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Rendlesham Revealed UPDATED 2015

What Really Happened

Please note. When I first wrote this article I was under the impression that Larry Warren was a legitimate witness. I no longer believe that he was even involved. I believe he took Adrian Bustinza's testimony and that of John Burroughs and other witnesses and created a collage event which he now calls his own. Please disregard any comments favourable to Larry Warren. I will update this blog with this new information in mind at some point in the future, at the moment I do not have the time. Sorry for any confusion but I take back everything I ever said in support of Larry Warren. Please see my blog Left Out At East Gate

(I will also alter the colours so they are less insane, originally this blog was black and white). 

I think it's fair to say that I have found something that totally puts the Rendlesham Forest incidents in to context. 

The events that occurred over that weekend were the actualisation of a joint forces research project into the behavioural science of staff on nuclear bases. This exercise involved all three forces and was instigated by the DNA and developed between defense agencies and contractors. It was all planned.

Not only was it a behavioural sciences research project but it was also an opportunity for them to field test various very highly advanced technologies.  Technology that has left me with my jaw on the floor . The document[s] I found is 244 pages long (each) and I have read it fully three times and parts over and over... I know what happened and have found as many other bits of documentation, including patents to back most of it up, no I haven't selectively chosen to make facts fit, there's just so much of it, I'm overwhelmed. Thirty years has been spent chasing ghosts, a few more collating the exact info from now on will be a challenge I know a lot of people will relish. There are ten documents in total... Number four which covers 1980 is unavailable, simply because they do not know where it is. They (foi) can only find references to it on the internet. 

UNDER RDT&E RMSS CODE B310080465 B99QAXRA10107 H2590D.


AD#: P002 914 TITLE: (SSeS0cPuRrAit)y. System Operational Recording and Analysis
P002 915 Computerized Site Security Moniter and Response System.
P002 916 Behavioral Model of Shipboard Physical Security.
- P002 917 Some Human Factors Aspects of Military Entry Control
P002 918 Impact Resistance of Concrete.
P002 919 Area Coverage Intrusion Detection Systems Research.
-P002 920 The Potential of Olfactory Reception for Ultratrace
Chemical Analysis.*
P002 921 Quaddafi Has One of Our Nukes or Some Things We Need
to Know About Behavioral Science and Security.
P002 922 Human Factors, The Error of Omission.
POD2 923. Vigilance Performance of Security Force Personnel.
POO!? 92)4 Threat Assessments "Horse Before the Cart".
-P002 925 Psychological Deterrents to Nuclear Theft.*
P007) 926 The Utilization of Emerging Technologies in Physical
Security Systems.
P002 927 Ergonomic Data Base for Physical Security.
-P032 928_ The Effects of Weather Sensitivity on Stressed Personnel.*
P002 929 Facility Intrusion Detection System.
P002 930 Job Performance and Brain Asymmetry: Relevance for
Physical Security Personnel.
P002 931 Instrumentation for Security Force Evaluation and
Training. -]
POO 932 GUIDAR Alarm Assessment.
P002 933 Overview.

"SSOPRA is a developmental project aimed at defining operationally relevant,
quantitative measures of man-equipment effectiveness in security systems. An attempt
will be made to develop such measures through on-line recording of the sensor inputs
and communication network at an updated operational weapons storage site. The
project is aimed at filling an information void concerning present strengths and
weaknesses in actual security system operation."
"If the recording and analysis techniques to be used with SSOPRA prove successful.
a longer range objective will be to package the system in a convenient form for use by
the security system personnel themselves. It is intended that the system be as general
as possible and thus be applicable to all sites having upgraded system"
" (At this point, four threat-dependent scenarios were
presented, involving security at nuclear storage sites. The
first involved non-technical electronic security systems alarmgeneration
until the guards began to ignore the alarms; and
the second involved more sophisticated technical alarm generation
which produced the same result. Once the guards turned off
the alarms or began to ignore them, the adversaries were able
to act. In these theoretical scenarios they were able to make
off with a nuclear weapon, which was ultimately delivered to
Muammar Qaddafi. The next two scenarios involved actions of
individual guards when faced with situations such as a peaceful
demonstration which is then redirected into a violent attack
on a site and a teen-ager who penetrates the site on a prank,
resists capture, mouths off, and is beaten. The full scenarios
are not included so as to not widely expose potential vulnerabilities.)"

In a nut shell... They started to compromise the site early on. If you read Left at East Gate larry says they were shot at from the woods. I should imagine there were other incidents surrounding nuisances about the perimeter fence. There will have been an attempt or a successful mission to actually steal one of the nuclear weapons... I have heard it stated in the past by someone on the RFI forum... Well you were right. The test was to see if after so many 'false alarms' whether the security staff would eventually pay no attention to the problem. One thing I do note is that there didn't seem to be ANY alarm system in place. No one has ever mentioned that.... Not that I have heard or read. The next part of the programme was to test psychological deterrent perimeter fencing. This was by means of a leaky coaxial cable running at the edge of the perimeter to be tested. This device emits electro magnetic energy which anyone who's studied paranormal experiences properly knows can be the cause of paranormal experience. The equipment was to give the intruder a sense of dread... Refer to Left at East Gate again. 
The next part of the programme was to read the personal signatures of the men by way of a remote brain wave data collector. Yes.. That's right... It was called the VERP. The last part of the programme was to test holographic machinery with a view to integrating it into the on board security systems of ships and submarines, to deter or delay intruders.

Now I know it all sounds too far fetched, even more so than aliens but trust me. This is the absolute truth of the matter. The leaky coaxial cable was called the Starfish.....Something everyone in the 81st jumped all over me for. The word star fish was heard in the underlying recording of the Halt tape which I brought to every bodies attention in July last year. The patent for the starfish was filed after the event but as i have highlighted in the document, the technology had to be proven to be valid FIRST. Previous patents lead back to 1977. in fact ALL the patents lead back to 1977..... The same year the USA sold the Russians a 40 tonne mega magnet for the woodpecker.

Interrogation transcript

They also wanted to know what would happen to people who breathed in heavily negatively charged ionised air. Those people were Larry Warren and Adrian Bustinza who were chosen to walk up to the craft and walk ten paces to the left and ten paces to the right.... Negatively charged ionised air removed an electron from the surface of the skin tissue after having worked its way as an electrical current through the muscle tissue.... Refer to Left at East Gate again.... Larry Warren was admitted to hospital because his skin was bleeding. Larry told me when we were in Woodbridge in September that he remembers seeing a hand held instrument which had holes in it. That was the device used to create negative ions... You can find them on the net. Also they were testing a method of intruder detection by way of gasses that are inhaled and seep out of the skin and can be detected by devices days later. once again in left at East Gate Larry and Adrian are checked over 'for radiation' a couple of days later. One other thing they were developing was an olfactory sensor. An implant into the nose that can detect gas emissions from faulty weapons. This machine also changes the bio-electric nature of human cells and alters the metabolism.

They were then taken, interrogated using hypnosis drugs and violence and I suspect those techniques and methods are still being implemented today because *Jim Penniston claims to be in contact with extra terrestrial beings. The NSA have equipment that can transfer voices and images to the brain. Jims Binary code and communications are very likely to be a product of direct microwave energy weapons. There are means to test for this, calcium deficiencies and problems with lipids in the blood are two factors to check.
 *Just realized my error. Jim is allegedly in touch with people from the future... According to Tracey Farley who says she has witnessed this. Apologies. Tracey also claims not to have read Larry and Peters book because Jims friends from the future told her not to.

The programme continued to run to see how everyone would react to continued activity. Steve La Plumes 'moment' was all part of the plan. there are other instances too that Steve and I have discussed which underline suspicions of being microwaved. Literally.

The lights seen zooming about the forest... Plasma.... They employed a plasma generator. Here is a communication from Andrew Pike to me a few years ago.

"While we were investigating, there was also a report of a group of UK Army personnel guarding an object on the roadside. These objects, including the one by the roadside, were described as cylinder or torpedo shaped, with a molten metal appearance, fluid-like, with rainbow colours across their surfaces, some were actually dripping molten metal. Then on 26 December 1980 I was infomed about red, plasma lights and 'UFOs' which had been seen in Suffolk close to Rendlesham Forest. These 'UFOs' were dripping molten metal and had posssibly crashed into the forest. There was also reports of lights seen off the coast of the now famous Orfordness Lighthouse. There was also a report of something either crashing into the North Sea or leaving it around 9pm on Christmas night". 
He ends with " What of the cylinders from the sea with rainbow colours and fluid surfaces"?
I'll tell you Andrew/everyone...  Along with just a few patents of the technology used.
Plasma Charged Bolts 

Here is the full document, highlighted where I think the info is petrtinent to what happened.

Although not identical you can see the similarities between these and Jims drawings

This is also an image of experimental electrons Ionised... Can't help but wonder if this is something similar to what Charles Halt saw.

So the derision has begun without a minutes investigation from anyone. Really this should be something that they would be happy about seeing as the have a case in point to sue. but no... Time travellers is more likely.

This link was sent to me by Steve La Plume after I informed him of findings.

more supporting evidence just so you get my drift..... This is from the second set of symposium notes. I am sure you will find them to be of extreme relevance.

Update; Over the years since I wrote this entry I have collected all of the symposium notes. The research project took place over ten years and each research project was carried out on a nuclear base somewhere. I have notes for symposiums 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10 number four is missing. I have applied under the freedom of information act for this document which is still unavailable after almost 35 years. The notes on the research projects discussed during the symposium covered the 1980 technology tests and behavioural research projects. Unfortunately they are not able to release the notes to me because apparently the simply do not have them. They can only find references to the notes online. Along with all the other documentation which as one of the speakers outlines technologies and ideas that are very "Buck Rogers" quote unquote. Make of that what you will. I know what I think.

Here is a link to a list of attendees and the company they represented at the third symposium. Please feel free to check out the names of the attendees and their patents. You will see what they were working on just by investigating the attendees. I did. You can find document five above or google it to check out the attendees of the fifth symposium. Unfortunately I can't share with you the attendees of the fourth symposium which covers 1980 as I stated above, because it has simply vanished.

Ok lets name some names.

Attendees of 2nd symposium

List of attendees 3rd symposium

Just a note of interest.....

This photograph was taken at Miramar Airshow on Miramar AFB San Diego. This is what happens when ions discharge in the atmosphere. Larry Warren described the object in Capal Green as bright shards of rainbow colour. When I showed him this photograph he agreed it was very similar but what he witnessed was more green than this. This is plasma discharge. Ions discharging on particulates in the air. Read Left at East Gate for full description of the object Larry saw. Larry agrees with me that things were set up and that this does fit the bill. Larry believes that this was a honey trap set up to attract ET.

This is an enlarged series of images taken from a photograph Larry took the photograph of an A10 during the day of the third incidents. It wasn't until last year when facebook friend Mick Sayer spotted something above the A10. With kind permissions from Larry Warren.

The drawing below is from a 1984 rendition for the Japanese interview posted below. See the similarities?

Malcolm Zickler Investigated the events immediately afterwards. He then went on to have an extremely interesting career considering the above. Woodbridge Security Engineering Group

Click here to download Peter Robbins free Ebook Deliberate Deception

Testimony from Steve LaPlume regarding the base and his UFO encounter on the base.

VERY early Japanese interview with Whistle Blower Larry Warren. 1984

To get a copy of Left at East Gate click here

Even if you don't believe any of this happened in Rendlesham Forest in 1980, it happened somewhere. This behavioural sciences in physical security on nuclear bases project happened. At no point am I saying all ufos and nukes incidents are all part of this test. The dates do not add up anyway. I have witnessed unknown structured craft myself. UFOs are real.



If you think this is all a bit too SciFi then you should familiarise yourself with the Fort Benning Incident. I was fortunate enough to know John Vasquez and talked to him a lot before he died. We had become friends. He was convinced it was extra terrestrial in origin but it was a Joint Attack Weapons System test... JAWS. All the documents are out there...

My co-host and I interviewed him on our radio show

Another interesting document which might be relevant due to the fact this was an all agencies involvement without knowledge process.

USAF Protocol for UFO incidents homeland or overseas.

DoD protocol for UFO crashes at home and overseas. A page might pop up warning you of malware on this site but there is no malware on this site.. how can there be? It's blogger!!! It might redirect you to a blank page. Try again if it does this to you.


  1. Nice post Sacha. very interesting indeed, just shows you what lengths the government will go to test there new inventions:-

  2. I've always said it wasn't aliens it was something like this. This binary code rubbish and certain people who keep trying to find out if it is genuine or not is a total waste of time.

  3. I take my hat off to you Sacha.

  4. well thats that in a nutshell then .. Fantastic ground work and awesome insight into all this.. IS THIS NOW CLOSURE . on RENDLESHAM ?

  5. I doubt it. Jim and John are not going to give up on their ramraid of it.Time travellers is more believable. they are already laughing at what I've said, can you believe that?

  6. Sacha, it just doesn't make sense. All this planning, and they run it over the holiday season in a foreign country. What right does the US government have to run any test on foreign soil? Maybe they were planning to run this kind of test, but I don't think the Rendlesham incident was it... Sorry just my feeling about things.

    1. The US government does whatever it wants to and has done so since its birth. It does not regard any "right." Fantastic coverage Sacha!

  7. You need to read the full document to see whay i think what i do. The whole point was about seeing how security staff reacted under various conditions and what reasons they gave for the circumstances to be so. Christmas was perfect. i qalso think that area was pefect due to the navy base, the nuclear power plant... Its got it all. :)

  8. Interesting. How did this document come to your attention?

  9. Hi Tracey Farley. Do you start every conversation or sentence with the word interesting?

    1. yes... thats Tracey. Every freaking case ... a protocol no doubt with her oath of not being authorised to comment or think for herself. Blocked her on Facebook too.

  10. Hi. I don't know who Tracey is. I genuinely find this information very interesting and was just asking out of curiosity.

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  12. Hey why did you delete comment in defense of Lady Thatcher ? This is as bad as that 81st Justice page on Inyerfacebook #timetravelcult #freedomofspeech

  13. Because its irrelevant.and i wouldn't know about freedom of speech on the 81st., they banned me last july. they also banned Larry warren.

  14. "We have a caller on the line who fears he may be a gay, he's married so we'll only refer to him by his christian name. This is Domingo from little Oakley."

  15. He said 'you want to upgrade' I said 'so do you, to a new face!' he almost soiled himself. He said he had Kenco coming out his nose which made me laugh but my nostrils were clear.....

  16. And finally we have a text from Ted in Fakenham that simply says ‘Cats. Hammers.'

  17. Well put Sasha, keep up the good work. SwipeS x

  18. Stumbled onto this page from a Facebook page about the UFO outside Woodbridge base. I think you're looking into this too deeply. I lived in Tangham in 1980. The lighthouse back then was massively brighter than it is today. If you were out in Tangham woods at night in the right conditions (and in the right spots) the lights would really burn your eyes. It's telling none of the US police ever mentioned the UFO having a sound.

  19. Why bring it now? UFO means unidentified:)

  20. it doesn't mean unidentifiable though does it?

  21. Q.1 If it was a training op the whole fly zone would have been shut down from around the base as the magnetic device? would of interfered with all the air/ground radar /communications? EMP.

    Q.2 Why have investigations after during highlighted tensions at that time in 1980 taking away valuable resources?


    1. Sacha, have you had this document analyzed or authenticated? I looked at it and have some problems with the fonts (some don't look vintage) and the xeroxing shadows (some tend to repeat). There are filters and such to simulate authentic looking documents and I have to say that most of the interiors of the docs look too clean for 30 year military documents. I noticed that no one's really picked up on this yet- I would definitely make an effort to get some expert eyes on these and make sure these are genuine.

      I'm not much interested in Rendlesham and I don't think UFOs are ETs as we understand the term so I have no dog in this fight but I know for a fact that people have been trying very hard to debunk the event (remember the ludicrous BBC documentary with the Plymouth headlights) and you have a lot of experienced military personnel who aren't stupid. I certainly don't think this is out of the question but it could well be yet another hoax. So do some research and vet your sources.

  22. its authentic.. I have the previous five symposium docs too also the contractors check out.... I googled the contracvtors names and looked at the tech they were working on and found some patented stuff. i havent just read this document i've read loads all stemming from this document. There are also other papers written by some of the people who attended the symposium and they are all relevant to whats being said :)

  23. I will do that though.. thanks for suggesting it. Basically the main night of inter4est for me is night three. john and Jim were not present at that event. Charles halt stated in 2009 that the third night was a product of sophisticated mind control techniques too. the only reason john and jim came into the eqation really is the fact that while i was rummaging about through patents and other related documents i found some tech that looked a lot like john and jims drawings.

    The whole time travel theory was one of my faves for a while but not being able to validate it in any way i bumbled off. Jim might be right but the point is, it was the thechnology they were messing with that would have brought that about. Larry concurrs with me and so does SLP. if you havent read left at east gate.. which Jim admits he hasn't... then none of what i am saying will make much sense because it was larry's testimony that ties in with the effects described in the document that the GUIDAR was to have on intruders. Plus the geiger counter larry says the disaster preparedness man had when he described it, it was an ioniser not a geiger counter. I have the manuals for the geiger counter halt used and the exact starscopes .. i've got everything. Larry just assumed it was a geiger counter.

  24. Sacha,

    The way Jim/John are treating you is incredibly revealing about their alleged search for truth. Great work!

  25. I am very interested to hear this other angle on Bentwaters. I grew up in a town not far from Bentwaters called Bury St Edmunds. During 1980-81 my family and I experienced regular sleep paralysis, poltergeist activity and light orbs in the family home. I was assaulted by some sort of entity, which resulted with me sleeping with the lights on until I was 16 years old. Some of my family experienced assaults as well. I also have a clear memory of what appeared to me to be a slow moving fireball flying low over our house during this time in my childhood. These experiences greatly changed my perception of reality. This has always been thought of as a haunting by my family, but as I got older I noticed many similarities with the abduction experience. Now I’m not so sure.
    We also lived close to the Lakenheath and Mildenhall air bases, and my parents had many friends who worked on the base when they had a brief flirtation with the Mormon faith during this time period. I have sometimes wondered in my later years if all this was somehow connected to the airbases in my county, as we seem to have a lot of bases for such a small region.
    The whole psy-ops theory is quite a new one to me, but it would make sense and seems more probable to me than UFOs or ghosts.

    1. Some people suffer from microseizures (which can be like sleep paralysis)because they are sensitive to geo magnetic storms... I suppose the same could be said if you lived in an area where there were massive amounts of Electro magnetic radiation was being used for radar technology... Cobra Mist.. GWEN... all those arrays and christ knows what else. Paranormal activity is also common although i'm not sure that it should be called that? Although the area is well known for unusual events. i know someone in felixstowe who won't go into her garden at night because she saw little green lights dancing about in her greenhouse! Its difficult to discern what causes poltergeist activity, we had things that used to move about in our house too. Life definitely has plenty of mystery and intrigue :)

  26. Interesting...oops sorry.It is obvious to me that there was some sort of experiment going on E.T. or military security.If there was a source of high energy electro magnetic frequency being generated by a number of local devices then anyone in the area would have had their thoughts altered /influenced and memories distorted and or manipulated.This is typical of psy - opps brain programming for that time ie 70's and 80's used by the CIA.

  27. Sacha : who said it was ET ? Rather more like UFO which can mean anything and maybe it was a covert training course ? How do you know you been given a letter drop of sorts?

  28. Who did say anything about ET? I didn't. I dont think night three was ET.

  29. Penniston made the holes for the casterplasts with a cooking wok. Took hours to dry. Used a different location so as he wasn't seen.

  30. I have read articles and books about paranormal activity in the woods at Rendlesham, and had my own experiences in the area, so there is historical precedence and the UFO possibility still stands for me, but this is a possible scenario, although i noticed things like "make
    off with a nuclear weapon" and "resists capture, mouths off" which is language not used in professional documents. also on page 35 of the document linked is "only a computer and Mr.Spock of 'Star Trek' evaluate probabilities to four or five decimal places" that is not genuine language used in such professional documents in my opinion. Although the scenario is what I would expect from the U.S authorities to do to their people as witnessed by past transgressions, i have reservations about this.

  31. Sacha,

    I research nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents utilizing declassified US government documents and the testimony of ex-military personnel. Since 1973 I have interviewed more than 130 of those veterans, including the seven who participated in my September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C.

    CNN streamed that event live and the full-length video of the event may be viewed at

    While your scenario is interesting, it simply will not work. In point of fact, declassified documents and supporting witness testimony confirm that UFO incursions at nuclear Weapons Storage Areas (WSAs) such as the one at RAF Bentwaters first occurred in the late 1940s, at Killeen Base, in Texas, and Manzano Base, in New Mexico. Indeed, such incursions are well documented throughout the era of nuclear weapons testing, deployment and storage—long before the experiment proposed in the DNA document you have used as the basis for your speculation.

    Re: the Bentwaters incident in particular, I will simply mention here that in 2006 I interviewed, on tape, the two USAF air traffic controllers who were on duty at the RAF Bentwaters tower during the week of UFO activity in December 1980. Neither had gone on-the-record previously. Both confirm tracking a bona fide unknown “target” that traveled 120 miles in 8-12 seconds (that is, two to three sweeps on their radar screen) and, according to one of them, made a 90-degree turn at one point. The object apparently hovered momentarily not far from the tower and was described by one of the controllers as an orange-colored sphere with lights around its equator.

    In short, radar data, which are empirical not anecdotal, support the presence of at least one unknown, high performance aerial craft during the period of reported UFO activity at the twin bases in late December 1980.

    The controllers’ verbatim testimony and other information relating to the events of that week may be found at

    I will send, at no cost, copious excerpts from my book UFOs and Nukes to anyone who emails me at The declassified information relating to the Killeen Base incidents, in particular, as they relate to the Bentwaters incidents some 30 years later, are particularly noteworthy.

    --Robert Hastings

    1. I have in no way intimated that all ufos and nujkes events are anything other than ufo events. why would I? why do you assume this is a blanket theory fo all encounters?

      As for the high speed 'anomoly' caught on radar.. there was a head on collision in the area of two 81st TFWs 18th November. The tapes collected around the time of the incidents.

      I am refering to night three a night that jim and john were not present at and a night that even Charles Halt himself says was a product of sophisticated mind control techniques.

      I have your book robert, i bought it as soon as it came out and after helping as much as i could by way pf cpntacting the press on your berhalf. you even invited me to your talk in Oxford.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. And one should also consider a mix of psy ops and ufo events potentially stimulated by these psy ops... One should never be binary. That's the mistake many do in Rendlesham and many other ufo cases. Let's take an example : Ian Ridpath says it was the lighthouse. Halt says, no way, it was not the lighthouse. So one feel compelled to choose a camp. But that's the mistake. What if, both were right, but partially. Something like : Halt saw in a certain sense the lighthouse, but it was not really the lighthouse.

  32. Hi Sacha
    I circulated your piece around the web and have received quite a reaction.
    I have to say that just about everybody who responded - including Robert Hastings who commented above - was of the opinion that your theory doesn't fully fit the facts of the Rendlesham happenings.
    I will be circulating these opinions and will be happy to send them to anyone who writes to me at

  33. Sacha! I'm not sure what the hell you're trying to do but as far as I can see that you are a wife who's bored and alone at home. And what you catched is very same way like fake UFO video uploaders do. Rendlesham, as you call it, had been a very important base located in the Southern during cold war so far. In addition, even striking a match in the base might have started an accidental nuclear war. I think Los Alamos could be better place to experience such tests you babbled. Let me ask you if you ever had a physics lecture or something like that? Or all you just read is Mesmerizing books?
    Three options I can offer for you:

    a) get study or take courses

    b) get out of the house and take a walk with your husband.

    c) consult a marriage counsellor to change your mind and subdomain nick

    1. Really Rog, there's no need for personal insults. It's very sad when people can't argue points without attacking the messenger.
      I've just been blocked from the Justice for Rendlesham/Bentwaters Facebook page by John Burroughs, simply for posting Sacha's theory - which he deleted within minutes.
      It's the same kind of narrow attitude which discourages discussion in favour of dogma.
      I disagree with Sacha that her theory fits the facts but defend her right to publish it without people calling her silly names.

    2. i suggest you go see your doctor and get some chill pills. I don't see why you have to get so over emotional at a theory. if any of you had even looked at Larry's book with this in mind you would start your diatribes with "i can see why you might think that but..."

      ands if you knew anything about me you would know that i am not married, I do leave the house and no i am not a bored housewife... How can i be bored doing this?

      I suggest you take a deep breath and go for a long walk and stop being so hysterical.

  34. Sacha
    Why has Robert Hastings' posting of Jim Penniston's opinion been deleted from these comments?
    If, as I suspect,only you can delete, I must say that it doesn't speak well for your impartiality.
    OK Jim's case is damaging to your theory - so what?
    Is it the truth you seek or to preach some dogma?

    1. I didn't even know Jim had posted. i certainly would not have deleted any of his comments. i'll check my emails because i can assure you the only remark i've deleted is one regarding margaret thatcher being fabulous.

  35. Hello,
    I wanted to make a statement. I was in fact contacted by Sacha about this information. However after reading it and talking it over with her via a few emails and phone calls I thanked her for sending me the information. But I also asked her to please not involve me in any of this. I have a lot of personal issues I am dealing with right now (Non related to this case) and have no opinion on anything going on about this case. I don't even follow it, really.
    So I have no official opinion on anything going on related to this case from anyone about anything, at this time.
    I am in no one’s camp, I have no side, I want nothing to do with any of this and nothing to do with this incident, anymore.
    Everyone just please, leave me ALONE!
    Note: I will NOT check this blog nor respond to any replies so don't bother. It is insanely difficult to get to a blog from the PRC and not worth the efforts or risk.
    Steven LaPlume

  36. I think Dave Haith's last comment is certainly valid. Jim Penniston had an informed, quite prosaic explanation for the experiment mentioned in the DNA document that started all of this hoo-ha. Anyone who wishes to read his comment can go to the Justice for the Bentwaters 81st Security Police at Rendlesham Forest 1980 site, or contact me at and I will forward it to you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. hello i have not read the document fully, but i have one big problem i can see straight away and that is how do you get a holagram to work in a woods. Surly the tree's would interfere with the picture or image that does just not make sense. ?? Plus as a guy from the milatry above said theem guys are not stupid. I'm definately not convinced just yet but i will read on and give a good going over. thanks

    1. The last poster is absolutely correct. If holography is what this document is hung on, I hate to say but you have been hoaxed. There simply was not- and arguably still is not- the kind of working technology to pull off the effects described in the accounts, no matter what these documents describe. Holography may exist in theory but in practice you need a reflective surface of some stability to project it on. All of the holograms so called you see out there are simply CGI animations projected on to reflective surfaces- the most exotic I've seen is the mist on a fountain and that is not very hires.

    2. The hologram things are presented as prospective in the document. Nothing more.

  38. Nope holographt y isnt what the case is hung on. tch as if. your assumtpions show me the depth of your reading.

    1. Just to show how far this stuff is still from the applications stage, DARPA is applying for a grant to *research* all of this very same technology. Patent applications or no, there's still no trace of this stuff in any real world application. This

    2. And let me add two things- I was under the assumption that the hologram discussion was based on one of your radio shows since there seems to be a lot of discussion here not pertaining to the article.

      Second, I think you still have one hell of a story here- maybe even more so if this does pan out as a hoax. That in itself says quite a bit about this event.

    3. hello Christopher it was me that published a message just before you, i was unaware of her being on a radio show i have never heard of her before. I haft to say with no disrespect ment in any way but it seem bizarre how some house wife would suddenly come up with the answers to the Bentwaters case, i think she is trying to link 1 completely different security test to another (being 1 of the most famous UFO cases of all time) strange. she seems to have gone though so much effort as well.
      She needs to explain plan and simply what she means il give her a day or i wont come here again because it seems bizzare to put it politly. A hoax it probably is.

  39. I just think that certain elements outlined in the document have a startling resemblance to Larry Warrens night. I haven't said that everything in the doc was played out over that weekend on Bentwaters but the two A10's collsiding on November the 18th do seem to lay to waste the rumours of "russian" pilots defecting and landing in the woods.. the search in the sea and the radar anomoly. The TFW were 81st pilots who flew over to Bentwaters from Germany an collided with each other near the test range.

  40. I cannot explain where your post went Robert. i know this is going to fall on deaf ears but i haven't deleted it. as you can imagine people have been posting me things that have been said and i have to assume that this is the comment of jims that you mention.

    Jim Penniston wrote:
    " Here is the posting I did on the Justice site last
    night. She was using this 244 page Defense Nuclear Agency program document
    to explain the RFI. I thought I set one of her supporters straight with
    this. I just happen to be very familure with the document and program she
    was trying to use. Posting below from Justice site. @Daniel. Dan, I am glad
    you like this document. This document is part of a testing program by the
    Defense Nuclear Agency. It was designed to test and understand effects from
    interior alarms within weapons storage structures, and the MAID MILES
    (Magnetic Anti-Intrusion Detection Line Sensor) magnetic line sensors
    surrounding WSAs, which also included FDS (Fence Disturbance System) which
    was attached to outer chain link fences on WSAs. . The study program was
    two-fold, one it had a concentration of prolong effects of physiological
    effects such as mental fatigue. It further looked at the line sensors; the
    Maid Miles could cause some other minor conditions if you were exposed to
    the magnetic field from the line sensor.
    Prolong exposure would have to be caused from directly standing within the
    very small area of influence. (The actual distant would be classified, but
    outside the immediate area of the WSA that is installed in would determine
    range. But rest assured it would be less than twenty feet... And two, the
    study and testing also observed and evaluated responses from SRTs (Security
    Alert Teams) and by ARTs (Alarm Response Teams), back up times, and
    effectiveness under fatigue situations was also evaluated under this study
    I was a qualified SPCDS Operator and was certified in that position, I
    further wrote and developed all Security OPLANS, and Security Directives for
    the twin bases. It is important to know, that this testing was done
    stateside at Nellis AFB in the early 1980s for Sandia Labs. Testing of this
    sort was done entirely in the states for standardization purposes. The USAF
    never conducts testing outside the continental United States . Because of
    security reasons.
    It also studied time responses and back up of security teams and SPCDS
    Operator alarm Annunciations within the Shelter when this alarm was active.
    This program that you and Ronnie are referring too, once read in its
    entirety you will find, answers NOTHING I am afraid, because people are
    trying to re-write was it is intended for.
    It is simply a standardization and evaluation of a bigger security picture
    involving the type of systems used and response initiatives. In either case,
    to have any medical or physiological effect, you would have to live inside a
    structure for about five years to be effected or be camped outside for years
    trying to get a medical effect from this by-product of these alarm systems.
    An interesting fact is the study determined in .001 percent of the cases
    involving testing; it only created a slight medical condition. Very rare and
    So I am not knocking theories Dan, I am only telling you that this
    program/study does not have anything to do with any Air Force Base which is
    located overseas. I do understand that bogus information like this detracts
    and can mislead people, and derail them from what really happened at RAF
    Bentwaters/Woodbridge. The answers are very simple, and we will see you in
    June. "

  41. sasha i think you should explain in really simple terms of what you think landed in the woods. so are you saying it was not holograthic ? I don't think many people will read a 154 page document and if you are trying to revel something as detailed then a simple explain to start with maybe better. it was me that went anonyamos ans said i have a problem with how a hologram image could be displayed in a forrest. plan and simply sasha how was this craft looking (image) or solid looking object suppose to of been seen landing? If not a hologram what are you trying to say it was?
    Also is this just a theory of yous trying to link 1 security test to another because the post above sounds like it.

  42. so its hollutioations excuss spelling is that right? thats a hell of a rick if so giving men with guns ans in control of nuc's acid? is this what you are trying to tell us Sacha?

  43. Lol thats so funny and ridiculous.. I can see you paid attention in class.... and its hallucinations, Nukes and LSD.... acid is so five minutes ago.

    No. In no way anywhere have I even intimated that in any way shape or form, your tiny mind made that up because you have not looked at anything I have said or listened to anything i've said.. In fact for future reference what you just did was let your brain vomit.


  44. Now if you want to post you have to show yourselves, hiding behind anonymous... Grow some nuts.

  45. Speaking of Nuts: Penniston, Halt and Burroughs - post LMH'$ hypnotic reprogramming.

    You are following a trail that goes nowhere.
    Jim told John to 'open up on it', without a positive ID of his target. John claims he was without his sidearm.

    Somebody dodged a bullet.

    1. Jim told John to shoot at it? You read this/heard this where?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. This is from the John B. hypnotic regression video. It sounds very Keystone Cops to me. Jim P. and John B. both said at the last conference that they went out that night with the expectation of seeing a downed aircraft and people in trouble. Shooting at an unidentified light seems unlikely doesn't it? I really have my doubts about things that get said under hypnotic regression myself.

  47. No its not T.O. It came from one of the guys in the 81st who believe nothing happened. Theyu also told me Jim had his weapon confiscated a number of times due to his mental instability. I know you all think i just pull stuff out of the air but I have a lot of people talking to me who can not be bothered with the circus or who can't commetn publicly because they are still serving.

  48. Be that as it may, before I made the comment I had just watched John B. go through the whole, "Jim ordered me to shoot it." routine while "under" in the hypnotic regression video. So, it does exist there as well. I'm not "disagreeing" with you mind you, I'm just trying to understand where it's all coming from and I found the hypnotic regression video with that statement in it. I have to tell you, it seems unlikely that anyone would be on active duty if they were considered so mentally unstable that they could not carry a weapon in the course of his duties. Was the base run so badly that they allowed mentally unstable individuals work in base security? It's possible I guess but it is hard to accept you know. I'm trying to puzzle it all out in my mind understand. You have an opinion and a rather "informed" one at that, not one that you've borrowed from someone else. I know you have some real connections with individuals who served on the base and I respect that.

  49. Hi T.O... Everything I have and say is based on wht the people involved have said. Straight from the horses mouths so to speak. All other information is based on the documents that have been released. This document is one of ten. There are tne symposium otes. 1 and 3 are only available as books #9 is only available on miocrofilm at a library in virginia which i suspect will be a military library on a base somewhere, but the others are all available on line. The only one I do not have is number 9. I have been interacting with JB on a forum for four years. Many many many conversations were had and many things were said that are not being said anymore. The story has changed. People have the opinion that i have read a few books, had a few conversations and made up a silly story because I'm a bored housewife... you saw the dabacle the ensued from my statement of not being stupid enough to get married. The research I have done has been indepth and thorough. Just like many peoples research and conclusions. We all think we are right and we all defend our positions. There's just no need fo such an offensive defensive though. I've witnessed the most outraqgeous displays of uncontrololed emotions which fears me the most. The most emotional were grown men of position. If that is who is 'looking after us' then we're doomed.

    Some of the people who contact me.. its not always me pestering people btw... are still serving and are of long standing service who I will not reveal. Some are ex military and some are anonymous but the material I recieve is solid. People send me links to things said in places i don't visit and one recently was from as far back as 2003 on a forum. Why do they do that? Because they are sick of the bullshit and can see my objectivity. I guess they like whatIm saying and doing and they are not stupid enough to try and say it themselves.

    What I am saying is my opinion. an opinion that will go into a bag with all the other opinions and people will choose whichever one they like the best. Whciheverone suits their reality or beliefs. This isn't over. it will never be over. But there is one thing for sure, I am going to make sure that Larry's son doesn't grow up reading about what a lying screwed in the head nutjob people say he is. He is the total opposite of all of that and so am I.

    Thanks :)

  50. Here are all my comments about these documents:
    1) By experience, I know you have to be very carefull with patents. Anything you want, you'll find a patent for. I experienced it with the Phoenix Lights case.
    2) One thing I find very surprising in the pdf about microwaves effects is that they don't mention masers as a mean to project powerful microwaves at a long distance.
    3) These documents fit indeed very well the rendlesham context. The EM/Ion sensitivity and serotonin levels is very interesting. There is a serotonim/antheogens link. Jim&John insisted on the static electricity feeeling. This makes me think about DMT.
    4) The powers indicated in the starfish patent are huge : multi giga watts which (could) make it possible to produce electric effects at a range not limited to a few meters . However, The leaky cable thing looks very mundane to me. This is just a system to detect intruders. But that's right, the radar cross section looks familiar. These drawings show were you have to be,to be detected by the system. The cables are probably located at the feet of these sort of buddies, perpendicular to the screen.
    5) Now A few details : Sacha says the NSA has stuff that can transfer images to the brain. I have read nothing about it. I doubt it.
    6) About VERP/EEG. The doc don't describe experiments with remote measurement, at best, they talk about other methods they didnt use, that were (and are) "non contact". To measure these tiny magnetic fields, you need supra conductors. This is very heavy stuff and it has to be located around you like a medical scanner.
    7) About Holograms, you have to realize this is presented completely as prospective stuff in the doc.
    8) I think the triaxial tactile sensor is not related. I am curious to know what lead you to consider it.


  51. Very interesting read. Thank you.
    What is Mr Warren's opinion of your findings?

  52. He agrees with me Buddy... He's even said as much on radio shows he has done recently while being voice stress tested by Joe Montaldo of ICAR. :) thanks.

    As for the rest of you and your neigh saying.. I suggest you invest in some of Paul La Violettes literature and educate yourselves on the reality of the actual technology certain people on this planet have. For the most part the words written above are a huge insight into the emotional instability of people who have a say in what happens to us. Ego maniacle over emotional hysterics. when you work within the military, everything is compartmentalized and even though you think you would know because you think you are special, in actual fact you wouldn't even have the clearance to know.

    That is why this worked and they got away with it. They have a wall of idiots who think they have a god given right to let their brains vomit their overbloated self important ego's all over the place.


    Interview with Nick Pope 30.06.12 on Urania

  54. I always suspected that Rendlesham was something like this....thats for this thought provoking post!

  55. Sacha: Are we still on for Friday, 6/12? Send me an email and let me know details. Thanks