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Hypnosis Session October 17, 1983, conducted by Fred Max and organized by Larry Fawcett:

“Max: We're going back to December 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 1980 ... to the location.
You're in the U. S. Air Force. You're on the base. I want you to tell me what true
and unusual event occurs. I want you to allow yourself to go back to the feeling
you were feeling at the time of the event. I want you to feel it - you have a uniform
on around you. I want you to feel how you felt those days. I want you to feel the
atmosphere of each of the people that are with you. I want to reproduce those
feelings in you and when you're ready, you can speak. Where are you now? What's
going on about you now?

Warren: Lights. A few law enforcement cars on the road.

Max: Who are you with?

Warren: Adrian (Bustinza), Lt. Englund, Master Sgt. Swift, and a few cops
hanging around.

Max: What are these lights with?

Warren: Police cars - lights on top.

Max: Where are you going?

Warren: Into the woods.

Max: Why?

Warren: I have no idea. A game? I don't know.

Max: What are you in now - a truck, or jeep or what?

Warren: A pickup truck.

Max: Back or front?

Warren: Back.

Max: Who's back there with you?

Max: What road?

Warren: Just a road in the trees.

Max: How many trucks? Are you alone or are there other trucks with you?

Warren: All around. There are three trucks behind us - law enforcement cars.

Max: How fast are you going?

Warren: Very slow - there's mud.

Max: Go on to the next thing that happens.

Warren: We stop. The road has ended.

Max: What do you see?

Warren: Major Malcolm Zickler and English.

Max: What do you mean, English?

Warren: English Air Force police and their dogs.

Max: What are they talking about?

Warren: They're far away from me. I'm supposed to get out.

Max: What happens next?

Warren: We take the chambers out of our weapon. We put them in the firearms
van. (laughs) People are coming out of the woods. Major Zickler fell in the mud.
He's a mess.

Max: Is it normal for you to take your truck and go somewhere and take the
bullets out of the rifle? Is that normal behavior?

Warren: No. If we're out on an exercise, we have blank adapters and blanks and
flash---? on the M-16 ...

Max: You took the chambers out - what did you put in?

Warren: We took the chambers out and turned in the weapons.

Max: And that's normal?

Warren: Yes. There are a few other vehicles and some flashlights coming
through the forest on the left. Now we form into five little groups with six of us per
group. All we have are flashlights and radios. When we walk into the woods, there
are some wire fences all over the place.

Max: Who is with you? Are you with five other people?

Warren: Adrian (Bustinza), Lt. Englund, Master Swift, Sgt. Laws.

Max: Is that it?

Warren: That's it. We're all divided into groups.

Max: Then what?

Warren: Just walking, a lot of radio contact, very strange.

Max: What's strange?

Warren: It's quiet.

Max: What's quiet?

Warren: Forest.

Max: It's too quiet, you mean?

Warren: It's dead.

Max: Are you talking among yourselves?

Warren: We're not supposed to. No.

Max: What are you looking for? Where are you going?

Warren: I don't know. ... I can see a yellow light. It's in the field.

Max: There's a yellow light in the field. Is it a normal light that you've seen

Warren: No. It's on the ground. It's round and flat. There's a helicopter tree-high.

Max: Are you still moving?

Warren: No, there's a stone wall. We're right next to it looking at this yellow

Max: Are you moving your arms or moving your legs? Are you doing anything?

Warren: No, we were told to stand still.

Max: Who told you?

Warren: Major Zickler.

Max: How did he say it?

Warren: Walkie talkie to Lt. Englund.

Max: Do you all have walkie talkies?

Warren: Just one with Lt. Englund.

Max: Are you within talking distance of Lt. Englund?

Warren: Five feet.

Max: Lt. Englund then relayed to you to stand still?

Warren: To all of us. ‘Stop here.’

Max: What's going on around you?

Warren: There's a camera. There's a light to my right.

Max: What do you mean a camera? Who's holding it?

Warren: It's on a man's shoulder.

Max: What man?

Warren: I don't know.

Max: What time of day is it now?

Warren: 12:35 AM. [specific date unknown to Warren, but fits early morning
hours of Dec. 28, 1980, events described by Airman John Burroughs, Sgt. Adrian
Bustinza and Deputy Base Commander at the time, Lt. Col. Charles I. Halt.]

Max: How can you see the man with the camera?

Warren: It's well lit, the whole area.

Max: Where did the man with camera come from?

Warren: They were there already.

Max: Is he civilian?

Warren: I don't think so. (pause) Adrian has seen it (like in Alaska before).

Max: What does he (Adrian) say?

Warren: He's seen it before, the thing on the ground. He told me just now.

Max: What did Adrian say?

Warren: It's just like what happened before.

Max: You could hear him say that to you?

Warren: He said it quietly. I'm right next to him. It's strange.

Max: What does the object look like?

Warren: Looks like a lens from a glass. It's on the ground - small.

Max: Is it as big as a Volkswagon?

Warren: It's bigger around. It's only a foot off the ground in height.

Max: What is its diameter?
Warren: It's about 25 feet across (25 feet diameter by 12 inches high). There are
many people, officers.

Max: You're saying that many people are witnessing this?

Warren: Yes. There's a conversation.

Max: What conversation are you hearing?

Warren: A lot of radio transmission. Some helicopters - you can hear them.

Max: You're hearing much radio transmission with helicopters, helicopters are
speaking to the people on the ground?

Warren: Yes.

Max: What happens next?

Warren: We're walking through the stuff on the ground - it sticks (mud). John's
over there.

Max: John who?

Warren: Blond person. He's pretty messed up. He isn't standing. We're watching.

Max: What is he doing on the ground?

Warren: Holding his head.

Max: Why?

Warren: He's crying.

Max: Crying because he's scared?

Warren: Seems so.

Max: Are you?

Warren: No.

Max: Why not?

Warren: I don't know what's going on. Seems fake. A drill. A joke. Staring at it.

Standing near.

Max: How close?

Warren: 5 feet.

Max: Who is with you at 5 feet?

Warren: Sgt. Swift, Adrian, Thompson, Capt. Verona.

Max: Then what happens?

Warren: Some kind of lights - red lights.

Max: Red lights where?

Warren: It's out in the wood! (says with exclamation)

Max: This craft in front of you, does it look like anything you've seen before?

Warren: It doesn't look like a craft.

Max: What does it look like?

Warren: Like a plastic platform of some kind.

Max: OK, what's next?

Warren: Red light in the trees coming down. Just stops.

Max: Stops where?

Warren: Over the site. And we're just staring at it - the red light is like a baseball,
that size.

Max: Like a glowing red baseball?

Warren: A glowing red thing - it just sits there. Then it just broke!

Max: What just broke?

Warren: The light - a flash - we're walking back away from it.

Max: Why?

Warren: To get away from it.

Max: Why?

Warren: I don't know, I don't know what it is.

Max: Are you scared?

Warren: No.

Max: Is anyone scared?

Warren: Surprised. The whole thing (25-foot-diameter ‘aspirin’) has turned into a
[ triangle-shaped] ship on the ground! And everything's slowed, you can't move

Max: What does the ship look like?

Warren: Strange.

Max: What do you mean?

Warren: This thing is [ was] round.

Max: How do you feel about seeing a ship in front of you? Does it still look like a

Warren: I think it is.

Max: Why?

Warren: So fast! [25-foot-diameter, white, glowing ‘aspirin’ changed into the
triangle-shaped craft.]

Max: Who'd play such a joke?

Warren: I don't know.

Max: Is anybody laughing?

Warren: No.

Max: Are any of you conversing about this? What are you saying to your friend
who said to you he's seen one before? What's he saying now?

Warren: He's silent.

Max: What's ---? saying about it? Or Englund?

Warren: Just looking at it.

Max: Are you looking at each other like what do you make of this?

Warren: Not looking at anyone.

Max: Does the ship have wings?

Warren: Looks like it.

Max: How?

Warren: There are points on the side, on the two sides and lights.

Max: What shape is it?

Warren: Like a triangle.

Max: What happened to the round shape? [ That's the ‘aspirin’ that disappeared
and was replaced by the triangle-shaped craft.]

Warren: I'm not sure I can describe it to you (laughs).

Max: Are there windows?

Warren: No.

Max: What color is it?

Warren: Silverish white.

Max: If you were to run your hand along it, would it feel smooth?

Warren: No, it has things all over it like boxes.

Max: What do you mean boxes? Would a geodesic dome be a reasonable analogy?

Warren: I don't know what that is.

Max: A pattern within a pattern within a pattern.

Warren: Yes!

Max: Is it like Epcott's honeycomb pattern? [ Disney World's Epcott Center with
silver geodesic dome in Orlando, Florida.]

Warren: Similar.

Max: What is the reaction of people around you?

Warren: Officers seem calm.

Max: How do you know that?

Warren: Because they are watching us. They seem to know, they seem to expect.
There's Col. [ Gordon] Williams and some people with him.

Max: Who is Col. Williams?

Warren: The Commander.

Max: Is there anyone with him?

Warren: Men are with him.

Max: You're all right near the craft?

Warren: Yes. Everyone is in groups.

Max: Do you hear helicopters when they fly?

Warren: Yes.

Max: Do you hear dogs barking?

Warren: In the distance.

Max: How far in the distance?

Warren: About half a mile.

Max: OK, what's next?

Warren: People are under the ship.

Max: How do you know that?

Warren: I see them, there's four.

Max: Do they look like human people?

Warren: No, like small kids. They are in the air.

Max: Who is in the air?

Warren: They are.

Max: Independent of their craft?

Warren: Yes.

Max: How are they doing that?

Warren: I don't know.

Max: Are you scared yet?

Warren: A little. Funny, there's three of them in front of Col. Williams and four
in front of us [ total of 7 small entities].

Max: Are you all talking to each other yet asking what's going on here?

Warren: Laughing, nervous.

Max: Who are you talking to?

Warren: Steve

Max: What did you say to him?

Warren: Just amazed!

Max: What's the craft doing?

Warren: Just sitting there.

Max: These small entities, how did they get out of the craft? Are there doors or

Warren: Nothing I can see on it.

Max: You mean these beings came out as if they went through the craft's surface?

Warren: There might have been a door away rom me on the other side. I don't
know. They were just there. There's a light, a green light.

Max: What's being said to Col. Williams?

Warren: I'm too far away.

Max: Who is talking to Col. Williams?

Warren: These things.

Max: Is the Colonel looking at them?

Warren: Oh, yeah! He's looking down on them because they are smaller.

Max: Are they on the ground?

Warren: They're at that level (floating?) There's one right near us.

Max: Col. Williams is looking down at them. Is he conversing with them?

Warren: Yes.

Max: Does Col. Williams look comfortable?

Warren: Very.

Max: Has he seen them before?

Warren: I don't know.

Max: Let's think about this. Is it unusual for a craft to come upon the ground and
suddenly beings come out that are 3-feet-tall and fly above this person and he talks
to them and he's calm and comfortable?

Warren: Col. Williams just doesn't seem worried about it.

Max: Are you?

Warren: It's like a dream. It doesn't seem real.

Max: From your gut, is it real?

Warren: I think so.

Max: Take a look at the face of the being near you. How would you describe that

Warren: Strange. Large eyes, black - like a toy.”

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