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The three transcripts of Larry Warren's different versions of his alleged activities at Ground Zero and other recent non-sense.

Warren describes the Police helmet 

If you read my last blog, you will have read that Larry Warren claims to have been at Ground Zero in the wake of the 9/11 atrocities. The lies gained the attention of actual 9/11 first responder, one of which tried to engage with Larry Warren and Gary Heseltine.

She offered to debate them on a radio show or podcast. She even spoke directly to Warren on his own Facebook page and also Heseltine's but was blocked and all her comments were deleted. They then proceeded to call her a fake and a troll along with another newbie in the Warren clan, Tim Acheson. They both refused to engage with her.

She spoke to Philip Mantle and asked him to facilitate a debate on his podcast show but Gary turned the offer down. She has made statements in conversations on Facebook where she has offered this over and over. They refuse to talk to her.

Why would he refuse to talk to her yet debate with people who say they know first responders, or people who know nothing? He will debate them but not talk to a person who was actually there?

Tim Acheson says she may be a first responder but she is an angry troll as well. She can be both. She has to prove herself but Warren doesn't? Why aren't there people backing him up on ANYTHING he has said? Yet recently in an email to David Young, Tim said we owe her an apology for dragging her into this. Why? Because obviously she is weak minded like everyone else and under my mind control like everyone else or as Gary Heseltine says in the recent video interview, you are all under the influence of dark forces?

Warren is on his own in everything he says, yes, he has people defending him who are not part of anything he talks about. He has supporters who believe him, but no one to back him up. Below are all the statements so far with regards to his claims of being at ground zero. Three were in video form, a couple of Facebook posts and then statements from Gary. The story changes completely throughout.

The Transcripts

The very first instance of these lies were at a conference in Liverpool in 2007. MI5 agents David Shayler and Annie Mochon were giving a talk, Real Spies, Unravelling The Lies. Warren has basically gatecrashed the conference, stormed up to the front and taken over. Below is the video and the transcript.

Video #1

Some of his words are very difficult to make out, but I have noted those moments. This is what he said;

"I wasn't there on the day. My brother almost got killed by these fuckers. He was an accountant in the South Tower".


"Three friends of mine died, people from this town died in that attack".

He turns to David Shayler and says

"Now I respect what you do but what I did, 'cos my son's a Scouser, I'm very proud of that. However, I grew up in the Bronx in New York City. Right"?

"I know a lot of people that got hurt and died that day, my brother's fucked up, he's an accountant. (garbled mutterings about his brother).. But uh, I will say this, my, when I comes, I don't know if I missed something, cos I am proud of you to get a gig like this, (to Shayler). But uh, that was an aircraft my friends, that hit those buildings, cos my brother can only remember pools of blood. It was a beautiful day in New York that day, similar to what it was here and uh, he got off his bus, 3,200 motherfuckers that were just going to work, probably didn't like their jobs, who does right"?


A few members of the audience replied.  "Right"

"Then 9/11 happens, Boom and the buildings fall down. Well I worked in the steel business for a lot of years. Now the first thing I did, my kid being 4 months old, is I flew home as soon as the aircraft got up from Manchester, and I went down and worked in that shit hole for four months. I saw parts of the aircraft come out, I saw a lot of bodies come out and I saw all this, that and the other thing".

"Number 7 was undermined by number one falling down, it hit number five and threw it underneath the thing. There was a rescue mission going on for Police Officers, civilians, whoever, there weren't many under that steel right"?

"So end this thing about number 7, secret shit, it was a Federal building, Emergency Command Centre was in there with Giuliani and all that. He shoulda been in it when it came down personally, but he took all the hookers off the street.. [the next bit is inaudible as the audience laugh over him] .. but serious business".

He turns to David Shayler and says;

"I'm just gonna jump off, but I say if you look at this thing, I respect, you know we've got a constitution [inaudible] but Clinton started it okay? They hit that thing in '93 and I wanna tell you this, and I'm just gonna say, you can boo me or whatever and I'll frig off, there is more to me than what you think and I do know that conspiracies take place, but my son being English, there is an Islamic conspiracy that was taken advantage of by my government and yours. They flew planes in. You've gotta understand if you are not American, you don't think we can be hit until that day. If you'd have told me one minute before that plane hit, I would have laughed at you and I would have made a $100,000 dollar bet knowing that I'd never have to pay, but it happened".

"But those buildings were hollow and if any of you have ever been in them, and I've been in them many times. I remember when they got built, we used to buy TVs in that neighbourhood before they went up. Right? The West Road Highway was above the ground. But I gotta tell you something Man, think of the people, whatever it is, this is it and believe me, my government, we keep the right to bear arms and overthrow the motherfucker if this is the case".

"But it's all bad Americans these days, we got a moron in there that took advantage of what happened that day, and I just wanna say as you look at this stuff, maybe I'm wrong, I'm very emotionally connected to it cos I saw a huge amount of body parts, aircraft parts come out of this thing". Where people are just flying to LA (starts dancing side to side with his elbows out) 'hey my hamburger didn't get there', they went into a building, someones office, all these fuckers doing aah [mimes typing] trying to connect with London (?) and do stocks and all this, right? Okay. These are real people and they all died, I just want you to think of this, when you see the buildings come down and they were hollow. It was a centre core, there was a lot of plasterboard and Sheetrock all through. The inner core fell faster than the outer core. (member of audience shouts what sounds like "False"!) End of. Right"?

"Detonations. You are seeing Sheetrock come out (waves his arms outwards) because the inner core is falling ten floors faster than the outer core, it flew out like bananas, when across the street, the World Financial Centre, took pieces outta that, it's not a big deal, West Street was not that big. Think of the people who stood there, the rescuers trying to do what they could do".
"Forget Iraq, yeah a lot of people die, and some will say what about the people in Iraq? They got shit that's coming to the surface for two thousand years. Should we have done it? No way, we got an idiot in there. I thought better of Blair, that was a shock. However we can't change that shit, it's all gonna take it's course and its great to see people speak their minds. (He turns to David Shayler and says) David I respect you a great deal but all I'll say is have a moment of silence for people in London and New York and quit being apologists for these motherfuckers that wave an Islamic flag".
The audience erupts, shouting out but Warren marches straight out so he can't be questioned. Video ends.

End of Transcript

This is his second video which he recorded with his friend Tino Megaro in an attempt to settle everything once and for all. It did no such thing. Here is the video and the transcript.


"On September 11th I was in England when that happened. I had... Oh I love these people... A member of my family was almost killed in the World Trade Centre, worked in the South Tower, not gonna say names. My family are immune from you people. 

And the first thing I did, my son was six months old, first thing I did is hopped a plane, went home. I was in the pit, right in it. I smelled the death. 3000 people. I have pictures of all of it, I took, none of your business, call what you want, do what you want. This is a family issue. 

I lost four friends in The World Trade Centre, that I didn't know until my 30th high school reunion, that people employed, People I went to school with. It was a big employer. 

I watched them get built, I didn't see them come down, I was there just after. As soon as the planes could go, I was home and was part of it. I smelled the death, I was down in The Pit, we knew people to get in The Pit. Was there even with my brother in law who was in, (pauses) Government. I'll leave it at that, when they recovered nine firemen, in one little pocket, in one day, one day, so, and that went on 'til march of 2002 by the way. I was around it quite a bit. 

Now that has nothing to do with Rendlesham and the Steel industry....You're referring to that video where these people, MI6 or 5? Where this guy stood up and did his thing (David Shayler), he's a nice guy and he was with the girl (Annie Machon) and there was all this kind of, what I would call Antifa type people now, I mean some of these people go against, were supporters of the 9/11, er, 7/7 bombers and I have nothing but dirt on my shoe for these people. 

First (inaudible) the steel industry. When I got out of the air force, I worked for a steel company out of Connecticut while I was going to school, and er (inaudible) high steel was Involved(? inaudible). Not for me. So I was quite familiar with, but not good at,didn't like heights and it was a major, (pauses) and I won't even say the name of the company because they are owned by interesting Italians. It's quite a big company in Connecticut and that was not the industry for me. Am I an expert on steel? No er, ah. What's my view again? Ah I think Saudi did it,if that, and so, that was the cover up there. That's where my government... (trails off)

But yeah, I smelled the death and it's, you know, my brother watched it and friends watched people splashing on the ground, they were in it real time and um, so there you go and that's it. 
And so I had a few jugs in me that night, the people wanted to come outside and fight if I remember and uh, some of the people were alright, you know, great. 

So that's it, let them ramble on, it's too important, 3000 people dead and these morons, no, no, it came through my families front door, like it, don't like it, call me what you want, erm, it shows more about you than it does about me".

End of transcript

Because this did not satisfy anyone, and the lies were gaining more attention, in yet another video attempt to clear things up once and for all, he once again tries to explain everything satisfactorily. This is actually the worst attempt of all and was in no way explanatory.

At the very beginning Gary Heseltine asks Warren to explain what he was doing there, when and why, to give us all context. Instead of answering the question, Warren starts talking about his ex Co-author and fails spectacularly to answer the question at all. Gary doesn't seem to notice this and carries on as if it has had a satisfactory answer. He really does not answer. At no point in this video does he explain the context of why he was there, what he was doing and with whom. He has surely mastered the art of talking without saying anything. Gary doesn't seem to notice the question was superbly evaded. This is interesting because he is always explaining he was trained in special interview techniques and was a detective constable for almost 30 years. He also doesn't mention that he was transport police. For those who are unaware, in the UK, transport police manage trains, train stations and train tracks. Gary told us all initially that he was CID but this turned out to be a lie. Below is the video and the full transcript of this segment. 

Video #3

G: Uh right, let's address something that's a bit more contentious, because I know it's got more personal elements for you.

W: Yeah

G: Your role (indicates with his hands speech marks) in 9/11. Uh, now some people are trying to say that you never went there, er, that this is all a joke, you were there for, or you went for, or if you went, you were supposedly there for months on end at Ground Zero, blah, blah blah. Well the reality is, of the people who have met you and talked to you about this, uh, and I've talked to Sue McAllistair, your ex wife, she confirms that you did attend, but now in your own words, put into context how often you went and what context you went and some of the things that you did. 

W: Well I read um Peter, um Mr Robbins, kind of really ugly thing about that and like I was living in the B.. I was born in the Bronx you know, so I've heard I wasn't, but I was and as my sister as well and this record(? unclear) in a hospital that doesn't exist anymore and er, there you go there. But um, these people are kind of sick. But anyway, um, 9/11, and what Peter didn't mention, is erm, unlike him, I had family directly involved in the attacks. er

G: Explain that, in what context. 

W: Well not to name names, but one of my brothers worked in Tower Two and was on the street level when the plane passed through Tower One, and he was there and he was injured to a degree and er, my sister in law, now, they weren't married then, but they were together and worked for a law firm in Lower Manhattan and she went through it, and they don't talk about it much, and I was indeed living in Liverpool, it's like some big thing, of course I was, and as soon as we could fly I went home, and I went, first of all I was involved in an organisation here that wanted me to bring things to fund raise which you have seen evidence of. 

G: Yeah, yeah, we are gonna talk about that in a minute.

W: Yeah and because, so erm, ah, I delivered  certain things over to the police and the FDNY, and had to do this, which you know is the facts, so I can go around it, whether they do or not is not important, ah these are private persons. When a member of my family was a Federal person so I had access everywhere, and so...

G:  So basically you had somebody on the inside who was working Ground Zero who could get you occasional access. 

W: He was working on the investigation of the attacks

G: Okay

W:  Like you did with the 7/7

G: Okay. He clearly he was able to get you onto the site, so you...

W: Yes. Which I regret going. 

G: So how many how many trips did you make over...? 

W: Four

G: Four trips over how long a period?

W: Four trips between October and March of 2001. (not a typo) 

G: Okay, okay, so and like you just referenced that you took certain objects over there to be used to make money, raffle and whatever. 

W: Yeah

G: Now there are some photographs, all of you with, ah, at Ground Zero

W: With the burning (Gary interrupts)

G: I can reference the fact that on an early meeting we had, I have actually seen several of these photos, one of which is clearly you in Ground Zero with the federal person who got you into there, and another you have an item of Police memorabilia, that's been handed to the er, I think fire Service. 

W: Police Department. 

W: I can tell you that story,  a Bobby's helmet. What do you call it?

G: A Policeman's Helmet, a British Bobby Helmet. 

W: A real thing(? unclear) and the firearm unit, and I know a guy who is in the firearm unit of Merseyside Police, he said when you are going over I want you to do a number of different things with this, that I could, as you just said, 'Cos it's my home town too, not just Peter's and um, not just that,  High school friends were involved and an ex girlfriend who vanished and almost killed my own brother. Peter doesn't mention I had family in it cos there's an agenda isn't there? 

G: Yeah, yeah

W: So I was compelled and It was shocking to us, more so if, and I watched them built. So I went and uh, my sons uh, mother understood. It just affected everyone didn't it?

G: But, but, but your son, how old would he have been?

W: A baby. Six months old. 

G: So, so,so, and again, When this came up I deliberately talked to Sue, Privately, away from you, and asked her about it and you didn't know that but I spoke to her and she said yes, he went, even though Denis was a baby. Er he, he, he, it was something he had to do. So you, so, um,  again, it adds to the context. So just to clear up, you weren't there for four months one end.

W: No

G: how could you be when you were a parent?

W: Well I had a job here to do, but I would go back and forth, and like I said I did it four times through November, ah, different, ah... I, I, I witnessed certain things go on there,though I won't go into, cos, amazing and horrible, particularly in March, and I had access as you know well and no-one needs to know why.

G: Right

W: And, uh,  but the main thing is the police helmet was, I was given it by the firearm unit and I took it over, I presented it. I had a friend who was with the 5th precinct, lower Manhattan.

G: Yeah I have seen the photograph where where you were handing it over to the... 

W:  Ah, ur, yeah, that's the  Lieutenant in that precinct, probably long retired, and that's the desk you know, as you go in, like the Barney Miller show, and what they did, we wanted to auction it in any way they could to raise money. What they ended up doing in reality was made a display case for it and keeping it...

G: As a keepsake.

W: Sure, I was given tons of... Merseyside Police had new patches

G: And new badges

W:  And at that time, a new one and I was given 100's of them and I distributed them to cops on site and also.

G: Yeah, that's what cops do

W: And all that, I did it as a rep for them but not being police , but representing them. I do have family that are law enforcement and um, it's the little things you could do, and they actually and again, that's not , that's me being the emissary, that with the documentation over here etc. That was a little tiny thing I did, where a  piece of a drawing by a certain person, that I valued very much, and I sold that and I sold that through a certain auction, a real auction, through the course of the film, you are aware of that, you are aware of a certain auction, a real auction house, and that was with the blessing of Yoko Ono, that raised money for the 9/11 families. 

G: alright, I see. 

W: And that can, you, er, anyway (inaudible) I think we talked about it, and it's the little things we could do, and the fact to be there, because it was just so unreal, but the real motivation is they almost killed my brother and that is not in Peters attack on me. That's the lowest of the low, so as far as I know, he didn't have a family member that was almost killed.

G: yeah

W: I did

G: Yeah. So 9/11 is

W: And he's doing very well now thank you

G: Yeah

W: He's a successful guy

G: So in effect, 9/11 was not just a horrific thing to someone in New York it's had a personal

W: It came through my families front door that day

G: For which Peter didn't even acknowledge.

W: It did not go through his families front door

G: Here's a question. On the four occasions you went, am I right in thinking Peter lives in upstate New York? 

W: Ah, you know at times he was, I, I...

G: Did you meet him during any of those four occasions? 

W: We took him out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, I have pictures of us on 54th street

G: So you are saying on one of the four occasions you went over in that period to 9/11, you actually engaged with Peter which he never references?

W: I invited him down to Ground Zero and he wouldn't go.  (shows stock photo) the place was burning while I was there one month later (inaudible they are both talking)

W: Still burning then and the smell of death. I remember, I, I smoke, thank God, and my sister came down one time and she said I can't stay here and uh, at the end of it we took Peter to the Hard Rock Cafe on 57th street my first time over and uh, that night and he was very busy with Central Park Media an all.

G: so, so

W: I have pictures of us that night at dinner. 

G: Okay that will be interesting to see those. 

W: There's him and I with all the American Flags on the streets.

G: Sure.  But the point I'm making here is that during one of those occasions you spoke with Peter but Peter makes no reference

W: I saw him every time I was over. 

G: Alright, so each of the four times, you saw Peter and he makes no reference to this in his later attacks on you?

W: He doesn't mention I had family members involved, I don't know why

G: So, er, like I say, this gives you an opportunity to put things into context. 

W: It's just reality, I don't, he knows this to be the truth, I don't know why he says such things, but he'll have to live with it, but that's for him to dance with.

End of transcript

In the first video he states "Three friends died in that attack" but in the second video he says "I lost four friends but didn't know until my 30th high school reunion"

He left Glenn Falls High school in Albany New York in 1979. This puts this trip to New York on the timeline, 2009. So is it three or four friends that he hadn't seen for thirty years and knew absolutely nothing about them?

He says he grew up in the Bronx in video one. Truth is, he was born in the Bronx, adopted aged 4 months as stated in Left At East Gate, his book Co-Authored by Peter Robbins, now removed from print. His sister was also born in the Bronx and adopted as stated in LAEG.

He did not grow up in the Bronx. From Left at East Gate

In video one he says "I worked in the steel business for a lot of years". In video two he states "When I got out of the air force, I worked for a steel company out of Connecticut while I was going to school, and er (inaudible) high steel was Involved(? inaudible). Not for me. So I was quite familiar with, but not good at,didn't like heights and it was a major, (pauses) and I won't even say the name of the company because they are owned by interesting Italians. It's quite a big company in Connecticut and that was not the industry for me. Am I an expert on steel? No er, ah.

In context of  the situation in the first video, he is intimating that he was on site at Ground Zero because of his experience in the steel industry, he worked in the steel industry for a lot of years In the second video he is saying he was not in the steel industry for a lot of years, he didn't like it, he was afraid of heights and this was high steel.

The other interesting this is that he said he left the air force and was in school when he worked for this company for a lot of years... but not a lot of years... In previous statements he has made he said he left the USAF and went to Broadcasting School in Connecticut and obtained a B.A in communications. 

We contacted both Schools in Connecticut and not only had they not heard of him, the both stated they have never run any kind of B.A course in communications. He then said that he didn't obtain a B.A from the school, that this was a mistake made by Peter Robbins while writing the book which included those claims in the introduction of LAEG. He then went on to say to Tino Megaro in a recording that he did go to the school because his father got him the loan to go.

Click to enlarge

Not only that, but when he was at that school he said he was doing voice work for radio and that he was doing that at major record houses, Atlantic Records, Epic, The Hit Factory and others. He then went on to explain that is where Charlie Comer (John Lennon's publicist and agent of Stevie Ray Vaughan and other mega stars) met him and took him under his wing giving him a job with the record company being a tour publicist and the the artist coordinator for Atlantic records 40th birthday party because he had worked in the music industry for 20 years. That, he says to Tino, is how he got into the music industry. Then later alludes to the fact it was because his father was a lawyer in the industry and he met the rich and famous as a child. In his book his father works in insurance. That is also what he told me for the nine years.

Extensive searches have failed to turn up one scrap of evidence of these claims apart from photographs which are clearly fake, not only are they fake, he says they are fake and that I faked them but if you look on his current Facebook page he has uploaded those very photographs with statements about how real they are. 

Not one photograph or one mention in any of the historical or anecdotal publications or Internet forums. One must also remember his claim that he Co-Signed Metallica and was paid half a million dollars finders fee, which he then denied saying and said his friend Richard had signed Metallica and was paid a million, to which Warren alleges he actually said that his friend got the money, but he should have been given half of it because he introduced Metallica to Richard. In actual fact it was Michael Alago who discovered and signed Metallica and there is even a documentary about it on Netflix. He tells to different stories to the same person and the people following this. Tino doesn't bat an eyelid and moved on to the next question. 

He states he worked for the record companies for twenty years from 1982 which would mean he was still working for them when he moved to England in either 1999 or 2000, until 2002. Yet he was working at GZ for four months, but 4 times. all while he had a job to do here? 

Michael Alago

I digress.....

Warren's ex wife, Sue McAllistair, made a statement about his alleged 911 activities.

She mostly talks about the trolls, but says he went and their son was 4 to 6 months old. Hardly a convincing statement. What was he doing there? He said initially he worked in the shit hole for four months.

Peter Robbins is Larry Warren's Co-author of a book called Left at East Gate, Halt in Woodbridge and Deliberate Deception. All three books were pulled from sale and availability by Peter and their publisher Cosimo due to inaccuracies. Peter never mentions any of these moments Warren is talking about because they never happened. Peter is sending me all of his personal date diaries throughout their relationship for other reasons, however, if he had met Warren at these times, he would have made a note of it in his date diary's. Peter states categorically, this did not happen. 

In a Facebook post on Tim Acheson's Thread the 9th of May 2019 he stated to a friend Ken Jenkins;

Lawrence Warren hi ken, i never worked in the clean up and searches.(was at the site when 9 FDNY were recovered from a stair well were you there ?... you are wasting your time , i did have family survive the attack x 2 plus a number of other friends directly affected that day...i have family that are feds.....thus i had access and did other things that helped my small way of course......and those facts stand .....are you another troll? good luck with that because ive never seen such low life's on the net that attack family's of REAL survivors of that rotten day............are you even from NYC ?..........frankly ive given you far to much time....good luck with your troll endeavours.

When I asked for specifics, it wasn't two people who were there with himn, just two people who said that he went. 
Fulll Conversation

11th May 2019 Gary posted this on his page.

The recent final Capel Green forest shoot also gave rise to another batch of photographs and documents that Larry Warren had unearthed from his flat. Whilst this is not the posting to deal with the majority of those I thought you might find this aspect interesting. The campaign to discredit Larry Warren focuses a great deal on his past. A past that includes him visiting 9/11 in the weeks and months following the tragedy. Recently I spoke with Sue, his ex-wife who confirmed that he had flown back to New York  four times in the weeks and months post 9/11 and that he had had some limited access to the site through several connections. Now the trolls are determined to try and discredit him for absolutely anything and they are still trying to say that he was a responder who was there everyday, he wasn't but he did go back. In that vein Larry had brought his old passport for that time-frame and as I checked the pages, sure enough on one of them there were four visitor passport stamps corresponding to the four visits over an eight month period and thus corroborating Sue's earlier comment to me that he had gone to New York four times in the aftermath. In addition and in a further confirmation I have also seen a number of pre-digital images of him at/near the site during that time-frame. Indeed one of them shows him presenting a Fire Station Chief with a British Police helmet which I think was originally meant for auction (for charity for the families involved) but I believe they chose to put it on display in the Fire Station instead. All of these images will be released in due course but is very sad that he has had to go to such lengths about almost every aspect of his past to prove that what he has said was true and it represents a terrible indictment of the troll culture that exists in the social media age. And in the weeks leading up to the release of Capel Green I anticipate that the trolls (aided by a certain media guru) will try to muddy the waters with lurid stories in the national press of this that and the other in a desperate attempt to discredit the film, himself and anyone associated with it. GH.

Now it appears that it isn't me that has mind control powers at all, it is Nick Pope and he is orchestrating this whole shenanigans against Gary Heseltine apparently. The only problem with that is that Gary wasn't anywhere when this all started because it had nothing to do with him and Nick Pope stepped in over the blatant attacks on myself and Alyson Dunlop who were trying to set the record straight.

Gary Heseltine... This isn't about you and never was. You just want it to be about you because then it justifies your atrocious behaviour and hides the lies you tell over and over again.

Warren said he went over four times between October and March which is six months. Gary has made a statement saying that Warren's passport shows that he went over four times within 8 months. Once again, two different stories, but then that doesn't  matter to Gary, all he cares about is the film. If Warren says he went four times over six months, then he lied. The fact of the matter is that nobody is vouching for him. None of the actual first responders who have openly discussed this recently say he was there. In fact they categorically state that from Warren's own words, his narrative is totally impossible because of what was actually happening at Ground Zero during the times he said he was there. What was happening? Precisely nothing. The site was shut. Here is the time line of events.

Time line Ground Zero

The other problem is that Warren has had trouble with his passport in the past. He made up a great big story about how it was taken off him because he is some kind of military Edge Lord, but in actual fact he mutilated his passport and it was taken from him. Here is a letter from the passport office stating this fact.

See video below

This was shown in the EMUFORA video filmed by Anthony James and shown during the first lecture Peter and Larry gave together. Warren says in the talk that he was discharged for drugs offences and that was just the military lie. He says he was really discharged for not keeping his mouth shut. Full lecture below.

I could literally make comparisons for days on end. You can now see for yourself how he changes everything he says. At no point has he ever stated what he was doing there or with whom. The only people who were there were contracted to be there for specific purposes, for short lengths of time. Everyone had a specific job to do. No matter how many times he has been asked, he will not say why he was there. He says he was "in the pit" with his brother in law or brother. (He says both).

Gary states that the person in the photo with him is the person who could get him on site whenever he felt like it. Warren says that person was his brother in law, therefore the person in the photo is his brother in law, but the person in the photo is a NYPD Officer wearing a spring time uniform and the area behind him is clean and clear. That didn't happen until much later as that was an access road for vehicles taking the debris away to Fresh Kills for the investigation. No investigation took place at Ground Zero on the pile, so nobody would be gaining access to the pile to investigate. Another flaw in his lies. As a reminder.. This is allegedly Warren,s family member who got him access to the site four times between October 2001 and March 2002. This is the Federal person conducting the investigation even though he is NYPD. So either Gary doesn't know what he is talking about or Warren is lying, or both are lying. They both think we are all stupid.

He has gone from working in that shit hole for 4 months to 6 months, to not working there at all, but was there over 8 months according to his passport. He was just with his brother or brother in law, who was investigating the attacks, just like Gary Heseltine alleges to have investigated and concluded the investigation into the 7/7 bombings. Warren says he flew out as soon as the planes were flying again (Mid September), to he flewover four times from October to March which has been changed by Gary to 8 months which makes it May. The photograph below is not from inside Ground Zero, it is outside Ground Zero and the NYPD officer is keeping him out, not in, if he was inside he would be wearing an ID badge. Behind him the road is clear, resurfaced and the building's clean.

In the video where this photo is shown Gary makes a point of flapping about printed photos saying they are original images. So how come this one is digitally inserted into the video then and not printed off like all the others? It is possible to buy old Kodak photo paper and insert it into your own printer to print photographs. Only dated negatives would suffice as actual evidence.

I don't need to spoon feed you all, you can read for yourself and watch how he lies in the videos, it is effortless to him.

I just want to reiterate one more time. This is not about Gary Heseltine, it is not about Capel Green, it is about Larry Warren. Gary Heseltine is MY troll, I am not his troll as he keeps posting over and over again, playing the victim. He glued himself onto my life and has harrassed me for at least 18 months, telling people I am infatuated with Warren. As a collective they tell people I am a child abusing heroin addict.

They do not contest a single word that has been said which hasn't all come from me. I have endlessly repeated other people who have outed him over the past 35 years, it isn't my words, they are all his own words, all said by himself.Warren lied to my face, in my own home, in my life, I had known him over nine years and it was not just an internet friendship as is the lie they tell. I have said this many times.

This is about Warren, his lies and abuses of every single person he has ever met or befriended. It is about the truth which has been told by many people.

Also, no matter how many times he said that the bodies of 9 firefighters were found in a pocket or a stairwell, it doesn't make that true. That never happened. Something along those lines did happen, but not the way he tells it. Also, if he was present at that time, he would be known to the families of the firefighters. They would all talk to each other, be supporting each other, well they are, but Warren isn't among them and they don't know who he is, also no Federal Agent was present at that time.

Do your own checking, go over what I have said, go over the timeline provided in the link above. Go see if you can find him in any of the 9/11 groups on any of the social media platforms. If you know him ask him what his specific purpose was. Nobody could take anybody on site so him saying he offered to take Peter along or that his sister was there also, just isn't true. If you were there you were there in a professional capacity and were contracted and paid. He says the Government of New York granted him access. What does that even mean? The Mayor? Who? Why? Specifically when? What dates? With whom? Many of you will be contractors and for safety reasons, you cannot just take your pals along to work for the day. This was sop locked down. many checkpoints to get through manned by the Marines. Nobody was special enough to be given carte blanche access.

I guess we will have to wait for the film to see the evidence they have included, which allegedly proves without actually contacting anyone involved, that he was there. Only people there can vouch for his presence, Gary wasn't there so how can he state he was? Has Gary Heseltine spoken to Warren's family member who got him access? I am sure that will be in the film Capel Green. I am sure all of the questions asked will be properly answered, with the right evidence, because Heseltine is a brilliant detective. His friends all say so too, but they weren't in the police force with him were they? I wasn't there, Warren wasn't there, Heseltine wasn't at Bentwaters, so non of them have any basis to state as fact, any of these things.

We can all just say stuff about ourselves. I am a unicorn and I have magickal abilities in making people believe whatever I tell them with my mind powers, I also fart rainbows. Here is an actual photo of me.

Now for a bit of recent nonsense

On the 31st May this appeared on the Capel Green Facebook Page Full Conversation

The next day Larry Warren posted this on his own Facebook Page

People were obviously discussing this new photo. Who is who? The conversation rolled out, the actual witnesses who were at Bentwaters started saying they didn't know anyone in the photo. Lori Redfheld said she thought the guy in the glasses at the front was Jim Penniston. Jim is nine years older than Warren and joined in 1973 so why would he be in this photo? Nobody knew anybody and it certainly isn't Jim.

Here Tino Megaro tries to tell Adrian he is mistaken, unless their info is incorrect, or maybe another D Flight.

A few others were asked....

Thankfully Google Reverse Image Search exists. Frank Willis found the image on a web site and others quickly realised this was another base altogether.

reminder below

Military Photos

As you can see from the Screenshot above, it has gone from being D Flight at Bentwaters to "we just used this image to show what a flight looked like in 1980.

I wonder who provided the photograph initially, they were the ones who said it was Bentwaters. Hmmmm... I wonder.

If you read You Can't Tell The people you will read how Georgina Bruni outlined the very many lies and problems with Warren's narrative. Yet here Capel Green states she did a good job.

Original Post

I wrote about this, read for yourself here, Georgina Bruni Did Tell The People Blog

Buy your copy here, it is also available on Kindle. There is a whole chapter dedicated to Warren's lies.

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