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I.C.A.R's Joe Montaldo and Christina George accuse Sacha Christie of just being pissed off she was cut out of a deal by Warren on his forged photograph. It's all just personal, it has nothing to do with Rendlesham.

Denigration Time, Come on!
Joe Montaldo has been a busy with his wooden spoon recently hasn't he? Not only did he denigrate Race Hobbs and the network KGRA with accusations of pedophilia this week, he has had two shows with his Co-host Christina George one was Warren's drunken amazing piffle waffle. The first one is absolutely hilarious, for all the wrong reasons. Warren claims to have been the personal assistant to the Beach Boys in the late 70's and that he met Sinatra in 74.Rather than looking completely awestruck they looked like they wanted to slap him. I think he alluded to his father being some sort of legal representative for the rich and famous. Sinatra and Darin... It is utterly jaw dropping and the best bit is that it was a live YouTube stream. 

They decided to dedicate a whole show to me. 
It's just personal
In this show Joe and Christina show their glaring lack of knowledge on the situation they have thrust themselves into on behalf of Larry Warren. It's all just personal, It's about one forged photo. Joe asks If I am upset because Warren cut me out of a deal? Looking at the history of his co host (links throughout this blog) that's an interesting statement and just shows me how they think.  

Paltalk Pals
So I wanted to tell you about how I met Joe. We were all like a little gang of family twelve years ago. I spent way too much time in the paltalk chatroom listening to either coast to coast or Joe's shows. I wanted to tell you about how it all began.....
I put a report in about our group ufo encounter in Wales in to Brian Vike in 2006, he got in touch by email. He called me, we spoke, I went on his radio show and then I went on the Jeff Rense show with Brian Vike. So when I was hanging out in the Paltalk chat room I talked about that show one day and Tez (the chat room owner) went off to find it. That Rense show got played a few times in the Coast to Coast chat room. Then I got asked on other shows and on Joe's shows talking about my ufo encounter and some other stuff.  Then Joe Montaldo asked me to be his UK Director for ICAR. I was absolutely delighted!!! I'd been lost in the wilderness for eight years going mad with no one to talk to and there I found acceptance and friends. 
That means sod all to Joe Montaldo but It still means a lot to me even if he doesn't anymore, because of the other people I 'met' and besides, I did start out in Tez's Coast to Coast chat room, my life didn't start with Joe Montaldo. I could never afford the fees for Coast to Coast so it was a great way to sneakily hear their shows and I really did have a great time in those rooms. A single mum stuck in all the time, it was a bit of a godsend. I had a lot of laughs and I felt a lot of relief. Fortunately I am not stupid enough to think Joe was in any way responsible for that, but I did enjoy it all immensely, I didn't know any better at the time I was like Queen Amadala, young and naive. But I did used to see Joe as a bit of a fatherly figure. Any experiences I had I would email him, no one else, I told him everything. Now he says I am a fake and a liar. Even after he had me on all those shows, on his 'network' for a while and gave me the lofty title of UK Director for ICAR! Yay me! I loved it! I am not going to lie, I am not going to change the past to suit the mood now! So that is what Joe is currently taking a dump all over with Christina George, a woman who has never spoken to me, aside from very briefly on facebook many moons ago when she already had decided I was a troll just after a few minutes gossip with Warren. 

Be Careful Out There
So this is my message to you abductees who are putting your trust in Joe, I trusted him with the most horrible events in my life. I trusted him with information about not only myself, but my children too. I told him things you don't want to have to tell anybody, but they are the kind of things you can't keep to yourself because they chew you up and make you crazy if you do. You all mean nothing to him. If you ever say anything he doesn't like, he will try and destroy you. He will call you a liar and a fake and he will troll you. He will gather as many people as he can, people who never knew you and he will try to make your life hell. He will try to make people hate you, he will try to destroy your reputation, he knows how vulnerable people who have been abducted are but if you piss him off all that becomes a weapon, he knows all about my experiences, I told him everything. 
So what is he trying to achieve here? Like Warren does he think he can drive me to suicide? Denigrating the most horrific moments in my life. Parading them this way to destroy any kind of support I might have, to take away all my friends and my support system and to make people think badly of me, to hate me, to shun me? What else could his objective be? 
He is trying to get the internet to troll me and when they do this to people like me who they know have had issues with mental health and suicidal ideation. These people actually want me to kill myself. I know Larry Warren does, he publicly fantasises about my death all the time. Only I know the little remarks he makes that are directly meant to trigger me because it is something deeply personal and traumatic. What if I did? Then they'll say.. See told you she was mad.
Or does he think he is just sparring on the net, no harm no foul?  It's just words after all. Only the problem we have here is that he isn't trying to affect my book sales, my conference talks, he is not in competition with my radio station or network because I currently have neither and only ever had podcasts. I have nothing to lose. All I have are my experiences and that is why he is trying to take them away from me. Can you see what a deeply sinister person he is? Oh you can say, it is just a silly argument on the net, it means nothing, she probably deserves it, or who the hell does Joe think he is.. Or no opinion at all because it is quite rightly, beneath most people. So this is about destroying me. But I don't play the victim so it could never do that. You can't make someone look bad by behaving atrociously either, It doesn't work like that. 

Mind Control
Well it isn't going to happen Joe/Christina, you can't affect what I don't have and you mean nothing to me, so how can you hurt me? But that actually truly could be a reality for other people, this could be the end of them.  I have skin that now goes to the bone thanks to the training of the past two years, you know my darkest moments Joe, you know how badly those experiences affected me, but they didn't weaken me, they made me stronger and braver and they made me unafraid. I am certainly not afraid of you or any of your hench. When you have been literally terrified it takes a lot to rattle you once you have learned how to carry on after that terror. The terror you now deny I ever had. The suffering my children and I went through, you are now trying to take it away, but you can't. You can't touch my life, you are nobody to me. 
When you have helped someone and you take that away and replace it with abuse then you are using mind control techniques to manipulate a persons mental capacity, to affect their their mental health, to control and manipulate their actions and change their behaviour. To alter their lives negatively. Then when you drag strangers into it that makes you a handler. I survived monsters and the military THEN over two years of opposition from a LOT of people who are now supporting me having realised the truth about Warren. You are gaslighting Joe but It won't wash with me . Dear reader, you might think I am being overly dramatic, unless you have actually lived with abduction then you will feel me. This blog is for you, because you really have to be careful about who you tell, they have that information forever and they can hurt you with it, if you don't want people to know you are an abductee or that your child is. 
This is serious. We trust in people, we tell them our deepest most private events, things that people lose their jobs over saying, lose friends, credibility etc. Fortunately for me, in this situation I am in now, I have already spoken about most of these things, so yes, there are bits of information about my children he has that I do not want sharing in public, but the rest, it can only be about me not them. But to some of you people out there who I know do not want anyone to know, who are frightened of severe losses if your experiences were exposed, I wouldn't trust this man with your life in that way. Take it from me, look at what he is doing now over something that has got nothing to do with him. He says in the video above he had no idea any of this was going on. That is actually a lie because he has commented before on some of my posts about it all. But if he has forgotten then why does it mean so much to him? Why is he taking this crusade to this level? Is it because he needs the listeners to his so called network and his alleged radio station? 

The Biggest Invisible Show In The World 
He says he gets between 1.5 and 3.5 million listeners per show to Warren in this blog in the short excerpt. So why doesn't he show up on the listings then? Surely that is a higher number than even George Noory and Coast to Coast, it would blow Jimmy Church out of the water. When you look for the frequency on 107.7 FM station in New Orleans as he states, there is nothing there. It also quickly becomes obvious that the stations run in alphabetical order and U is on another coast entirely and in fact it should start with a 'W'. 

Here is a link to all the radio stations in New Orleans
Link to Image source
This is a link to the Federal Communications Commission and their regulations. It say's;

The FCC has a special class of radio licenses called Low Power FM Radio (LPFM) to create opportunities for new voices to be heard on the radio. The LPFM radio service consists of 100-watt stations which reach an area with a radius of approximately three and one-half miles.

Who is eligible for LPFM licenses?

To qualify for an LPFM license, you must be:
  • A government or non-profit educational institution, like a public or private school or state or private university
  • A non-profit organization, association or entity with an educational purpose, like a community group, public service or public health organization, disability service provider or faith-based organization
  • A government or non-profit entity providing local public safety or transportation service, like a volunteer fire department, local government or state transportation authority
In addition, applicants for LPFM licenses must be based in the community in which they intend to broadcast. An organization is considered community-based if:
  • It is physically headquartered or has a campus within 10 miles of the proposed transmitting antenna
  • Seventy-five percent of its governing board resides within 10 miles of the proposed transmitting antenna
  • It is a non-profit or governmental public safety organization that intends to broadcast within the area of its jurisdiction

Who is not eligible?

LPFM licenses cannot be issued to individual or commercial entities. Also, existing broadcasters, cable television system operators, newspaper publishers, and other media entities are not eligible for LPFM licenses.

How can I apply for an LPFM station?

The FCC has developed a computer software program ("LPFM Channel Finder") to help potential LPFM applicants find an available channel in their area.
The FCC will give at least 30 days notice, via a Public Notice and/or the FCC Web site when a filing window is available in your state. There is no cost to file an application for a permit to construct an LPFM station or a license to operate an LPFM station. A construction permit issued by the FCC is required before an applicant is allowed to construct an LPFM station and a license issued by the FCC is required before operation of an LPFM station can begin.
If there are conflicting LPFM applications in the same area, competing applications will be resolved through a process that awards one point to each applicant for:
  • the organization's presence in the community for at least two years
  • an obligation to broadcast at least 12 hours each day
  • an obligation to broadcast at least eight hours of locally-originated programming each day
The applicant with the most points will receive the construction permit.
If there is a tie after the points are tallied, the competing applicants will be encouraged to share a license. Formerly-competing applicants who resubmit their applications together will be permitted to total their points and compare their total with any other applicant for a license.

How much does it cost to set up an LPFM station?

The construction and operating costs of an LPFM radio station can vary widely, depending on the type and quality of studio and broadcasting equipment used, as well as by whether a tower may be required. More information on the availability and costs of radio equipment is available from a variety of sources, such as electronics periodicals.

How does my organization apply?

Applications for new LPFM stations, construction permits, or for major changes to LPFM permits or licenses can only be filed during the dates specified for an application filing window. Such applications may only be filed via the Media Bureau's electronic filing system. An application will be returned, without consideration, if it is received at a time outside the filing window.

Print Out

Non profit? Well doesn't that mean that this is a big no no then? 
Non profit? Well doesn't that mean that this is a big no no then? 

Go Fund Yourselves!

They are no strangers to GoFundMe

Expose on Christina George

Fairytale Psychic is Cracked (blog)
Christina George Rip Off Report

Evan Jensen Investigated one of Christina Georges Psychic Nights.
Evan runs the Paranormal Herald

All this started because I know he told Robert Hastings in a show a couple of years ago Warren failed the VSA and because I know he took that show down from the archives, not because Joe doesn't agree with me as he say's. I definitely did not attack them, they decided to fight a battle for Warren without knowing the facts as their ridiculous show highlights. Jason Wilson joins in representing the facts and they all end up arguing. Thanks Jason, you are a good friend and I appreciate what you did. 
If you don't know anything about the Rendlesham Incidents and specifically Warren's version(s) of events and you haven't read any of the information I have published then there is nothing to talk about. These two quite clearly demonstrated, they know absolutely nothing about what is going on and they have attacked me on behalf of someone they don't know personally, haven't known long although they will say yayayayay years. That isn't true because I introduced them. Why would anyone who is so busy with a show that draws around four million listeners be even the slightest bit concerned about what I am saying, especially a fake and a liar, what kind of network owner picks fights with fakes and nobodies? 
So obviously my next move is to complain to the FCC and to Ofsted about the things they have said and see that nothing happens because it's my bet, there isn't a station, there are no towers and he is just a fake and a liar. Obviously I will let you know what the outcome is. Feel free to complain yourself, the details are in the information in at the link I provided for the FCC. 

The Hells Angels have confirmed that Warren was never a member. His patches were bought. Warren told the HA he had burned the patches and promised never to do it again.

He hasn't earned those colours. 

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