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Barry Greenwood issues a statement. Warrens latest A10 photograph is not original.

2015 version of the A10 photograph taken 28th December 1980 according to Larry warren
In my previous blog Larry Warrens A10 UFO Photograph is Irrefutably a Genuine Fake. I explained all the issues I had found with the photograph. Shortly afterwards a very badly informed Ben Emlyn Jones wrote a blog castigating my analysis and proffering his own opinion. He had one photograph to base his conclusions and and he didn't have Barry Greenwood to consult with. Not that he even knows who he is. He keeps mentioning Larry's laptop in his blog. Nothing was left here of Larrys. He used my partners laptop for the four months he was here. He used it as his own and loaded all of his photographs onto it. He was thrown out some months later we didn't even realise they were there until we went looking through his internet history for other reasons. But conspiracy theories rage!

As part of Ben Emlyn Jones special investigation he offered his own explanation of the photographs which is hilarious to me, considering the amount of evidence I have and considering the standard of this ongoing investigation. He also demands to know who Barry Greenwood really is and calls for the internet to get a hold of him Nice... Set the internet on a man in his 70's way to go Ben. Why didn't you just try finding our his email address and write to him yourself? Release the flying monkeys, Ben has a right to know.

Ben's wildly inaccurate blog  The amended version that is. He does that a lot. Gets things wrong and alters them without noting the edit for the reader. So when originally they thought they saw my reflection in the image of the photo of the photo.. trademark Warren... It's now evolved into it looks like Nick Pope in the reflection... short grey spikey hair and glasses perhaps? A bit like Warren? this is just so ridiculous, and Warren is letting Ben generate these ridiculous explanations. Well, it's not like I haven't said it before, I said he would do it to SPI Scotland and he did.

Here are some of the images they have produced to prove it was me or Nick.. Only I recognise the chain, I recognise the camera and I recognise the hairline. You will have to squint a bit, these images are trying to enhance the reflection in the photo. Pretty good work I have to say! Very helpful indeed!

Hairline matches the reflection

But if you mirror the image with the camera lens reflection on it, you can see that it says Nikon.

Nikon Camera.

Larrys files. Look at the dates for both of them. 

As soon as I read what he'd written in his blog I wrote to Barry who a really real person, he really is called Barry and really is THE Barry Greenwood, author of Clear Intent. That book was the first comprehensive book of interviews and documentation along with the story of the Rendlesham Forest incidents and as I have said before, I was sent all of Barry's research material. Warren knows this is true. IF he has seen anything I have presented recently, he knows it's true, yet he allows and probably encourages Ben to go forth an be wrong in the name of Warren. He did it to me! He'd known me for nine years and he did it to me. He is doing it to everyone. He never speaks for himself, he has others do it for him while he hides behind them and then his computer screen attacking everyone while accusing everyone of hiding behind their computer screens. He still says it. I said I would go to the SPI conference and ask him a question, face to face, not behind a screen... Well, we all know how that ended after his threat to put my windpipe through my spine if I did. If Ben ever questions Larry in any meaningful way, Warren will turn on him in an instant, just as he did with his friend and Co Author Peter Robbins, and myself and anyone else who has dared to say anything I say is a valid point that obviously just needs a simple explanation... No. It never is ok to question anything at all.

Barry responded to me with a statement.

I have shared all of my findings with Barry and have checked and double checked the facts. Those facts are that the A10 photograph was taken on Warren's honeymoon in 1985 and has been tampered with. Ben suggests that the tampering was done by myself. I deny that completely and have shown every step of my thought processes and presented evidence by the bucket load.

But this is where the next twist is being fed into the drama. The twist that I have generated every bit of false evidence myself and by golly are certain people going to prove it. I don't know where it started but nobody has tried to stop it. The story is that I faked the photos. I also faked the John Lennon photo for laugh one night with Warren and apparently his ex wife has confirmed this. For starters, just no.. He stated categorically he was his friend, the photo is real and even went as far as saying he met him when he was a bodyguard for many stars in some blub published by Cameo Auction house and published in NME. John Lennon died in 1980. Warren was just 19.

Secondly, whats the story behind it and her knowing it was a joint moment of fun? Was she here too? Why then has she supported him all through his it's real phase into now saying I did it phase. Did she even say that? Was the BUFOG member lying? No one has countered this with anything. No one has tried to stop another lie forming and it has begun to spread between the few people still listening to them and hide behind fake names on their profiles!!

Then there is the new story about the Green fake Jerry Garcia painting he sold through Special Auction Services. He said it was stolen. Ok.. So... It was stolen and then sold in the same auction house as his other items a year later? One of which can be seen being pulled out of a box with the auction house's own tape on it. Stolen but sold in the same auction house his own items were sold. It was put on the Special Auction services page as sold for £8,000 and Alan Pritchard, the man Warren accused of stealing his stuff, liked the post. I communicated with Alan and Special Auction Services while having Warren's items returned. Another friend also involved themselves, he wanted to remain anonymous but Warren has blurted out who it was and handed all the credit to him making it look like it was nothing to do with me. I have already produced the emails in an earlier post. But then he tries to tie it into another auction ''bust'' that happened in 2011. He insists he gave evidence to put them away but in fact he only used them to sell his items and they were jailed in 2011. This painting was sold in 2013. He also stated that he was there at Reading Crown Court where they were sentenced. Only they were sentenced in Berkshire and were investigated by the National Trading Standards who do not require civilian witnesses because they do everything under cover. He was not part of the investigation, he was part of the problem that started the investigation.

So after this horror of a time with Cameo he decides to go to the auction house one of the auctioneers from Cameo went to work. If you had been ripped off by a company would you follow one of it's employee's and use them again? Well it seems that special auction services have been noticed by National Trading Standards due to the complaints of another person who see's that they sell items grossly under value which then sell again for one hundred times their purchase price. It's all over their facebook page in visitor posts. From the content you will see it's nothing to do with Warren and so it definitely isn't me. Unless of course Warren has now branched out into selling fancy crockery.

Auction house version with alleged Garcia signature

Warrens version as found on my partners computer (properties etc in another blog) which has LW signature mark. 

It is being said that the auction house version isn't even the same as the Warren version. Well when I looked on their site the image had been reversed and flipped. Set that right and it matches every tiny detail perfectly. I must have sat and painted this in great detail and years ago too and then somehow warren had the real one and it got stolen by someone and sold by SAS. How stupid do I think he is? Immeasurably so.

All points touched upon here have been evidenced in previous blogs. I am considering publishing the 80 pages of evidence of sales, and all of his memorabilia. Someone pointed out I should publish the items he has so that people can be aware of them. He has items if accepted as real would fetch a Million English pounds. The genuine items have sold for that amount.

Do you still think there is absolutely no reason to be looking at Larry Warren, his evidence and his stories that never match? That is even stranger than the ET UFO enigma itself.

Expect an update tomorrow. To be continued.....

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