Sunday, 22 January 2012

Armageddon Fed Up Of This Shit

Stop! In 2012 something is going to happen... Something so eye opening.... Life changing.... No one will ever feel the same way again.... Drum roll please......
Everyone is going to realize what a bunch of asses they have been for the past 25 years since someone wrote in a book in 1986 that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012. Anyone know who that was? Nope.. I thought not.
2012 will be the last time we'll have to hear any more doomsayers meeping, for, please god... ever... that the world is going to end. Let us consider the fact there is no Mayan academy of calendarology... I guess we all have to take the "expert's" word for it. Will we realize the way we all fall for psychological wingwangery AND NEVER DO IT AGAIN??? Probably not.
Are we all so saturated with guilt, we think we deserve to die? That despite the ravaging of the planet by multi national corporations, that WE are in fact to blame for the rapid and choking death of the planet because we buy this stuff.. therefore supply is because of demand? Bullshit...
It seems that although the Mayan calendar was accurate to the exact date and probably second of it's abrupt finish.... It failed in all it's glory to give us any indication of how this ending might transpire... Nor was there an interpretation that in fact you just go back to the beginning and start again because everything runs in cycles... no matter how long ranging... Ya know... That is just not complicated or scary enough is it?

So.... What has prompted this tirade? A 240 kilometre wide spaceship with friends near Pluto.... Which is itself now merely a lowly lump of rock.... And they are not just heading towards Earth... but are queuing up! This is what frightens me the most. If this is true then they must be heading straight for England and are having a good old practice for the next 45600 million kilometres, give or take an Astronomical Unit or two...

A very dear and lovely friend approached me about this news and of course... I had to take a peek. Within one minute of reading this page, I was on my beloved fascistbook page having a rant;
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"December 27, 2010 - According to the Russian Pravda news, the SETI, a non-commercial organization said that the largest one of the three spaceships is 240 kilometres wide, and the two others are smaller.

It further stated that currently, the objects are beyond the orbit of Pluto and will reach Earth in December 2012.

The report claims that the spaceships were detected by the HAARP search system, based in Alaska, which is designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights.

According to the SETI researchers the objects are nothing but extraterrestrial spaceships, and will be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they reach Mars' orbit, reported the Pravda news."

I'll run over what I mean.. anyone got a 4 X 4 I can borrow?

The spaceships were detected by the HAARP 'SEARCH' system which is 'DESIGNED TO STUDY NORTHERN LIGHTS'.

So which one is it then? A SEARCH system or something that STUDIES magnetic fields which display themselves as light? Nothing to do with radar or the Navy... or heating the ionosphere... Or weather control... Or any of it's ACTUAL uses. For a start what have SETI got to do with HAARP? SETI are looking for signals not scanning deep space with an optical telescope and equipment capable of measuring height, width and depth of afore mentioned alleged spaceship. Then we have to question the release of this information from HAARP? I suppose it came up in their monthly newsletter? Lets take a look at the pravda article shall we?
Twoddle. Take a look at the other articles on the site.. Terror.. Fear.. Blah rubbish... Propaganda.
So basically this story is doing the rounds of the tinterwobble validating itself with search numbers for voracity and it is absolute shit. HAARP tell SETI and SETI tell the world? Of course to anyone with half a brain cell we can see how this is another shit bomb thrown at SETI and another bit of padding to the HAARP enigma...... And the bilge levels rise.
So where are we with this doomsday malarkey? Lets see.... We've got pole shifts causing floods and Earthquakes.. but actually that's HAARP... We've got solar maxim scenarios from the sublime to the ridiculous.. Nuclear war.... Niburu.. which is actually Jupiter/Moon mish mash piffle waffle... but hey ho.. lets go with the flow... Elenin.. the giant cosmic snowball that farts... False Flag alien invasion... Actual Alien invasion... Intergalactic war between our military and the evil ETs.. but during that they rescue all us believers... Off to planet fabulous we go....
Each an every one of those distractions for real issues are really getting on my tits now. This is my barometer... If they want you to be scared of it. Don't be. It's not happening. Everythings a mess but there will be no Armmageddon.
Carry on.


  1. Very well put Madam....loving your style. X

  2. ha ha brilliant i enjoyed that read, no dribble tell it as it is approach,,well dun from a fella from Yorkshire were we do not take no nonsense ,,

  3. I never mince my worms. Thanks :) lol xxx