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The latest Warrengate developments including (new) Podcast with Alyson Dunlop

Ben's analysis "proving" it's not Warren. why not use a photo with glasses?

According to Ben Emlyn Jones and Larry Warren this is me.

ADX files Warrengate Show

This week has been nothing but certifiably insane. Yes the A10 is fake but they say it wasn't Warren. But he still says the reflection is me and that when his account was hacked after he left our house the photos were messed with. He categorically states it was my partner who hacked his Facebook account.

Ben's protestations HPANWO is Warren a Fraud part 7

It has been established the original A10 photo was as I originally said. Colour and devoid of any other objects. That was faked so how does that explain the fact it was uploaded in 2013 or 2014, spotted by Mick Sayer and then by someone else, R Martens, if the other photo which clearly shows Warrens reflection and his own living room behind him, complete with his own paintings hanging on the walls. All files are in his Larry's Photos file on my partners laptop. How does he come to the conclusion that we/I messed with that photo? Nothing about his narrative makes sense. It is HIS reflection.

Also we have the issue that Gary Heseltine is apparently trying to take credit for busting the A10 photograph. The one I said was fake, the one he said wasn't. I spoke to Barry Greenwood, no one believes that he would speak to me and no one else! That doesn't say anything about me at all but everything about the people thinking I would hoax those emails.

Barry spoke to Gary, Gary announced after investigating, the photo is fake but it wasn't Warren who faked it. Greenwood is wrong... Warren would know if he took the photos or not and obviously he is as honest as the day is long. Only Warren was still on his way back from Germany so how could he have when he states in LAEG they had to walk back to base, had a coke in the Cherry Tree Pub and had to walk back to base only just making it in time for duty and hadn't heard anything about the previous incidents. Screw the fact that it was taken in 1985 on his honeymoon. Anyway he will be including it in the next edition of UFO "Truth" magazine.

So he goes to see a solicitor and tells him we are damaging his non existent business. He then gives Ben emlyn Jones our private correspondence and also gives a statement to be issues on his behalf to Heidi who begs for ben to post the letters on her page. He didn't obviously, he kept them for himself but Larry shared them with the rest of the world. They claim they were redacted when sent, I pointed out immediately that the easiest way to prove that is to send a screenshot of the original message containing the redacted letters. They did not oblige.

After complaining to his solicitor about this illegal stunt, his solicitor blocked any communication with any of the people involved even though some would like to represent themselves at this stage. Nope.. He's pulled up the drawbridge. At the same time as him doing that Warren goes balls out again with his vicious verbiage and further death threats. Yes, we have another murder fantasy from him people! This time involving heavy chains, concrete and a river. I am sure that was approved by his solicitor. It seems that Warren thinks he is above every law in the land.

Problem he has is that May Pang said that sketch was fake. I looked deeper and found other evidence of forgeries and criminal sales. Everything I find that links back to him he says was stolen. The stolen  Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar for example;

In February 2016 a sunburst Fender Stratocaster was advertised by Guernsey's auction house in New York City that is purported to have belonged to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Many sources on the internet reported it sold for $100,000, but Guernsey's director has stated it was not sold. The guitar is allegedly signed by Vaughan in gold pen and dated "'90," has "SRV" stickers on the upper horn and "Cobras" stickers on the pick guard. Because this guitar has been on the market several times since 1995, I believe I should publish my research on the guitar as a public service so that others interested in this guitar may reach their own conclusion whether Stevie Ray Vaughan owned or signed this guitar.

In my OPINION, and to the best of my knowledge:
This guitar was first sold by Christie's auction house in 1995, having been consigned on behalf of Larry Warren, an author of a book regarding his encounter with an allegedly alien spacecraft in a forest in the UK. Larry Warren claimed to have obtained the guitar directly from Stevie Ray Vaughan.

1. There is no photographic proof that Stevie Ray Vaughan ever touched this guitar or one similarly customized in appearance.
2. A review of credible equipment inventories and appraisals created by or on behalf of Stevie Ray Vaughan reveals no evidence that he ever owned this guitar.
3. The photocopy of a letter allegedly penned by Vaughan does not appear to me to be his handwriting. In my opinion someone merely copied his tendency to write in all caps and make his E's like backwards 3's. A forensic handwriting specialist (not a common for-hire "authenticator") should examine the document.
4. Singer Paul Ray of the Cobras showed the letter to Jimmie Vaughan who told him the letter was probably not Stevie's handwriting.
5. The statement in the letter is that Stevie acquired the guitar from singer Paul Ray of the Cobras. Paul Ray denied this in writing in 1997.
6. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting appears to have been altered since 1995 in that the name "Paul Ray" has been somewhat obscured, while in 1995 it was as clear as all the other writing. If altered, it was done after Paul Ray revealed in writing that the statement about him was completely false.
7. The letter allegedly in Stevie's handwriting refers to having played the guitar on stage on July 3, 1990, in Vermont. In researching this guitar, Warren made repeated assurances to me in 1995-96 that the guitar had been played for two songs on stage by Vaughan on that night, and that he knew photos had been taken to prove it. He promised to obtain and provide the photos to me. In 1997 Warren finally admitted to me on the phone that Stevie did NOT play the guitar that night, and there would never be any photographic proof. Thus, the two primary verifiable facts in the letter have been proven false.
8. If Stevie had used the guitar on stage, René Martinez, Stevie's guitar tech, would have known, but René told me he had never seen this guitar.
9. A note that originally circulated as provenance with the guitar in 1995 was allegedly written by René Martinez, but he told me he did not write the note. After Martinez denied any knowledge of the guitar, the note has apparently disappeared.
10. The handwritten note does not appear to match a sample of René Martinez' handwriting that is in my possession.
11. In 1995 the inside of the neck cavity bore a piece of tape with "R. Martinez" written on it, implying that René Martinez had worked on the guitar or set it up for playing on stage.  Martinez told me had had never worked on this guitar and had not placed the tape there.
12. A note accompanying the 1995 sale "witnessed" the transfer of the guitar from Stevie to Larry Warren, and had two signatures in addition to Warren's. That note also seems to have disappeared since 1997.  Warren could not provide me with any contact information for the first "witness," Mike Howe. Whether that person exists or was a made-up name by a forger is unknown.
13. When contacted, the other "witness," Pete Jones, refused to verify the facts to me. When contacted by Christie's auction house, Jones apparently did not provide any credible evidence that Stevie Ray Vaughan had owned or given the guitar to Larry Warren, because Christie's cancelled the sale.
14. The note now accompanying the guitar, allegedly written by Cesar Diaz (now deceased) is dated 1999, four years after the guitar was originally sold. Even if Diaz examined or set up a guitar for some unidentified person in 1999, there is nothing in the receipt that suggests, much less proves, the ownership history of the guitar.
15. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz appears to have had the customer's name removed and then the page photocopied to help conceal the alteration. (I have not personally examined this note.)
16. The last "9" in the date of the Diaz note does not look like the other 9's. Did someone change the date to make it more difficult to trace the origin of the note?
17. The note allegedly from Cesar Diaz does not refer to any guitar by serial number or other identifying characteristic, and could have been for repair to any of the thousands of Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute Stratocasters made by Fender since 1992.
18. Cesar Diaz worked on amplifiers for Stevie Ray Vaughan. Guitars were tended by René Martinez.
19. A Lyra guitar originating from Larry Warren was sold by a different auction house with a very similar handwritten letter attributed to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guitar was advertised with a photograph of Stevie holding a Danelectro guitar, with the Lyra guitar leaning against his chair or leg. The original, published photograph does not have the second guitar in the photo!
20. A black hat bearing a signature similar to the one on the Fender "Cobras" guitar was sold at another auction in the 1990's. After the auction it was determined that it had been made (and therefore signed by a forger) AFTER Stevie died, and the sale was rescinded. I was told the hat originated from Larry Warren.
21. I am not aware of any instance of Stevie Ray Vaughan giving away a valuable guitar such as this one, much less writing a note saying, "You have my permission to sell this guitar."
22. In 1997, after being presented with some of this information, Christie's rescinded the auction sale of 1995 and returned 100% of the buyer's money.
23. I made the most of the above information available to Guernsey's director and attorney approximately one week before the auction. After reviewing the information, Guernsey's director stated that they would not sell the guitar.

The above constitute my opinions. I do not have any ownership, financial or other interest in this guitar. I do not know who consigned the guitar to Guernsey's and have no reason or intention to harm anyone's reputation. Your conclusions about the authenticity of the guitar may be different than my own. (Name and personal information withheld on request. Identity to be revealed to the police only as stated in the show) 

However he states it was stolen from him and he wants it back! He should really contact the FBI about that. He also states the Garcia painting was stolen from him even though it was in the exact same auction lot as the rest of his belongings and was sold with other items of his. The rest of the items listed in the lot that remained unsold were sent back to him while he lived with us and we have the evidence of this as has already been shown in previous blogs time and again. By the way, when the Garcia family release a painting of Garcia's they make an announcement about it. It's a big deal. 

So here are the latest screenshots of his illegal behaviour which he seems to think is going to get us into court and not himself. 

A BLOKE with a chain on HIS right arm... Like this?
A BLOKE with GREY HAIR and GLASSES... Like this?

Note the painting second in at the bottom.

This is the painting. Painted by Warren. Note the signature it matches the one on the Garcia BEFORE it changed.

For the latest news and views on this matter please check out Issue 6 of Outerlimits Magazine. There are several articles on current events surrounding RFI among other interesting things. It is free, it's monthly and you can grab your copy here Outerlimits Magazine

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