily Bros. At Macleod’s Compass Rose in Rutland, VT. He gets into an altercation with someone named Charlie.

July 22 – Thursday – Larry attends a show with The Heavily Bros. At Macleod’s Compass Rose in Rutland, VT. He again sings along with “Dear Prudence”.

August 7 – Saturday – Larry attempts to take a large group of people from Rutland into a Blues Festival featuring B.B. King at Stratton Mountain, VT. He is drunk before the group leaves Rutland. He is stopped backstage with the group and taken to an office where he is asked who he is. He says he is the tour publicist. They inform him there isn’t one. We are told to buy tickets or leave. I am very angry with Larry as he had convinced me to sell my inside tickets because I wouldn’t need them. We have words in front of the group and part ways.

August 13, 14 – Friday, Saturday – Larry attends shows at Gurey’s in Manchester, VT I recall that he acted strangely or suspiciously and drunkenly and on the way home showed me a gun.


January 20 – Thursday – Larry attends a show with The Heavily Bros. At Macleod’s Compass Rose in Rutland, VT and is taking pictures.

February 3 – Thursday – Larry attends a show with The Heavily Bros. At Macleod’s Compass Rose in Rutland, VT. He has befriended a local keyboard player and been telling him he would make him famous. I end up in a huge argument with the keyboard player as he tells me that I’m a loser and Larry’s going to make him famous.

June 2 – Thursday – Larry attends a show with The Sandra Wright Band at The House of Blues in Cambridge, MA with girlfriend that my wife and I introduced him to.

July 2 – Saturday - Larry attends a show at Macleod’s Compass Rose in Rutland VT. Larry gives me a SRV Backstage Pass and makes some sort of offer to XXXX.

July 28 – Thursday – Larry attends a show with The Heavily Bros. At Macleod’s Compass Rose and give me pictures and shirts. I am unsure as to the specifics of this and suspect that it is a Charlie’s Guitar Shop shirt and pictures of one of SRV’s strats at The Hard Rock and/or signed SRV photos which he did give me also.

August 10 – Wednesday – Larry attends a show with The Sandra Wright Band at Manny’s Car Wash in New York City, NY. He may have taken photos of us and I have a note that he behaved.

The Personal, Handwritten Letter

After first meeting Larry he went to CA (allegedly). This is where he wrote me a letter from prior to his return to Rutland, VT. When I first met him, he was living with morning WJJR DJ Nanci Gordon. I actually went to her apartment with him on one or two occasions. It was in her apartment that he showed me pictures of an alleged alien surrounded in mist. It may have also been at her apartment that he showed me his alleged John Lennon glasses and army jacket. He told me that he had dated May Pang and that she had given him herpes that she got from John Lennon. At some point he stayed with my wife and I in our trailer out in the country for a few days. He gave me an alleged autographed photo of SRV that he had multiple copies of and gave the same signed photo to other people too. He gave me a Crybaby Fuzz Wah pedal that he alleged to have belonged to SRV along with a letter of authenticity alleged to have been from SRV guitar tech Rene Martinez. He gave me an alleged SRV and Double Trouble signed promo photo and an SRV backstage pass. Also, he gave me a Charlie’s Guitar Shop shirt and a photo that he took of one of SRV’s guitars hanging in a Hard Rock Café. He moved in with a friend of mine, David Drake, above a bar in Rutland, VT. My friend was an artist/painter. Larry was living there when he tried to take so many people into the Blues Festival in Stratton, VT. He later moved in with a bartender at Macleod’s Compass Rose named Jim Moorehead. So, as a inventory of things Larry gave me related to SRV and connected to Larry knowing me:

A leather jacket he said that was his and that SRV signed. This has been declared a forgery by JSA Authenticators. SRV’s name is misspelled

A crown shaped pin that he alleged had belonged to SRV and which had adorned his hat

A handwritten letter from Larry claiming that he would make me famous and relaying that he would send me a picture from before SRV signed it (either the picture or the jacket signing was supposed to have happened during SRV’s tour with Robert Plant which occurred in 1988 (the jacket is dated 1986).

A SRV backstage pass

A photo of a Fender Stratocaster that belonged to SRV hanging in a Hard Rock Café

A ‘70’s Crybaby Fuzz Wah guitar effects pedal that he claimed had belonged to SRV

A letter of authenticity for the Crybaby that was alleged to have been handwritten by Rene Martinez (SRV guitar tech) The handwriting is very similar to Larry’s handwriting

A promo photo of SRV and Double Trouble alleged to have been signed by the entire band. All of their handwriting is the same and it is clearly very similar to Larry’s handwriting.

A photograph of SRV and Double Trouble backstage allegedly signed by SRV. Also, similar to Larry’s handwriting and also SRV’s name misspelled.

A t-shirt from Charlie’s Guitar Shop in Texas.

The Jacket & Hat Pin

The SRV Signed Leather Jacket:

I was given this jacket by Larry Warren on March 25th, 1993. This was sixteen days after I had met him in Rutland, VT. The jacket has a crown shaped pin on it that Larry claimed had been the one attached to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s hat. It has an autograph in black magic marker across the back that says “To Larry, Guar”un”teed Stevie Ray Vaughn”. NYC 1986

Who writes their own initials in their coat after they have left school? 

Warren told Duane this was SRV's actual hat pin. 

Comparing the two pins you can clearly see that they are not the same. 

I can prove that I met him on March 9, 1993 as I have a date book from 1993 that I recorded things that happened at my gigs as a journal. I wrote on that day that I “met Larry Warren”. 

On March 25, 1993 I wrote that Larry had given me the jacket and the pin.
The Personal Letter

I can further prove that I definitely knew Larry as on May 22, 1993 he wrote me a handwritten friendly personal letter when he was allegedly in CA. In this letter he not only praises my musical skills but states that he will use his contacts in the music business and guide me to a major music career. He specifically mentions that he is going to send me a photograph of SRV and (presumably Larry wearing) the jacket before it was signed during the first tour SRV did with Robert Plant. I never received the photo but there is a photo of him found online appearing to be photoshopped next to SRV where he is wearing the jacket.

Page 1 of 6

Page 6
Warren mentions the SRV Jacket

Warren wearing the jacket in a very obviously faked photograph, awkwardly holding the guitar.

One of the images left on my partner's laptop by Warren

Sold for $80,000.00 with an estimate of $250,000.00 (buyer was made aware).
Bad hair day for Stevie, Ridiculous angle of the guitar, just so you can see the signature. Warren is wearing the jacket in all of the images of him.

Official & Professional Authentification Analysis

On October 31, 2018 I sent the jacket to JSA Authentication and it was determined that the jacket is a forgery:

Accompanying Email 

 "I went over this item again with the owner of the company after he returned from his trip.  For extra confirmation, I also sent the jacket around to a few other consultants, just for additional feedback regarding the signature.  Everyone else I sent the signed jacket too also came back negative (a total of 9 authenticators and consultants took a look at this item, and none of them were in favor of the autograph).

"This is pretty far off from our known, valid examples of SRV's autograph.  There are several inconsistencies with letter formations throughout this entire example.  Whoever signed this certainly gave it their best college try, but we do not believe this to be a valid example of SRV's autograph"

Jackie Thomas / Customer Service Manage

James Spence Authentication, LLC

Extra Clarification

Just to clarify before we move on. A total of TEN authenticators looked at this jacket, ALL of them deemed it to be a FORGERY. We KNOW this was Warren's jacket because he is wearing it in all the forged photgraphs and mentions giving it to Duane in the personal letter written by Larry Warren. This PROVES Larry Warren forges memorabilia.

Unfortunately and fortunately, Duane did not exchange money with Warren for the Jacket, the Cry Baby Wah Wah peddle or any items mentioned by Duane. If he had, this would be a legal matter now because we would have a sales victim. Warren gave these items to Duane to reel him in with flattery. Only16 days had passed between Warren and Duane meeting at that fateful gig, yet he had given him what would be priceless belongings, had they been genuine that is.

Back to Duane's Document & The Authentication

I asked if the last reason was due to the word guaranteed being broken into three pieces: Guar”un”teed and that it was something that SRV never did and they said yes. However, I have located someone who has done that before. Larry did it in the handwritten letter he sent me where he wrote “At-tee-tude”.

I feel that it is safe to say that since Larry clearly states SRV signed the jacket he gave me and it has been proven to be a forgery and there are clear similarities between the writing on the jacket and Larry’s own handwriting as well as his use of the unique habit of breaking words into three pieces, that one can conclude that Larry forged the jacket.

Another problem is with Larry’s claim that there is a photo of him wearing it with SRV before it was signed on tour with Robert Plant. SRV toured with Robert Plant for the Non Stop Go Tour in 1988…not 1986 when the jacket is dated.

In fact, a further issue is that Stevie’s last name is spelled wrong, Vaughn rather than the correct spelling of Vaughan. Larry also gave me a photo of SRV and his band Double Trouble that also has the same misspelling of Stevie Ray’s last name.
Mispelled Vaughan as Vaughn
Larry also gave me a promo photo (above) of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble he alleged to have been signed by all members of the band. In this shot, the same misspelling of Vaughan appears and all of the band members appear to have the same handwriting.

Spelling is something we will look at more, but at this point we have a handwritten letter from Larry Warren stating that his jacket was signed by SRV and given to me. We have SRV’s name misspelled on the jacket and the same misspelling on another item given to me by Larry and told that SRV signed it. It seems ridiculous for someone to believe that SRV didn’t know how to spell his own name but we will see that Larry is a very, very poor speller.

Of note here is that it is dated 7/3/90. This the date of a show that Stevie Ray Vaughan played at The Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex Junction, VT. I am very familiar with this show because my wife and I attended it and ended up down in the front where we had a very good view of the stage. The show was a double bill with Joe Cocker opening for SRV. I still have the ticket stubs:

Warren claimed to be at this gig, it is the gig he claims SRV gifted him the signed guitar.
We will discuss this show more as we look at the allegedly owned and signed Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender Stratocaster that has been put up for auction several times. 

When I first met Larry in 1993, he was already showing people things that he alleged to have been owned, played, worn or signed by a number of celebrities. This included:

An army jacket alleged to have been owned and worn by John Lennon

A pair of glasses alleged to have been owned and worn by John Lennon

An Alembic bass alleged to have been owned by John Entwistle

Any number of SRV signed photos

Drawings alleged to have been drawn by John Lennon

A painted acoustic guitar alleged to have been signed by The Grateful Dead that was auctioned off and the auction book was used around Rutland as proof of it’s authenticity

A pickguard alleged to have been signed by Eric Clapton

A photo of and alleged to be signed by Eric Clapton

A Jackson bass alleged to have been signed by John Entwistle

A copy of Pink Floyd “Meddle” alleged to have been signed by Roger Waters

An album of and alleged to be signed by all members of The Grateful Dead

A 1967 Fender Stratocaster that he alleged had been Jimi Hendrix

This item is one that bears scrutiny. I personally saw this guitar up close and in person. Larry told me that it had belonged to Jimi and since I was a big Jimi fan it was of interest to me. I had a book that listed a number of known Jimi owned and used guitars, amps and pedals listed by serial numbers and receipts. I informed him that the guitar was not one known to have been owned by Jimi according to the book. 

Larry had also given me a photo of a signed and owned Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar that was hanging in a Hard Rock Café

In 1995 a guitar alleged to have been owned and signed by Stevie Ray Vaughan was auctioned off by Christie’s. 

One can plainly see that the autograph is done in the same color ink and in the same location as the one hanging in the Hard Rock Café. They are both sunburst finish guitars also. However, the one auctioned off at Christie’s has a misspelled (Vaughn) autograph:

It was alleged to have been given to Larry Warren directly by Stevie Ray Vaughan at the 7/3/1990 concert at The Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex Junction, VT…the very show I attended. Here is the Letter of authenticity that was presented as proof of its provenance that is alleged to be in Stevie Ray’s own handwriting:

This auction was completed and then later contested. The following is the text from a page on a website that is run by the purchaser of this guitar back in 1995. This page has since been taken down but it directly calls out Larry as the seller of a forged guitar:

"This guitar was first sold by Christie's auction house in 1995, having been consigned on behalf of Larry Warren, an author of a book regarding his encounter with an allegedly alien spacecraft in a forest in the UK. Larry Warren claimed to have obtained the guitar directly from Stevie Ray Vaughan.

1. There is no photographic proof that Stevie Ray Vaughan ever touched this guitar or one similarly customized in appearance.
2. A review of credible equipment inventories and appraisals created by or on behalf of Stevie Ray Vaughan reveals no evidence that he ever owned this guitar.
3. The photocopy of a letter allegedly penned by Vaughan does not appear to me to be his handwriting. In my opinion someone merely copied his tendency to write in all caps and make his E's like backwards 3's. A forensic handwriting specialist (not a common for-hire "authenticator") should examine the document.
4. Singer Paul Ray of the Cobras showed the letter to Jimmie Vaughan who told him the letter was probably not Stevie's handwriting.
5. The statement in the letter is that Stevie acquired the guitar from singer Paul Ray of the Cobras. Paul Ray denied this in writing in 1997.
6. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting appears to have been altered since 1995 in that the name "Paul Ray" has been somewhat obscured, while in 1995 it was as clear as all the other writing. If altered, it was done after Paul Ray revealed in writing that the statement about him was completely false.
7. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting refers to having played the guitar on stage on July 3, 1990, in Vermont. In researching this guitar, Warren made repeated assurances to me in 1995-96 that the guitar had been played for two songs on stage by Vaughan on that night, and that he knew photos had been taken to prove it. He promised to obtain and provide the photos to me. In 1997 Warren finally admitted to me on the phone that Stevie did NOT play the guitar that night, and there would never be any photographic proof. Thus, the two primary verifiable facts in the letter have been proven false.
8. If Stevie had used the guitar on stage, René Martinez, Stevie's guitar tech, would have known, but René told me he had never seen this guitar.
9. A note that originally circulated as provenance with the guitar in 1995 was allegedly written by René Martinez, but he told me he did not write the note. After Martinez denied any knowledge of the guitar, the note has apparently disappeared.
10. The handwritten note does not appear to match a sample of René Martinez' handwriting that is in my possession.
11. In 1995 the inside of the neck cavity bore a piece of tape with "R. Martinez" written on it, implying that René Martinez had worked on the guitar or set it up for playing on stage. Martinez told me had had never worked on this guitar and had not placed the tape there.
12. A note accompanying the 1995 sale "witnessed" the transfer of the guitar from Stevie to Larry Warren, and had two signatures in addition to Warren's. That note also seems to have disappeared since 1997. Warren could not provide me with any contact information for the first "witness," Mike Howe. Whether that person exists or was a made-up name by a forger is unknown.
13. When contacted, the other "witness," Pete Jones, refused to verify the facts to me. When contacted by Christie's auction house, Jones apparently did not provide any credible evidence that Stevie Ray Vaughan had owned or given the guitar to Larry Warren, because Christie's cancelled the sale.
14. The note now accompanying the guitar, allegedly written by Cesar Diaz (now deceased) is dated 1999, four years after the guitar was originally sold. Even if Diaz examined or set up a guitar for some unidentified person in 1999, there is nothing in the receipt that suggests, much less proves, the ownership history of the guitar.
15. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz appears to have had the customer's name removed and then the page photocopied to help conceal the alteration. (I have not personally examined this note.)
16. The last "9" in the date of the Diaz note does not look like the other 9's. Did someone change the date to make it more difficult to trace the origin of the note?
17. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz does not refer to any guitar by serial number or other identifying characteristic, and could have been for repair to any of the thousands of Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute Stratocasters made by Fender since 1992.
18. Cesar Diaz worked on amplifiers for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Guitars were tended by René Martinez.
19. A Lyra guitar originating from Larry Warren was sold by a different auction house with a very similar handwritten letter attributed to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guitar was advertised with a photograph of Stevie holding a Danelectro guitar, with the Lyra guitar leaning against his chair or leg. The original, published photograph does not have the second guitar in the photo!
20. A black hat bearing a signature similar to the one on the Fender "Cobras" guitar was sold at another auction in the 1990's. After the auction it was determined that it had been made (and therefore signed by a forger) AFTER Stevie died, and the sale was rescinded. I was told the hat originated from Larry Warren.
21. I am not aware of any instance of Stevie Ray Vaughan giving away a valuable guitar such as this one, much less writing a note saying, "You have my permission to sell this guitar."
22. In 1997, after being presented with some of this information, Christie's rescinded the auction sale of 1995 and returned 100% of the buyer's money.
23. I made the most of the above information available to Guernsey's director and attorney approximately one week before the auction. After reviewing the information, Guernsey's director stated that they would not sell the guitar.
The above constitute my opinions. I do not have any ownership, financial or other interest in this guitar. I do not know who consigned the guitar to Guernsey's and have no reason or intention to harm anyone's reputation. Your conclusions about the authenticity of the guitar may be different than my own. “

Here is the Cesar Diaz receipt that is mentioned in the above text:

In addition to the statements made in the website text quoted above, the same purchaser also posted this statement on his website:

Every few months another guitar shows up on the internet with someone claiming it was Stevie's. While it is true Stevie had a lot of guitars, evidence of him giving away guitars is exceptionally rare. Here is just one story of the lengths to which one criminal went. BEWARE because this guitar is still out there.

On April 1, 2003, someone listed a Fender Strat for auction on eBay, alleging that it was owned and used by Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was signed in gold paint pen, and had "COBRAS" in small mailbox letters on the pickguard. The starting price was $125,000. 

  I purchased this same guitar from a major auction house in New York in 1995 (which later refunded my money). The guitar came with two pieces of documentation which purported to authenticate it:  (1) a full page handwritten letter, supposedly in Stevie's hand, describing the history of the guitar and the circumstances of it passing to a man in Vermont. The letter stated that Stevie obtained the guitar from a member of the Cobras in the 1970's, and that it had been used on stage the night the man got it in 1990, among other things. (2) A short handwritten note from Rene Martinez about the guitar, dated 1994.

 I personally contacted that Cobras band member who stated that he never owned this guitar, and never transfered it to Stevie by sale or gift. He also stated that he and Jimmie Vaughan do not believe the handwriting is Stevie's. Rene Martinez stated he did not believe this was Stevie's guitar, he did not recall any transfer of a guitar from Stevie to anyone while on tour that night, and that he never marked guitars he worked on in the fashion this guitar was marked inside the neck cavity. I personally compared the note purported to be in Rene's hand with a known genuine example of his handwriting, and it did not match, in my opinion.

On January 26, 1997, the man finally admitted to me on the phone that the guitar was not played on stage the night he got it "from Stevie" in 1990, despite "Stevie's" handwriting saying he did. 

On January 29, 1997, the auction house stated, "As a result of the substantial issues which have been raised with regard to the authenticity of this guitar, [we] will rescind the sale." My money was refunded in full.

I met the man and spoke with him on the phone on several occasions. It is my opinion that on at least one occasion between 1987 and 1990 he met Stevie and probably obtained at least one autograph from him. I have seen a photo of the man and Stevie together. It is possible that the autograph on this guitar is genuine, but due to other circumstances which I will not go into here, it is my opinion that it is not. 

I spoke with the current owner. He says he has no connection to the previous owners. After listening to what I had to say, he closed the auction. Based on our conversation, I have no reason to believe the current owner had any intention to defraud anyone or pass along bad merchandise. 

This is just one more reason why you need to be very careful buying collectibles. Apparently, I was not the only one who was ripped off (almost) regarding this guitar. The same forger is suspected of creating other handwritten letters supposedly in Stevie's hand, a signed black hat from Texas Hatters, a pickguard alleged to be off Number One, another guitar purported to be Stevie's, a two-page set list alleged to have been from Alpine Valley, and other items.” [end]

Duane's input

I would like to add my own observations of the alleged SRV written Letter of Authenticity for the guitar:

1: The letter claims “Serial number under neck plate. I forgot”
The serial number on a 1967 Fender Stratocaster is not under the neck plate. It is on the neck plate and certainly a guitar player the caliber of SRV and who is an ardent fan of Stratocasters would absolutely know this. 

Even if one were to try and claim that the neck plate had been changed to one that appears in a later auction of this guitar that was personalized, I don’t believe there is any incident of SRV replacing his Stratocaster neck plates with a personalized one.

2: Sunburst is one word and I am sure a guitar player of SRV’s caliber would also know this.

3: The letter alleges that SRV gave the guitar to Larry Warren on 7/3/1990. Stevie’s own guitar tech told the original purchaser he never saw the guitar and Stevie didn’t own it.

4: I was at that show and Stevie didn’t play that guitar for two songs in the encore.

5: Larry admitted to the original purchaser that SRV didn’t play the guitar at the show even though the alleged letter of authenticity in SRV’s alleged handwriting says otherwise. This should be proof enough to the world that Larry is a liar and forger, but since it hasn’t been then one must ask, why would SRV lie about playing the guitar when he didn’t and why would he say that he played the guitar at Larry’s request when he did not?

6: The letter states that Joe Cocker sang one of the two songs that SRV used the guitar on with him. As someone who was there I can state as 100% factually that Joe Cocker was the opening act but did not sing so much as a single note with Stevie Ray at that show. One must ask why Stevie Ray would write this when it never happened?

7: The alleged Letter of Authenticity brings up a “Hendrix” thing. It describes a hole in the lower horn that would have been from a strap button having been installed there. The guitar I saw in Larry possession in Rutland had that hole. For the record, when I saw that guitar there was no autograph on it, no stickers and no personalized neck plate. Also, I own a 1963 fender Stratocaster that had the same hole from a strap button on the lower bout. I never thought that Hendrix owned my guitar. After all, he was not the only left-handed guitar player in history.

8: Larry mentions the guitar in the Hard Rock Café. I submit that he is referring to the guitar he gave me the photograph of and that I believe he used as a model for the guitar he auctioned at Christie’s.

9: The signature has the weird little swoosh mark through the tail of the autograph which is the case with the one on the guitar. This does not seem to be a common part of Stevie Ray’s signature.

10: My suspicion is that Larry was nowhere near Essex Junction, VT on 7/3/1990. When he met me and quickly realized my passion for SRV he took advantage of that and he absorbed my story of attending the show into his own forgery to give some sort of detail to the Letter of Authenticity claims. I would suggest that since he claims to have saved so much memorabilia allegedly acquired from famous people that he would have some sort of evidence, such as a ticket stub, backstage pass, un-photoshopped photo from the show. He has not offered any of this. I would also submit that since it has been proven that the claims in the Letter of Authenticity are false and that it surely wasn’t written by SRV (not knowing where the serial number was, that he played the guitar on two songs during the encore and that Joe Cocker sang one of them). This would leave one to conclude that it is most likely that since Larry was selling the guitar and he was providing the Letter of Authenticity as proof and that the guitar was proven to be a forgery and the claims in the letter aren’t true one can only conclude that he forged the Letter of Authenticity too. Let me remind you that the STARTING price for it in 1995 was $125,000.

11: There is no evidence whatsoever that Stevie Ray Vaughan ever tried to play guitar left handed.

This guitar was auctioned again in 2016 by Gurnsey’s where the asking price was $102,000.

You can see the Letter of Authenticity alleged to have been written by SRV as well as the guitar fitting the same description as the described by the original buyer

Here is the text from the auction site:

“Lot 0284 Details
Shipping & Payment
Auction Terms & Info

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Owned & Signed c. 1966-67 Fender Stratocaster. UNRESERVED. Serial#: 191460. Stevie Ray Vaughan owned and signed 1966-67 Fender Stratocaster in a three-tone Sunburst finish. The signature is broad and in gold ink, dated " '90," and also present on this guitar are some worn stickers; one group of stickers reads "SRV" and the other, located on the pickguard, is rather worn and faded but the word "Cobras" is visible. Vaughan played with Paul Ray and the Cobras in Austin, Texas from 1975 until 1977. This Fender's silver neckplate is etched in block letters "STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN DALLAS, TX." Paperwork inside the case with more of Vaughan's handwriting.

Good playable condition
Starting Bid
Buyer's Premium
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Owned & Signed c. 1966-67 Fender
Auction ended on Sat, Feb 27, 2016
See Sold Price|
Estimate $250,000 - $500,000
|Sell a Similar Item
Internet Bid
Competing Bid
Starting Bid
Save Item
Interested in this item?
Save to 'Saved Items' to access later.
65 East 93rd Street
New York, NY 10128
United States

Guernsey’s says the guitar’s silver neck plate is etched in block letters “STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN DALLAS, TX,” and will be sold with paperwork inside the case with more of Vaughan’s handwriting. 

Lot#: 284
Condition: Good playable condition
Estimate: $250,000 – $500,000 
Starting Bid: $75,000
Sold For: $80,000
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Owned & Signed c. 1966-67 Fender Stratocaster
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Owned Fender Stratocaster
This three-tone sunburst Strat was owned and signed by SRV, according to Guernsey’s. The gold ink signature is broad and dated ‘90. Also present on this guitar are some worn stickers; one group of stickers reads “SRV” and the other, located on the pickguard is rather worn and faded, but the word “Cobras” is visible. Vaughan reportedly played with Paul Ray and the Cobras in Austin, Texas, from 1975 until 1977.”

There is a podcast interview online with Larry talking about this guitar and claiming that it was stolen from him and that the signature is real and that it was not auctioned off by him. His claims are proven false because the original purchaser of the guitar is 1995 posted that he directly spoke with Larry about the guitar when he bought it as Larry was the seller. He specifically says that the signature is a forgery and Larry lied to him about it being played at the Essex Jct. Show and that he lied about there being photos of SRV playing it.
One other handwritten document that I received directly from Larry Warren was a letter of authenticity allegedly from Rene Martinez for a Crybaby Fuzz Wah guitar effects pedal that had allegedly belonged to SRV that Larry also gave me

I never believed that the foot pedal belonged to SRV as the handwriting here was too similar to the handwriting in Larry’s letter to me a year prior as well as many other reasons. At this point I would like to start dissecting and comparing documents connected directly to Larry Warren. Beginning with this document. One of the things that seems hard to swallow is that Rene Martinez makes the same kind of S’s as Larry…and SRV and apparently Tommy Shannon on a promo shot I received directly from Larry where all of the members of Double Trouble autographed it…and their handwriting is all the same.

It would seem unlikely that so many people to also use backward 3's for E's

Just as a side note here, it would appear that the only time in Stevie Ray’s life that he didn’t use a backwards 3 for and E was when he allegedly signed Larry’s leather jacket which was given to me directly from Larry which he mentions in his letter and says was signed by SRV and has now been proven by JSA Authentication to be a forgery:
Note the small 'e' in 'Stevie' as well as Vaughan spelled incorrectly, “Vaughn”.
Upon scrutiny you will begin to see the use of different versions of certain letters across documents. There is second type of capital E used:
You will begin to see that sometimes multiple versions of a letter are used in the same document.

We can also compare these documents of mine to other documents directly from Larry Warren used when auctioning items. The same L appears in the alleged SRV letter for the guitar sold in 1885 and more recently by Guernsey’s as appears in other documents:
Genuine Yoko Ono signature, clearly leaning the wrong way

There is the same L used on the leather jacket which is a confirmed forgery.
Again, there are documents with multiple versions of the letter L:

Still waiting for the court of law thing to happen

Other letters appear as well across multiple documents such as a certain J:

This last one is from an album Larry gave directly to someone in Rutland, VT and it was alleged to have been signed by all members of the Grateful Dead.
There is also the use of a different J across multiple documents:

A third style of J is also used in multiple documents:

Also, the use of two different versions of J in the same document”

How about the letter 'C'?

You could compare letters all day long and find the same letter formations. 
As mentioned before, you can also find an awful lot of misspelled words. One in particular, “during” which appears across numerous documents as “durring”.

SRV's brother is actually Called Jimmie Lawrence Vaughan, not Lee as it states in the letter. "I now work with Jimmie Lee as his guitar tech"something Martinez would know if he has worked with the Vaughan's since the 80's. [Editors Note]

It seems very strange that Rene Martinez, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Charlie Lennon and Larry Warren all don’t know how to spell the word “during”.

More misspellings:

You could spend all day looking at letter formation across documents, look at how many times there is a combination of cursive and printing within documents, how many times handwriting changes within the same document (for example the mention of John Lennon prompts letter formation similar to his). There are certainly enough glaring things wrong with these documents for anyone to suspect they were all written by the same person.

Duane Carleton. 2019

Some Final Points From Sacha

As Duane just said, you really can spend days on end finding problems with the various items included in this blog, but not only this blog but the many blogs about forged memorabilia that came before this tome. I encourage you all to do your own homework. Please feel free to use anything included in any of these blogs. Double check what I am saying, disect my research and Duane's, do your own analysis on the handwriting. I will at some point gather together the many and ever growing number of handwriting samples we have. We now have original pieces, I have more items coming to me in the near future. 

Apart from the very obvious forgeries you have seen within this blog, there are many more issues with other aspects of Larry Warren's life and what he claims to be the truth. Everything he says comes with a controversy, if you look closely enough you will find things I have, as yet, missed. 

Up to now Warren has told everyone that I am a drug addled nymphomaniac who abuses my children, that I have spent a year inside a 'nuthouse' or a 'mental hospital' in fact his exact words were "Ex nuthouse Inmate" just look at the language. You are an inmate in a psychiatric prison hospital, maybe, but certainly not in any psychiatric ward in this country or even century. 

Gary Heseltine parrots Warren's lies and adds his own to the crazy lady narrative. I am infatuated with Warren and that is all there is to this. There is no evidence against Larry Warren, and he should know what evidence is because he worked for the Transport Police. He says because he hasn't been convicted of crimes, he is innocent. He says this is all a fatal attraction thing. I am just a bunny boiler.

You can make your own mind up, based on actual evidence, not the desperate gossip of a bunch of lying misogynists. This is all Sacha Christie's opinion Gary Heseltine recently stated on a thread on Grant Cameron's page. You can read that here.

I wrote an open letter to Gary heseltine with many audio and video segments of Warren saying different things and Lying. It is eleven months since publishing that blog, he ignored it completely and tells people it is just my opinion. You can read that here

It's not my opinion Gary Heseltine of Ufo Truth (decay) Magazine and here is the evidence, official and backed up by a further nine other memorabilia experts.

In September 2016 I was convinced I would be able to involve the authorities and tried to report these crimes to Merseyside police without success. They treated me like I have special needs, refused to take statements from me even though another constabulary wanted a statement to secure an arrest of someone who had threatened to shoot my friends family and cut off his nose, he then went onto say if you retaliate in any way I will do the same to Sacha Christie and he handed my address over to prove he had it.

The police attended my address three times doing welfare checks when I wanted to make a statement to them, then finally sent an officer to my address who we believed would be taking a statement for Bradford Police. Instead she refused to take the statement and shouted at us for 40 minutes.

A complaint to the IPCC was pointless, they couldn't even get the  names of the people involved right and said they had investigated, they can only investigate after a statement has been made. They did no such thing.

The police also told my local MP that they had investigated my claims and so he didn't help either. Then Warren said on one of his many radio shows which were just platforms for verbal assault, that he had family in the police here in Merseyside and of course, we all know he is keeping company with an ex transport police officer. Warren mentioning the fact he has family in Merseyside Police indicates corruption.

Below are the documents I prepared for the authorities. They did not take them from me and told me they do not investigate fraud and that I had to inform Trading Standards which I did. Quite blatantly they haven't investigated him as he is still selling forged memorabilia on auction sites. 

A reminder of the official analysis that denotes this item is forged memorabilia.

Document One My Experience of Larry Warren (Takes you to another blog page)
Document Two Larry Warren's Auction Items
Document Three Larry Warren Auction Sales
Open Letter to the music and memorabilia industry

Larry Warren wants us to believe he is 19 in this photo. 

Blog re John Lennon friendship here
Blog re SRV Frienship here
Blog re Warren Drunk In Live stream claims "I was PA to the Beachboys in the late 70's"
Blog re Adrian Bustinza and Rendlesham here
Blog How The RFI whistle was really blown here
Google Drive Link to audio of the Merseyside Police Officers visit here

Note, she didn't even introduce herself, I found out who she was when I received the very ill informed IPCC response which dismissed me completely, the names were incorrect, the information within was not even true.

Apparently if you are a part of the UFO and Paranormal community then you deserve everything you get, including being trolled daily by no less than 50 people. They would not use the Malicious Communications Laws and denied me my right as a UK citizen to report any of the crimes being committed. I was in fact abused by the WPC who attended in April to take a statement for Bradford Police but refused to, stating "I don't work for Bradford Police",  also I was  patronised by the other officers that attended who decided they needed to act as social workers rather than police officers.

As you can see from the evidence I collated in the documents by September 2016, there are crimes to be reported. I estimate that since 2011 Warren has generated at least £80,000.00 from his fraudulent sales. There is probably more out there to find but I think I was throrough enough to warrant further investigation by the authorities. Since that time many more sales have happened.

I stopped disrupting his sales and have allowed him to continue to commit crimes so that there will be something recent to prosecute him for. They include a Jimi Hendrix jacket for £15,000, a Jimi Hendrix ring for £8,000 and a Jimi Hendrix painting that I saw him paint, for another £15,000. Other items in the auctions recently are John Lennon sketches and other assorted Lennon items as shown in the document titles 'Auction Items'.

Some of his items were showcased on the BBC Look North News Rydale Auction Featured on BBC. I managed to alert the Auctioneer who actually wasn't impressed with me but i had forced the situation upon him by plastering the evidence I had on their Facebook page. They informed the attendees of the issues posted on their Facebook page and gave them a period of time to check.

These items have been through several auctions, iIoutline them in the auction Items and Sales documents I converted into blogs. (posted above). It was also featured on the BBC Look North TV News show I think Sian Lloyd was the reporter. I haven't been able to locate that piece online, iIknow it exists though. I will continue to search.

Recent Auction Sales, Evidence of Attempted Fraud

On the 1st of December 2017 I discovered these items for sale in yet another auction. I actually conferred with May Pang, who is John Lennon's ex girlfriend,who indicated to me which items were definitely not John's. attempts to contact Yoko Ono and Julian Lennon have been unsuccessful as yet. Efforts continue.

There was a very significant reaction from Peter Robbins who was Warren's Co Author until Peter realised Warren was and had always been, lying to him. He discovered items that he had given Warren that were part of Peter's collection of sentimental items of his sister Helen Wheels. Helen died in 2000, Peter gave warren those items because he genuinely believed Warren would have some sentiment for them.

Yet again another sample of Warren's handwriting compare to the alleged Lennon sketch below

A previous example re his spelling. He signed this himself. Everything goes back to him and it is all his own handwriting.
As you can see the above items all look to have been written by Warren. Peter vehemently insists those flyers he gave warren had no writing on them. Not one signature. he can prove they came from his sisters estate as there is an official stamp on them. This was just last year, there have been sales since.

Just so you know if you are an American living in this country (Liverpool) and you sell items online without an official business, you can get away with it. You can do anything you want to do. You don't have to pay Income Tax, VAT or Capital Gains tax. You can send death threats, hand out peoples adresses while connecting them to terror attacks without a single consequence.

You can get together a big group of men to attack a person relentlessly and try and drive them to suicide just as Warren did to me, his full intention was to have me malfunction so dramatically that I couldn't even speak, to remove all my friends and support and hope that you catch the mind of a dangerous lunatic who would be another Mark Chapman as Warren mentioned many times. You will see from the other documentation I have provided that this is indeed the case.

Duanes evidence underlines mine. You tell me... Am I just a crazy, ex nuthouse inmate, drug addict who is in love with Larry Warren who moved him into our home so I could have an affair with him under the noses of my parter and children? Or do you also think there is a very big problem here? If you do please feel free to contact Merseyside Police and tell them yourselves.

I am just a UFO nutter who shouldn't be listened to because I have had depression, I have ADHD and have had mental health issues which were post natal, I was post natally depressed when Warren moved in with us, our daughter was just ten months old when he moved in, she was 14 months old when the attacks started.

Warren and his accomplices also falsely reported me for working while claiming disability benefits a total of four times. They also reported me to social services for abusing my children and being a drug addict. Think about that for a second. They tried to have my benefits stopped and my children taken from me. They failed. This was not considered to be harassment by the police.

At some point I will redact the Independent Police Complaints Commission and post that online with the threats of death and harm in order so you can see how the police bunched many death threats and threats of harm into one complaint and ignored it all rather than treating each incident as a crime, which they were under the malicious communications laws that only seem to serve to protect politicians who have been parodied online.

From let to right. Alyson Dunlop, James Welsh and Sacha Christie. Get some is a military term for killing people.

This happened when I realised he had stolen Adrian Bustinza's account and said so in public.

He said this because I said I was going to go to a conference he was talking at to ask him why his account was exactly like Adrians, verbatim. He was subsequently banned from the premises by Glasgow University. I was blamed for this and trolled for it. It had nothing to do with me. I wanted him to talk, I wanted to know what his narrative was.  
This was said when he had joined forces with Nigel Mortimer to have me run off the scene, this was when he was handing out my home address to the most undesirable people you can imagine.

If you have anything you wish to add or you are one of Larry Warren's victims please contact me at this email address;

The show below is an Interview with Ronnie Dugdale who is Britains Leading Rendlesham Researcher. He is in contact with many of the Rendlesham Incidents participants and witnesses, some are public, most are not. He has an excellent insight into the events due to knowing pretty much everyone who has been involved in whatever capacity, during the events and afterwards in the 37 years of the many research findings since the events occurred. He will hate me saying it but it is the truth.

                                                  Sacha Christie and Ronnie Dugdale

  Larry Warren and the Alien Base Under Bentwaters and Woodbridge Recording
                                                            Excerpts of Lies

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