Monday, 19 August 2019

Gary Heseltine says he does not book women to speak at his conferences because they can't stand up in front of 200 people and present evidence. (Updated)

As you know, in recent months I have been telling you all that Gary Heseltine is a completely misogynistic woman hater. Unless they get their boobs out and drape them all over the place while dribbling beer down their chins suggestively, that is fine, we are good for that.

He doesn't have women speakers because we aren't good at presenting evidence, we are only good for talking about abductions, especially in the UK. Can you imagine that? There are no women in this country that can present evidence. This is how he sees women. Willowy and emotional. What a pathetic excuse of a man he is.

He also wants swearing to be outlawed.. to be ILLEGAL... anyone who swears is disgusting, you are ALL horrible people if you swear and you do not deserve air time. Gary prefers an era that should never have existed and that era is 70 years ago. He would much prefer it if he could say what he wanted and then only be challenged by polite letter. He also doesn't like the fact just "anybody" can become well known now on social media, he prefers a time when it was just the select few. He cannot cope with getting his arse kicked by a woman with the truth while he is spreading a lie. He thinks he is better than all of us.

He says if you resort to swearing and personal insults then you have lost the argument. Anyone who is allowed to see their conversations will know that all they do is resort to insults and personal attacks. All Warren does is swear and threaten people, there are others amongst their clique who are violent with aggressive hate speech, always offering people out for fights even though they live thousands of miles away from the people they attack. Bravery at it's finest.

Here is a reminder of some of the things said to me by the people Gary is involved with. You will see that Warren is desperately trying to reach the mind of a Manson family type nutter, after all he brings up Manson, Heavens Gate and Kool Aid all the time. His hero is Dennis Wilson who was good friends with Manson and they all lived together for a time, Warren named his own son after Dennis Wilson and has said so in the past. So what does that tell you?

Here he is trying to get me killed because I lived on the same street as one of the London bombers and knew them as they lived in my area and were seen next door to me often. They were not personal friends but I knew them. Remember Warren and I were personal friends for nine years. He lived in my home for four months. He knows a lot about me and has twisted everything into some demonic monster that doesn't exist. He is all of the things he accuses me of.

If you don't know, this came about when I said I was going to the Scottish conference to ASK A QUESTION. He perceived that question to be a threat and threatened to kill me if I turned up, or anyone else who went in my place to ask my question.

 Above is the first thing he sent me, a threat on my life and home because I outed him as the liar he is. Below he is denigrating John Hanson, retired CID Detective of good standing. Gary supports this while moaning about us saying he was just a Transport Police officer, not CID as he told everyone. We found out from Valerie his long term ex, that he was far from a distinguished detective, he lost evidence in a rape case where a rapist got away with the crime, had an affair with a witness and had fines and thought he was going to lose his job on more than one occassion. We can all say what we want about ourselves can't we. As you know, I am a Unicorm and I fart rainbows.

 Charming little Manky Smithson, destroyer of garden owls who shouts about UFOs in pubs.

News Article Malcolm Smithson

I need a bullet behind my ear...... I am an Ex Mental Hospital Inmate. Nice choice of language.We don't use these words anymore, another throwback from an era that should never have happened.

When I first started telling you all about what had happened, I told you that Warren called Peter Robbins a "fucking gay cunt Jew" he denied it of course. Well isn't it strange then that someone on Warren's own friends list talking to Ben Emlyn Jones said this? Where on Earth would he get the impression that Peter Robbins was any of these things if Warren never said them?

Below is a screen shot of Ben Emlyn Jones on his HPANWO forum, being his true self  in his own environment. This man has written around 30 blogs about how I am a crazy number one fan, liar and supports Warren without question and lives up Gary's backside in the hope he will get a conference spot. After all Ben uses people for notoriety. He wants to move into the UFO scene after making a total arse of himself on the conspiracy community with everything being crisis actors and fake blood. Even the savage murder of Lee Rigby. All fake.

Below is a screen shot from a video Ben uploaded to his YouTube channel which has since been removed because it broke every standard known to man. What a repugnant specimen he is. You may note the video underneath.. How to stop immigration. He is a racist too and anti Semite. If you join his forum you will see he is a holocaust denier and that the gas chambers are fake.

So as you can see the hatred is palpable and because this is all said by men and their hopeful cash cow, it is all absolutely fine! I would also like to remind you that Larry Warren handed out my home address to absolute lunatics, why would anyone give another person someones address unless you hoped that nutter would go to that address and do something terrible? I have been told by many people the things they say about me. They are all disgusting as you can imagine, or maybe you have heard for yourself firsthand.

These are the people Gary Heseltine is involved with. these people are MY detractors. As you will have seen on my previous blog, Capel Green came about due to my investigation, it didn't just pop out of nowhere as Gary has said all along, That proves that the investigation and my claims are nothing to do with Capel Green as Gary says all the time and it is nothing to do with him, I am not HIS troll, he is MY troll. This was something that came about because I caught Warren out in lies to MY FACE in MY HOME and so I set about investigating his past. 90% of the evidence presented is other peoples from decades ago. For all time people have said Warren has changed his story, Georgina Bruni said it, Kevin Randle said it, James Easton said it, Linda Moulton Howe proved it with her transcript of his conversation which he actually replied to but now said he didn't have the conversation.

Apparently saying all that makes me Gary Heseltine's troll somehow, according to the great detective who professes to know what evidence is, it is just us women who don't know what evidence is or how to present it. We are good for sex, looking good and talking about ethereal matters and abductions. Bless our little cotton socks for having a go though. Aren't we cute.

Gary Heseltine calls me the leader of the abusive trolls which is laughable considering the very few screen shots above. I have thousands of them, all of them denigrating me personally and never addressing the evidence.

Gary also doesn't have a clue what con man means. He acts as if he think it means convicted criminal when in actual fact it means CONfidence trickster. Confidence man. He hates the fact that people can say what they want, he wants social media changing so you can't say what you want or be who you are. He wants everyone to have to pretend, to be a persona, just like him. Everyone else wants you to be authentic because we are sick of the fakes and persona's, Gary doesn't want you to be able to do that, he wants to clip your wings by law.

These are very basic things that a great detective would know.

So if you are a woman I would carefully consider your interactions with these people. They want your money and your adulation, possibly even your articles for the magazine, but they do not think women are anything but weak and willowy and the only thing that seems to be ok is provocative slutty behaviour, be good, be meek, be mild, be demure, do not swear. Be a good little girl and you can play with the big boys. As Gary says, there are two camps in Ufology at the moment, one is misogynistic lying, do not question anything or you are a troll, the other is the rest of us. The ones who think women are amazing, they are intelligent and can obviously present evidence, we have women scientists and police officers now... woooo. bL.EsS//////////////

The rest of us are looking at this lump of insanity and thinking what the fuck? Oops! I swore.

Bite me.

If you want to listen to the misogynistic hater on the Kev Baker show, who incidentally agrees with everything Gary Heseltine says... Here is the entire brain vomit of a show.

By the way, you ARE a CONMAN Gary, Capel Green is based on the many lies of Larry Warren and you are denigrating the genuine witnesses you have dragged into the mess. Note how NONE of the principal witnesses want anything to do with you. Why would that be if the problem is just me?

Update 20.08.2019

Would you believe me if I told you that Gary Heseltine went on the Ben Emlyn Jones podcast HPANWO and reiterated why he doesn't book women. The question came from Ben but was obviously staged. I commented somewhere on a facebook post that once again Gary has all male speakers. I am also speaking at a conference next month. Col. Halt returns to Woodbridge, I have been asked to give a presentation on the Larry Warren Fraud.

Thing is, if women can't give evidence then why does/did he parade Brenda Butler, Dot Street and Lori Rhedfelt? They can't get up on stage and give evidence? Why is he using their evidence then? Could Georgina Bruni not give evidence properly? Was she weak and willowy during her presentations? I guess Jenny Randles is a write off too then.

Here is the clip of Gary Heseltine stating for a second time that in his opinion there are not very many women in Ufology who are comfortable getting up on stage and giving an evidential presentation. he didn't mention especially the UK this time, he means anywhere in Ufology. Could he be any more of a caveman? The full HPANWO podcast

Zowie Gary!

I just thought I would add this humorous moment to this blog because the irony is giving me rust spots. As you can imagine Heseltine's clan are sitting on all my posts, reporting everything all the time because they don't want the truth out there. "We have invested a lot in this lie, we must shut her up"

Today I got a 7 day ban on one of my Facebook accounts for sharing a screen shot of Ben Emlyn Jones being his true authentic self, in his own environment on his forum. So in a nut shell, I got a ban for one of Gary's main supporters swearing!!! The swearing that Gary says he wants to be made illegal!!! obviously it made absolutely no difference because I have several accounts now for this very reason. Most of my bans are actually because I am sharing screen shots of them swearing. I thought you might enjoy the irony as much as I do. *smiley face*

Ben being his true self.........

Edit 24/08/2019

I figured out Gary has had 53 male speakers and 5 female speakers, 53:5 ratio

Read about it here 53 men and 5 women speakers at UFO Truth Magazine conferences but Gary Heseltine says I am twisting his words.


  1. Sadly and infuriatingly accurate from start to finish Sacha. At this point, both Gary and Larry seem like beings from another dimension given how out of contact with reality they have each become. Gary's simultaneous ability to carry on in the manner he does while remaining seemingly oblivious to his buddy's rants and threats, hyper-abusive language, proven, lying outrages regarding both his Rendlesham and 9-11 involvement and shared mysogny (except under the laughable circumstances you note here early on) continue to mystify me. And small matter though it may seem, I'm equally mystified that Old Laz is still unable to spell your decidedly un-complex name correctly, especially given your 9 years of friendship before he turned on you. Then again, literacy, like the truth, was never one of his strong points.

    1. It beggars belief but by their own admission they don't read my "shit"

      Thank you Peter xxx

  2. Sacha: I admire your intelligence, your fight and telling the truth as you see it. Hell, I even admire your charming use of appropriate expletives as needed. By his own words, Gary has shown himself to be discriminatory and defamatory against women. That is disappointing, insulting and wrong, to say the least. I certainly agree that Larry Warren is not a credible witness to the events of the RFI. I say "fuckit" and hope you can move on to happier days. Robert Salas

    1. Thank you Bob, your support is very much appreciated. We are trying to be as progressive and as inclusive as things should be, it seems Gary would rather we were baby makers and flower arrangers. What a disappointment life must be for him.


  3. Court standard evidence here. Excellent

  4. Want proof Jones (Hagbard Celine) is a Holocaust denier?
    Here you go:
    If you want links to Jones abusing Jews on his forum just ask.
    Jones is scum who was reported for child abuse by his own mother.

    1. Sorry I forget to check for comments. Yes I'm interested in all of that if you have the time and inclination.