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Larry Warren Auction Sales Document 3


Sacha Christie - September 2016


Larry Warren stated that Charlie Lennon gave him sunglasses originally worn by John Lennon.
Originally the sunglasses were in Sotheby's for auction.
May Pang (former girlfriend of John Lennon during his separation from Yoko Ono) had to go to the Sotheby's  office and submit handwriting and signature samples as the provenance of the glasses had allegedly been provided by her.  
I now see that the same sun glasses have a different provenance, that of Charlie Lennon.


Other items were sold fraudulently under the guise that May Pang gave Warren the items during a relationship. May told me that she did know Larry Warren. She also said that she never gave him anything, never sold him anything, nor would she.
I can confirm this with emails between myself and May Pang. There are also some Twitter  messages which is how I first contacted May, as in the image below which was sent to James Welsh.        


May Pang Twitter.PNG

I have personally seen two pairs of sunglasses that Mr Warren has in his possession and I know of one other pair he sold in 2011.  Mr. Warren claims that all three of these pairs of glasses  were given to him by John Lennon’s Uncle Charlie. Mr Warren told me this personally last year although I was unaware that he had already sold a pair of black Italian glasses to Jason Cullen - of Rare And Signed, a small memorabilia business - who is currently trying to sell them.
I do not believe that Mr. Cullen is aware of any issues. I am not associating Mr Cullen with Mr Warren as business partners but I am concerned that Mr. Cullen took no issue with paying £8,500.00 for both the Cowboy hat and sunglasses and is now asking for £95,000.00 for the glasses and a further £95,000.00 for the hat.

Below, the article published in the NME on 1st August 2011 regarding the sunglasses and hat being sold at auction.

Reference for article: NME 1st August 2011




Another press item regarding the sunglasses and hat.



JOHN LENNON COWBOY HAT (Rare and Signed auctions)



Below, a digital image of a Letter of Authentication, allegedly written by John Lennon's Uncle Charlie


charlie lennon provenance.jpg

JOHN LENNON SUNGLASSES (Rare and Signed auctions)

Below, a digital image of a Letter of Authentication for the Italian sunglasses.  The LOA was allegedly written by John Lennon's Uncle Charlie.
Charlie glasses provenance.jpg
The photograph below is of another pair of sunglasses being worn by John Lennon.  Mr. Warren claims that these glasses were given to him, Warren, by John’s Uncle Charlie.


yellow lenses.PNG
Mr. Warren said that the lenses were removed to protect them from scratching, and were the yellow lenses as seen  in the photograph (above) of John Lennon.

Additional Reference on Lennon glasses:   The Telegraph, 1st August 2007

This is a photograph of the alleged John Lennon yellow-lensed sunglasses (minus lenses) that Mr Warren has in his possession. He claims that the damage occurred due to the lenses not being in the frames. He keeps them in a soft leather bag in a Tupperware tub.

A three-page Letter of Authentication, allegedly penned by John Lennon's Uncle Charlie, appears in this digital image below, along with the lens-less glasses and leather bag.  Also in the image is a note allegedly penned by John Lennon to his Uncle Charlie.
The image was found on my partner's laptop amongst other Warren photographs.  


Image file properties indicate date of 31st December 2011

IMAGE 10a:

This is a close-up, below, of a note allegedly penned by John Lennon to his Uncle Charlie.  The note appears in the image above (No.10).



The photographs above were taken in May 2015. The LOAs above for the hat and glasses are written on the same note paper and accompanied the items. This is, unfortunately, the best image I have. The glasses are reminiscent of another pair of glasses sold for a million pounds.
Below is a news item showing a pair of John Lennon glasses that had been auctioned, together with a letter from Paul McCartney.

IMAGE 12:                        

If we take a look at the various Letters of Authentication, we are to assume that John’s Uncle Charlie sat and wrote at least six of them on this one occasion. Another problem is that May Pang had to supply handwriting and signature samples for a pair of sunglasses. Neither of these pairs of glasses has May Pang’s provenance. Either each pair has always had Charlie’s LOAs and there is another pair, or the provenance has deliberately been changed by Mr Warren.

May Pang's message to me (below) regarding the faked LOA and questioning Warren being an authenticator.



I have also found problems with the handwriting in certain documents. I have included these just to give you an idea.
The first image below is Charlie’s LOA for the Italian sunglasses, on the left, and the second is the LOA written by Mr Warren himself, authenticating a shirt he claims May Pang gave him.  May Pang stated to me that she did not give Warren such a shirt. You can see that the same spelling mistake of the word ‘during’, spelled ‘’durring/Durring”, has been made in both.


durring. spelling mistake on johns shirt and lennonsglasses..jpg
Detail from the above showing the spelling "durring" in both instances.
IMAGE 14a:
Below is a comparison image of the alleged Charlie Lennon LOA for the cowboy hat and the note from John Lennon to his Uncle Charlie.
There do appear to be some similarities.


letters to and from charlie. same writing..PNG

In all the pieces of handwriting that I have examined there are markers to suggest that each one was penned by the same person.
The comparison image below shows three examples of handwriting allegedly by Charlie Lennon, John Lennon and Noel Redding.
Charlie John Noel side by side.PNG

In 1995 Mr Warren co-authored a book titled Left at East Gate. Worryingly, this is his signature in the book.
Below is an authentic letter handwritten by John Lennon. Note the signature style.

On the Cooper-Owen auction website I came across a letter apparently written by the late Phoebe Snow.  The letter is written to Larry and Sue.  Sue would be Mr. Warren's ex-wife Sue McAllister.  I have included this letter only because it is yet another item of memorabilia being sold at auction and has some connection to Larry Warren.


Phoebe Snow letter page 1
IMAGE 19a:
Phoebe Snow letter page 2
Mr. Warren originally sold items through Cameo Auctions, Reading, Berkshire.  
He involved another mutual friend, Ronnie Dugdale, in an attempt to retrieve items that he had abandoned at Cameo just prior to the Cameo Kennet Auction Investigation.

As you can see in the article below, Mr. Warren claimed to have been a personal friend of John Lennon.





The image below is of the LOA penned by Mr. Warren, authenticating the cowboy shirt allegedly given to him by May Pang.

Image URL: Larry Warren LOA                 Reference: Goldin Auctions: Lennon cowboy shirt
This image also appears on the Goldin Auctions page with the cowboy shirt.   
This was to prove, no doubt, that Mr. Warren was in a relationship with May Pang at some time.


The cowboy shirt was sold in January 2016 with Larry Warren's LOA (so, authenticated by himself) stating it was given to him by May Pang.   This is not true as I have shown.  
He successfully sold this shirt at auction in January 2016 for $4,270.00



Recently, during an Internet radio interview with Ben Emlyn-Jones, broadcast on 21st July 2016, (recorded 8th July 2016), Mr. Warren claimed to have been instrumental in the investigation and prosecution of the owners of Cameo Auctions.  Although he does not mention the name of the company or the people, it is highly probable that Cameo is the company to which he is alluding.
Mr. Warren claims that he is the person who "outs" the fraudsters as he is a Beatles and rock memorabilia expert and authenticator.   It’s his "business".

Below are verbatim quotes from the interview with Ben Emlyn-Jones where Mr. Warren talks of his association with Cameo and how he is regarded as an expert in Rock and Roll memorabilia.  Time markers are provided.

Warren: "But I started to amass a lot of memorabilia.  Rock and Roll memorabilia. And I'm quite a specialist on authenticity, handwriting, all that kinda thing. And that's only learned after MANY years in the.. the game.... And when I left I kinda started to say and this is where Peter says you know certain people financed it but no I financed our book with things I started to sell.  Have to sell.  Because the book was expensive to write and that was fine so yeah I tip my hat to the people that I was able to do that."

Warren: "I've had dealings with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an advisor on a number of exhibitions. Uhhh Yoko Ono did her 2000 one based on one I had done in the United States.  I know Yoko very well.  I think you were aware of that err through my ex-wife."  

Warren: ".....Anyway ummm no I'm a guy that actually exposes errr frauds. I've been consulted on handwriting and historical artifacts in that industry for many years and by numerous organisations to include the Hard Rock Cafe where I've outfitted at least three of them."

Warren: "And to most people out there don't even know...wouldn't know Rock and Roll memorabilia if it beat 'em over the head with it right?  They wouldn't know what was Jimi Hen.. this or that.. I am and can say an expert on this stuff and I can go to the source or one step away.  That's what made me good.  And so, though I've had a lot stolen like that guitar."

Mr. Warren mentions how Yoko Ono endorses anything that he has sold, and that May Pang had items stolen from her, but not by him!

Warren: "Now I know Yoko very well - and I've always - Yoko's always endorsed anything I've sold.  And errr cos auction  houses believe it or not go right to 'er.  If they're smart cos she'll stop an auction in a heartbeat.  And with good reason.    A lot of things were stolen from John you know.  And Yoko.  And things were stolen from May. Not by me but I mean she told me other people she knew in her life had stolen you know some really important things."

Warren: "I am only not respected by people that try to RIP ME OFF!  And Cameo Auctioneers and the other company which this guy Alan works for he tried it too.  He shoulda gone to jail with his two other friends.  
But that's showbiz.  I got my property back and they better watch it you know."

Warren: "These are LEGALLY ACTIONABLE THINGS!  The provenance are very tight and unfortunately now for the idiot bunch on the internet that follows Miss Internet uhhh THEY don't know this.  They wouldn't know John Lennon from Leonard Bernstein really, would they?"

Warren: "It was important.  It's out of the way. It's no-one's fucking business anyway.  It's my business.  But you call me a fraud and I'll see you swing in front of a judge.  It's actually some people I dealt with were frauds and you know errr in that industry it's full of 'em by the way and umm the biggest auction companies are VERY naughty."

Although Mr. Warren knew about the issues with Cameo,  as previously mentioned, he has recently claimed that he helped put the people involved in prison by appraising their items and returning the verdict they were fake.
He does this because he is trying to create the image that he is an authenticator.
Mr. Warren appears to have no formal training in forensics but does all this by eye.  He has stated this on several radio shows and social media recently.

Former Cameo Auctions employee Alan Pritchard went on to work for Special Auction Services (SAS), of Newbury, Berkshire.  


Mr. Warren then moved on to selling a Bob Dylan painting through Special Auction Services, Newbury, Berkshire, following Alan Pritchard's move to SAS from Cameo Auctions.  
SAS later contacted Mr. Warren and told him that there were issues with the painting.  It had been appraised and was not genuine.
Mr. Warren did not contact them about this and left a lot of items in their possession.

The goods included many of the items above including the sunglasses and jacket. (Apparently the jacket was recently sold to  Mr. Russ Kellett for an undisclosed sum.  The jacket was valued at between £20,000-£30,000).

After two years had passed Mr. Warren asked me to get these items back from SAS.
I sent them two emails,  but had no real communication from them.
Eventually a high profile friend and movie director XXXXX XXXXXXXX got involved and he pressured SAS into returning the goods.

I found this image in the files on my partner's (Dave Kelly) laptop.



The Facebook post is still visible on Special Auction Services' page

IMAGE 25a:

This image (above) was taken from the SAS Facebook page on Sunday, 4th September 2016 at 20:26:42 EDT.

However, the link from that post is defunct.

IMAGE 25b:

 Mr Warren’s photos of the leather jacket as they appeared in digital images on my partner's laptop.



This is a photograph, below, of myself wearing the jacket on the day Mr. Warren opened his returned goods from SAS.



We suggested we video record him opening the box so that if anything was damaged or missing we would have a record of that discovery.  Here is a link to the video of Mr. Warren opening the returned items from SAS.
This package was sent uninsured and Mr. Warren even refused to pay for postage. I am sure you will find that unusual when you see that these items are not handled in a manner befitting their alleged origins.  
Video dated 16th May 2015.


2 frames taken from video recording

After this Mr. Warren tried to engage us in his illegal activities.

He asked my partner Dave Kelly to email a small auction house with several items for sale.
He then asked us both if he could use our eBay accounts and Paypal accounts to sell the items as he was on benefits and didn't want to get caught.
We both refused.
I told him I would help him set his own accounts up seeing as he claims he cannot use computers but he refused.
The items sent in that email are set out below.

The painting below was painted by Mr Warren. I saw this one day in his flat. He claims this was painted and signed by Jimi Hendrix. Apart from having seen the work in progress, the name should be spelled “Jimi” not “Jimmy”.

 IMAGE 28:


Below is a close-up image of the signatures


snip jimi.PNG

Originally reported in The Daily Post Wales Online on 19th June 2015, a drawing, allegedly done by John Lennon in 1974, was reported as having been sold  for £10,000. I received this private message (below) but by the time I checked the article the details had been removed.


Capture10k (2).PNG

I  recognised the drawing immediately.   A digital image of the drawing resided on my partner Dave's laptop, with image properties showing as 31 December 2011. Note that this image on the laptop shows the complete drawing whereas the one in the press had the top and bottom of the drawing missing.

Enlarged image of the alleged John Lennon UFO drawing.



Below, thumbnails of some of the images - including the UFO drawing -  that were housed on my partner's laptop.



Details/Properties of digital image of UFO drawing in files on laptop


The purchasing of the alleged John Lennon UFO drawing was reported on many local news sites on the Internet as well as the national tabloid the Daily Mirror.

However, on 24th June 2015 another article appeared in Daily Post Wales Online reporting that May Pang had stated that the drawing was not that of John Lennon. It was nothing like his style at all.



But Mr. Warren sold the item on the provenance (his own) that it was given to him by May herself in 1988.   
Mr. Warren claims that May is now only saying it is a fake to get back at him (Warren).

Mr. Warren has painted a picture of May being some kind of revengeful monster in several recent radio shows and podcasts.  This has only happened since I publicly outed Mr. Warren for being the original owner of the item.

During the online interview, recorded on 8th July 2015 and broadcast on 21st July 2015, Mr. Warren spoke at length in very roundabout fashion about the Lennon drawing in the interview, conducted by Ben Emlyn-Jones of "HPANWO RADIO".  Mr. Warren spoke vaguely of having seen the drawing in some newspaper. He spoke about how he had known May Pang and that she was in possession of one drawing done by Lennon but there were others, one of which was drawn by Lennon at the W.F.I.L. Helping Hand fundraiser in May 1975 in Philadelphia at the request of broadcaster Larry Kane.  
Verbatim quotes from the HPANWO interview with Ben Emlyn-Jones:

Warren: "The other thing I see is uhh a drawing that was in the paper, that's what you're referring to and it depicts John Lennon's 1974 UFO incident in 74."

Warren: "He was.. well yeah let me nail this right in the ass (pause)... okay.   In - I'm getting a cigarette - in 1988 and May Pang obviously was in the paper saying John only drew one he never drew anything else uhh of the UFO.  Well that's not true I can TELL you I am very familiar with errr May.  I dated her a lot in that summer of '88."

Mr. Warren goes on at great length to talk about how the UFO drawing came to be, but never once mentions any relationship to the drawing or that he had left a digital image of the drawing on my partner's laptop!

It is very obvious from looking through the folders left on my partner’s personal laptop that he had far more knowledge of the UFO drawing than he was letting on during the interview with Ben Emlyn-Jones.

During the HPANWO interview Mr. Warren also made some disparaging remarks about May Pang as well as stating that he did briefly date her in the 1980s.


Recently Mr Warren reiterated his statements about the drawing that was sold to Russ Kellett.  Mr. Warren also claimed that the photograph in his Facebook post (below) is evidence of the authenticity of the John Lennon drawing that was purchased by Russ Kellett for £10,000.00.


Larr Kane sketch may control freak.PNG

Reference URL of above post  not available.

Below is the post by Russ Kellett on his own public Facebook page made on 23rd June 2015.  Mr. Warren made a comment below the post which included an image of John Lennon at the W.F.I.L. Helping Hand fundraiser held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in May 1975.



No Facebook reference URL is available for the above as Mr. Warren allegedly had his original Facebook account hacked during the Summer of 2015 and so his comments all disappeared
As you can see, Mr. Warren claimed that there are at least a further three drawings of the same event.


It was during the four months last year (2015), when Mr. Warren lived with us, that we became aware that he was entirely disingenuous as are his items that he states to be genuine memorabilia. He also suggested on the HPANWO show interview that I am trying to ruin his business in a personal vendetta. Mr. Warren has no official business. On occasion in the past, where items he has sold through auction houses have had to be fully refunded due to forgery, he went bankrupt. I know that Mr. Warren has paid no taxes on any of these payments and he was claiming Job Seekers Allowance while selling them.


Mr Warren also claims to have been friends with Stevie Ray Vaughan for ten years. This is a public post on Mr. Warren’s Facebook page which includes a photograph of him apparently standing with Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Mr. Warren posted the image on his Facebook page on 26th October 2015.  As one can see in the image below, Mr. Warren added, on 27th October 2015, that there was no need for Photoshop, implying that the image was genuine.


The above is a cropped version of the image below where Mr. Warren is apparently standing ith Stevie Ray Vaughan and Phoebe Snow (of the letter written to Sue and Larry).


Here is a second image publicly shared by Mr. Warren


I found the image above in the files on my partner's laptop dated 25th January 2014.  See file properties below.

IMAGE 40a:

After a very short time examining these images I found several issues with them.

 IMAGE 41:


I then saw that he had made claims on Facebook to having been in the Mick Taylor band for two years.  Mick Taylor is a former drummer with the Rolling Stones and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.


Mr. Warren's evidence of his having been in the Mick Taylor Band is in the image below.



So I took the three images and made some comparison images.



 IMAGE 45:

Considering the very obvious image manipulation that had occurred (above) it is rather ironic that these comments (below) had been posted under the Stevie Ray Vaughan/Warren photo on Mr. Warren's Facebook page on 27th October 2015!


dont need photo shop.PNG

I now need to draw your attention to the guitar awkwardly positioned in this photograph.


A Fender Stratocaster 1966-1967 guitar, purportedly owned by Stevie Ray Vaughan, was sold in 1995 through Christie’s  Auctions. The buyer, a Mr. Craig Hopkins, then notified Christie’s that it was fake after doing some research into the guitar. Christie's fully refunded Mr. Hopkins his money. The seller was Larry Warren.

While researching Mr. Warren’s activities I came across an open letter to Stevie Ray Vaughan fans outlining Mr. Hopkins' problems with this guitar.

Mr. Hopkins had discovered that the guitar was back in auction in February 2016 and that its estimated selling price was $80,000.  Mr. Hopkins informed Guernsey's auctioneers that, in his opinion, the Fender Stratocaster had never belonged to Stevie Ray Vaughan and that there were many issues with the provenance and that of other items being sold by Larry Warren.

During the HPANWO interview with Ben Emlyn-Jones, Mr Warren claimed that he did not know who "Craig" was but as you can clearly see from the open letter (above) Mr. Warren had indeed spoken with Mr. Hopkins on the telephone and also met with him.
The following quotes are taken from the verbatim transcript of the 21st July 2016 HPANWO show interview with
Ben Emlyn-Jones:

Warren: "So uhh I've seen this thing from some cat named Craig a fan club guy or whatever that all this elaborate story on the GUITAR that I allegedly... it's made out that I sold this to this guy and misrepresented it or something and all this history and I'm thinking what the hell is that?"

Warren: "Now was it a history that I've seen in that because what I know someone did that that guitar was stolen in 1995.  I never sold it to anyone at all by the way and uhh that has actually a history originating with Jimi Hendrix that was given to Stevie and then presented to ME.   Stevie played it at a sound check at Pier 84.  None of that provenance matters on there because I still have the actual provenance. Is AUTHENTIC.   So someone has tried that stole the guitar maybe sold it on for years cos it's many years now.  That has had a New York police file - a file going on it for 21 years now!"

I have contacted Mr. Hopkins and spoken with him. Obviously trust is thin on the ground and although I have kept him up to date with my findings, he says he only wants to engage if this becomes a legal case. I assured him that was my aim and also that I am happy with how he wants to move forward with this.

Mr. Hopkins is far from ‘a fan club guy or whatever' as Mr. Warren knows only too well.  Mr.Hopkins is the author of a number of Stevie Ray Vaughan biographies and has an official Stevie Ray Vaughan website which also contains advice for people on how to recognise fake memorabilia.  
As previously mentioned, Mr. Hopkins has written an open letter to Stevie Ray Vaughan fans and collectors.

Mr. Hopkins' latest two volumes on the life of Stevie Ray Vaughan are Day By Day, Night After Night published in 2010 and 2011.

"This boxed set combines both volumes of Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night, one of the most lavishly illustrated and detailed musician biographies ever written. In a day-by-day format, Craig Hopkins presents an award-winning and unprecedented celebration of Vaughan's life and music. His Early Years, 1954-1982, the first volume in this deluxe set, covers the complete history of the guitar legend's roots, from his childhood to the eve of his first major record release. The book features rare and intimate photographs from Vaughan's youth and early days as a budding musician, details about his earliest gigs and unreleased recordings, and a personnel list of his twenty-odd bands over the course of his twenty-five-year career. The second volume, His Final Years, 1983-1990, covers Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's recording career, from their debut release and their performance at Carnegie Hall through their rise to international stardom. Filled with hundreds of photographs and packed with incredible detail, the book takes readers moment by moment."

Below is the listing for the Stratocaster on Guernsey's website.


While looking through the files on my partner's laptop I discovered this digital image of a photograph of what appears to be a guitar similar to the aforementioned.
Below are thumbnail images of some of Mr. Warren's digital images, including two of the guitar, that are on my partner's laptop


The image below shows the file properties for the digital image of the photograph of the guitar
guitar 3.png
In the open letter to Stevie Ray Vaughan fans Mr. Hopkins stated that the original LOA came from Paul Ray which is who Mr Warren claims gave the guitar to Stevie Ray Vaughan prior to Stevie giving it to Mr. Warren.
However, Paul Ray has denied this.

In the HPANWO 197 show hosted by Ben Emlyn-Jones,  Mr. Warren claimed that this guitar was owned by Jimi Hendrix and there are tell tale signs due to Jimi’s preference of stringing the guitar upside down, the identifying feature being a bore hole in the neck.
Below is an image of one of Mr Warren’s public Facebook posts referring to the guitar in question:
troll found guitar.png

While Mr Warren resided at our home we saw that he had a holdall with a lot of items of memorabilia in it. He also had another box of items.
Another grave concern of mine is that while he was here in our home he told me that Lennon’s hat was in a box with other items in storage at his ex-wife Susan McAllister's house. I had no idea that he had sold a hat and glasses in 2011 and assumed he still had them. He told me this hat had a dip in the top.
Several of the items I believe he has painted himself. I have three paintings given to me by Mr Warren, I kept them so that they could be used forensically to match the various paints and pens he uses. Two are quite old, one is from 2007 and another from last year, 2015. I believe paints can be matched to two of the paintings you see him pulling out of the box from Special Auction Services because I saw him working on them. I think that once his other items are examined many discrepancies will be found. He told me that he gave all of his paintings to his ex-wife. One of them is very reminiscent of a Budd Hopkins painting, and they are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Reference: Budd  Hopkins Art
Currently Mr Warren appears to be building a public profile as friend to the stars. He tells many tales of adventures with the rich and famous and is even alluding to having been a bodyguard of some sort. He told people on the HPANWO show that he was a fully licensed security officer, the licence being issued by the government. This is true. It is called an SIA card and he needed it for his job as a security guard for Tesco's supermarket in Aigburth. He was sacked for stealing cigarettes in 2014.
Here are some more images stored on my partner's laptop showing other items that Mr. Warren has apparently had up for sale.


 IMAGE 55:



 IMAGE 58:

These are just a few of the items he claims to have been given.
I am sure that the folders on Mr Dave Kelly’s laptop will be even more revealing. There are folders of Mr. Warren's own artwork and in the folders I have seen paintings that I know he has tried to sell even claiming that Miles Davis painted one of them.
I do not know where Mr. Warren currently resides. I do know that he lives in the Aigburth area of Liverpool. I have tried on at least four occasions to involve the police. They point blank refused to speak with me because they listened to a radio interview with Mr. Warren where he claims to have seen UFOs and Bigfoot. Even though Mr. Warren had threatened my home and my life, they refused to help. Since that time I have kept a public 'blog of some of my findings and have suffered ten months of threats and abuse. I felt that the only way to protect myself and my family was to make it obvious that if anything did happen to me or my family, the culprit would be Mr. Warren. For the past five months my partner and I have slept separately with one of us being on the sofa on guard every night.
The following is a threatening message that was left to me on Facebook on 29th November 2015

This threatening post (below) was made by Mr. Warren on Facebook, possibly on 30th April 2016, after I had posted on my own Facebook page that I would like to attend a Glasgow conference in June and ask some questions regarding an incident that Mr. Warren was allegedly involved with in 1980.


cropped larry death threat.jpg

Mr Warren wrote a book in 1995 about his involvement in unusual events on an American Air Force base in Suffolk called Bentwaters. It is now commonly referred to as the Rendlesham Forest Incident. For thirty three years Mr. Warren has made a living from retelling his account.
I discovered that it was not his account at all and that he had taken the account of the incident from fellow security personnel on base. I have had this confirmed by two of the genuine USAF personnel involved in the incidents. One of these people was his girlfriend at the time.
The people who really were involved in that incident in 1980 do not speak publicly for fear of reprisals and ridicule. They have both told myself and Mr Ronnie Dugdale that Mr. Warren also threatened them. In fact Mr Warren threatens everyone with either death, harm or his solicitor.
I am also in contact with a further three USAF personnel who also have no recollection of him being on duty at all. The discrepancies in that area would be a tome and, although he has been selling a lie for three and a half decades, that is not why I am contacting you.

I am more concerned about his activities obtaining money by deception and his continued libellous and violent hate speech against myself and my family. He tried to engage my 25 year old son Louis McDermott in an altercation in the street while my son was with his partner Louise Duddy and their two children aged two and four months at that time.

I am fully prepared to help you in any way I can. As I have stated previously, I kept the paintings for forensic analysis if needed. I am willing to make a statement, offer all evidences and I am prepared to testify against him in court as is my partner Dave Kelly, my son XXXXX and my eldest daughter XXXXX who is old enough to testify.

My son is eight years old and was assaulted by Mr. Warren when he flicked him in the forehead and growled at him “Don’t you eyeball me boy”.  

I have known Mr Warren for ten years now. I had no idea of his lies until he stayed in our home and his true personality became very apparent. We are no longer friends as his constant lies and drug taking will not be tolerated nor will his constant stream of abuse.

Due to the lack of interest from the police, I felt that compiling this file and contacting you was my only reasonable option. As you can imagine, after ten months of abuse we have had quite enough and we hope that this will be enough to warrant action from the authorities.

This document was finalised in September 2016. Since this time it has been brought to my attention that Special Auction Services are being investigated by National Trading Standards for fraud. 

This document was finalised in September and much more has happened since. Warren insists he is not selling fraudulent memorabilia and that he in fact met John Lennon twice even though he died in 1980 while warren was briefly in the USAF.

Note in the video it starts with a parody of Nick Pope being Mr Bean and then Warren goes on to say how he has taken legal action against us. This is an illegal act covered here.

Here is his most recent video refuting all charges levied against him.

Here is my blog about the entire legal fiasco where he had us letter sent to stop us from talking about his rock memorabilia business we were allegedly damaging. It was an obvious attempt to have us stop talking about him and his public claims which we have a right to contest.

Gagging order fail

Over the past year I have had to build a case against each individual to be able to get the police involved. After a recent resurgence of hatred from Nigel Mortimer on Warren's behalf, this is now complete. I cannot discuss the current situation but all will be revealed shortly. This might be the first prosecution of a group of people on Facebook, something myself and legal support are hoping to bring about. obviously this is a lengthy convoluted process and takes time.

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