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Peter Robbins splits with Larry Warren It's Official!!

This past year has been one of the craziest in Ufology apparently. Never before have they seen such vitriolic abuse, hypocrisy and disinformation, I have been told this by many people. It all started a little over a year ago when my partner and I allowed Larry Warren to stay with us while he ''got on his feet''. His ex wife was grateful as was the rest of his family, they thanked us profusely many times.

After a fun filled four months he was unceremoniously thrown out for his cocaine fueled rages, drinking and constant lies. Peter remained loyal to his co author, Warren did not extend the same courtesy and told him recently to piss off and never talk to him or about him ever again. Peter had questioned Warren on the Lennon photograph thinking that I had created the image but Warren's response was "The pic is real Pete." having had enough Peter wanted no more to do with Rendlesham or Warren's part in it but wanted to remain amicable for the sake of all the work they had done, after all one lie doesn't mean everything is a lie right?

It was to be a massive turning point for internet saucer heads as everyone totally lost their minds while taking sides, having fights, calling names and threatening death in various ways, the scene was seen for what it is. A pond of piranhas in a feeding frenzy. It was a huge nightmarish drama for myself and my family. Who would have thought offering to put a roof over someones head after they asked, would lead to death threats, gangstalking and constant public humiliation at the hands of British ufologists and facebookers over an American conman for over eleven months? Not I. I knew the truth would be difficult for people to accept but I knew that I couldn't live with this knowledge of insurmountable deceit, I had to exorcise the demons but I had to pay the price and boy did I ever.

While living with us Larry Warren dropped quite a few nukes, not mini nukes, we're talking Starfish Prime kind of nukes, the fallout hitting me full pelt, huge lies were being told and huge lies were being admitted to as he blustered about acting forgetful but in reality he was changing the story with deliberate calculation. Not only had he forgotten half of what he told me in the past which set off many alarms, but he was also changing everything he had ever said. He was literally rewriting the Rendlesham forest story (not for the first time either) so that he was the main player, when evidentially there is nothing to support his claims that he was there.  I would suggest that he was not involved at all. Read on and you will see why.

He says he was in Germany in his book Left at East Gate and reiterated that in a video produced by Earth Mystery News, the interview was conducted in Toronto, the interviewer was Sid Goldberg. But!!  He admitted to Georgina Bruni that he was not in Germany at all, he only said that so that people wouldn't connect the story back to him and his involvement in the initial incident. Making sense? No. Not when he has been the only one to state his real name and show his face to the world from the get go while everyone else remained anonymous.

Having read everything again with fresh eyes and mind, I can now see who he stole which part from, how he sewed himself into people's memories, how he has constantly changed his story, dramatically too, not tiny details either, big ones. The story as Larry Warren tells it, involves a night of (ever changing) terror in the company of Adrian Bustinza. He insists emphatically, one could even say aggressively but definitely categorically that he was nowhere near Halt and his group. Strange then that Adrian states he was with Colonel Halt all night. Something Col Charles Halt told me is true. He said "he stuck to me like his life depended on it" and I am quite sure that was a reasonable reaction to the situation unfolding before them.

Aside from all of the above there is now a huge question mark over the documents he has presented as being proof of his time at bentwaters. The documents he didn't even produce until 1990. In light of his fraudulent actions as far as his rock memorabilia and fictional life can we trust anything he says or any of his evidence. if he can lie about knowing John Lennon, Stevie Ray Vaughan. being on stage with Led Zeppelin in the states when their last gig there was in 1977 and all the rest of it, could he also be lying about his time at Bentwaters? Some think the two are totally unrelated, what have his obviously illegal activities got to do with his account of his part in the Rendlesham Forest incidents?

As I have already shown in my previous blogs, he, or someone close to him, has the ability to manipulate images. So while Warren states he has a B.A in communications (also proven untrue) he also makes a very big fuss about not being able to Skype or send emails, or even manage to remember a password more complicated than ''dennis.'' But he also produces as evidence already debunked photos of himself with Stevie Ray Vaughan which he still insists are real and his seriously terrible John Lennon effort below. Quite a conundrum! (Not). If he can't manipulate images, then someone is doing it for him. If he will forge anything at all then it could be true that he has forged everything he has.

We are to believe Warren is 19 years old in this photograph. 

Images courtesy of "Cookie" who was Warren's girlfriend in 1980.

How does this affect what he says about Rendlesham? Well, I will show you but first a little bit of background.  Recently I have been sent a lot of valuable research material and also was put in touch with Barry Greenwood, Author of Clear Intent which was also written with Larry Fawcett who is sadly no longer alive. The material sent included a whole bunch of photographs given to Fawcett and Greenwood by Warren who at that time had been going by the name of Art Wallace. This was way back in 1983.

As I am looking through these photographs I see a very familiar image. Warren's infamous A10 photograph. This photograph was posted on facebook at least two years ago, probably three. I have no way of finding out when his original posting as his facebook account was compromised and is no longer available. As luck would have it I remember the unfolding of this very well. Not long after Warren posted this image on his facebook profile, mutual friend Mick Sayer had seen the photo, looked closely and spotted an object above the A10. He then took 'up close' screen shots and inlaid them on the original photograph Warren had posted publicly. Warren was ecstatic. He'd never noticed it before!!! Here is the image with inlays;

Seeing as I had the original photograph given to Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett right in front of me, I zoomed in to see it, guess what. It wasn't there! I emailed Barry Greenwood with the original and the current versions and asked for his opinion as I needed to be sure and who better to ask?.

Here is the image Barry Greenwood was given by Warren in the early 80's

  • Note that the original photograph is in colour but the image with UFO is black and white so I'd definitely not the original photo.

The foliage matches perfectly, it is the same photograph, only the 'UFO' is absent. The white lines are air bubbles in the photograph album, the plastic is perfectly clear and the UFO  is quite obviously conspicuous by it's absence. Barry responded to me almost immediately.

I already have evidence showing Warren sold an alleged Jerry Garcia  painting for £8000 which has had a recent signature change. I also have plenty of examples of his handwriting bleeding through his attempts to disguise, which matched various 'styles' in every single piece of memorabilia he owns, all allegedly written by different people. His handwriting style bleeds through when he forged his medical documents as James Welsh is currently telling everyone. I know he is right, I have analyzed that 'evidence' myself and found the exact same issues. Recently on a thread on Nick Popes page, I called for Larry Warren and Gary Heseltine to have them properly authenticated, never mind his letter from his mum.

Below are just a couple of the reasons why I really do doubt the authenticity of anything he has. In fact he was so insistent I believe he was on his very first shift, I wonder if he had even finished his training or had not passed. He states he was with Adrian Bustinza all through the incidents that christmas weekend and that he was nowhere near Halts group. Weird then that Adrian Bustinza insists he was with Col Halt and John burroughs all night. How can Adrian possibly be in two places at once? Simple answer is, He couldn't possibly be in two places at once.

Obvious Forgeries;

The same painting was on my computer, left behind by Warren and it has his own signature with 2012 written in the corner.

Warrens signature note the date 2012

Quick change of signature, £8000 in pocket. 

Here we can see Warren with his second Garcia Painting, returned unsold.

Not only that but I also have a huge issues with his claims of being in Germany, coming back onto base just in time for his first shift ever as he told me and others more recently. Previously his rhetoric alluded to him having been there so long that his shift on Post 18 was boring as usual, why didn't he say he was on his first shift after only just getting back in the nick of time for his first night on duty in the book LAEG? also begs the question how he ever saw inside the WSA to see the nukes he states were on base. Why didn't they interview Adrian bustinza for their book? But I digress.

In August 2016 Warren gave a talk to an audience in Toronto courtesy of Sid Goldberg and Earth Mystery News. He also did a short interview with Sid Goldberg (below) about the letter to his mum where he says "some guys saw a ufo." and answers a question with "I don't know, I was with those girls in Germany"

Here is a quote from Warren on The ADX Files show 24

Warren: "Now people are talking about this letter I wrote to my mother - and see he doesn't talk about his thing though but you know what, it's all covered in the book - but as you can look on this thing Sid Goldberg did - the reality is I was writing what was told to us in the debriefing about the first night which I thought had been earlier than ours for a good year or so and what I was doing was trying to be clever. (Warren Indirectly quoting from his letter: 'I'll tell you the whole thing on the UFO when I get home. I can't in the mail, they read it.'"


Warren: "But what they're doing is trying to misdirect, play cards with people that aren't familiar with Rendlesham Forest that are new to it. And these people are the most disingenuous - listen we've dealt with insects for many years they don't last. Once they get into it if they want it."

You will hear him state quite clearly to Sid goldberg that "he was with those girls in Germany". Funny then that he told Georgina Bruni for her book You Can't Tell The People that he lied about being in Germany and was actually on base and involved in the initial incident. Night one? This his statement to Georgina Bruni;

You Can't Tell The People

"A year earlier I had discussed Larry’s alleged trip to Germany with Peter Robbins. According to Left at East Gate, Larry had just arrived back from Germany the day before his encounter in Rendlesham Forest. Peter assured me that was what his co-author had told him, but I was not convinced. If Larry was in Germany, I thought he could not have been a witness because by his own admission and his records he was on D Flight, which meant he should have been on duty during 26/ 27– 28/ 29. Therefore, if he had been involved in the second landing, he would have already been on duty the day before. However, since then I had discovered that some of the flights were mixed up due to the Christmas holidays. With this in mind, I realized Larry could have been on a different shift that week, but for no reason in particular I had failed to mention my new findings to Larry or Peter.
Just when I thought I had heard everything, Larry had another surprise in store for me. He was now confessing that he had never been in Germany during the Christmas holidays but had used the trip to cover up the fact that he had been involved in the initial incident. He claimed that if researchers thought he was out of the country then they would not connect him with it. I was obviously trying to figure out how anyone could connect him with the photographs or his alleged involvement when nobody had known anything about it anyway. This statement was remarkable, considering he had diligently done everything he could to prove the incident had occurred and especially that he himself was involved.
Bruni, Georgina; Pope, Nick. You Can't Tell the People: The Definitive Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Mystery (Kindle Locations 1721-1731). Pan Macmillan. Kindle Edition"

Left At East Gate

The day before Christmas, I left for Germany with my friend Mark. We had met two German girls in London the previous week at Le Beat Route, a club on Greek Street. We had gotten along well at the time, and the girls had invited us to spend the holiday with them and their families near Frankfurt. We had a great time, despite a severe language barrier. However, I think the girls lost interest in Mark and me on the second night. We just sat around and stared at their parents and they at us, while the girls went out with their German boyfriends. On or about 27 December, we flew back to RAF Mildenhall to begin our shift the next night.

Robbins, Peter. Left at East Gate (Kindle Locations 1301-1305). Cosimo, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Also he admits here to Dot Street in a recorded phone call that he made all the underground stuff up. Dot then played this to Georgina;

“It’s real, Larry’s [Fawcett] lost interest with the case. You know this underground stuff; Larry to this day does not believe me. I told Barry [Greenwood] and Larry Fawcett that it didn’t happen to me. I’m telling you it did not happen. When I first came out with that, well, I said it did . . . It was March ’81. What can we do about it? Bustinza and a few others, we went down to this place. This underground garbage, I’ve erased that stuff for ever. I didn’t even see those space things. I told Larry, the thing is, March ’81 I got together with some people. We were all involved, rehashing the whole thing, Bustinza said we were taken down to this . . . Bustinza wouldn’t give him [Fawcett] specific details of the underground. If I said I heard it second-hand no one would believe it. Bustinza said we were taken down to an underground base . . . I did some checking, it seemed there was some fact to him. I’d hoped that Busty would tell him what we went through. Busty denied the underground. I had to play devil’s advocate. OK, I did this. I have an ace in the hole, if I get screwed around by this, it would make . . .” [tape cut off]

The conversation he is referring to in the tape was his drunken confession to Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood that he had made it all up and that he had taken Adrian Bustinza's account and told it because he had made the decision that the story had to be told. No one else shared that sentiment.

In light of the above and so much more I have yet to reveal, how can anyone accept anything about his testimony of events?  Those documents he has included in the book Left at East Gate which he readily states he only has them because he stole them, they need to be authenticated. It has been a long time since he tried to get his service records and we only have his word for it that they don't exist. Instead of just getting that done he has spent the past year or so calling me names, trying to wreck some imagined career they believe I think I have, had thirty people in total join in trying to crush me to the point where I am so broken I don't even go on facebook anymore and to form an alliance to have me shut up for good. Threatened me with harm, death, the police, his 'lawyers', even his teenage son and his ex wife and her family are going to kick my ass etc.

It's quite simple. He needs to get those documents authenticated and prove me wrong. I even stated if they are all totally legit, especially the medical notes, I will pay the fees myself. I can't say fairer than that really can I? 

It looks to me like he was not involved at all. he was on base, off duty or not even qualified for duty and from a few hours after hearing about what happened in the dorm bar, he collected every bit of information he could from all of the people involved who would talk to him and has consistently changed his story in many ways since with each newly collected snippet of someone else's account. All of which I will be outlining in my forthcoming book 'The Warren Decommission' which will be available sometime in 2017.

So as we approach yet another anniversary of the events, I would like to wish all of the people who were actually involved a very happy new year. I sincerely hope things start to make more sense now the third landing site obviously only ever existed in Warrens imagination, as did his night with Adrian Bustinza. After experiencing the wrath of Larry Warren and his 'hench', I don't need to wonder for even one second why a person might not want to step forward and call him a liar. He might act and sound like Liam Neeson in taken, if he has threatened you, don't believe a word of it. I don't believe a single word he says anymore. 

Happy whatever you celebrate!

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