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Gary Heseltine releases statement. A10 photo IS a fake. Warren says "It wasn't me"

Just posted by Gary Heseltine: THE BARRY GREENWOOD PHOTOGRAPHS
 In late January, 2017 I put out a magazine statement saying that Larry Warren had found the original A10 colour print.
 I stated that a 600 dpi scan should be taken of the original print and that either the original or the high-res scan should be sent to the renowned photo analyst Bruce Maccabee as he had been involved in the earlier analysis of the enhanced A10 image produced by Richard Martens in 2014.
 In recent days I became aware of a statement made by Barry Greenwood, the respected US co-author of the book, Clear Intent, which had included several pages devoted to the Rendlesham Forest incident. He stated that he had a set of original scan images that Larry Warren had given to his co-author Larry Fawcett showing pictures of the forest, that he believed were taken during Larry’s honeymoon in 1985.
 Given the fact that I had reported the A10 story in UFO Truth magazine (issue 10) I feel a sense of involvement to investigate the story to its conclusion.
 In recent days, I have been in direct communication with Barry Greenwood to try and clarify the origins of the A10 image.
 As a result, he sent me 9 sets of 3 photos – 27 pictures in total (all at the 600 dpi resolution) which he stated were Larry’s pictures of the forest taken during his honeymoon in the summer of 1985.
 These photos included the A10 image which people are familiar with.
 When I examined the high-resolution image he supplied of the A10 photo it immediately became clear to me that it was by far the best quality image of the A10 picture I had ever seen and that it did not show anomalous images above the aircraft.
 If the high-quality image does not contain any anomalous image then it begs the question where did Robert Marten’s get his A10 picture from in which to make his enhancements?
 Martens stated that he had copied the picture from a photo album that was on Larry Warren’s original FB page.
 Note: Larry Warren will state that his original FB page was hacked in the summer of 2015 and he lost access to all of the photos contained in the albums on his page. That hacking forced him to create another FB identity profile page in the name of Lawrence Warren.
 Larry Warren’s account in brief is that he took the A10 image on the morning of the 27th December, 1980 using a Keystone 110 camera and that he’d taken a few random shots of the base/forest before going into Ipswich with several friends and then returning to the base later in the day so he could go onto shift later that night – a night that would become the 3rd night of UFO activity at the base.
 For over 30 years Larry Warren had paid no attention whatsoever to the A10 image because he had never seen anything other than the A10 aircraft and the forest in the picture.
However, that all changed in the summer of 2014 when he was contacted by Mick Sayer on FB who told that he believed there was ‘something’ above the A10 aircraft. Then he was contacted by Robert Martens who sent him what he said was an enhanced image of the strange object seen above the A10 (and supposedly derived from the A10 image in Larry Warren’s original FB album).
 This enhanced image clearly showed a structured-like object above the A10.
 Larry was amazed by this ‘find’ and told me about it which led me to write the article that appeared on it in issue 10. At the end of the article I stated that there was a need for the original negative to be found to confirm the anomalies seen above the A10.
 Barry Greenwood believes that the high-quality image of the A10 is from summer 1985 whilst Larry Warren maintains that it was taken on December 27th, 1980.
 WithIn the 9 sets of 3 images that Barry Greenwood sent me there were several that contained images of a man and a woman walking around the forest and wearing light clothing and not carrying any coats. One of the sets also showed a picture of Larry Warren himself wearing a light cardigan type top and not carrying any coat.
 The light clothing and lack of coats appears to be consistent with them having been taken during spring/summer period and do not appear to have been taken during mid-winter and thus appears to be consistent with Barry Greenwood’s belief that they were taken during the summer of 1985 whilst Larry Warren was on his honeymoon in the UK.
 Only one person can be right? Was the A10 image taken in 1980 or in 1985?
 How can the BG ‘original’ A10 image show no anomaly whilst the LW ‘original’ print appears to show at least one anomalous image?
 Ultimately as Barry Greenwood suggests in his email to me there is a need to examine the original batch of negatives for both the Bentwaters series and Larry Warren’s honeymoon photos, however, as far as I am aware, the negatives for both sets cannot be found and almost certainly after several decades are unlikely ever to be found.
 I want to add one point on the A10 date controversy especially in light of the high resolution image supplied by Barry Greenwood - If the A10 picture was taken during the summer of 1985 how come the ground ferns which are everywhere in the forest are brown in colour?
 During spring and summer the ferns are predominantly green and litter the ground extensively. I can attest to this as I have visited Rendlesham Forest in the summer on several occasions.
 I find the colour of the ferns in the foreground of the photo being BROWN to be a very strong indicator that the A10 photo had been taken in December 1980 as Larry Warren has always stated and not in 1985.
 Given the BG images I went back to Larry Warren for an explanation. This was his response sent to me today on Wednesday 1st February 2017,
“Gary...............Larry Fawcett attended my wedding. When I got back I GAVE him and his wife Lois some pictures of our visit to LONDON.... Cin and I went to Ipswich one day and to Bentwaters.........the airman I don't recall his name...........yes, some pictures ARE of the place with my wife in them.
 The A 10 picture follows right after the main gate alert photo as found in our book...........has ZERO to do with 85....
 In 85 F15s were the aircraft at BW.........
 When Fawcett died Lois GAVE Greenwood ALL of LFs archives including photos....I had provided the A 10 picture to LF with others for the Japense to use on pre shows before I went to Japan in 1984 and it and other service related shots were used by the Japanese in a 1984 TV show in Tokyo.........of course I had no idea what was in the shot...........ANY negatives are long gone....i.e. the 110 ASA negs........due to moves, a major flood at my sisters in the 1990s etc. Hope this helps cheers L
 *Note – this has had some of the grammer/spelling corrected for easier reading.
 I have checked the records for Betwaters and at least one squadron of A10s were still operational from Bentwaters until the late 80s so that information does not add to the evidence either way.
 These developments do cast some doubt as to the origin of the A10 photo especially the year it was taken but without the negatives I don’t think we will ever know the definitive answer.
 Given the discovery of the relevant negatives being highly unlikely I believe that the colour of the ferns shown in the foreground of the A10 image i.e. brown, offers the most compelling circumstantial evidence that the picture was taken in December 1980.
 As for the anomalous images found in 2014 Larry cannot offer an explanation as to how Robert Martens managed to enhance Larry’s FB A10 image to the level he attained.
 I myself have tried to enhance the image above the A10 but cannot get anywhere near the structured-like shape that Martens produced and the level of detail he attained is a mystery to me.
 One thing I am pretty certain of is that the original BG print of the A10 does not contain any anomalous images yet I cannot think of one logical reason why someone – Larry Warren - would go to the trouble of fabricating a hoax image, placing it on FB in 2011 in the blind hope that some unknown eagle-eyed person on FB might spot it and thus change history!
 Bearing in mind that it is a matter of public record that Larry Warren has never claimed to have seen any anomalous image (s) in his original print during the decades he has had it in his possession until he was made aware of an anomaly in 2014 on FB by Mick Sayer.
 In effect this renders the Martens enhancement picture to be a mystery in itself and should be considered unsound in terms of proving that there was a genuine anomalous object above the A10.
 Personally having looked at all the evidence I do not believe that there was one.
 As I have always said that the evidence falls where it falls and I will not back away from publishing the facts, whether I like them or not.
 These are the facts as I know them to be.
 I want to personally thank Barry Greenwood for his cooperation and for the excellent photos he supplied to me.
 On a final note, I want to make this point, these developments do not alter my opinion that Larry Warren was the original witness whistleblower for the RFI and that he was involved in the third night of UFO activity on the base.
 His involvement is a matter of public record as a result of the testimonies of both Sergeant Adrian Bustinza, airman Steve Longero and others who place him there and being involved in the 3rd night of activity.
 I will be placed this update in the forthcoming issue of UFO Truth Magazine (issue 23).
 Gary Heseltine Editor, UFO Truth Magazine

So Warren blames the hack that happened three years after the photo was uploaded, the hack he blames my partner for. The ONLY person that hack ever convenienced is HIM.

So I did do it or my partner did it or that guy did it? Even though Mick Sayer said he noticed it the year before and didn't say anything? Are you shitting us all? WOW.

So do I have a time machine? I can go back in time and mess with his stuff can I?

I've gone DEAF with the thunderous sound of back peddling.

No statement to the effect that you do NOT have proof SC (ME) messed with the A10 picture then? NO YOU HAVEN'T.

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