Monday, 29 May 2017

Larry Warren Lies. Show transcript of the infamous HPANWO 197 show.

The lies are utterly staggering in this show. I had to transcribe this so you could see what a Walter Mitty he really is. Ask yourself, why isn't he talking to rock stars about all this. Why is he selling rock memorabilia to the UFO community. Why isn't he on the rock radio circuit? Why does he use small auction houses rather than the larger authentic auction houses?

You can listen to the show here but reading it really is much more impacting. You are about to read about how Yoko Ono copied a New York art exhibition Warren did, only a year after he did his. He regales us with stories of his friendships and adventures with the rich and famous.

A lot of these stories can be found in various books such as Michael Francis, Starman. Alf Weaver, The Original Rock and Roll Bodyguard, who tells us it was his job to forge signatures for The Beatles fans. Also in Richard Coles book Stairway to heaven and Peter Grants book, The Man who Led Zeppelin.

He also tells us about how Stevie Ray Vaughan came to his first wedding and other adventures with Ringo and the Allstars. He was caught out selling a fake SRV Cobra guitar in 1995.

He is telling stories to build a character to be able to sell rock memorabilia as I have outlined in the three previous 'documents' blogs outlining his online sales activity and self generation of fraudulent items. He makes out he is in close protection but he had a UK SIA card which is a requirement for security. Warren worked at a Tesco's supermarket and was sacked for stealing cigarettes. He protected cheese and tampons, not John Lennon or Ringo Starr.


I have known Warren for ten years and this was all news to me;

Transcription starting at 00:59:00

Close Protection and Other Things

Warren: "Well I could never match her on this internet stuff and errr she knows it..."

Jones: "Well Larry that's Larry that's because you have other things to do basically and other things to think about".

Jones (getting all worked up): "This person says she's an exopolitical activist, she's an experiencer and she wants to help people who've had experiences.  But why on earth is she putting so much effort into just settling a personal score?  Has she got nothing better to do?"

Warren: "Who cares?  Probably not but at the end of the day ummm you know uhhh I was having some issues with the landlord and my room mate also and I said well screw this.  I mean she goes 'Well why don't you come in here.  I know about that in England.'
I've worked since I've been in this country by the way.

Warren: "And by the way I'm in a licensed in...I WAS in a licensed industry where you're drug-tested, criminal background, records, checks, everything to be able to work in that which I did for ten years.
And errrr close protection and other things.  And uhh it's licensed here in England by the government and there's every kinda thing so these nonsensical you know we're drug tested and everything is just you know I couldn't have maintained my job and uhh I'm still in a uhhh different kind of industry now where you're drug-tested."

Warren: "Anyway my company at the time folded and uhhh they're out of London and I said you know I'm pretty tired of this business anyway and I was.  It could get naughty and dangerous at times.  Anyway so ummm you know I had another sideline and I errr do and errr I was all right and you know this person said 'Well I can get you on the housing list.' "

Warren: "Now to me I don't yeah being a[sic] American you know that's welfare and all and it IS..I mean there is a housing list that you can get on and I said 'Oh' and she said 'It'll only take a couple of weeks why don't you come in with us and get the hell out of that scumbag' which he was uhhh 'house' and I did that and umm I just got the hell out."

Warren moves in

Warren: "Let it burn down for all I cared.  And errr so I went in there and it was umm (sounds like a cigarette being lit) well ummm you know other quite generous and and we had food and uhh and you know and it was all very nice but I reciprocated.  And I took care of a lot of things as you do you know.   And uhh sure enough - I'm trying to be really good here - and not get into people how people live and how they don't live cos ummm I'm not going to do that."

Warren: "So I'm basically I have a little pile of my own shit the rest is stored at my ex-wife's house. Ummm and errr they had a bad patch they got evicted while I was there.  Unfortunately this thing went on. I've seen I lived with them and took all their money and ate their food and ate their children."  (Jones snorts laughter.)

Warren: "Whatever I did and for uhhh how many months?  Eight months.  I've seen it six months. And in reality everyone that knows me that knows that time it was eight WEEKS.  Now that's a lot of time to have another a grown ape in your house and you know I understand that for anyone.  And it was very kind and fortunately a (?) told me everything she knows comes from the internet. It is not going to happen.  And if you stay too long she'll fall out with ya."
Warren: "And I'm thinking 'holy shit (laughs) what have I done?'   And so umm my ex-wife came over and  stopped and met this cute little baby lovely little thing and umm and all that and ummm you know I'm not saying they're evil people but they definitely think differently than I do.  And uhh very errr what's the word umm oh geeze err 'venomous' I guess is a (Jones grunts in agreement)
I know how the other the guy's family I witnessed things going on there and it was very ...everyone's family is dysfunctional  but when you're in someone else's dysfunction it's pretty awkward right?"  (Jones agrees wholeheartedly.)

Warren on paintings and painting

Warren: "So umm what happened is is you know also if you have but I got creative I started getting back to painting.  I've seen that other people do my paintings and I claim they're mine but I did a coupla really cool ones right at their house and the last I knew they have one hanging in their living room.  I'm sure that's been burned in the fire in the garden."  (laughter from Warren and 'oh dear' from Jones.)

Warren: "Which is a shame. I liked that one but ...   They go for a lot of money now when I when I can move 'em you know cos they're one-offs but I did get a little style change while I was there. Usually I'm under duress and I was definitely fighting under duress there.  But uhh you know they were under their own pressures.  They got evicted. I had to tag along.  (laughs)  And but what I did I painted their interior of their entire new apar... house.  uhhh FOR them. You know when it cost them £1500 it's the least I could do. I was happy to do it."  (Grunt from Jones.)

Eight weeks

Warren: "Uhhh and these are facts you know.  I was there eight WEEKS in total!  Not six months eight months.  The people that promote this with  her have no fucking clue.  And it was uhh eight weeks too long.  Grateful for the roof.  Ahhh...No-one slept with knives under the bed I wouldn't have been there eight days would I?
Ummm my son would come over and visit uhhhh he had a bad vibe about some things."

Warren: "Uhh my son's got a real good street head.  But they were very nice to him you know.  He came and see his old man. But it was awkward. It was just a bad time for me anyway and errr.  And you know I'm thinking  'wow' you know. 
So uhhh then one night I turned her on to this girl Linda who was from New York State I forget her last name.  And she's a specialist in you know it's this person was very good on these interviews.  I would be contacted from people like Jimmie Church and whoever errr Don Ecker who I've known uhh he was the Best Man when I got married and my son's mum." (Jones - heavy breathing)

Warren: "Uhh I'd be contacted and I but I didn't know how to the Skype to me was like witchcraft.  Now I'm embarrassed how easy it is."  (Jones says that Warren is doing very well with Skype.)  "Yeah but I wouldn't look at these things they they just terrified me.  Uhh I don't know why but it's it's just not me.  I'm still happy in 1978 you know."

Very famous and not so famous

Warren: "And so uhh unfortunately because this person's involved with things she saw certain business things and I'm going to say  this here at an auction house called Cameo Auctioneers in Reading I've been dealing with rock and roll memorabilia.  I was in the music business, was a publicist, I worked for Epic and Sony Music. Lot of people like that. Very famous people. And some not so famous."

Warren: "I worked in recording studios.  You name it. Record Plant. You name it.  For years!  Now that's not in Left at East Gate because I wanted to have a future in that industry and unfortunately ummm you know and Peter Robbins comes from that kinda background.  We know a lot of the same folks. It's nothing new."

The amassing of memorabilia

Warren: "But I started to amass a lot of memorabilia.  Rock and Roll memorabilia. And I'm quite a specialist on authenticity, handwriting, all that kinda thing. And that's only learned after MANY years in the.. the game.... And when I left I kinda started to say and this is where Peter says you know certain people financed it but no I financed our book with things I started to sell.  Have to sell.  Because the book was expensive to write and that was fine so yeah I tip my hat to the people that I was able to do that."

Warren: "Are you there?" 
(Jones says he is but has just received a message saying there is a problem.  Asks Warren if he can hear him.) 

Warren: "So let me just draw this in right real quick because I don't like people knowing my business.  So anyway uhh this company and I've dealt with all the major players in that err industry.  I've been ripped off.  There's a lot of fraud in it.  It's a separate thing from UFOlogy.  Can be very profitable but I also like the value of the items and keeping the history of Rock and Roll."

Warren and Yoko

Warren: "I've had dealings with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an advisor on a number of exhibitions. Uhhh Yoko Ono did her 2000 one based on one I had done in the United States.  I know Yoko very well.  I think you were aware of that err through my ex-wife." 
(Jones: "umm yeah.")
"You recall?"  
(Jones: "She said something about that.")
"Yeah well Yoko even 'phoned her house when Dennis was born so ... which blew Sue's mind a little bit but errr that's just the way my life was and that's you know that's cool."

Warren and John

Warren:  "I've met people.   And yeah I met  John Lennon and all that kinda thing. And it's it's not a big (laugh) well it's a big deal then but you know many years older he was when he died now but umm anyway so I was able to acquire a lot of different things. I worked with one great guy and this was funny.  I've seen this come up on her page.  Actually you know if anyone's read our book Stevie Ray Vaughan is in the book."

Warren and Stevie

Warren: "Stevie I worked with at a  company called C.P. Enterprises uhhh a guy name Charlie Comer who was from Liverpool.  He was also a publicist for John Lennon way back and err we did err all kinda touring things.  Worked with Stevie at Epic his label and all that kinda.. lotta artists and things so errr... and I did what I did.  I won't go into it here.  But uhhh Charlie's passed on now but umm anyway."

Enter Craig the Cat

Warren: "So uhh I've seen this thing from some cat named Craig a fan club guy or whatever that all this elaborate story on the GUITAR that I allegedly it's made out that I sold this to this guy and misrepresented it or something and all this history and I'm thinking what the hell is that?"

Warren: "And then I'm thinking that can't be THE guitar.  And let me sum this up if anyone's aware of this Craig guy and what this woman has been throwing around the internet"
(Jones, sneeringly: "Yeah it's all over her website")
"It was a nineteen.. well I'll tell ya and I'm not going to give the serial number. That is a stolen guitar and it was stolen from me in 1995 from the Brill Building in New York City in Broadway."

Warren: "The Brill Building is where Carole King,  Jerry Gough and Neil Diamond all the rest wrote all the great songs in the Brill Building."
(Jones agrees in knowledgeable tone of voice.) 
"Uhh if you saw that recent show Vinyl that is set in the Brill Building where that label was  based.   Yeah, and uhh there was a person I did business with and that guitar was displayed uhh in the shop."

The Stolen Guitar

Warren: "Now was it a history that I've seen in that because what I know someone did that that guitar was stolen in 1995.  I never sold it to anyone at all by the way and uhh that has actually a history originating with Jimi Hendrix that was given to Stevie and then presented to ME.   Stevie played it at a sound check at Pier 84.  None of that provenance matters on there because I still have the actual provenance. Is AUTHENTIC.   So someone has tried that stole the guitar maybe sold it on for years cos it's many years now.  That has had a New York police file - a file going on it for 21 years now!"

(Jones is astounded at all this information and says he's glad that they got it back for Warren, obviously not comprehending what Warren is talking about.)

Warren: "What's that?   No-one's gotten it back for me.    What it was it popped up in some auction in New York and the auction house I think I believe used to be famous.  I've never done business with.. was famous for doing carousel horses and believe it or not the old wooden horses. You know people buy those things.   And that's their specialty.  And someone it was.. again I haven't lived in America in 17 years you know so I'm not on to everything."

Warren: "And it popped up and then it was withdrawn or whatever.   And I saw this story and there's a name from someone I went to school with and all the names.. there's one guy is the head of Fender's custom shop who would have nothing to do with this guitar.   The guitar is a 1966 (indistinct) and uhh rosewood neck. The serial number is known - police report on it.   It comes from actually Steve Paul who owned The Scene in New York and managed Jimi Hendrix very briefly."

Warren: "Uh it has a drill hole in the lower horn the short horn uhh meaning it was strung upside down which would be errr a Hendrix errr connection there.  And Jimi played it at The Scene so it is said.  The Steve Paul I knew he's I believe he's gone now. And uhhh that was actually a long story I'm not going into it so people can redo the forged you know provenance and maybe sell it on or again or whatever goes on."

No-one's business!

Warren: "Is that uhh that was totally ... she in fact .. when I found it but and it is that but I have photos of me with that guitar and Stevie and it was signed by Stevie and I ended up with it. It's no-one's business how."

(Warren stated earlier that the guitar was presented to him by SRV.)

"It wasn't stolen from him. The only issue I had with Stevie's estate when our book came out and I remember there was a guy with a fan club in Texas"

(NOTE:  Craig Hopkins, SRV biographer, author of several books on SRV, with extensive collection of SRV memorabilia including guitars, lives in Texas.  Craig Hopkins also gets a mention in the resources mentioned in "Left at East Gate" !
"And you know they are southern Baptists you have to understand in Texas and oh respect everyone from Dallas man those cops that got murdered yesterday, wow."
(Grunt from Jones)

Warren: "But uhh Stevie you know was from Dallas and uhh he was a great guy.   I knew 'im well.  There were friends of mine on my Facebook I introduced him to."

 (NOTE: No mention of Stevie attending Warren's wedding as Warren previously told Andy Young in a podcast in August 2015)

"And he was just a really nice guy and he died way too young."

Warren: "Everyone knows his story.  He was in my book... not ... uhh his... Stevie's family and I'll go with his brother Jimmie was concerned that ...before the book was published - obviously the guitar was stolen before the book was ever out -  two years before - and he said uhh err their concern was that we were linking Stevie Ray Vaughan with a conspiracy theory okay."

Warren: "Yeah well that was their concern before the book came out and I know Jimmie's read it and that the estate has and we never had a problem with that.  The umm and that's  a fine worry to have and I assured them that was not the case.  My role for putting Stevie in the book my reason was that yah now he's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now he's getting the recognition twenty six years after he was killed is that to get people turned on to Stevie you know, and his music."

Larry's Train

Warren: "So I used my train to carry kinda him on there a little bit cos when our book came out you know Stevie it still was that oh that blues guy that this and that.  And I believed in him enough and I didn't want him forgotten you know cos you know this world  with the shitty music out there and I'm proud we put 'im in." 

Warren: "And anyway that guitar is nothing that was presented by her.  It's stolen from me. It remains stolen property.  It has nothing.. what someone has done now is gone through our book who isn't her and picked out certain names from the book.
 I've talked to one name on there since I've read that and they said I've never been contacted about the guitar but I remember the guitar very well.  Did you get it back?  And I said no but it's stuck its head up again via some other crap."

Jimi Jackets

Warren: "So there's some real rigamarole[sic]  and I can tell you there was a company in I won't say where in the States and you know the big auction houses you gotta watch.  They - I had a Jimi Hendrix jacket that I bought from somebody I won't say and because I don't want these people going after these people.  And it was signed on the arm in a pen very faint to this person 'stay free Jimi Hendrix'.

Warren: "And on this afghan coat Jimi's pictures in it and all that.   Well this uhh it ended up  it was  stolen from me. I mean this happens in that biz. There's a lot of money.  But the major auction house Sotheby's.  My lawyer in America who will remain so  my lawyer  Matt(?)  had to send faxes back then you know. And to their lawyer at Sothebys' Lucian Simmons.  I remember the name it was so weird."

Warren: "And uhhh (indistinct) this is the jacket. The inscription's been changed.  The PROvenance has been changed.  Folks this is what happens. It's an ugly business.  And anyway that jacket's still not sold by Sothebys because they knew I didn't have fifty GRAND to do a stop motion on it and in another country.  I lived in America then."

Warren: "So that's how err a sideline be careful when you buy anything.  But uhh sure enough uhh when I was with that person.  Well there was this Cameo auctioneers.  They they.. check out Google right about them.  The owners of the company are in prison now.  They robbed me and three hundred other people who were part of a class action damage suit.  I'm looking at about £21,000 if ever their assets are soldThey're in prison, but one guy left them and went to another company."

Fraudulent Memorabilia

Jones explains that this then leads on to the second of the three main allegations made by "that person" and this is to do with the fraudulent memorabilia.

Warren: "Well yeah that's damaging ..." (Jones butts in saying that "this person" is alleging that Warren has sold her "fraudulent memorabilia or something like that".)

Warren: "Well I don't know what she says because man I don't spend time reading her shit. I have people collecting them for me see.  I don't really have time.  I have a job and everything and so that's not the case but I have we have everything so I've seen enough."

Warren: "The other thing is that this is connected because this other guy that got away from Cameo and he KNEW what they were doing and they were stealing from everyone.  It was in the news here in England and I happened to be a victim of it and errr he went to work with another company in Berkshire I won't say their name and tried to pull the same stunt again."

A  Twisted Plan

Warren: "And I was dealing with him like an idiot and they had tons of my stuff.   Well it took a number of people with some power.  They finally released it and that got released back to me and in err when I was at that person's house.  Finally. It was a lot of effort for many months.  Uhhh her partner said 'let me film you opening the box make sure everything is in it."

Warren: "I think they had a negative plan right from the beginning.  It's weird because I would document everything I'm getting back to see if it's there as  I open the box.  I thought it was a good idea.  I think this guy had some twisted plan all along.  Anyway ummm no I'm a guy that actually exposes errr frauds. I've been consulted on handwriting and historical artifacts in that industry for many years and by numerous organisations to include the Hard Rock Cafe where I've outfitted at least three of them."

I am an Expert

Warren: "Uhh and you know all the people around me like Peter Robbins and all this they know this you know.  They know it's a fact and I think that they feel it's beneath them to even comment to this.  Unfortunately I try to remind people you know this is designed to affect my business.  This is designed to affect my reputation, my name eggsedra[sic]"

Warren: "And to most people out there don't even know wouldn't know Rock and Roll memorabilia if it beat 'em over the head with it right?  They wouldn't know what was Jimi Hen.. this or that.. I am and can say an expert on this stuff and I can go to the source or one step away.  That's what made me good.  And so, though I've had a lot stolen like that guitar."

A drawing in the paper (the Lennon UFO sketch)

Warren: "The other thing I see is uhh a drawing that was in the paper, that's what you're referring to and it depicts John Lennon's 1974 UFO incident in 74."

Warren: "He was well yeah let me nail this right in the ass (pause)... okay.   In - I'm getting a cigarette - in 1988 and May Pang obviously was in the paper saying John only drew one he never drew anything else uhh of the UFO.  Well that's not true I can TELL you I am very familiar with errr May.  I dated her a lot in that summer of '88."

Warren: "And err wrote an article which is on the internet called There's UFOs Over New York and I wrote an article eleven years later it wasn't an interview with her.   The errr UFOs Over New York and John Lennon Wasn't surprised.

Warren:  "That's on Google I guess you what do you call it?  Google?..... Silly fuckin' names these computer goofy-assed billionaire kids in their bedroom."

Warren: "But umm anyway err I am very versed in that because I... I wasn't THERE.  It wasn't at the Dakota where that happened by the way.  It was on the East Side, 52nd Street.  One apartment away from the Hu...the East River and uhh this object errr people can read the history."

A little brief thing

Warren: "And you may very well.  I was introduced to her by David Peel who John was in the errr you know he wrote The Pope Smokes Dope and all ummm Phoebe Snow and when we first met May, I first met May, Phoebe knew her."

Warren: "And errr and it ended up in a little brief thing with her you know for a while and errr then you know."

Warren: "May had written a book back in umm in the early 80s called Loving John and it was anything but loving John and in fact you can imagine what this internet super star is doing to me that's what May did to John Lennon in a book."

Warren: "And it was the hard-done woman this that and the other and he tried to drown her in a hot tub.  He ate my children or whatever the fuck you know these people come up with."

Warren: "And that's err what she did and I I but I got to know the person.  She's quite interesting.  I knew her mother where John would run and hide in the bedroom.  And May lived in Schaefer Towers which is on the Upper East Side at the time and in fact John had been in that apartment once in '78."

Warren: "But err umm she was older than me and that was the way it was umm.  I was going through a divorce you know at that time. It was a mad time in New York for me."

Warren: "So anyway, uhh so errr very knowledgeable on the UFO.  He was a subscriber to The Flying Saucer Review.  I rea... I saw all his magazines from that organisation.   Ummm I saw the drawing he LEFT for May.  But I also errr am aware that another depiction of that was sold for fifty-four grand.  Not John's.  Fifty-four grand on a record errr SLEEVE errr acetate sleeve where he was coming up with album ideas for Walls and Bridges and  'phone numbers and all this."

Warren: "And Jimmie Iovine's number and all that. I know Jimmie.  And err not The Voice guy.  He was a major producer back in his day at Record Plant and elsewhere but errr was he on The Voice or America's Got Talent or something they do (mumbles).  But umm so anyway err John has done numerous depictions of that errr OBJECT and the one that May had a go at over here in some newspaper or some Beatle 'blog or something which you know fell right into the  tentacles of Miss Internet how about we call her Miss Internet.  (Jones agrees)  And umm it's true and ummm I'll get her a little one of those  Miss Americas wear the ribbon."  (Jones chortling)

W.F.I. L.  Helping Hands Marathon 16-18 May 1975

Warren: "And umm so anyway errr John went down -  that actual piece - John went down to errr Philadelphia in '75 and umm did a two day errr charity thing live at W.F.I.L. radio in Philadelphia. Larry Kane was the errr general manager of the station.  Jennifer STEIN by the way who err co-produced sorry produced the Travis Walton documentary which is brilliant..."  (Jones gets all excited)

Warren: "Actually worked there also at the same time. That's a small world and in fact John closed her in a door by accident.  She has a great story about that.  But Larry Kane you know they were on the radio and there's actually photographs that I have and others have of John actually drawing what he saw.  And it's the building that they looked out on and it was the exact thing and it's totally authentic."

Warren: "And May said ...(indistinct)... 'John only drew one for me.'  Well no he didn't.  I've drawn many things of Rendlesham you know people ask well it's kinda like this."

Warren: "And umm so errr Larry Kane actually kept that and he said what was this on your album cover John where you say you know I saw a UFO at 9 o'clock on August 23rd '74.  JL. Somethin' like that.  There's a little line on it on the Walls and Bridges."

Warren: "And sure enough errr Larry said can you draw what you saw and that's what John did, again.  And he did it more than once.  

The Problem with May

So that's nonsense and you know May you know.  The problem with May is I wrote this article and it kinda not intentionally but it kinda contradicted her book where she was left basically you know like a bag lady and it's absolutely not true."

Warren: "May wasn't a rich woman but you know she eventually married Tony Visconti, Bowie's producer.  In fact I think she was seeing him the same time I was....  I couldn't compete with him I you know I don't produce Bowie."

Warren: "But uhhh yeah ...  you know thing is Peter Robbins, a lot of people, my family, all these people, you know, know these things and knew these people actually.   Peter knew May. And ummm and you know this is MANY years ago but I think that article unfortunately kinda pissed her off so you know and she's trying to maintain a legacy."

Yoko again

Warren: "Now I know Yoko very well - and I've always - Yoko's always endorsed anything I've sold.  And errr cos auction  houses believe it or not go right to 'er.  If they're smart cos she'll stop an auction in a heartbeat.  And with good reason.    A lot of things were stolen from John you know.  And Yoko.  And things were stolen from May. Not by me but I mean she told me other people she knew in her life had stolen you know some really important things."

Warren: "I was just honoured to look at it and I too....I'm the one that brought in Sotheby's a guy named Larry Levine to actually err err authen...  there's was no need to authenticate it uhhh to VALUE .. valuing errr what she had.  And this guy came in and was low ballin' her and I said you little sleaze (indistinct) you  know. I said May don't even ..this was before the memorabilia thing really was at an apex."

Dirty Business

Warren: "The 90s was its biggest time.  Now it's MONEY.  There's a lot of cons.   Frauds.  (Increased heavy breathing from Jones)  The forgers are easy you know to hack through but it's a dirty business.  Almost as filthy as UFOlogy by the way.  So, errr, that's what she's been harping on and that's a side I try to keep out because it's financial number one but there's errr you know but I'm quite respected in that industry."

Warren: "I am only not respected by people that try to RIP ME OFF!  And Cameo Auctioneers and the other company which this guy Alan works for he tried it too.  He shoulda gone to jail with his two other friends. 
But that's showbiz.  I got my property back and they better watch it you know."

Warren: "These are LEGALLY ACTIONABLE THINGS!  The provenance are very tight and unfortunately now for the idiot bunch on the internet that follows Miss Internet uhhh THEY don't know this.  They wouldn't know John Lennon from Leonard Bernstein really, would they?"  (Heavy snorting breathing from Jones)

Warren: "They don't know this but it's all negativity and they might not have jobs either and they do what they do all day and it's a weird bunch.  I can't really imagine people like this live."

They are idiots

Jones finally cuts in: "Well they that's the sad thing.  The thing is Larry there are a certain group of people who will see something written on a web page and they will believe it.  And this is why it is so important to set the record straight." 
(All the while Jones was delivering his pomposity, Warren was trying to butt back in.)

Warren: "People thought I was in Australia.  I was making a joke.  They are idiots!"

(Let us not forget that these "idiots" were the audience of the SPI Glasgow conference thinking this!  The Disciples of the Great Pretender!)
(Jones then launches into saying that he wants to talk about the things "she" has said about him as well.  Jones is concerned for his reputation.)

It's my business

Warren: "It was important.  It's out of the way. It's no-one's fucking business anyway.  It's my business.  But you call me a fraud and I'll see you swing in front of a judge.  It's actually some people I dealt with were frauds and you know errr in that industry it's full of 'em by the way and umm the biggest auction companies are VERY naughty."

(Jones then mentions that there is "heated" debate going on in the the "chat box" and that is calm and more civilised that the people that are being discussed by Jones and Warren "in this interview".)

Larry's Fiery

Jones: "Umm now umm now one of the points that's come up I want to bring up now  is people have said 'well you know Larry shouldn't have said that'.  'Larry shouldn't have gone on about ripping people's spines out' and things like that.
'He should have just not said that'.
Okay.  Yes.  Larry should have stayed calm and he didn't. All right."

Jones: "Now he's already had a lecture about that from somebody else so he's not going to get one another one from me.  He knows. We've discussed this with him. He knows that okay.  If he could have just sort of like been a little bit cool and kept his head kept his rag then this wouldn't have happened.  It wouldn't have been so bad."

Jones: "But at the end of the day Larry's Larry. Has has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his experiences and that is, unlike errmm unlike some people, he this has been medically documented.  His experience.  As has John Burroughs recently.  Larry has medical records that show this.  And it IS to do with his enc....experience in 1980."

Jones: "Umm now me.  See thing is he Larry he Larry's fiery that's Larry he's fiery.  He calls a spade a spade."

I've been trained

Jones: "Now me I probably would have behaved differently because I'm I suppose maybe I'm different in nature but also I've been TRAINED to deal with aggressive people.  I've I've...facing up to people who are aggressive and they're shouting in yer ear and they're calling you all kinds of things is extremely difficult. And I had to have a lot of training when I was a hospital porter to deal with it."

Jones: "And at the end I'll say a little bit more about this because of my own experience with this person but this person is capable is really capable of being extremely provocative and it's not always possible to keep yer temper with people like that."

Jones: "At the end of the day we're all human. We have we we have sensitivities and we have feelings. All of us. And at the end of the day the law the legal facts are that Larry did NOT threaten anyone.  Larry said in a hypothetical situation he would use lawful force to defend himself and his family against someone who was he did regard as a threat and his son was there.
And this wasn't just to do with asking questions at conferences.  This was somebody these were people MORE than one person who had who Larry had interactions with. Very very aggressive interactions with before as he's going to explain later on."

Larry Didn't Start It

Jones: "Okay so you can criticise someone for their you know response but at the end of the day it's an old-fashioned thing to say but Larry didn't start it."


Jones: "Let us return to Larry! He's been explaining various things in his life and putting his side of the story across in accordance with and I think he has a right to.  Here we go. 

(Jones resumes playing the previously recorded "interview.")

Jones (fading in): "...said about me too  because again this is about reputation.  It's about the fact that some people just believe it so we're quite right to set the record straight here and we have to..."

(Warren tries to cut in but words are not clear and then suggests that he get a banner made for Jones that says "Miss Sensitive" and that he'll get John Lennon to make it.)

(Jones seems to re-run the audio section from 01:27:00 where Warren says 'it's out of the way' etc.)

Back to Miss Internet

Warren continues on from the 01:27:00 time marker regarding auction houses: "And you've got to mind your Ps and Qs and know your business and unfortunately the sleazes they're like I said very similar to UFOlogists.  But umm now back to Miss Internet."

Warren: "Umm you know uhh she's I have to tell you she would err anyway so it ended.  Picture being a partner of someone like that.  A male partner.  She I was unaware of all this my ex goes god she just talks about you all the time on the internet.  Larry's sitting next to me.  Larry's you  know pee-ing.  Larry's gone you know to pee.  Larry's err eating a bowl of soup.  Uhh he's had a cracker now."

Warren: "And you know I didn't know all this.  I don't read other people's business.  I don't know it.  But it gave the impression to people we're in a relationship you know."  (Jones: "Yeah.")
"John Burroughs thought she was my ex-wife."

Warren: "Now uhh I'm not I wasn't aware but I wanted to get the hell out and I needed to I mean I needed to get my place in order and finally I was able to do it."

One of the finest conferences

Warren: "I want to thank Russ Kellett and ummm and you know people not that guy you know in Cornwall (?).  Guys lemme tell you that guy put on one of the finest conferences.  Sadly under-attended and who did not attend it had lost errr over in umm Scarbro[sic] uhh last year."

Warren: "And err he's a great guy.  He's got a good heart but he has his convictions.   They're not to everyone's taste but umm you know I'm a bit right-wing myself and errr but I'm also a bit left-wing.  It depends where we're going.  But everyone's who they are and that's cool as long as you're not hurtin' no-one that's that's groovy with me."

This Fella Lost His Gig

Warren: "And umm so anyway umm this fella her partner was unemployed and lost his gig at the university here.  He was an I.T. guy."  (Jones: "Hmmm.")
"And errr which is sad you know and he's in a big funk over it and he would be.  And a young family and a child and umm you know but you're having this other guy all the time in your life and your old lady talking about this other guy all the time you're going to start to get pissed off...right?" 
(Jones: "Yeah.   It's not your fault though Larry, I mean that's what happens.")

Warren: "Well no no but he was very right though he did this guy and I don't have much uhh cred for him but he was err correct on what umm... loves his kid and that means a lot to me with people but err..." (Jones: "Yes, me too.")
"Yeah so I keep all that aside err and all you know.  I love mine also."

You're gonna answer to it

Warren: "But uhh you know it's just this horrible... I don't know what makes people this way but I mean I get rightfully pissed off at lies and distortion.  If there's something real then fine yeah yeah that was a fucked-up thing but if it ain't I'm gonna sooner or later you're gonna answer to it."

Warren: "And not being beat up you know not legally nowadays and that is the way it is and err it I wish I could spend my money on other things like hookers but I.. I can't.
So anyway he uhhh - that was  a joke Ben again - and uhh he uhh you know he accused me of pouring cocaine down her nose.  I think she had hay fever.  She had done it just finished a radio show and was sniffing errr just sniffing.  I have hay fever. You forced her to take cocaine amd they were having their own issues."

Just the Facts

Warren: " And that was it.  It was time to go.   I said well I didn't do that and I'm thinking.  I took my son down to Suffolk.  I said I'll cover this bill for you you know. Also a number of things I did.  I took her boy to get haircuts.  All kinda shit.  Got the kids crap you know food and all this shit you know for them.  Just the facts just the way it was."

Warren: "And uhh no-one was hiding with knives and all this shit and errr well the the bottom line is is that know errr I mean this woman would have people come to her home in in and portend[sic] she would represent herself as a THERAPIST!  And she had I believe one or two try to kill themselves and the family discovered these pathetic.. people that are so fucked up in their heads lemme find a reason why I'm this fucked up. That's it!  I'm an abductee by aliens. And I witnessed it."

I Know the Real Deal

Warren: "I was a support group member with Budd for many years. Hopkins. In New York. And uhhh you knew the real deal."
(Jones: "Budd Hopkins, you did, yeah.")  "No, I know the real deal on experiences.  I know it!  The eyes tell you ..I never... I I understand that there are people that need to find a reason and sad as things are need to find a reason and they they you know unfortunately this is all born out of that and there is a number of them that are attached to this individual with the same kinda mentality and errr..and I'll just go that far.  And umm you know and finding reasons and life's bad enough but you know why add that crap to it, aliens abducted me?"  

It All Went Bad

Warren: "Anyway so it all went bad after me forcing cocaine down her nose.  It's it's  just stunning to me.  She never saw me doing drugs but I sure certainly saw their - HER drug dealer show up every NIGHT when she had to take twenty from the old man to pay 'im.  On the old mari-ooma.  And so that you never saw me do a drug at all. Umm at all."

Warren: "And so uhhh (laughs) these these mad...all I could think of was Breaking Bad which I I that show was pretty crazy but that's all I could think of.  This person must have watched that show.  You know I'm cooking meth in some secret underground lair or something.   Now that's it on that!  I.. let's get away from HER unless you want to say all the joyous things she's done to YOU!"

Jones: "Well ummm yeah.." (Warren still going on in the background)

I Don't Give a Shit

Warren: "It WILL be I can say this it WILL be dealt with.  Not with anger... ummmm I am AMAZED that people like Bob Salas has just unfriended me and uhh you know all this poor woman a victim of this guy. I thought he was a lot smarter.  Uhh but I still like Bob but you know I guess he's hyper-sensitive or something.  But maybe if he listens to this he uhhh oh who cares I don't give a shit..."

Jones: "I hope so yeah I you..."

Warren: "I don't give a shit really about any of these UFO people but in the end uhh you know the best ones I knew are dead anyway but umm you know Peter's great but umm I knew Hynek and all them so uhhh at the end of the day Gary Hazelteen[sic] great one he doesn't play shit with these assholes but ummm forgive my language. 

Warren: "But at the end of the day I got out of err that black hole Disneyland nightmare thing and life's been all right and fine and you know umm different industry I work in now and I dig it and it's errr you know and errr but unfortunately this thing the internet and that's not my bag that's not my thing so I'll be doing a lot more of THESE type of things."

The "R" Word

Warren: "And also there's enough problems with Bentwaters.  I don't call it that "R" word any more.  That was invented here in England pretty much by Georgina Bruni.  We never knew the name of the forest uhh when we were there.  It was known in the States when it broke as the Bentwaters Incident."  (Jones: "Yeah it was") "And WHY was it Bentwaters? Because that's the only thing we all came from that base and that we didn't know the name of that forest. I can bet you not one of them guys knew the name of that forest unLESS they'd been there for a long time."

Warren: "So it wasn't like oh I'm out in Ren.... We didn't know.  It was the woods.  That's all we knew."

Jones: "It's only called Rendlesham Forest here in England it's called that here in England but uhh.."

Warren: "Yeah but it causes a lot of you know in America they still do the Bentwaters so people are thinking you know which incident IS this? 

A Pathetic Website

Warren: "But I want to say another thing what this person has done and I've seen it on the ATS site.  Is that an accurate site?  I think that is really a bunch of asshats(?)...." (Jones: "It is but it's a pathetic website") "Yes pathetic.  Fake names. All this kinda shit as usual uhhh and the bottom line is all this you know absolute cowards.."
(Jones: "It's getting worse. It used to be good. but it's gone downhill.")

Gary's Got It Analysed Hasn't He?

Warren: "Uhh I've never participated but I've seen you know I wrote a letter to my mother and that has been forensically analysed ... and I talk about the incidents - the only authentic historic original document about the incidents. That's not a copy you understand?"

Jones: "No!  I've seen it. It's its... and the paper you can tell it's very old and umm errr Gary's errr got it analysed hasn't he?"

Warren: "Well no, he looked at it as a policeman but Bob Salas was there and said the franking marks on the.. is all exact how it should be.  It doesn't matter anyway.  I mailed that to my mom.  She sent a response and it sandwiches the Halt memo and the reason why I...I talk about Burroughs and Penniston and Ed was because that's what they told us in the sit-down the de-briefing and I thought that was what we were responding to. I didn't know what was been goin' on two nights."

No Damned Bank in the Whole Town

Warren: " So all this spin and bullshit they keep doin' but believe me it's out there. It's ALL in our book anyway.   The other thing about  it is ALL dealt with.  Not the letter though sadly as much. That WILL be dealt with.  But uhh yeah the letter's authentic and I wrote it and uhh I wrote it when.  You know they're just saying....that's defamation again and slander..and it's...this person isn't that smart.  Remember I said this smart person?" 

Warren: "In the end she isn't THAT smart because I remember my son coming through her door after she tried to ruin.. I took my - I had the honour to take my son down to that base last year - and I was still stuck in lala land right? With them.  And uhhh I was supposed...I was going to put some money and clear a bill they had.  No problem doing. Let me help.  Gave that little KID twenty pounds for his birthday for God's sake."

Warren: "Jeez.. So then uhhh so the bottom line is huh!  I'm down there and freakin' Woodbridge.  You're hard-pressed enough to find a place to get a sandwich as you might know but try to find a Co-Op Bank!   Uh uh!  There was no damned bank in the whole town. I ...they go 'well that just closed last week'.
All you needed was the guy playing the Deliverance banjo now there was just NOTHING there.  I don't know how they live."

My Life is Much Better Than Hers

Warren: "And umm so I couldn't do that so I ... all the abuse started.  I started to see it and I have all this saved on my 'phone.  All the abuse started to come from both of them.  We will kill you.  We will destroy your career your this and that. I have texts saying we're going to ruin everything. I have it all before any of this started.  On my 'phone."

Warren: "And so uhh here's the gig so uhh (laughs) my son I ended up sending them a double payment to make sure it gets in there. You're talking about a coupla hundred pounds right?  Well I got ripped off on that. I remember we got back up my son walked in and got right up to her and said 'you owe my father money.'  She goes 'Oh, I'll we'll pay it back'. The other guy her partner ran up and hid in the bedroom."  (Laughter)

Warren: "I said.. get my son out of the place... Dennis you know he saw.. he lived it all weekend with these sick fucks sending these twisted messages at me.  I'm like oh I hope they don't burn my shit back at the hou..(laughter) ... it was a horrible position to be in Ben.  And uhh I always uhh enjoy one thing. My life is much better than hers ever will be and probably ever has been.  And uhh so.....good Lord."

It's Always the Way on the Internet Innit

Warren: "So the letter is authentic all this crap and I did the people this is pandering to don't give a fuck about any of this anyway.  They just like to have something to go but if it was real life with me they would fold up like a little bird like a little hedgehog and then roll under a bush somewhere.    I've seen it for thirty-five damned years."

Jones (smugly): "It's always the way on the internet innit?"

Warren: "Well again I'm from before that but just no-one it's keyboard....well they call it Facebook balls."  (Jones: "Umm lack of 'em".)  That's when they get some bravery when they can type and you know these are people that when some child gets killed they'll go after the families you know it's this type of mentality."  (Jones knowingly agrees.) "I'm not saying that person uhh would's that type staying..." (Jones: "No, she's not that bad.")

Warren: "She would NOT do that, no!  And uhh no, so...But there are that level of things that ...filthy bastards.  Those are people I could take their spine out.  But you never catch 'em."

Read Halt in Woodbridge Folks

Warren: "So away...the negativity with ummm Rendlesham... Bentwaters ...Rendlesham... (indistinct) whatever it is continues to be distorted.  Uhh you see Burroughs out there he's sided up with.. this is the woman that he told ME to get away from years ago else I couldn't play on their Justice for the 81st Facebook page him and Penniston hate each other.  He hates Halt. Halt hates him.   Read Halt in Woodbridge folks by the way Peter Robbins wrote that. It shows ...."

Jones: "He was on the show a few months ago talking about the book.  I can't remember what number it was but listeners can find it on the HPANWO radio 'blog if you scroll down."

Warren: "Well it's on Amazon dot com."   (Jones: "Yeah the book itself".)   "The bottom line you know my beef with Halt -Halt and me have always had this dynamic long before these internet people (laughs) ever existed. 

A Little Statement to John Hanson

Warren: "And umm but I do want to make a little statement to John Hanson who is publishing the new Halt BOOK called The Halt Perspective.  Is that the correct?"....  (Jones: "It is, yes it's in the final stages now I think.")  "Isn't that joyous! 
Well, I would like to say to John Hanson who promoted the conference that allowed Halt to slander me:
John! And let me say this because I know you'll hear this!  You really should read Halt in Woodbridge but you won't but you really should listen to this programme that I'm doing right now but you won't at your peril.   Because, my friend, I look forward to reading about Colonel Halt's life.  I think it'll be interesting."

Warren: "I absolutely hope you're smart as an ex-cop should be to not use any of this slanderous, defamatory, second and third hand, false information the internet girl is posting and sending to you because if you think you're gonna put that in your book  and get away without a lawsuit I need you to be aware of the slander and libel laws in THIS country! "

Warren: "Because I won't go after Colonel Halt. I will go after you, John, and I will have you in court, your publisher and everything you own my friend because you were warned and that's all I can say.  Otherwise I wish you luck.  I'm gonna read the book.  I look forward.  I hope Halt's smart enough to you know just leave me out of it!  You don't need to put me in it."

Jones: "Hopefully he will yeah...."

Warren: "But John, listen! You know, we don't have to like each other but I tell you what my friend if you put in YOUR book any of these spurious, untrue, false, misleading, defamatory statements made by that woman - you know who I mean - I will see you in court!  Otherwise, good luck with the book.  I look forward to reading it.  So does my lawyer. His name is Steven."

(Jones goes on about how much he used to respect John Hanson and how he - Jones - was involved with the recording of the Halt presentation at Woodbridge and how he was so much looking forward to the day in Woodbridge.  Jones feels that John Hanson blames him for something, although all Jones was asked to do was record the event.)

Banned From That Conference Too!

Warren: "I think John has a tendency to blame anyone else uhhh you know I've been very clear with him from day one even before that conference.  Oh I think we were banned from this..sorry I was banned from THAT conference too."
(Jones states that Peter Robbins was banned as well as Warren.)
Warren: "Oh Peter too!  Oh well.  I wouldn't have even you know... gone......"

Jones: "Halt basically said that was one of the provisos I think when Halt came over he says I don't want these two guys anywhere near me."

Warren (hard to  hear with Jones talking at the same time): "It must be a sexual thing...a fucking man... I have to tell you.  I know Halt and you know and you know people think we're ...and I've met with him years ago and ummmm..I served...a nice guy on the base.."

Warren: "But ummm...I.. my thing with Hanson uhhh I have a different view and uhh yeah you know his books are interesting.  I've gone through them and he... I hate to, hey there's some mistakes in my book - my tactical technical errors in uhh East Gate no doubt - but when you have a picture of Jim Penniston and and have a caption under it that says 'A young Larry Warren'  of ALL people under Jim Penniston I'm thinking you know was that a publisher thing or was that YOU just puttin' stuff out.
I don't know!"

(Jones comments that it was most likely a typo and Warren agrees that it was possible.)

Warren: "I mean I had umm Ronald Reagan in the Presidency in our book uhh when the incidents happened and in reality it was Jimmy Carter who was the outgoing.... Reagan was coming in in January or February." 
(that's hardly a typo, just incorrect information)

The Third Allegation

Jones: "Now  I want to come back to the subject of the book Left at East Gate.  Okay because this is is another of the three main accusations that Miss Internet Girl makes against you."

Warren: "Yup, okay. I didn't write the book now?"

Jones:" No. What she's claiming is well it's funny because she provides screen shots of the pages which don't really mean much and then she said..."

Left Out *of East Gate

Warren butts in: "Let me ask you Ben this is her new 'blog called Left Out of[sic]East Gate"?

(The following suggests that Jones has indeed read Sacha's 'blog despite his previous statements to the contrary.)

Jones: "Yeah that's the title of the.. yeah.." (NO it's not!) "basically she's saying that you purloined Adrian Bustinza's experience for yourself. That's what she saying."

Warren: "Why wouldn't I?  It was so sexy." (Snigger from Jones)

Jones: "You see this is what I want ...the the thing is I wanted to bring this up with you Larry but the fact of the matter is even the data that she provides on her website doesn't make any sense because..."

It's for Imbeciles, the Cult

Warren butts in yet again: "But it it's not supposed's for imbeciles.  It's for her the CULT.  The cronies the whatever that type of  internet filth she panders to.  That's for THEM. You know.  Also it has to do with is - read the book and - I'm sorry cos I've read her thing I found it amusing...uhh... Left Out of[sic] East Gate.  Clever...title! Uhh it was." 
(Jones agrees saying: "she is a good writer".  However,  the title is Left Out At East Gate)

Warren: "She is uhhh but she uses her sword in such a bad way naughty girl BUT unfortunately that is a SERIOUS libellous legal thing and I've explained to Peter I mean she's basically re-written our book mate!"

Warren: "You know.. Peter's he's almost seventy mate you know and he's had enough of this I think event - Bentwaters.  I know I have!  I think Miss Internet actually knows I've been sick of this field for YEARS!  I mean that's I find you know I'm only around it really if I'm correcting but it's always been that way.  Yet Burroughs can go around with mis(?)...."

Adrian Verifies a Lot

Warren: "Listen I did a in our book... Adrian verifies a lot of what I said in.. in the book.  It's in Left at East Gate.  The rea... now what they are trying now I did a radio show on Burroughs's[sic] uhh KGRA deal what's it? Phenomenon?"  
(Jones: "Yeah it was....")
"And umm uhh..." (Jones speaking over Warren about how the link to the interview on Sacha's 'blog makes no sense).
"It doesn't you know and you know why it doesn't? Cos it doesn't make sense. Cos if it did it would be just what it was."

Warren: "We uhh A...err I was kept to the end probably Burroughs had a tactic that a run-on...he didn't even guide poor Adrian and Adrian's never done a...that I know of...a radio show in his LIFE.  He has never spoken.. I hadn't heard from him in thirty-five years. I say that on the show.  And, number one Adrian made a mistake, a simple one.  I...he did NOT meet me the next day in my dorm.  We were in separate dorms separated by two buildings.  So that's a.. I remember that very clearly.  He probably doesn't think of where we lived at that time now. "

Warren: "And umm we didn't get together to you know in a 'tell me then I ran out and let me spend the next three and a half decades' .. you know with these douche bags that have (laughs)...and err at all.  What it was was someone's gotta get this out and it's all recounted accurately in our book.  A hundred percent accurately.   And now the issue is that we had which exists and Gary Hazeltine[sic] I'm hopin' it airs on Youtube or some.. I think Tino's going to put it on ..."

Jones all excitedly: "Oh yeah you've got a longer version of your recording 'aven't you?"

Burroughs Tried to Befriend Us

Warren: "Well we did a different one ...two different issues and it's pretty good so uhh but it's the facts and what happened is when uhh I first .... I didn't want to say there were even beings whatever.  Now if you listen to that show with uhh Adrian and ME and John Burroughs uhh I think that John got miffed because at one point Adrian said the phenomenon ...I thought they were going to let it run out and I'd never get on, right?"

Warren: "And I knew. Now I know that's what Burroughs was trying to do.  He tried to befriend us.  It was all bullshit and uhh there was a.. other people know it too. It was very disingenuous and that's a shame.  I thought..I thought we had something together but uhh you know.. you know I like things about John know him and his son and all that.  I can relate to a LOT with the guy.   And err but not that kind of person he he seems to be when it comes to THIS! Okay, this subject."

They Were All Around Larry

Warren: "So umm uhhh I'll leave it at that with him but unfortunately so Adrian at the end he's... you know he talked about you know the underground thing was brought up and he left...he didn't say 'me' in it but you have to remember in the beginning early days but he.. he was.. he told me 'I  didn't think you wanted to be part of that any more' and I go 'no it's all right mate.'  It didn't matter cos he'd backed up and he put all the phenomenon unfortunately which I wasn't comfortable with in the field.. the being.. whatever that thing was around ME, not John."

Warren: "And frankly I wish they all went on John.  Had an orgy with 'im whatever!  But Adrian said 'actually John says were they all those light things those creature things whatever he said were they around me?'  He goes  'actually John they were all around Larry'.  And if anyone listens to the show that's on the show."

Warren: "Now I wasn't cos we all had about fourteen hours' missing time after that. I know ... I've never thought about it that's another issue but we all have it after that issue, that incident. So anyway, Adrian did that and err so Miss Universe jumped on it and err but you'd have to go through the history of all of it you know."

Back in the Days of Real Book Publishing

Warren: "When I first err...when Adrian was interviewed by Larry Fawcett he was a policeman in Connecticut, he was a lieutenant.  Uhhh much like Gary.  You know, same tactics, interview, things - and interviewed Adrian on telephone. And when he brought that up Adrian said and it's IN OUR BOOK - again. I HATE writing a book for eleven years and having to you know re-iterate it you know or narrate when people can simply READ IT!"

Warren: "I think a lot of people buy books and don 't even read them."

Jones: "Oh I've got quite a pile myself waiting to be read actually... but I have read Left at East Gate........" 

Warren:  "I can tell is someone's read our book in maybe a sentence." (Jones: "I've read it all")  "and uhh you know I've moved a long way beyond that. That's a dated thing to me because I wrote it really in my late twenties but uhh you know early thirties.  Most of the writing was done for me on that. It just took years to get it you know to get it published.  That was back in the days of real book publishing and real publishers with agents and all. Not self-publishing."

Jones: "It's very easy nowadays to get....there's no excuse to anyone.  If you've got a book inside you there's no excuse any more.  Just write it."

Warren: "No that's good and I advocate for that but it was very difficult to get a book published back then.  If you wanted to self-publish it you had to be very wealthy you know but I'm not.  Peter wasn't."

Adrian Put That on Me

Warren: "And uhh anyway so uhh I...Adrian put that on me as all that happened to Larry.  I was missing for about two days on that base.  Steve La Plume verifies that.  They said it was emergency leave.  Other guys were not visible on the base - missing. So Adrian uhh put that on me and I got mad.   I was a young guy.  I was twenty-two I guess then. I said.. not AT him because he's a great guy.  Was a great guy then. He sounds super now.  And I..I said well no that happened to HIM and you know it's such an awkward thing that really probably should never have been brought up uhh in the early history of this."

Warren: "I remember when I.. I was very reticent to say there were beings (indistinct, as Jones says "yes" at the same moment).  And Adrian's it's took..  it's taken him thirty-five years to say it. If you look back through the history he doesn't go as far as he did on John's show."
She Knows the Psychology of Her People

Warren: "But what it is is people thinking I will say such bullshit about this that no-one's going to be bothered to check for themselves.  It's kinda like memorabilia or authenticating things. You've got to look at all the angles and check it our for yourself. And umm that's what authenticators do."

Warren: "But in UFO world uhh particularly when with this woman I mean she's quite clever.  She is...she knows the psychology of her people and it's basically they will listen to ALL her proclamations that sound SO official and so forthright and THIS is the facts!  When in fact they are nothing but LIES!"

Jones: "And it's a problem when people believe it."

Warren: "Absolutely! Thank you for enlightening me. I will go back to uhh eating popcorn in the basement under dim lights with strobe lights in my face and sticking my forks in the sockets or whatever those people.."

I'm Not Saying That Vindictively

Jones: "Yeah.  Well you know I'll tell you a bit about...."  (Warren cuts Jones off)

Warren butts in: "It just does on for ever! Rendlesham to me know it's... I wanted to go to that conference and meet Bigfoot Girl which I met in the parking lot."

Jones: "Oh yeah, you met Charmaine? Yeah. She's brilliant...." (Warren cuts Jones off)

Warren: "I DID man!  I've seen Bigfoot and that interests me you know..that was uhh forty-one years ago... the other day...and I am more interested in Rendlesham...I've been...experience a real one....and with many other people with me when...I had.. In fact Miss Universe there on the internet had if she never had a UFO experience in the past...did she?  Did she not?  I don't know.  Uhh and I'm not saying that vindictively. After (indistinct) I just don't know! Don't care!  Uhh and she's one of the few I don't care about with experiencers."

Jim Wasn't Even on Duty

Warren: " It's like Penniston.  I don't give a shit.  Why would they even go near that guy or...half of them with Rendlesham they...they're not my kinda people. I wouldn't have a beer with these guys or get together with them ever.   I have no desire. John wants to be the Golden Man and the Leading Light with it.  Good on yer mate!  Your little audience will turn on you sooner or later too and start you know.  I've already seen him slip. He'll be sayin' Jim and uhh uhh freakin' Adrian uhh were all together watching him go into a light!   And I'm like 'Excuse me! Jim wasn't even on duty! Did YOU know that, Ben?"

Jones, under his breath: "No. I didn't actually he wasn't on duty, no! I mean umm..." (Warren cuts Jones off)

Warren: "You mean you didn't know Jim wasn't involved?"

Jones: "No. I saw John...John said that he and Jim were there."

Warren: "On the third night."

Jones: "On the first night."

Warren: "The first night they were together."

Jones: "Yes."

Warren: "...with Eddie Cabansag.  John is putting forth that Jim was also there with Adrian.  Adrian wasn't involved on night one when John went into that light. That's not true and it's been said numerous times and you get the old slap on the back boy old boy network that he's surrounded himself with... uhhh going in not even questioning and saying 'wait a minute, Jim wasn't involved the third night!' "

I Won't be Slandered and Defamed

Warren: "But now I see their acolyte uhh this guy Dugdale who I..I have no time for.  He's shown his true blues and he purveys the second-hand slander from this uhh Miss Universe often. .... but he has a nice dog.  (Whispers) I like the dog.  But umm...darn...but you know I've no use for these people.  I..I figure 'em out long before Peter ever did.  Peter..we always.. the longer we lingered with this kinda folk umm it always turned bad."

Warren: "And you know Peter sees you know..(an obvious edit here)... Rendlesham.  I don't much care about it.  I care about slander and defamation.  That's what I care about.  And if I didn't have the...people could say cos I'm also not in the believe me business, Ben.  I don't care if I'm believed. That's not what I..I d... at all..'d go nuts if you want to be believed by everyone. How could you?  Uhh I.. I'm not in that you know gotta be believed but I won't be slandered and defamed." 
(Jones agrees.)

Warren: "And sooner or later that wave will come and flow right over these people and they'll get a real shock because I think they've never been called to account."

Lemme Tell You

Jones: "Hmmm. Lemme tell you.. I'll tell you what she's been saying about me.  Miss Internet.  Okay.  She's..this is why..I mean I should...I was expecting this. I was bracing myself for it. She wrote a little bit about me.  It was about a thousand words long.  Now, like you, with you, nearly all of it is NOISE!  It's basically it's mindless (Warren tries to butt in)...err rhetoric and silly silly snide remarks which she KNOWS is unfair and she KNOWS is not true."  (Warren tries to butt in again saying "she's a victim..")

Jones: "She you said before it doesn't doesn't matter whether if it's true or not it matters that it's inflammatory and wounding.  That's all that matters to her.  And what she said though.. this is the bit which could really cast me into ill-repute..she brings up something that was said to me by the Oxford Radcliffe hospital's NHS Trust when they were trying.. well they crow-barred me out of my job.  They claimed that I bullied another porter that I bullied this guy when all I did was make a little video with him and errr because we did it for fun.  And umm it was great.  He's a porter. He's still a friend of mine.  He never complained.  His parents never complained. He has a minor learning difficulty and so they said because of that that's me happy-slapping him.  I'm a bully and I was carrying out a sadistic attack on him.  Ummmm..."

Warren cuts in: "You know again these are from professional victims, Ben."

Jones: "This person re-it..."  (Warren talking over Jones: "She's the biggest crying victim I've ever met in my life...")  "well this is a sick thing to do and she's..." (Warren talking over Jones: "Hello! There you go! Well there's the word I didn't want to use") ..."and she's she's very crafty because she she she words it as a question.  She kind of says 'I'm not accusing you, Ben, I'm p...I'm  just voicing this rumour that we've all heard about you.'  I mean WHY is she bringing it up?  You know.  Very crafty.  Very crafty indeed."

Warren (from a distance): "She's a vile piece of work basically....Ben don't let that get to you man!  It's none of your god damned business. Mind your pie!"

She's Basically Carpet-Bombed Everyone

Jones: "I've had I've had.. this is why I umm I'm setting the record straight myself now  because..." (Warren, still from a distance: "Yeah go for it brother")... "I knew she'd go for me as well because she knows I'm friends with you. She's watched the video where..which I made which you're in.  She's going to go for Tino now.  She's already had a go at Tino. She will go for every.. she's going to go at Gary Heseltine.  She.. she's basically carpet-bombed the whole...everyone that surrounds you."

Warren (back at his microphone): "But you...yeah, but you have to understand something.  Let me put you at ease there.  For a long time even when I knew her before all this angst began with her victimisation and you know hard done-by me and all this shite uhhh I.. I... I will tell you that.. uhhh...and I hope people listening to this you know will be aware who you befriend in the world."  (Jones: "Yeah.")...But umm...particularly good on the internet and have issues or they're professional victims. Umm there's a lot I could go into here and I'm not going to but umm...there's  no need.. but umm on the other hand umm and it sounds like we're ganging we're not."

You Have to Know Your History

Warren: "You'd have to know your history here with what's been going on with this last year.  Umm this person this is nothing new Ben.  This person when I before any of that happened with me she was doing it to MANY people. People she doesn't even know.  Look I put this person on the 'phone. I was shootin' the Shaun Ryder errr UFO deal uhh some years ago...and I always went outta my way to kinda include this person whether it be.. this is Travis Walton say Hi....she loved that.   This is Shaun Ryder say Hi."

Warren: "Uhh I introduced her to ... .she rose in this work simply when she plugged in her computer in 2006 from what I've been told.  She knew nothing about the subject."  (Jones: "Hmmm").. "and her old MAN told me that! He also told me.. I want her ears to burn on this one...and he said it he said you know I really hate when she tells you and other Bentwaters guys what  happened to you.  And then she gets mad when you don't agree (laughs.)   You know she has this theory she found in some ...which has NOTHING to do with Rendlesham. Yes there was some kind of operation afterward but it's not this ridi.... this woman next she'll tell us what happened at Roswell.  Has she done that yet.  She probably will?"

Jones: "No.  Well if it'll get her attention.  She'll say it, basically."

Warren: "Well it is the..."

Jones: "People look at 'er and say 'Wow Miss Internet, what's she talking about now?' I must go check. "

Warren: "Well that's the thing here is attention.  That's the word and Ben she has done this with people I don't even know. Many many people.  And this is why the multiples of Facebook accounts because she gets shut down an awful lot you know and she comes in... there's people you don't even's her!    Unfortunately with her intellect she could have been quite an asset in this uhhh field."

Warren: "See I don't have a lot of respect for her anyway but I mean she really could have been..uhh.. she could have written a great book!   She's a far better writer technically writer better writer than I'll ever be!  And all these skills .. I'm saying these things because it's true.  Unfortunately her deal and her rig and whatever's goin' on in the old cabeza is this nasty horrible thing that must be horrendous to live with...I... it actually was and uhh I.. my heart goes out to you know that ..."

On the Street Where I Hang Out

Warren: "I..I...I wanna say one other thing.  I saw - she has a son who is adult he's in his twenties - and the last thing I seen from her I was walking ...I didn't even  know this guy and I didn't recognise him.  It was err we had an African festival well I was out with some friends and umm you know on the street where I hang out....and uhh on the street and uhh we'll all having a blow outside cigarette you know and umm this guy's coming by staring at me.  You know, what's that little fellow up to?  I said god he looks familiar staring at me right?  And I have five witnesses with this.  Ummm pushing a baby carriage thing."

Warren: "By himself, as far as I seen.   And he's staring.  I mean, literally ...staring, and I'm like you know I thought my fly was down I didn't know what was goin' on.  And errr next thing I know ummm he's down the road 'bout fifty yards on a 'phone just staring in our direction.  It was about five  ten of us.  It was a bunch of bikers everything hanging out.  And they go who is that guy down there.  And I go I'm not sure and then it dawned and  I go it's gotta be the son you know."  (Jones grunts in agreement). "She's got a bunch of 'em."

Warren: "And umm I'm like okay and I put my arms like uhhhh 'what's up?'  Well that was it, right?  We went in and carried on with our pints and whatever it was.  And next thing I know Tino read to me that her SON was walking by and I assaulted and beat him up and all this and basically threw the baby across the street (laughs)."  (Jones grunts.)

Warren: "I'm like what the HECK!  And ummm that we read too and I  I just talked to a friend remember that guy it it took him a minute 'oh yeah yeah yeah err that little blond guy'.  And umm (laughs) she's I told him because that's bullshit.  He goes 'fuck that'.  He goes like this 'we'll deal with it.' "  (Jones grunts.)  "If that's what it is and it's ummm you know."

Burroughs is No Better Than Her... He's a User of People

Warren: "But I.. I know this is a public service message but as I say Burroughs is no better than her uhhh at all and I don't give a damn what he says.  You know he's a user of people. He used us to promote their book and you know because we have good will to people most of the time.  And so we're burnt, just like any other person right? And umm you know I ...I wasn't trustful of him. I've never trusted him.  The guy's never been... he's never done any favours for me really if we're honest.  So why trust suddenly now?  And uhh we did that gig.  Hung out down at Woodbridge but it was all bullshit and there was other little.. .the..the people in the forest down there the forest people...." 

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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