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Larry Warrens A10 UFO Photograph is Irrefutably a Genuine Fake.

A10 Photograph Taken 28th December 1980 by Larry Warren

Many of you already know that recently I revealed some controversial information regarding the photograph of an A10 accompanied byu two unidentified flying objects. Larry Warren says he took this photograph himself on the 28th of December 1980. 

I know for a fact that is a complete and utter lie. He has generated this image to cement himself into the Rendlesham Forest Incidents. Why would he do that if his story stands? Quite obviously even he knows there are issues, as there always have been. He needs to convince us all and so his evidence grows year by year, all of it fake. 

Recently I was sent a lot of valuable research material which belongs to Barry Greenwood, Author of Clear Intent which was also written with Larry Fawcett.. The material sent included a whole bunch of photographs given to Fawcett and Greenwood by Warren who at that time had been going by the name of Art Wallace. I stated this in my last blog Peter Robbins splits with Larry Warren It's Official!!

Obviously since that day there has been a response, the facebook post at the top of this page. Bitch please! Bruce Maccabee says it's the real deal and he should know! Well that's at least one thing we agree on Larry. He should know. I know he has been approached and asked by another interested party and the response was that Bruce had taken the photo at face value and was standing by his conclusion that it is a genuine photograph, despite the fact that the original photograph was in colour and has nothing above it at all and the one Warren produced is black and white and has many many issues. 

Image found in files left on my partners laptop by Larry Warren while living with us.
A10 with anomalies and coffee cup ring..strange blobs and marks bottom right.

Image analysis by Mick Sayer

Image with inlays

Close up of alleged genuine UFO

In situ

Smaller object. I will come back to this later in the blog. Seemingly insignificant. It'[s not.

Screenshot of the A10 photograph in a photograph album, same roll of film. All colour.

A few months ago I was sent the research notes of Clear Intent as I covered in my previous blog. this material has been invaluable and I am grateful to Barry Greenwood and also Paul Dean for their support and input. I could not have figured this out without these notes. Barry was given material by Warren in the form of documentation, photographs, statements etc. the main issue I had was why is the photograph now black and white and why was it previously UFO free. Reasonable questions I am sure you will agree. so i will show you once again his response to me pointing these issues out and speculating.

Bitch please! It was taken 28th December.

Well, it's a bit weird then that I spotted this while I was flicking through the album last night.

It is so tiny, I really didn't give it much attention.Obviously I had a blinding lightbulb moment.

As Larry tells us in the book Left at East Gate, he visited England with his new bride after their wedding in May 1985. The A10 photograph was taken in June 1985 and not on the 28th of December 1980. That is a total lie. The objects in the photograph were also added later, the colour shifted into black and white to blend away many sins. It's entirely fake. 

I have to ask what else has he faked? He has faked so much. If you read back through my blogs you will wonder as I do, who the hell is Larry Warren, does he even know? 

There are so many issues with his handwriting, his documents, all of his letters of authentication. I have previously shown many issues with his LOAs and I have found the same issues with his handwriting on his documents. Recently a row erupted with Peter Robbins with plagiarist James Francis Welsh. Peter insists that they are real and the handwriting is not Warrens and so Alyson Dunlop and I after consulting with a few others, agreed that a GoFundMe account should be set up to have the handwriting analysed. 

We know full well that Warren will not cooperate with this and so it is highly unlikely the documents themselves will be forensically examined by a professional independent handwriting analyst so we will have to settle on the handwriting itself. 

Personally, if I was in Warrens position and completely innocent, I would have taken up the offer of choosing a forensic company myself and staying in full control of the documents. I would want to prove everyone calling me a fraud, wrong. I would pick the company and communicate directly with them myself and would ask my own friends to contribute to prove my innocence once and for all. For some strange reason that is not what is happening. A furor has erupted with Ben Emlyn Jones asking

Yet in the same conversation, David Young asks Ben Emlyn Jones what he did with the money David had donated to Ben's GoFundMe appeal for a nice new laptop for himself. At first he didn't even know what David meant, then casually stated he had used it for his radio show... He didn't ask any of his contributors if that was okay then? Hypocrisy at it's absolute finest. In the same thread, just minutes apart. Just wow.

So as it stands we have collected almost the entire £600 necessary for a totally independent, professional forensic service. All accounts, minus personal information, will be made available along with invoices, receipts and any communications such as emails, letters etc. 

IF there happens to be a few pounds left over you can be sure it will be given to a Veterans Fund. If we could have afforded to pay for this ourselves, we would have done. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed in whatever way they could, even sharing the post itself is very much appreciated. 

We are not quite at target so if you would like to contribute, this is the link. 

With all the previous evidence I have presented and evidences yet to come, I am sure you can appreciate the need for this to be done. It is the only way to prove one way or another if Warren has forged his documents. We can see he has no issue with lying and faking. he admitted to Georgina Bruni that he faked his hypnosis session because someone had paid for it and he didn't want to let them down, him being such a people pleaser an' all...

The Second UFO Furor

Remember this? 

This past week UFO witness and researcher Victor Nevada put a very angry post on face book. He had recently seen the Warren photograph and had noticed that the UFO #2 looked identical to his own. He had in fact shown this to Larry warren some time ago. 

Victor Nevada's Facebook Post

All Copyright belongs to Victor Nevada. Image taken by Victor Nevada from his bedroom window at 5.13 pm on Friday 2nd July 2004

With just a small amount of smudging, the same amount given to what looks to be an Attack Helicopter, blend with black and white. I can see what Victor is seeing. 

But there's just one more thing..... 
All of Larry Warrens evidence needs detailed inspection. 

So if I may be so bold, I think Bruce Maccabee has taken the photograph sent to him by Larry Warren on face value. I am not a professional image analyst but I have found multiple issues and there are other evidences previously unavailable to Bruce. I am sure he would probably reconsider his conclusion when all of the other evidences have been put before him. Respectfully of course. I had to bring this up due to the fact warren keeps insisting it is real because Bruce Maccabee who is very well known for his expertise in image analysis, says it is genuine. I mean no disrespect to Bruce when I say this. 

There are more issues I am going to put to you but they will be in another blog. This A10 photograph as far as I am concerned is a Genuine Larry Warren Fake. 

As for James Francis Welsh who says I have hijacked his research, I only have three words to say. Shut up James.

Here is my blog about James stealing my research, he now claims as his own and is accusing me of stealing it from him. so he has now decided the best course of action is to behave exactly like Larry Warren. This blog entry has had another surge of people reading it. I wonder why? 


The new rumour that I faked the Larry Warren Photo with Larry for a laugh. It was apparently a joke. You're not kidding... !!!!

Gary Heseltine's stand off with Nick Pope and the UFO Truth Magazine attacks on him.

More evidence of altered images of him with the rich and famous and yet another dodgy UFO photograph. 

Until then here is a reminder about the other Genuine Larry Warren Fantasies

Allegedly 19 in this photograph hanging with lennon. Bottom image inserted recently, Larry aged 19

Warren claims the green Garcia Painting was stolen from him yet the thief uses the same auction house as himself and coincidentally, the painting was in the same auction lot as his not stolen Garcia painting. .

To be continued............

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