Friday, 11 October 2019

Ode To The Charlatan

Buy your way to paradise, 

Buy lives youve lived before. 

Buy trinkets , but truth and trandensence might cost a little more? 

All those stalls of crystal balls have wonders to behold, 

Have you not yet learnt that all that glitters is not gold? 

Its all in you , you see. 

Its gratis mate , its free. 

Its in yourself you find the key to your spirituality . 

No need to take out finance to fund your yogic guidance, 

No need to pay the booking charge , the added VAT . 

Ah these healers make some profits while the sheep fill up there coffers,

But it all looks like a sham inside a mockery to me . 

So ,raise the double standard! 

Raise your hearts and hands! 

Empty out your pockets for the mystic charlatans ! 

Chant their empty promises! 

Get down on your knees! 

God is love! 

Om shanti! 

That's £9.50 please 

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  1. Ben Emlyn Jones in Liar Liar trailer