Saturday, 10 August 2019

Open Letter Regarding Marie Kayali and the Parasites of Ufology, Words of Warning, Food for Thought

People think they can't do anything because they are just one person, well all of us have had this shit happen to us. No one in Ufology or any other scene has not been attacked. Everyone gets attacked. It is like the tiny dot cartoon but it isn't about money, its about abuse. I should dub that Tiny Dot cartoon so it applies to the bullying in the ufo community. These entities are just people and they only have the power over you, you give them, they only have the power they make us imagine they have. Who are they??? Nobodies!! Just people like you, me or anyone, but they are needy, greedy and mean and that is about it. They are not giants that are going to turn up at your door and squash you like in a cartoon. This is real life!! They are pathetic bullies and if they get up in your physical space... Just ring the police!! If they are on the net giving it big licks, tell them to piss off and don't read their brain vomit if it triggers you, if it makes you feel like shit DO NOT READ IT. Why care what these brain dead morons think of you? I couldn't care less if I really tried hard, I just think "Thank you for the insight into who you are." You get to know people from what they say in spite, but if you can't read a comment about you without getting upset, don't read them. Stop letting people bully you! Marie Kayali tried to do this very thing. She DID do it!! She actually stood up to the worst bunch of misogynists the world could give oxygen to.
If you know your own truth and you have someone safe you can talk to, tell yourself that is enough, some of you just want to be able to offload your burdens, the best we can do is change how we feel about what happened to us and treat the symptoms of the dis-ease. You do not have to tell the whole freaking world your trauma. So many of us have made our lives hell believing these liars when they tell you that telling everyone is the only way. The only way to what? What is it you really want? Do you want answers? Probably aren't going to be any. Do you want comfort? You can find others like yourself and find that comfort, you will never have the comfort of answers, you will never have the comfort of closure . THERE ISN'T ANY. For ANY of us! No matter what you have been through with the phenomena or those people in uniform who target individuals. We cannot KNOW the unknowable. If you want attention, boy are you going to get it. It won't be what you want GUARANTEED. You can only normalise your life by talking to people in a safe way, to be able to talk when you need to and more importantly for you to be HEARD and SUPPORTED, not USED and ABUSED, If anyone wants you to do something for them, they are not in it for you.
You think I am tough? Ha! Maybe I am but I will tell you why. BECAUSE THE SCENE IS A DANGEROUS MESS and I am one of it's casualties. I just decided to put on my big girl panties and say screw all of you, all of you deceivers, bullies and liars, the fat controllers and misogynists. I am done taking your shit and I am going to show you all you can live by your own truth and be happy when you go to bed. I can go to bed knowing that I have taught one person how to spot the danger signs and keep their power for themselves, or take their power back instead of giving it to these half lives who are sucking the life essence out of people who are searching for answers about their own lives. PEOPLE WHO ARE TALKING ABOUT THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO THEM IN THEIR OWN LIVES!!!! That does not give anyone the right to latch onto that person and ride them to their death while calling them YOUR troll. BEJ, MJ, LW and GH I am talking about YOU parasites, liars and vampires.You disgusting spreaders of muck and nonsense. Having a PDF of a woman swearing to send to people because she is kicking your arse with truth, makes you a sad, misogynistic, bully bastard, there is nothing righteous about you GH and if you don't like women swearing, tough shit. It's 2019 not 1940. Get over yourself.
It is about time you all decided you want something better because if you don't then you are guilty of the apathy that brought us here. If Marie Kayali is dead because she ended her own life, then its because those of us who knew about her and what was going on decided to see it as entertainment or unimportant, or that she is tough she can handle this, or she is fair game for the trolling, serves her right. Many of you thought that of me, well you are wrong, it almost finished me, but I know the truth and the truth will carry you through hell when it needs to. It carried me through hell and I will not stop now. You all need to ask yourselves what you want out of being a part of the community and whether it is good enough for you, If it isn't then do something about it no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. It isn't always about the ingredients it is about the chemisty, the way things rise. The TRUTH is DANGEROUS. If you are not in a good place, go about how you share your truth carefully and stay away from the promises. They are NEVER delivered.
If she is alive, and I pray to God she is, then she has taught us all a very valuable and necessary lesson. We cannot continue like this anymore. The scene is 100% dangerous. Not everyone is dangerous, the entity that is ufology and it's attached subjects as a whole, is fraught with danger. It needs to change, I don't really know if it will, or if it can but if it is does it is because more people stand up to these bullies and frauds protecting their assets. Without witnesses, you all have nothing no matter what part of the subject matter you are into. Look at the recent Navy guys, I have to talk to them via email now because they are disgusted by social media and the way it is, and that means YOU UFOLOGY. You chase off the very thing you need to survive and replace it with your own self importance.

Thanks for reading. Please share if you care.


  1. Well said! I used to follow many in the untruth movement but I'm glad I woke up to it all now.

    1. Yes it is very dangerous but there are very good people in the mix. We can't condemn everyone. We should be more supportive of each other. X

  2. Well said! I used to follow allot of these guys in the "untruth" movement, but I'm glad I woke up to their lies.