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Larry Warren issues statement about his documents. Col Charles Halt responds.

Warrens OPTI/RET/BURN certificate compilation of his own handwriting and various peoples handwriting from documents and autographed photograph of Yoko Ono.
After publishing my blog Larry Warrens A10 UFO Photograph is Irrefutably a Genuine Fake. where I discuss the fact that Alyson Dunlop and myself are spearheading a campaign to raise the funds necessary to have the handwriting on Warrens military documents and also letters of authentication which accompany his alleged rock star items examined, Tino Megero published a statement for Larry Warren, by Larry Warren, about the authenticity of his paperwork. He states that Col Charles Halt actually examined them and stated they were real.

I sent this statement to Charles Halt for obvious reasons. This was his response.

"The only thing I told him is they looked real but I was in no position to authenticate them as he briefly flashed them in front of me. The Eye Doctor at Bentwaters at that time was Lester Sharpton.  I knew him well as we were both Boy Scout Leaders. If Larry had an eye problem that's who he would have seen. Never heard of the other supposed doctor he claims saw him. I suspect the appointment slip he shows was for his discharge physical and he altered it. If he had cornea burn there should have been followup and perhaps a disability rating. More BS"!

The image at the top of the page is the actual copy of his medical paper where you can clearly see areas have been covered with liquid paper and then written over again. These sheets are in a book, why not scrap it and write a new one if that much was wrong with it.. and how hard is it to spell OPTI/RET/BURN which is actually barely visible on the original but miraculously clear as the moon on a cloudless night in the book Left at East Gate.

Lee Swain cannot spell his own name correctly and both Lee and the medical officer capitalise letters mid word. 

The most interesting and obvious mistake on this document is the fact that Lee Swain spelled his name wrongly twice on the same sheet of paper and used two different pens to do so! For some reason he spelled his own name LEA not LEE. Twice. I just had to say it again.

Another weird one is that both Lee Swain and the Medical officer nobody knows, BOTH capitalize letters mid word. Full ExAm in the med cert and InTro in his in-processing instruction sheet. Quite unusual. Nothing to worry about we are all just making this up to get at him. You'd think that these would be reasonable observations and there is absolutely no cause to look at them at all never mind forensically!!! What do forensics prove anyway!

So here we are with almost £600 to have his handwriting analysed because we can't have the documents themselves analysed (seeing as Warren has them). We offered and re stated that HE could choose the company and liaise with them directly and provide his documents for analysis to prove us wrong. and to once and for all and forever more prove his innocence. Never again will anyone be able to call him a liar. Nope. He has the documents, he is keeping them and he thinks everyone is going to get a refund because we can't analyse the documents and he won't have them analysed even though it would cost him nothing, we have the money. Besides Col Halt said they are real. "Nuff said". Only... It isn't the actual documents that are being analysed, we never said that. Only his handwriting.

Earth Mystery News video
This is the envelope containing the letter he sent to his mum, I've used segments of this to compare handwriting on the medical certificate. If you go to earth Mystery news there is a 12 minute video of Larry discussing the letter and his trip to Germany that we already know he didn't go on. He even likened my lovely friend Ali to an Amsterdam prostitute for saying as much.

Even the Pope hath spoken! Nick has publicly supported this initiative to have the documents analysed from day one. In July 2016 he posted the now famous for all the wrong reasons, the Larry Warren and John Lennon photograph which until recently he has insisted is real. He even insisted to his Co Author Peter Robbins it was real, see my blog Peter Robbins splits with Larry Warren It's Official!! he divorced him for that very reason. Here is Nick's most recent post regarding the criticism he has had for supporting me throughout this investigation.

Because Nick has been in full support after seeing the Lennongate photo he has obviously come under assault from Larry and Co. Tino Megero created a Mr Bean meme which is pretty lame to be fair, but also ridiculous. Then a hate campaign started, calling him into question for all kinds of reasons. Announcements were being made about Nick on a regular basis with the usual suspects chipping in, and also the unusual suspects had a go. More surprising than anything was the fact that Gary heseltine joined in, not only under his own facebook profile but in the name of his facebook group UFO Truth Magazine. Not only was Nick under fire but anyone who supported me, any of the people investigating with me or anyone showing support.

Not long ago Warren stated to Nigel Mortimer that anyone on my friends list on Facebook is brainless scum, anyone supporting me is a troll. That seems to have been given a revival. UFO Truth Magazine announced that I was running a hate campaign with John Hanson!! I don't know how that came about, firstly it isn't a hate campaign, there have been no words of hatred in any of my writings, only facts and the only thing John and I do is talk on the phone and recently decided wouldn't it be brilliant if Col Halt could come over to the UK and take us on a walk of the forest and then after the walk have a nice sit down social where we can engage with him rather than him being on stage telling us what he assumes we want to hear. The conference format is getting old. I decided to start a kind of open mic paranormal interest event here in Liverpool. We decided to adapt that format into something really special.

Obviously that has come under fire. Are we all allowed to come they ask, after they all were happy for me to be banned from the SPI conference. Erm.. No was the short answer... Bleating began. The top and bottom line is, they have been attacking Halt for years, creating memes, all involved in the conversation under the meme of Col Halt, all being so complimentary as you can imagine! So I told them, anyone can come but not everyone can come, some absolutely will be turned away at the door if they arrive because quite simply, there will be no event if those people decide to come. He just will not engage with them. I agree with his sentiments.

The most confusing thing of all is why anyone would be upset over this and I am also at a loss as to why Warren states he has the documents and everyone needs a refund because he won't have them authenticated. On top of the A10 photographs he swore on his sons head were real, there are issues with all of his so called evidence. The bottom right handwriting in blue ink is supposed to be Yoko Ono's. He posted an image he says I can shove up my arse, of him standing at least a foot taller than Yoko Ono when in reality he is about five inches taller than Yoko.

As you can see.. Misty dirt on glass top left and reflection of a camera lens in the center.
Newer version with weird dark triangular shadowing and previously unseen autograph..
So he says this is real too. signed in 2007. Are we supposed to believe this was taken ten years ago while he was in his forties? If it was taken in 1997 as he told me many times, then why did he take an old photo for her to sign? Why not get a new one? He looks younger in this photo with Yoko than he does in the one he generated with Lennon.

Allegedly taken in 1980!!!!
Up-on closer inspection of the Yoko photo, obviously issues arise. Why is he so much taller than her? he would have to be over six feet tall. Anyway, analysis was done, it's not quite right. The first version he posted doesn't synch with the second one.

Then there is the matter of Yoko Ono's signature looking nothing like her signature.

The best bit is yet to come... Now the rumour has started that I faked the John Lennon picture one night with Larry for a laugh. Yep! That's what is being said. So.. You know right at the beginning when he put it up and said it was real and has insisted to his detriment ever since... Instead of all this rigmarole, why didn't I just say.. Hang on a minute.. We did that for a laugh one night! Several complete strangers have thrown this at me with all the smuggest,  all knowing arrogance they could muster, I just laugh. No one has refuted this from the Warren camp, I guess they are hoping that if they tell enough strangers it will become a factoid. The most amusing irony is, two of them have fake names on their accounts!!! One of them got reported for that very thing, they just KNEW it was me, even though it was on Nick Popes thread with a billion eyeballs on it. I am just so badass!

Currently someone is working hard on "taking me down", He is going to prove the photos Warren says are real, were faked by me. There are no words... I'll end here.


Ben Emlyn Jones sets the internet on Barry Greenwood, who is he???

BUFOG member states I faked the photo and Warren's ex wife confirms this, according to said same member who shall remain nameless. I can repost his stuff though. He did say he wasn't "fussed", something tells me he will be "fussed". He'll even be fussed about me saying anything about him not being fussed.

Barry Greenwood issues statement in response to Ben setting the internet on him, explaining the history of the A10 photograph and Warren's claim he took it on the 28th of December 1980. They were actually taken on his honeymoon in 1985.

Oh... There's just one more thing..... Why would Gordon Williams sign his name with a thumb print and not his signature? This could have been typed by anyone with a type writer or word processor.

NON FULFILMENT of guaranteed training enlistee program agreement.. has not been met. Approval of WARREN'S REQUEST to separate. IT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF HIMSELF AND AND THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE.

Doesn't sound too honourable to me, especially when you consider attempts to enlist elsewhere were met with a brick wall. Oh we know he says it's all a big conspiracy.... Well I'm testing that that theory to see how it pans out.

December to JUNE? Familiar looking signature up top...

May??? I thought it said June in the training record??

You know.. Now I have finished this blog, I can see how stupid I have been. Warren is right.. there is nothing to see here... Move along. I am just a crazy person.

To be continued....

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