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Question time for Gary Heseltine

Gary Heseltine attacks Phil Mantle for liking a post on the Rendlesham UFO group. 

I was sent this screenshot today... Gary Heseltine is attacking Phil Mantle for 'liking' a post on the Rendlesham UFO Group. He posted this on his page. 
"ONLINE PERSONAL VERBAL ABUSE: There is one thing that sadly the creation of social media has unleased on the world and that is the emergence of the troll phenomena. People who post verbal personal abuse at others when they disagree with the other person's viewpoint. These people should be universally condemned by ordinary decent human beings and FB is clearly failing those that use its platform. These people need to be policed by the FB platform. People have committed suicide, teenagers bulled by online abuse on the many forms of social media that now dominate the modern world. People need to step up and openly condemn those that would post personal abusive verbal messages. I don't mind if people have different opinions to me but I will not accept those that dish out personal verbal abuse. FB needs to get a grip and work with the police to bring genuine criminal legislation to pass. They are five years behind properly policing their own platform. So, it is in that context that I post the following image because ANYONE who supports online verbal abuse either directly or indirectly with the trolls on any subject is no friend of mine on this platform. For over two years I have been trolled almost daily with verbal personal abuse by a small number of people (around 50) on FB simply because I dared to support Larry Warren, the original military whistleblower of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident from late December 1980. As a result they attack UFO Truth Magazine and over the last year anything connected with the upcoming release of the RFI themed documentary Capel Green. Now I can take this abuse but many people, young people in particular who endure such abuse may crumble and succumb to the constant hate that they receive. People need to realise that online personal verbal abuse is WRONG in a civilised society and should condemn all forms of this vile personal abuse rather than sit on the fence, often fearful that they too will become a target for these online abusers. People around the world need to wake up and come together to make a stand against those that would verbally abuse others. They do not realise that by engaging in dialogue with these online abusers that indirectly they are giving them a message saying to them it's OK and so they continue. I am telling you that It is not OK for people to verbally abuse others and to ignore this trend we do so at our peril. Like I said above those that interact with trolls are no friends of mine and will be unfriended on this platform forthwith. GH."

This is exactly what Nigel Mortimer did. "If you are friends of theirs I am deleting you". Also ironic he should mention suicide when Warren's intention was to have me kill myself or to have me murdered. Handing out my home address while people made constant threats, especially Warren. You now choose to be concerned about bullying? YOU are the bully now. Warren has vanished from Facebook, so YOU are the bully.

You should have kept your nose out of it all. This was about Warren and I challengerd HIM. YOU decided to make this your business a long time after I started revealing the evidence. Now you are calling others the bully! This is MY LIFE and YOU made it YOUR business when it had absolutely NOTHING to do with you!!! YOU attacked me and started spreading LIES about my mental health, telling people I am a heroin addict and I abuse my children and live in filth!! You say I LOVE him and moved him in to have an affair with him!! You are insane.

You run on gossip, you have literally NEVER been anywhere near my home, you don't KNOW that!! You listened to a liar. You are disgusting. 

All you have done Gary Heseltine is finger point at people for swearing and asking reasonable questions, all while calling them trolls. Anyone who asks a question is a troll. The reason is simple, the questions being asked, they reveal the lies. Every time Warren is asked a question he gives a different answer. Every time you ask questions the answers are accepted without checking them. You accept anything Warren says. 

It is interesting to see that in the show Tino did with Warren, Warren gives certain answers then months later when you Gary, did the Facebook video, the answers change! 

Below: Tino asks Warren the questions we have been asking, apart from the John Lennon Photo and the Hells Angels. Warren tells more lies on top of already debunked lies. Tino's Question Time;

For the latest video of Warren and Heseltine, click this exit link (takes you to Warren's public facebhook post)

Come on GH Stop avoiding the DIFFICULT questions. 

The video you did the other day only proved that Warren knew Peter's sister.

What about Adrian saying he left Warren after taking cameras off people and then left him there and went off with Halt? Why doesn't he tell the same story as Warren? Why does Warren say they were together until 4.30am? According to Warren they are together all night and have one hell of an adventure. 

Why does Adrian say he was debriefed alone and was told he had to say it was the lighthouse and if they didn't bullets are cheap. Warren goes on about a huge epic debriefing where they were told all about ufo's and shown classified footage and had their security clearance upgraded. Why doesn't Adrian say that??? I have seen Warren deny this ever took place, at the MUFON 2010 conference he states he NEVER said any of that, yet it is his book!!! 

In fact there are so many clips of him contradicting himself, I put together two hours of him doing that and read out the chapter in HIS BOOK where he tells everyone what went on in the underground base with the alien talking to him telepathically. The book that the publisher discontinued publishing because of lies. A book Warren said He asked to be pulled too. Well it was suspended in October, in November Warren said pull it too, AFTER it was suspended. He now says he asked for the book to be pulled, but when someone asked Capel Green (the Facebook page) if Warren still stood by his book, the answer was 100% YES. So he stands by the underground base bit then? Skip to one minute in in the video below.

The show I created with clips of Warren lying and contradicting himself. 

I have to ask Gary Heseltine to address these things;

The John Lennon photo

Duane Carleton outed Warren as a fraud with his professional analysis of the jacklet Warren gave him that turned out to be a forgery. What about Duane Gary?

Why does he say he Co-Signed Metallica? Michael Alago signed them.

What about the A10 photo? What about the fact that is fake and was uploaded by himself onto his facebook. What about the fact you can clearly see him in the reflection. 

What about the Hells Angels? They went to his home after seeing him flash unearned patches on a live YouTube stream and took them from him. That is when you started doing radio shows telling people I love him and flipped because I couldn't have him! Is that the best you have got? That is your EVIDENCE. As a police officer you would or rather SHOULD know that is hearsay, in the real world we call that A LIE. Just a thought, did you think that had something to do with me? I even have Hells Angels under control with my mind powers? 

Just a note to let you know the stamp on the flyers PETER gave Warren have the words "From the estate of Helen Wheels" that estate did not exist until AFTER she died. That is what an estate is. Here is the definition;
" After someone dies, someone (called the deceased person's 'executor' or 'administrator') must deal with their money and property (the deceased person's 'estate'). They need to pay the deceased person's taxes and debts, and distribute his or her money and property to the people entitled to it."

Helen's friend did NOT take that flyer around for it to be signed and what the hell happened to Andy Warhol? How come he forgot how to spell Campbell's on the can of soup he allegedly drew, but spelled it CAMBELLS??? Likely that Audrey Hepburn would be there too? No.

Then there is this show, and it was a show. You squirm and cringe, everyone looks like they want to tell him to shut the hell up rather than being impressed by his fascinating and colourful life. It is actually both hilarious and utterly outrageous. PA for the beach boys.... Wow! aged 18!

He says in your video Gary that he forced himself backstage and that is how he got into the biz. We know this is true because of Duane Carleton's revelations of him. He knew Warren way back in the mid 90's when Warren forced himself backstage and got booted out. So why does he tell Tino that he left the USAF and went straight into Broadcasting School and that his father got him the loan because he didn't get in on his qualifications from school and that's for sure. But wait... He said in a Facebook video that Peter made the mistake in their book. 

He blatantly was NOT a PA for the beach boys. He did NOT get a BA in communications from any university or school.

Those photos of SRV and Plant... Well I will leave the true story of that gig for a future blog. However, simple checks of his claims prove his them to be wrong. 

The Introduction in Left at East Gate

He reckons he was ARTIST COORDINATOR for the huge Madison Square Gardens 40th birthday party for Atlantic Records. Are you kidding?? Coordinating the bands???? He then states he was the tour publicist and the following night he was at a gig in NYC where Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robert Plant played, only they played in Connecticut not NYC.

A simple mistake I suppose, after all it was 1988. Funny then that he says he had the SRV jacket signed by SRV in 1986 at the same gig. Oops, it wasn't 1986 as it says on the signed jacket next to the proven to be forged signature on the back of it Warren is wearing in the photos, so he had the jacket signed by SRV then wore it for two years even though they were very good friends? But it was signed at that gig in '86 that didn't happen until '88.

click to enlarge

EDIT: here is the blog to the proof forgery and below is the interview with Warren's old friend from the 90's Duane Carleton. Duane has items Warren gave him, including a personal letter and a forged Rene Martinez letter. He had the jacket analysed, the signature is a forgery.

He can't keep his facts straight because they are not facts. Below is the entire concert video of the bands who Larry organised in his capacity as Artist Coordinator for the Atlantic Records 40th Birthday party at Madison Square Gardens in 1988. He was also Tour Publicist for Robert Plant and Stevie Ray Vaughan and every band ever. 

There is a question you keep asking GH... Why haven't the police arrested him? We keep asking the same question! Well I should think it has a lot to do with the fact he took a police helmet to ground zero from our local constabulary because HE HAS FAMILY IN THE FORCE. Saying someone is innocent because they haven't been charged is rubbish. You ought to know that as an ex detective.

Now I have a photo of him with the helmet and a copy of the video and other posts stating this, I can send that to my local MP and inform them of corruption can't I. The fact you are an ex transport police officer who runs a forum for police officers who see UFO's might also have something to do with it.
Larry Warren gifts a Police Helmet from Merseyside Police who refused to do anything when my life was being threatened and my home adress passed around while he called me a terrorist and Antifa. 

Also he said he was at Ground Zero because of his experience in the steel industry... To be in the pit you had to be there in an official capacity. When did he gain experience in the steel industry? He told Tino he did it at school FOR A WEEK and found it wasn't for him, so how was he there as an official advisor?

What was his job as a representative of the steel industry? Was he examining the remains for the investigation? Then he had to write reports yes? Use a computer? Have a significant education and then job experience?

If he was there in his capacity as an expert in the steel industry, not recovery, how did he recover the bodies of nine firefighters found in a pocket? 

Photo shown in the recent video. This is supposed to be evidence of Warren Investigating in his capacity as an expert in the steel industry. in the immediate aftermath.

Larry Warren at Spies and Lies Conference Liverpool telling the audience he was at Ground Zero

Why does the photo show him as a tourist? What was the photo of the remains of the towers? Did he say he took that himself,? You didn't state on the video, you just showed it. The image you showed was a cropped version of a larger photo and can be found on google with a simple google search, the colour has been adjusted but it is the same photo.
Unclear if Warren is suggesting he took this himself, it was added to last weeks video without any narrative or caption. Check for yourself with a reverse image search, this is a google image.

Gary Heseltine says he has seen a few of the photos. These are it. We have checked with everyone. The Fire Chief who was actually there, who does not want to get involved says he was not there. He isn't on a single register or public photo and there are many. Everyone who assisted was honoured. Warren was not honoured in any of those registers. 

Here he say's his brother was a part of the investigation but says his brother was almost killed by the attacks. Now his brother is CIA?

Warren reckons he visited GZ four times between October and March 2001. In that time machine he had to visit John Lennon I suppose?

Larr Warren's evidence that he met John Lennon just before he flew to the UK to Bentwaters.

Warren aged 19.
Larry Warren's evidence he knew Stevie Ray Vaughan

He also stated he was in the Mick Taylor Band for 2 years. Note in every image he has the same head. 

Warren had this sketch when he lived with us. He sold it for £10,000.00 he now say's I am trying to ruin his memorabilia business. 

It was May Pang that revealed the sketch to be fake. I just repeated the news. I didn't say he was a forger until this happened. I am not the only person to be saying these things. I have heard that the buyer is now suing Warren.

This is just a few of the issues and questions. It seems to us all that you are now actively engaging in a cover up of Warren's lies Gary. You are telling them with him. You are backing his lies up. You complain about other people swearing, yet Warren is the most abusive and foul mouthed person I have known in my life, which is saying something because I worked on a construction site for many years and have heard it all. 

Another lie is that David swears... He has only sworn in private messages and never on his facebook page. David is actually one of those people who really doesn't swear and if he does he apologises, he apologised to Tim for swearing at him in a private message. Private messages have nothing to do with you Gary. People swearing is nothing to do with you Gary and it actually shows how desperate you are by pointing that out, is that really all you have got? None of us claim to be professionals. We are members of the public and ex supporteres of Warren and yourself.  

You don't have any counter evidence. In your recent video the evidence of truths have shrunk massively and we can only say that conclusively is that you have proven two things. One is that Warren knew Peter Robbins sister. We know that, nobody said otherwise so why did you spend an inordinate amount of time explaining that? The second is that you are now entirely complicit in The Larry Warren Fraud.

After your video you wrote a post on your facebook page accusing ME or DAVE of creating fake photos to spread around, ypu don't mention us by name, you are too much of a coward to do that.  What is so funny about that is that all the photos were downloaded from Warren's own Facebook page! 

So I or Dave have manipulated images that Warren then put on his own Facebook profile as real? What evidence do you have of that Gary? For someone who professes to be a shit hot detective you are running on a lot of hearsay. Oh sorry, I swore. I hope it doesn't cause any satellites to fall out of the sky, after all, nobody swears do they? It affects your very delicate sensibilities and you finger point like a little child in a playground to the playground monitor. If you really only have that against us, I would give up if I were you. Where is the EVIDENCE of my lies? 

Also Warren complains that he is being attacked just after his mother died, well ironic that he should pull up that sympathy card and in the same month as Peter Robbins Father, Aunt and very close friend died, you should choose to launch this attack. 

Plenty for you to answer there Gary, but I know you won't ask him any of the questions above. You will continue to exact this total fraud on the UFO community, you will continue to attack everyone in British Ufology over an American, you don't have any support here now. We know you haven't been supported because you shouted your head off at a few people at the Awakening conference in Manchester, June 2018. You shouted at them in front of everyone because they didn't support you when you privately asked them all to support you when you sent a collage of my facebook posts where I swore. You are a misogynist and a bully. You even publicly named and shamed a woman for cancelling her subscription to UFO Truth (decay) Magazine. 

Now you are publicly naming and shaming Phil Mantle for liking a post. He hasn't supported me, he hasn't promoted anything, the post he liked wasn't even mine, just a short post of the truth about the film based on Warren.Yes, I have also had my moments with Phil, I didn't demand people unfriend me if they were friends with him and when we saw each other at a conference we were fine together because that is what grown ups do and for your information Phil was the first person to take an interest in our group UFO event along with Russ Callaghan. I was then a part of UFO Data for a while, we have history!  

Do you know what the massive shame is? If you had created a documentary about all the other witnesses and it was about their events, that would have been a fantastic concept. To make it about Warren and call it Capel Green, then interview people who were nowhere near Capel Green, it turns it into a fraudulent joke and you are doing that to all those people!! You KNOW Warren has lied and is therefore a liar but you are pretending I love Larry and have flipped. 

Gary posted this after finding out the A10 photo was fake and that it wasn't myself or Nick Pope who faked it then Warren somehow uploaded it onto his facebook page in 2013. He KNOWS Warren has lied. 

They look up to you Gary, they respect you and you are dragging them to hell with you.  None of those people were on Capel Green, some of them were on different times of the year and ALL of them were in different places. I have seen people saying it is good to see the other witnesses supporting Warren's narrative in the film, but Warren is the ONLY person to say anything happened on Capel Green. Also, Capel Green is NOT the field Warren calls Capel Green. It is over the road at the other side. I have a lot more to say on this particular aspect and will do so in a future blog.

Capel Green is over the road behind where Warren says it is. 

Below are some of the delightful things said about me and to me by Warren and the people who support him and attend your conference. So if I were you I would shut the hell up about how other people conduct themselves and get on with answering the questions. 

Added because here he says he was not a friend of John Lennons

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