Friday, 5 May 2017

Open Letter to Peter Robbins


After Peter Robbins' recent appearance on Raconteur News Radio with Andy Young and Jason Holmes this week,  I decided enough was enough.   Peter states he has no idea of half the issues surrounding Warren, says he doesn't know anything about the A10 photograph or the reflection.  The hosts blatantly had no idea of the situation as they squirmed in obvious discomfort on how to broach the issues they knew very little about.  Even though the show was advertised as being focussed on the issues surrounding Warren. 

These issues were not known or understood by the hosts, inaccurate statements were made constantly, important questions ignored or just left unanswered.  If you are going to do a show of this nature, do your homework.  If you advertise a show as being about a certain topic, know it and then talk about it.  What we heard was pitiful. 

The most pathetic part of all was the parting shot from the hosts that all we wanted was for Peter to tear Larry Warren apart. Ironic then that Peter was asking the very same questions of his Co Author as far back as October 2016 when we are now in May 2017. I decided to dissect Peter's letter removing the questions, statements about how he was feeling and what he was now thinking and present them back to him. 
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'This Tuesday Jason Holmes and Andy Young will be joined by investigative writer, lecturer and bestselling author Peter Robbins LIVE from New York State to give us an update on recent events which have causesd a great deal of conflict in the field of UFOlogy and to tell us about what he has got planned for the future including some exciting news for regular listeners to RN. Peter has not done many interviews recently so this will all new and exclusive so whatever you do don't miss this weeks Raconteurs news'


I know for an absolute fact Peter has been sent all of the evidence.  He has seen more evidence than most of you.  He has stated that he knows the reflection in the A10 photograph is not me, he has also stated that he knows full well that Warren is lying. He said as much To various friends. David Young released this private message to show that Peter knows much more than he is admitting. As you can see from the date he said this in November 2016.

Exactly the same for me Peter, telling the truth would end this abuse. People seem to forget Warren and I were friends for ten years and he lived in my home.


Peter also stated on the show he would debate this in a grown up manner. Well every blog I have written has been fact-based rather than insult-based which is how his former co-author has behaved along with his group of gangstalkers. 

The only threat I have ever made is to see this through until the end, it wasn't even a threat, it was a promise. I stated I wanted to ask warren a question at the SPI Conference in Glasgow June 2016, he perceived that question to be a threat and stated as much. His perceived threat from me is the truth. I was threatened with death for wanting to ask why his story differs so vastly from the person he said he was with all night during the Rendlesham Forest Incidents in Suffolk, 1980.



You sent a letter to Larry Warren last October.  I also received a copy of the full nine pages of that letter.  After reading it I felt some sympathy for you and I decided to leave you out of it.  We had been through the same thing.  We both supported him, we were both lied to and both of us were betrayed and abused by him.  No matter who invested what, the feeling of betrayal is relative.  The deceit, the shock and the hurt, all relative. 

You know what I did for him over the past ten years.  You know what Dave and I were doing for him when he moved into our home in February 2015 until June 2015.  If you want me to start publishing our messages from 2015 and before I am quite happy to do so, just to show people the type of relationship we had before the poisoning. You know that over the past ten years I have not only defended Warren but I've defended you and your book Left at Eastgate to my present utter dismay. 

You say you want the truth and will go with the truth wherever that may lead you but you have failed to do so in any way shape or form  You did not tell the truth on that show.  You said you had no idea about the A10 photograph and half the issues going on.  We all know that is not true.  Everything you said on that show was unconcerned, dismissive, don't care, if you don't like me then I don't care. 

Well why did you go on the show then if you don't care?  Why try and save your reputation if you don't care what people think of you?  In fact the holding back shows us all that is actually all you care about.  Your non committal stance was an I don't care that my co-author has lied constantly and is abusing people who do not deserve it.  You are allowing that abuse to continue to save your own backside.  Am I supposed to retain any of the  respect I managed to recover over recent months? 

Every member of the investigation team and other mutual friends offered our assurances that we would protect you when you told the truth.  We all invested so much support, which you accepted then you threw it in our faces with an "I don't care". 

Because of that I am going to remind you of the questions you asked of Warren, outline your concerns and thoughts.  Why? Because they are exactly the same as mine and everyone else's.  We are also are asking the same questions, thinking the same things as you were when you wrote that letter to Warren in October.  

Only when we ask these questions we are called attackers. When we ask you to answer the questions we are accused of wanting Warren to be torn apart by you. Is that how you see it? You can ask him but I can't? No one can ask his holiness to prove himself?  

When we produce evidence it is said that I fabricated, altered or forged all of Warren's evidence, photographs and he even alluded to me having stolen one of his paintings but I managed to sell it in the same auction he sold other items in and received all his goods back from that same auction in a box to my house. It's NEVER him is it?  It is always someone else. 

When we asked you to answer the very same questions you have been asking Warren you allowed the hosts to say, and made noises of agreement that we just want you to tear Warren to pieces. The truth of the matter is, and you know this, The truth will tear him to pieces because he is a liar and a fraud beyond any reasonable doubt. You know that. 

You asked why Adrian Bustinza hasn't come forward to explain himself in such a snotty tone. Just look at what Warren  has done to me, to everyone around me.   Do you think he hasn't done the very same thing to that man?  I can tell you for a fact, because I have spoken to him, Adrian was scared! 

You KNOW the answers to all of the questions, you just don't want to face facts, you want to put it behind you and move on. Wouldn't we all!!!  You want us to complete this investigation, hand everything to you so you can make your mind up yet you say the onus is on you. 

My evidence is all already in the public domain and you also know that. You know he faked the Fred Max hypnosis yet you just brushed that under the carpet years ago.  He also had another Hypnosis session with a woman called Pat, you never mention that either, only the Budd Hopkins session. Why? You are fully aware of this. 

You know the entire debacle of those photographs he sent to Georgina under the guise of an accountant called Mike, a local civilian witness.  Warren then claimed he took a personal camera with him on shift, on a USAF base and took the photographs himself. 

We know he made up an elaborate, believable story about an accountant called Mike who he made an elaborate story about smuggling the photos off base in a mug he bought in Germany. The trip he admitted to Georgina Bruni  he didn't even go on, he lied. He did not go to Germany therefore he did not smuggle them out in the mug he bought while he wasn't there. 

His camera was not an IR camera that could take night time images, just an ordinary camera.  That in itself is questionable.  Taking a camera into sensitive areas on a USAF base as a as a security officer?   Why would you do that unless it was for reasons of espionage?  You know all of this and more.  choose to ignore it all and let this abuse continue. 


Life changing lies

"Yes, I again ignored your most recent Skype request. The reason, I still didn’t want to talk to you. The reason I don’t want to talk to you, because you lied to me, to my face in Glasgow, and in FB messages beforehand. You may consider them minor lies, but they were major to me, in fact they were life-changing". 

Disparaged Housewife

Yes that was exactly how it felt to me too after ten years of promoting him, being his friend and putting a roof over his head.   He had me go onto a show and defend him against being a substance abuser December 2014, remember we were on it together.  

I stated he was not a drug addict, I called Charles Halt Col Slanders, remember the merriment? Warren knew he was a substance abuser yet he encouraged me to go out there and say those things.  You know very well I arranged and facilitated many of his radio appearances after that. You were on them too. Something I have done many times over the years.

In the February after that show we both received messages saying he had overdosed on cocaine. If you have forgotten them I can post them publicly for you to see proving to us both he was definitely a drug abuser.  

He said I was drunk on stage at the Rendlesham 2012 conference, something Captain Bob Salas refutes as do I.  He also never gave me that conference talk as he says and I was not paid for it as he says. You know all this. You were there on the same lineup as myself.  Here is a statement from one of the actual organisers regarding my appearance.

Statement from Gordy Goodger

'To whom it may concern.  As a co-organiser and administrator of the Rendlesham Forest Conference 2012 I would like to state that we invited Sacha to talk at this event and Sacha Christie was not paid an honorarium for her talk at that event neither was she paid for ANY expenses she incurred for attending that event, to include accommodation, travelling or food.  Please be advised we covered the expenses of all the other guest speakers (excluding international flights and transport) and some were paid an honorarium if they requested one however not every speaker did so.   I hope this clarifies the situation.  Gordy Goodger.  May 4th 2017' 

I want to believe

"I wanted to believe that you were 100% honest with me in matters relating to us. Increasingly these past few months I have been struggling to resolve, if resolution were even possible, my growing number of differences with you, but it’s almost like you have gone out of your way to make this all as difficult as possible for me, if not impossible". 

Yes he has hasn't he?  Below are a few excerpts of your letter to Warren I really do not need to respond to. 

Fake things

"And while I love you my friend, I do not even like the person at least part of you seems to have become, that being the part who lies to his friends, fakes things, threatens violence and extreme violence,and blames others for events and circumstances they brought on themselves or were otherwise responsible for". 

"As you know, I took your threatening, ultra-paranoid ultimatum of July 14 as seriously as a heart attack. Yes, I know that you wish you had never sent it, but you did and it still has me fuming. If I’d have sent it to you, I think you’d feel the way I do":

Piss off Pete

 “to be honest it aintv very good mate ! im not happy nor is my family with youre folks tell john mooore to piss off
DONT EVEN CONTACT ME AGAIN..........................................PETER I MEAN IT PISS OFF !
pete let me die.................for yer own ends.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
who knows what that was ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but pete the only contact you n me will have is with lawyers..........dont send me shit and stop showim MY shit ! we are OVER"

"After all I’ve done for you and all we have been through together, that you would go off on me like this, that you would dare accuse me of such things still amazes me. I never did anything to deserve this kind of treatment from you and I’m certainly not going to put myself in the position where you can ever pull anything like that on me again. The level your normally violent temper has risen to, your often completely irrational paranoia toward me and others, these things never really made sense to me except as an indication of some deeper problems. Whatever their causes may be, I am tired of dealing with them and do not want to have to ever again". ( SC. I echo these exact sentiments Peter).

Infamy Infamy they've all got it in for you?

"The thing that seems to have set you off on your July 14 rant was imagining, and I stress the word “imagining” here, that John Moores and I were somehow out to get you or to fuck you over in the making of the documentary he had intended to produce, for what purpose or what aim I have no idea".

Well Peter, you do know that he says this about absolutely everyone and also it is not the first time he has said this about you to many of us over here in the UK. How you "fuck up" all his chances, how he's spent hundreds of thousands and that you cost him a hundred thousand in mistakes. Yet you go on to say after this how warren screwed up a $50,000.00 each deal for you

You then mention the film option lost due to his stupidity. I know exactly what happened there, he lived with us at the time. He blamed you for ruining it with your endless talking to the director.  Saying that you were saying too much and you will fuck it up, you always do.  Well when it comes to Warren he is an innocent puppy with everyone else wrecking his life just because they can or are crazy ex mental hospital inmates, or as he said about May Pang on the HPANWO show 197, she is a crazy lady, trying to get her own back on him.  Just like everyone else has in his life, including you.  Is any of it true?   NO.

Embarrassing FACTS

"In past when I’ve asked what you thought my ‘agenda’ was, you’ve always gone quiet. You said in a July message that I never really ‘got you,’ and I guess that’s proved to be something of an understatement. I did ‘get’ some of you, but looking back I don’t seem to have been nearly as good an investigator as I thought I was a quarter century ago. But I have always had ‘an agenda.’ Corny as it may sound, it has always been to follow the evidence wherever it leads you, then to tell the truth about it as best I’m able. This even when evidence takes you to places you would rather not go. It’s the reason I choose to correct my errors in public, be they mistakes I discovered after the fact or ones brought to my attention by others. Maybe most important, there has never been a clause excluding truths that might prove embarrassing to me, or for that matter, to you, and that’s what this has all come down to".

Follow the evidence wherever it takes you then Peter. Even when it takes you to places you would rather not go. You have not corrected your mistakes in public. You are leaving that to me and the others to do it all so you can come out at the end completely exonerated, having done nothing of the above. 

Do you think it was fun for me to admit how wrong I was?  Do you think I have enjoyed the past 15 months being abused by no less than fifty people?  I have a family of young children, I have grandchildren too and this is not my job career or profession. It is my life. You feel sorry for yourself but all you're doing is hiding. 

I don't Feel sorry for myself, I am pissed off at myself for being a part of the mess making.  Something I am now trying to put right. You should too.  You contributed the most with your endless books defending his lies. I haven't suffered any loss either which is what you are more concerned with. How will you look? How do you think you look now? You had an opportunity there and you did not tell the truth, you were the peddler of untruths. shame on you.

I am not a conference speaker, although I have spoken at a few. I am just a person going through my life and talking on the internet. sometimes I do radio shows. If this was my career or profession then I would be everywhere like the rest of you. I do what I want to do, I do it when the time affords me, I do it when I am well enough. 

I've also turned down more conference talks than I have accepted.  I also do everything I do without a spokesperson or clean up crew.  Warren and his merry meat heads know this, so they are not trying to destroy my career for your Co author are they Peter?  They are trying to destroy me.  How do you feel about that Peter?  It was all done in your name too up until recently. You are happy about this continuation?  


It's only dialogue

"To some degree at least I have forced myself to follow the general dialogue, various attacks and counter-attacks, assorted posts as well as parts of ‘Left Out of east Gate’ etc. It’s just that ‘dialogue,’ your part as well as the voices of assorted others, have succeeded in all but killing the interest I had had in the subject for so long. But first I geared up for one more round of RFI investigative work, once again dedicated to substantiating my coauthor’s claims if at all possible".

You stated earlier that you had been lied to, to your face, yet you can't relate that feeling to myself?  How do you think I felt after ten years of friendship and support of both of you?  Allowing him into my home with my children where he abused every single kindness and trust. 

You say my blog is just dialogue and say you haven't seen the facts. Well we are now in May and much more has come to light.  Do you still hold the opinion my evidence is "Just dialogue"? Have you looked at it? You can't look at it as I present it because you blocked me didn't you. 

Bogus photograph  

"As you know I specifically zeroed in one of the photos I found on Sacha’s website, the one purporting to be of you and John Lennon. The reason I chose it was  because to my untrained eye it appeared to be the crudest, most cut-and-paste-looking picture in the bunch. I even imagined, and wrote the same to you, that somehow Sacha and/or Dave Kelly had managed to create a fake FB screengrab of it. Remember? When you responded “pete the pict is real,” I was all but bowled over. It led me to revisit your earlier FB postings and find the photo where you’d posted it earlier in June. You deleted it not that long afterward. In response to your claims of the picture’s authenticity, I pulled up every single photo I had of you taken when you were 19 and 20, comparing them all to each other, then comparing them to ones taken years after, then compared each of the 19-20 year old Larry photos to the one allegedly taken Nov 28 1980 in New York City. Larry, there is no question that your face in that picture is broader and wider than any of the photos of you taken in 1980 and 1981. That boarding of the face is something that comes with age, and there is also no question that your hairline is receding in the Nov 28 picture, something that is definitely not happening in actual photos of you taken in 1980 and 1981. Even so, I still did not want to believe you were responsible for creating the photo. In an attempt to exclude this possibility, I used Google’s ‘Reverse Image Search’ to see if I could rule out a similar, separate photo of John. Image Search works a lot like modern fingerprint search technology. You enter any photo ever taken, then search for it or the closest ones to it. If the picture appears anywhere on the internet, Image Search will find it. As it turned out a pair of pictures comes right up. They were taken seconds before or after the one you’re paired with John in, only they have a completely different background, and John’s mouth is as clear as the rest as the photograph and not with the mouth strangely smudged as in the one of you and John. Yours is a bogus photograph Larry yet you insist it’s not. Not good."

Yes.  We all agree.  We all said the same thing, asked the same questions, made the same observations.  So why is it when I ask these questions it is an attack and the response is for me to be torn to pieces in every way imaginable.  Why is it that when we want this question answered and say the same things we are just wanting Warren to be torn to pieces?  Something you did not baulk at when it was said during your interview on Raconteur news.  You agree with MY evidence here and ask the same questions.  Why is that fine for you to do but no one else?  Do you see your own hypocrisy? 

Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining

"As I wrote to you in June, there is no way I will ever believe that you neglected or forgot to mention to me that 2 days before you flew from the States to England to begin your Air Force assignment there you met and were photographed with John Lennon New York City. Then that you expected me to believe you had withheld this fact from both me and from Left At East Gate because you were saving it for your next book? Yes, I know that you have met many famous and interesting people in your life, people who you do not mention in our book, but please, in the words of the great judge Judy, ‘Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.’ In my entire life I never met anyone – anyone - more interested or obsessed in John Lennon’s life, work, history, instruments, etc., then you, and that goes back to from when we first met. I do not believe, not for a moment, that given how heartfelt you were in writing up how John’s murder affected you, and how you and other guys attended the huge memorial that weekend in Liverpool, and that you never bothered to mention to me that you just happened to meet (and be photographed with) John Lennon in New York City the week before he was murdered? I get angrier just thinking about it. What I hated most about being lied to like this was just how insulting it was to my intelligence. But it wasn’t just to me of course. It was a lie to everyone who sees your posts. In doing so you ‘opened the door’ as they say, to the unwelcome reality of a permanent cloud of reasonable doubt hanging over other things you have said, maintained, or are otherwise on record with, and more’s the pity. In this case, if you had faked a photograph once, might you have done it another time? And if you would fake a photo, might you also fake something else? The answer sadly is yes on both counts and you and only you are responsible for creating the reasonable doubt that it springs from".

EXACTLY.  I said the same thing, repeating myself always!  Why is it not okay for anyone else to state the same or think the same?  Why is it an attack when we say these things and the same questions are raised in our own minds? Once again.  Hypocrisy.

Why oh why?!

"Then there’s the deeper question of what would drive a person to make such an outrageous claim? What is it that compels you to make others believe this had really happened to you? That if you had been there a week later that you that would have taken a Mark Chapman bullet for him"?


This is an easy one to answer Peter.  He sold a John Lennon sketch for ten thousand pounds.  May Pang stated that it was a fake publicly.  I shared the article and stated May Pang said the sketch is fake and this has somehow been turned into I am saying its fake.  I did no such thing.  I said he showed it to me while he was here and May Pang said it is fake.  

This has been deliberately twisted into Warren's lies that I am trying to destroy his memorabilia business.  How so?  I repeated the news. You know it isn't a real photograph so why are you protecting him and allowing this abuse to continue? You know he is not a John Lennon authenticator. There isn't a memorabilia business. He wasn't anybody's bodyguard. He worked at a Tescos Supermarket in Liverpool, His close protection security is a lie. He has the standard SIA card that anyone can get. He was also sacked for stealing cigarettes. 

After I read the article saying the Lennon Sketch was fake I started looking into Warren's online sales activity.  There is a lot of it.  As you now know he has all of John Lennon's iconic item's, I sent you the files. I also sent you this radio show transcript so you could see what a blatant liar and blaggard he is.  You want to know why he says these things?  It's to solidify the factoid that Warren was a great friend and bodyguard to many super stars. 

He claims to be an artist having had an exhibition in New York.  An exhibition he claims that Yoko Ono replicated one year later.  He is doing this so he can sell items for vast amounts of money, he claims the various epic rock personalities gave him and also his own paintings which he claims go for a lot of money. He said Stevie Ray Vaughan went to his first wedding!! You knew all of this by the airing of this show.  I sent you everything through a middleman. 

Harmless untruths

"Again, the photo of you and John is definitely not real and by your admission, not one Sacha faked either. So what’s the big deal about a single, basically harmless untruth like this? Does it have anything whatsoever to do with Rendlesham/ Bentwaters? No, of course not. Does it have anything to do with my and others take on your basic honesty, ethics and trustworthiness? Yes, very much so". 

So you know I didn't fake the photos yet he continues to state I messed with his photos and is going to prove in court that I have. he faked the photo. He faked them all. He says I didn't fake the photo but then he says I messed with all of his evidence and photos still. 

"In May you were increasingly on my case to drop Ronnie Dugdale as a friend. You made it 
abundantly clear that you were convinced he was our ‘enemy’ and never really been our friend and how he had turned on us, especially on you. As a result I wrote to him to get his side of things, and you know what? I thought he made a great case but dumped him anyway, something that I sure caused him real pain, which I know would have been fine with you. My main point is that I did it because I felt that loyal to you, because you wanted me to. On reflection, every falling out I’m aware of that you’ve had with someone you’d previously considered a friend seems to have been that person’s fault, never yours. So it was with Ronnie, Billy, Swipes, Sacha and Dave. I used to just accept this but don’t any longer. Isn’t it just possible that you contributed something to the misunderstanding responsible for that friendship ending? According to you, you were innocent in each case and I find that harder and harder to believe in light of what these people have shared with me or otherwise made public. In the case of Ronnie, one of one of the things he did that I think infuriated you was something I should have done 25 years ago, that being really check out and independently confirm the written account of your interview with Keith Beabey as it appears in Left At East Gate. In fact you altered the facts Larry. Not a lot. I think it was a matter of not feeling comfortable with some of the things you told him back then, but you changed fact in our book to suit yourself. Does this, should this change people’s opinions about the great book we wrote together? Of course not. But should readers, and should I, now wonder if maybe you changed some other little fact here or there? Unfortunately, definitely. Again, you opened the door to this line of questioning and my doubts haveonly grown stronger ever since you did".the things he did that I think infuriated you was something I should have done 25 years ago, that being really check out and independently confirm the written account of your interview with Keith Beabey as it appears in Left At East Gate. In fact you altered the facts Larry. Not a lot. I think it was a matter of not feeling comfortable with some of the things you told him back then, but you changed fact in our book to suit yourself. Does this, should this change people’s opinions about the great book we wrote together? Of course not. But should readers, and should I, now wonder if maybe you changed some other little fact here or there? Unfortunately, definitely. Again, you opened the door to this line of questioning and my doubts haveonly grown stronger ever since you did".

Spies, lies and videotape

So you know he has deliberately altered facts.  You know all of this.  You also know he faked the Fred Max hypnosis too.  What else have you brushed under the carpet?  What else are you refusing to acknowledge?  Again... All of this made us ask the same questions, have the same thoughts, disappointments and questions. Non of which we are allowed to ask. If we do we are met with a barrage of death threats and vile slanderous, libellous defamatory comments. 

Can you not see that this is exactly why I have done what I have?  Gone back over the evidence, evidence I chose not to accept as fact because Warren has a little story worked out for every one of his mistakes and misdemeanors.  I believed him, the man.  Your book had nothing to do with it.  Am I not justified in my feelings and thoughts which mirror yours exactly?  After ten years of friendship and support! 

The shoe is on the other foot for both of us, how can you ignore that!?  I gave you every courtesy and you have done nothing in return.  YOU should be doing what I am doing.  YOU wrote that book.  YOU should be going over the evidence,  you have and the evidence I have presented. 

You can not bury this and come out shining.  You have to go through the evidence. You said the onus is on you and it is, but it is also more Warren's duty to back up his claims.  You two should be getting those military papers analysed.  You two should be proving to the public, not us proving to you two.

Being called dickheads for raising the money to pay for it so he doesn't have to.  His body swerving having them done is seen as a victory to him and a few but not to everyone else.  You are waiting for this evidence until you come out.  Well if the onus is on you then it is on you to do this not us.  If people make extra ordinary claims and then on top of that claim they have evidence to back it up, that evidence should be made available to whoever asks seeing as you sell these items and make these claims in public in books, on TV, radio shows, conference talks, every public media outlet possible, for three and a half decades. 

The fact he has avoided this is extremely concerning.  The fact that we are attacked for wanting to know 100% for sure in light of recent revelations is not only understandable but to you and Warren an absolute necessity. Calling us dickheads is not enough.  As you already know, if we had had the original documents this contention would be over with.  

You state you are happy to answer any questions. Answer them then, get proving or disproving. Stop hiding, waiting for me to do all the dirty work.  It's YOUR series of books Peter.  Why do I have to dissect them and show you?  The onus is on both of you whether you are friends or not. 

This next part is particularly important because this wasn't the case, I was not attacking, I was telling the truth and now where is Alyson? That's right, standing right beside me. She released a statement herself about the behaviour of Warren after the Glasgow conference didn't she Peter?  She did what I did.  Made amends for her past mistake in believing Warren and set about making amends. 

I do as I am told, usually

In your msg from earlier this week, you tell me I should drop Alyson Dunlop and James Welch as FB friends. Again, in past I’ve done this in every instance you’ve asked me to, not necessarily to my credit, but almost always without even looking into what the person has allegedly done to warrant being dumped by you/us. But let’s talk about Alyson Dunlop and why I will not be dropping her as a friend, Facebook or otherwise. And while we’re at it, what exactly is behind your battle with ‘Scottish ufology,’ the University of Glasgow, James Welch, etc., beginning at the beginning.

I met Alyson on FB about 2 years ago and was first a guest on her show in January 2015. She was a huge fan of ours and Left At East Gate and asked me if I would come on to talk about the incident and about our book. She asked great questions and the show went great with lots of listeners commenting on it. But with you being the one actually involved, she was even more interested in you being a guest on the show and asked me if I thought you’d be willing to appear on the show as well. I said yes, I certainly thought so. She then sent you a friend request and you two became friends on Facebook. Your interview with her also resulted in a kick-ass programme which she more than appreciated. It was during this time that she learned we had not spoken together on the same stage for more than 10 years, the result, that she made it her business to change that by convincing Malcolm, Ron, and other colleagues involved in the Society for Paranormal Investigation Scotland (SPI) that you and I should headline their 2016 conference. After all parties agreed she began the process of raising the hundreds of pounds necessary to bring us to Glasgow for the conference. It was going to be structured so that everything would build toward our presentation with us scheduled for the feature spot as the final presenters of the day.

Alyson was regularly attacked by Sacha and her buddies once she began her efforts in our behalf and began promoting the conference. How did she respond? By getting in Sacha & company’s collective faces every time they came at her, in fact spending months and months defending you at every turn, on her FB page and on the SPI’s Facebook page. If you go back and read her posts and responses it’s obvious she must have spent hours on some days doing little else but coming to your defence, praising your courage and contributions to the RFI and refuting Sacha every chance she got. We then come to this past June. Up until just after the conference itself there had never been any negative statements, negative behavior, or negative comments about you from anyone in ‘Scottish ufology,’ not that I’m aware of or remember anyway, and I’m going back to 1987 here. But please correct me if I’m wrong. It was in June that Kellymarie McColl Beggs made the comment she did in direct response to Sacha’s being banned (by Alyson!) from the conference. The result of this was your telling Kellymarie that if she attended, that you would come down into the audience and rip her windpipe out through her spine. Maybe you consider comments like this MC/outlaw humor, but to the rest of us they constitute a genuine threat of physical violence, and that is not okay with me".


Here is the interesting part though, Alyson Dunlop issued an apology and this is my response.

Alyson has been doing everything you said she did against me, but now she is with me and against Warren.  Also to correct you.  I NEVER attacked Alyson.  But you know that now whether you choose to see it or not.  You have sat back and ignored all of them protecting Warren even though you have all these things in mind. 

Onto the next bit;

It's the Outlaw way!

"I don’t know Larry. Perhaps you’ve just gotten so used to routinely threatening people’s health, safety and lives that you no longer consider the impact your words really have on others. I know that I have completely had it with your physical threats against people. No one else I have ever known resorts to them as often and as routinely as you do. When Sacha’s little buddy made the University of Glasgow aware of your threat to her, they responded by banning you from speaking on campus, and this is where you began spinning things. As far as I’m concerned the school did the absolutely correct thing. They weren’t being wusses in taking your threat seriously. They certainly don’t know you or that you never make good on your threats, at least that I’m aware of. All they did was what any responsible school should do in the face of a stated threat of violence on university grounds, end of story. You knew that you would not be a speaker at the conference before you left Liverpool but decided to come anyway. Did you feel that ‘Scottish ufology’ somehow owed you a free hotel room for several days? If you were paying for the room that would have been another story. But putting this group in the position where you cost them close to 500 pounds and gave them nothing in return was not right in any sense. I definitely understand why you’d want to be there, to hang out with and catch up with friends, have some fun and a weekend away from home, etc. I also think it would have been embarrassing for you not to show up. With respect my friend, when you shot that brief video with Tino, it should have featured an apology to Alyson, Malcolm, Ron, and the other folks who volunteered their time to make this event a reality, not to mention the audience members who paid their money, at least in part, for the historic chance of hearing us speak together again. Instead, you set out to make it seem that others were at fault for your not speaking, not you, and that’s a lousy way to treat people who had nothing but goodwill and respect toward you. You’re recent post, “this bitch needs to be run out.........just sayin,” only makes me feel more disgusted with your attitude toward a woman who never meant you any harm. Just the opposite, not until you gave her cause to anyway. 
Yes, you genuinely do have a problem with Alyson, James, and other members of ‘Scottish ufology’ now, but a problem that you singlehandedly created on your own and are 100% responsible for."

My "little friend" was a person you talk favourably of above, as you already know after reading my confidential evidence files sent to you by the middleman.  Well done.  Apart from that I agree wholeheartedly with the rest.  EVERYONE knows I had nothing to with the Glasgow debacle and any of the events that transpired there. 

Everyone knows I wanted him to talk, I wanted to know what his latest RFI version is and evidence to have him hauled into court, he said he would be talking about me and you expect me to sit back and allow that? Unfortunately we were all denied that pleasure. All of those supporters no longer support him at all, they all support me.  You think they are good people so why are they hanging about me if I am the devil?

Flying Trolls

"Your rage and paranoia can be contagious in such a situation. And speaking about paranoia, were you even remotely serious in your August post, “16 hr delay....due to a bomb threat against the flight.just found out ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. makes one wonder..trolls n all.” I am sure as I can be that you did not tell people or note on Facebook what your flight to Toronto was or what airline you were flying, did you? So how could anyone have made such a threat? And do you honestly think, even for a moment, that if one of your haters did have your flight information, they would actually be willing to risk a major felony or even terrorism charge just to delay your flight? If so please think again. The Larry Warren I used to know would never have even considered it. But ‘Old Laz’? He’s something else again".   


I got blamed for everything he said, did and the rest of them jumped on it and said the same. The trolls are not myself, Alyson, James, David, Dave, Ronnie or any of the others who have stood with me.   I was also blamed for every single thing that happened to all of his followers.  Accused of having 30 facebook accounts which also means 30 email accounts, 30 piles of posts, 30 different profile pictures etc etc etc. All said by your co-author.  

He and others say I faked the A10 photos, the reflection is me, he is going to prove in court I am responsible and yet you claim to know nothing of this.  I have seen messages you have sent to people over the months saying you know the reflection isn't me. You know he is lying and you know I am not lying so who are the liars then if it isn't myself and friends? 

I can produce everything I say. I always make sure I can back up every word I say.  Seeing as you have blocked me on facebook you can only keep up with the lies. You can't see my evidence or the "grown up" way it has been presented to coin your own phrase.  How would you know how my evidence has been presented if you have had your head in a sandbox.  You talk to Alyson and David yet you refuse to talk to me? Why?  

What are you afraid of? You are too used to being coddled. You are afraid of a conversation with me? Or are you afraid of being under the same kind of merciless harassment I have been receiving. I suspect that is the case, it was the case with everyone else. Has he threatened you too? Knows some embarrassing secret? What could possibly lead you to make such a fool of yourself as you did on that show?  Why even bother? 

Oh yeah you wanted to make sure we all know you are available for conference talks here as you've noticed a couple of spots haven't been filled yet . I am embarrassed for you.

No trust

"I could go on Larry, but do I really need to? I would never have believed it, not even as recently as early this summer, but you have blown your credibility with me. Correction. You have blown enough of your credibility with me that I do not know what to trust and what not to trust anymore when it comes to your statements, opinions, beliefs or stances". 

DITTO!  So why can't I ask these questions? The same question you have, the same thoughts I have expressed are your thoughts too.  Yet I am the enemy, I am trying to tear a man to pieces.  Well if you think I am doing that then you must want to hide the truth because the truth is what will tear him apart, he is a patch work of lies.  

You end your letter with;

"I hope you know I wish you well, but also stand by all I’ve said here. With respect, this has got to stop"


I echo those sentiments to you Peter but you are not standing by what you have said. This HAS got to stop.  The only people with the keys to close this door are the people like you and me who know him.  Who supported him.  I am in no way comparing what I have done for him to what you have for thirty years but you cannot dismiss me as an ex mental patient troll who's just a mentally ill drug addict child abusing housewife off her meds who needs sectioning for everyone else's safety. 

You heard what he said about me in Glasgow. I am a drug addict and my kids live in filth. If you believed that that you are as bigger fool as he is. all of the things I have had said about me, when you say nothing you support those lies. You are allowing that to continue. You need to sort it out or do the walk of shame.  Allowing this abuse of me. I am a woman with five children, two grandchildren, i am kind, I am generous but I will not stand for this. You once said you never wanted to make an enemy of me, well don't then.  Man up.  You never correct Warren but you write books correcting everyone else?  Why? 

One of those huge lies was that he never spoke to Keith Beaby who was the News of the world reported for more than five minutes. Well here is the full transcript of that conversation. I am including this for Ronnie, for the truth.  To expose yet another well peddled lie that you never correct. 


Larry Warren and the News of the World

Larry Warren has repeatedly denied that he talked to the News of the World. More recently he changed that to he only spoke to The News of the World for 5 minutes and that he would not give them an interview until others came forward. 

 I know this is incorrect as I have Keith Beabey’s hour long recorded phone conversation between him and Larry Warren . It was recorded by Dot Street from her Oulton Broad home. Present that day during that phone call was Independent paranormal investigator Brenda Butler .Brenda was the first civilian investigator to learn that something extraordinary  had occurred in the forest at Rendlesham during that Christmas period of 1980 and had been assisting  News of The World journalist Keith Beabey with his investigations and enquiries all Week.

 At the beginning of that conversation Larry tells Dot and then Keith that he had already given a detailed account to another reporter from a National U.K.  That newspaper journalist was Bob Smith .Bob was the U.S representative for the News Of The World and had been sent to talk to Warren by the News of the World editor.
Warren claims that The News Of the World Had distorted the story beyond belief and on Phenomenon Radio Warren told the listeners that the quotes attributed to him were not his as claimed by the reporter but those of Brenda Butlers informant Steve Roberts. Steve Roberts identity  has been in the public domain for some time now and it is now common knowledge that Steve Roberts is indeed  J.D.Ingalls.

Here is a transcript of part of the recorded telephone conversation between Larry Warren and News Of The world reporter Keith Beabey. You decide where the News Of The World obtained their information for their articles that warren claims were “Distorted beyond belief”
 The Warren tape

Part transcript of the recorded telephone conversation between Larry Warren and News Of The world reporter Keith Beabey

Larry Warren   Hi How are you
Dot Street   Alright, You?
I just got off the phone from this guy, he’s a journalist from New York that Barry knows; he’s from the British press. They interviewed me on the phone.
Dot Street   They have ha Brenda explains to me in detail her time spent assisting News of the World reporter Keith Beabey in a half hour interview aired on Phenomenon Radio 30th June 2016 
ve they? Oh that’s right
Larry Warren   they don’t have my real name though
Dot Street   They don’t?
Larry Warren   No, no
Dot Street   Oh,
Larry Warren   I’m going into a career in broadcasting. Boy if the government knew it they would blow me away, literally
Dot Street   Oh you be careful
Larry Warren   Hello
Dot Street   I said you be careful
Larry Warren   Well I am, this seems as if it is all coming out. They can’t even find my friend Adrian Bustinza.
He’s disappeared. I’m trying to get into a career .If the government want to they could ruin me; they will if my name is used I think I am a dead man.
Dot Street?
Larry Warren   O.K.
Dot Street?
Larry Warren   O.K.
Dot Street   I take it you are still interested in talking to the reporter
Larry Warren   Oh, O.k.
Dot Street   Can he speak with ya
Larry Warren?
It is just a story, there is no way your name is going to be mentioned or anything like that, he only knows you as Art Wallace. If you’ve got any problems just come back to me o.k.? I’m putting him on now.
Larry Warren Oh I’m O.K, just a little edgy.
Dot Street   Well I’m right here as well
Larry Warren   Dot, I’m not afraid of the reporter, it’s just that it seems it’s all coming out and I think the government is going to act.
Dot Street   Don’t worry we will protect you. You’ve got no problems. Here he comes, his name is Keith.
Dot Street  O.K, he is just coming , his name is Keith
Larry Warren    Keith, O.K.

Dot Street  O.K  see you in a minute
Larry Warren   O.K
Keith Beabey   Hello.
Larry Warren   Hello Keith
Keith Beabey   Hello ,how are you?
Larry Warren   Fine Sir!
Keith Beabey   Good, now I will get it absolutely straight from the start, erm, I quite understand the pressures you will feel yourself under and I fully appreciate the position. I’ve spoken to Larry now about 4 times, I think three or four times and he hasn’t told me and I don’t know who you are, and in fact I’m not at all interested because the…….
Larry Warren   it’s not that Sir, I have a friend in this and he has disappeared of the face of the Earth
Keith Beebey   I know and Larry has been telling me about the situation and I will make it absolutely clear theres no problem about that at all
Keith Beabey   All I would really like you to say in your own words is what you recall had happened. It’s as simple as that really. You’ve probably told it lots of times before and I hesitate to have to ask you to go through it again but I wonder if you could for me?
Larry Warren   I just, infact I just talked to a reporter based in New York from a London newspaper and I just told him everything 
Keith Beabey    I wonder if that was……we’ve been trying to get one of our chaps down to Larry because we have only just managed to link up so you may, you may in fact of already been talking to somebody from my own organisation .You might be duplicating things but fair enough lets go ahead.
Keith Beabey   where, when, what exactly happened to you, can you remember basically what time was it and things?
Larry Warren   I had gone out to my post, my position and we grouped at 10’oclock that evening. I was positioned on post No 18 on the perimeter at Bentwaters.
Keith Beabey   I should just say that you were on the perimeter because if I say which post you were on you would be identified wouldn’t you?
Larry Warren   that’s right Sir, ha ha ha yes ha ha ha 
Keith Beabey   Its O.K. it’s just I’m conscious of all that that’s all, you were on the perimeter fence line at Bentwaters.
Larry Warren   It would be better if you just asked me leading questions
Keith Beabey Yeh, O.K, O.K, What Date was that, can you remember?  Was it the Twent………
Larry Warren   you know I have trouble remembering that, I do know it was before New Year’s Day
Keith Beabey   Yeh, right that’s it, yes 27th, 28th, 29th right, was it on the occasion of the first sighting or the second
Larry Warren   I think it was the Second
Keith Beabey   that would make it the 29th in fact
Larry Warren   it’s more clear for other people than it is for me
Keith Beabey   It’s only clear for me because I have it written down here. December the 29th about 10’oclock in the Evening.
Larry Warren   well the incident itself happened about maybe 11.30 closer to 12
Keith Beabey   But you were grouped together at 10 p.m. that evening and you were on the perimeter fence at Bentwaters. You were not security patrol was you?
Larry Warren   I was just on a post, I just stood still for Seven Hours
Keith Beabey    ha ha yes yes, yes. And what happened, it was close to midnight, yes
Larry Warren   And Sgt Bustinza arrived with another Officer in a truck. I was told to get into the back of the pick-up, I was relieved by another kid, another individual took my place I was told I was to go with them and we were going to the motor pool, we went to the base motor pool at Bentwaters
Keith Beabey   Yes
Larry Warren   we were to pick up a light all
Keith Beabey   Yes, that’s rather like a searchlight isn’t it?
Larry Warren   that’s right, that’s right they had a searchlight on it they were generators. I was told to fill that up with gas. There were two other people doing the same strange things had already started to happen even when we were at the motor pool. The gas wasn’t registering full when they were and I had a bit of a standoff with the officers they were saying they weren’t full when they were. We took these light-alls and we met with a convoy at the gate, about 7 vehicles in total .We drove 6 miles to the east gate at Woodbridge
Keith Beabey   Yes, yes, yes.
Larry Warren   About half a mile to a mile from that gate we turned down a dirt road and there was a circular area, a staging area where all the vehicles were parked and that supposedly was as far as we could go. All of us had M16 rifles. I checked it in with the armourer, we had no side arms. We took flashlights and we broke up into four man groups.
Keith Beabey   Yes.
Larry Warren   the light alls were aimed through the woods as searchlights to light our way through the pine forest. We went through the woods for maybe a half mile maybe a mile when we came upon, there was a field in a clearing and I saw a person on the ground crying hysterically
Keith Beabey   that was a man?
Larry warren   Yes not a medic but I mean somebody was attending to him 
Keith Beabey   was he er er he was erm, sorry

“Larry Warren   He was security police. I went beyond that and we stopped at the clearing in the woods. There was a farm, farmland and a field quite a large field and just inside this I saw many military personnel. At this point I saw some cameras, I think three motion picture cameras, yes and there were communications set up and there were helicopters going by Left and Right Air Rescue helicopters. I could hear transmitions from the helicopters to the ground.
Keith Beabey   you were, you were hearing the ground part of the transmition weren’t you?
Larry Warren   Yes but I would also hear occasionally when the helicopters would broadcast. They had all channels open, this all happened very quickly.
Keith Beabey   Oh, I see, yes.
Larry Warren   As I stood there, in front of us was a ……..I should of told you about the yellow light we saw coming into the woods. Anyway before we got there. On the ground just in front us maybe a yard or so in there was this thing on the ground.  I only can describe it as an aspirin, maybe like a Plexiglas cut out thing , maybe 20 ft. across and very low to the ground. It didn’t strike me as being Alien or anything er inside…..
Keith Beabey   what sort of Colour was it?
Larry Warren   It was sort of a Yellowish glow and it glowed from inside, it was like there was a fog inside it was like it was encased in Plexiglas, it was about a foot off the ground, it wasn’t hovering it was a flat the ground. I think I was just in awe. I don’t know how much time but I heard transmitions that here it comes and I think it was from the helicopters er down the field to the right end of the field above the pine trees there I saw a red light
This red light seemed ,it seemed, I couldn’t really see if it was moving but it seemed to get bigger. It approached; it approached us actually very slowly before I knew it there was a red ball right over this thing on the ground. ….We watched Do you want to catch up?
Keith Beabey   No its o.k I’m  with you. About how many personnel were there?
Larry Warren    I counted a good, ok I don’t want to say 
Keith Beabey   roughly
Larry Warren  would have to say at least 100 people.  I don’t want to say 2 or 300.Yeh there were quite a few
Keith Beabey   what was there general reaction, were they stunned or surprised or?
Larry Warren   Not from the higher ranking officers, they remained very calm and at ease it seemed like all the lower ranking people like myself were stunned
Keith Beabey   Yes, Yes
Larry Warren   they were being observed, their actions, that’s only an impression
Keith Beabey   well we’ve got to the stage where this other light that seemed to get bigger and approach very slowly, then it was a Red ball of light right over the object on the ground. What, what was the next stage, what happened then?
Larry Warren   as we were watching this Red light burst it seemed to explode but silently into multi colours, it’s very hard to describe but it just burst and it went down onto this Yellow thing on the ground
Keith Beabey   Sorry, dispersed into what, dispersed into the sky?
Larry Warren, No, in that right  area above this yellow object on the ground. It was beyond our comprehension. Though that’s the only way I can describe did this maybe in 2 seconds or so And right after the light and all that cleared there was a ship on the ground at the same spot as that yellow object. Just like that
Keith Beabey   now when you said there was a ship on the ground just what do you mean exactly do you mean by that.
Larry Warren, a , a space craft?
Keith Beabey   No , don’t,That is one of the reasons people are reluctant to talk about these things because they are afraid they are going to be made to look foolish but this is not the thing at all. It , It did appear to you to be a space craft in the normal sense of the term. I mean people tend to think if you were to ask someone to draw what they think is a spacecraft they would draw something saucer shaped rather more than rocket shaped for instance, can you tell me what sort of shape it was.
Larry Warren   Erm, maybe a triangular shape, it was nothing like a spaceship or a saucer shape anything like that
Keith Beabey   a delta shape?
Larry Warren   In a way, it did not have a smooth surface, it had wings ,  a delta, yes that’s looked like it had wings that were bent down towards the ground, but maybe not
Keith Beabey   what colour was it?
Larry Warren   it was like a silverfish White it just glowed
Keith Beabey 
Keith Beabey   did it look like it was standing on legs or was it flat on the ground?
Larry Warren   No, I thought it was flat on the ground but the way the ends were turned down that could have been supporting it like landing gear, very possible but I didn’t see any giant tripod or anything like that.
Keith Beabey   No and. What sort of size are we talking?
Larry Warren   oh , dimensions I am very bad with but you could easily sit 3 or 4 people in it
Keith Beabey   did it have any doors or windows or any physical ways of getting in or out of it?
Larry Warren   No, I didn’t see any windows or anything and it had a rough surface and er , I didn’t see any doors
Keith Beabey   and what happened after that, what’s, what then occurred in the natural sequence of events, what happened?
Larry Warren   O.K. we had to break up into 4 man groups and walk towards this object. I went with our Lieutenant. We were ordered by a commander. Major Zickler, chief of the security police. We broke up into 3, 4 man groups and had to circle it, we were only maybe a foot away from it we were very close .As we walked around it , it cast our shadow. I could see our shadows cast onto the side of it
Keith Beabey   this would have been light presumably from the light of the searchlight
Larry Warren   No, No. The light from the ship made it
Keith Beabey   yes, I see
Larry Warren   Very strange, like a shadow cast onto it. We would walk and every so often we would stop and our shadows would take another step
Keith Beabey   Oh I see
Larry Warren   We done this three or four times and when we stopped altogether green light started at the top of the craft and came down, I can only describe it as like a video game but it was on the ship itself
Keith Beabey   it shone down did it?
Larry Warren   No, No It came right down the side of the craft
Keith Beabey   Like a ball of light?
Larry Warren   No, not was like a very unsteady light greenish light, not a round light, like you see in a video game. It came down the side right where the heads of the shadows were.
Keith Beabey   Yes
Larry Warren   and it would come to each head and when it got to the last one. That’s really all I remember. I woke up in my room the next morning oh about 5.30-6 as my roommate was leaving I was still in uniform with mud up to my ankles and he said I was brought in by some people about an hour or so before maybe an hour and half
Keith Beabey   so you were brought in about 4 O’clock in the morning?
Larry Warren   In that area yes.
Keith Beabey   Now erm, just a second, so you would have been out there from 10 O’clock at night until about 3 or 4 the next morning? What were you then debriefed in any way. Yes I guess everybody would have been. What form did that take and who conducted it.
Larry Warren   I got a phone call about noon that day and I was told to report to the security office
Keith Beabey   Yes
Larry Warren   I went out there. There were people there, we had to sign forms we weren’t even allowed to read them over, we just had to sign them on the desk. There were a lot of plain clothes people not military at all. There was a guy with Geiger counter going over us I was in a small group of 7 other people. One person had something that he got at the site a rock or something I don’t remember what it was it got a high reading off the Geiger counter and they took that away from him. After that we were taken into briefings and they explained what happened up to the point we could remember and everyone else apparently had a blackout around my rank
Keith Beabey   when you say they explained what had happened what do you mean by that? Did they say well this is what it was or…..
Larry Warren   No, no they said , you was involved in something very highly secret, classified and we will be explaining it to you for the next few hours
Keith Beabey   lets make a good note of that, we were told that we had been involved in something top secret and classified
Larry Warren   Yes, highly classified and they immediately upgraded our security clearance to triple A I believe the clearance was as high as you can get in the military
Keith Beabey   alright was there any question of any aliens or thing that might have been, on board that thing. You would of mentioned it I presume?
Keith Beabey   Hello   Hello   Hello   Hello   Hello  
Keith Beabey   I asked you were there any Aliens people or beings on board?
Larry Warren   O.K.  Yeh, there was, and I heard that from almost everyone that was involved. They were on the ground and they were on the outside of the craft. They said there were 3 but I myself don’t remember seeing them. I remember feeling a presence to this day that they were there and I think that I couldn’t comprehend seeing them and blocked it out of my mind
Keith Beabey   you recall yourself having a strong presence about you, and how that show itself did. Did you feel frightened or scared at all?
Larry Warren   No, No I did not feel scared at all, I think its shock
Keith Beabey   what other things were said about the beings, were they described to you by anybody?
Larry Warren   nobody ever went into it too much, I think it was all too much.
Keith Beabey   don’t you remember them at all?
Larry Warren   they were???????????
Keith Beabey   now there was some film taken wasn’t there? Right at the beginning you mentioned there was some film taken. Do you know what happened to that film?
Larry Warren   Yes I do, It was put into a vault in a security area, I even know someone who supposedly took some of that film, I have lost track of him.
Keith Beabey   Yes, I think I’ve heard about that. And this film was put into a security vault on the base
Larry Warren   another security policeman also had a camera with him at that time. I’ve also heard rumours about a tape, but I don’t know anything about that
Keith Beabey   Well I will tell you now, there was a tape, it was a tape recorder that was held by Halt, Colonel Halt and he spoke into this tape because he used that tape to write his memorandum. So that checks out a bit.
Larry Warren   O.K
Keith Beabey   So that checks out a bit
Larry Warren   I never knew actually anyone had a tape recorder. I knew another security policeman who had a camera. The very next day they went up to his room and took the camera film
Keith Beabey   OIC
Larry Warren   He had a nervous breakdown anyway hahahaha
Keith Beabey   I’m not surprised ha ha   .What happened, there were two craft weren’t there believe, But you only recall seeing the one 
Larry Warren   I must of only ben there for only one, all these different things
Keith Beabey    you don’t remember what
Larry Warren    A friend of mine Steve La Plume he’s in Florida now was involved in another incident over there where they saw these ships flying, over flying the base and all the officers responded to it. He was involved with that and it was a month after what happened to me
Keith Beabey   what happened, have you any idea what happened to the craft once it had landed, I mean once it was there. I mean, you blacked out, do you know had you learnt what might of happened to it
Larry Warren   No but we, I think I saw it again the next day the day after that
Keith Beabey   Under what circumstances was that?
Larry Warren We were taken to an underground facility on the base at Bentwaters we were shown very high technology equipment. I think I was in a drugged state at that point. I lost 3 days of my time over there but other people have verified, they said I was on leave. We were taken to another room, well not a room a large area and this craft was down below us.
Keith Beabey   was it under the ground?
Larry Warren   yes, on Bentwaters, if it wasn’t that one, it was one very similar
Keith Beabey   what did it look like then, can you remember?
Larry Warren   well it was all dark but there was a light shining on to it, like the power was off or whatever. We were allowed to observe that only for a short time
Keith Beabey   How many of you were allowed to see that and what?
Larry Warren   About 6 or 7 people
Keith Beabey   why were you taken down there?
Larry Warren   I don’t know
Keith Beabey   Very intriguing isn’t it, really
Larry Warren   For Years I’ve been trying to push this thing, I’ve been bagging it up and another friend of mine he didn’t even get out of the air force, they wouldn’t let him out
Keith Beabey   you’ve left the air force now haven’t you? What, what sorry
Larry Warren   Honourably
Keith Beabey   you resigned?
Larry Warren   I got out on a …..They messed up my job, they tried to pull a little fast one on me
Keith Beabey   so did you resign? And after how long, how long had you been in
Larry Warren   I was in for a Year
Keith Beabey   and what was your rank when this incident took place?
Larry Warren   Airman 1st Class
Keith Beabey   and I suppose too that you have what we have here the equivalent of the official secrets act. Do they call it the Official secrets act with you?
Larry Warren   Yes,
Keith Beabey   pardon, yes?
Larry Warren   I didn’t hear what you said
Keith Beabey   what’s the title of your secrets act over there, what’s it called?
Larry Warren   Erm,
Keith Beabey   you would of signed a secrets act
Larry Warren   I signed
Keith Beabey   Yes I think they would be  .Did it last long, how long did it last for, how many Years does it cover you?
Larry Warren  The security clearance?
Keith Beabey    Now that’s what I gathered, that’s what I gathered
Larry Warren   I rang my mother just after the incident .I told her from a British public telephone. The phone got cut off. It got cut off mid-conversation. I called the operator but she said you were cut off at Bentwaters. About an hour and a half, two hours later they said we told you not to talk about it to anyone. I said I didn’t and they played me the tape on reel to reel. They fined me $300, yeh. Our lives were threatened.
Keith Beabey   Really?
Larry Warren   By plain clothes men they explained that the incident you went through we are not at liberty to tell you much about. The one thing we have, you are getting out of here and no one will ever believe you. And if you make our life difficult, bullets are cheap
Keith Beabey   Yeh?  Do you think it was an idle threat, do you think it was a threat to shut up those who may have been thinking about talking?
Larry Warren   Right after that they were gone, I don’t know what happened to them
I don’t know, I have had my phone tapped, I had a friend who worked for the Bell telephone company .he answered the phone one night he said you’ve got a tap on your phone.
Keith Beabey   Well I Think, well I know mine is, not here but at home. This is it. Do you know the name of the journalist who saw you today?
Larry Warren   Erm, no I don’t Larry would know. They came up from New York; they are from the London office
Keith Beabey   well it sounds like
Larry Warren   if you say their names I might know it
Keith Beabey   I don’t know them, when I say they are my colleagues they work for the same organisation as I do
I’m very grateful thank you. Dots here, I think she wants a word with you, she says she assured on the confidentiality on this won’t you, I’m grateful, it could help you know
Larry Warren   My God it did happen
Keith Beabey   there are too many pieces that fit in. Thank you very much indeed, hang on a minute
Dot Street   Hello love ( the call continues ,Warren says to let him know if any other reporters want to speak to him )

News of the World in “Left At East Gate”  Peter Robbins/Larry Warren 
Warrens claim that “ He never ever spoke to the News of the World” is even more incredible when you consider what is said in Larry Warrens and Peter Robbins own book “ Left at East Gate” here I will quote from their book
Pages 100 and 101,
“ The end of September led to more meetings with Fawcett. He tape recorded my account again, and when I asked him why, he said he’d lost the first one. Dot Street called me from England again, but I remained guarded. Also calling from the U.K. that week was Keith Beabey, a reporter with the News of the World, a tabloid with the largest circulation in Britain”.
Sunday night 2nd October, Greenwood called to say the News of the World had broken the story in England. Their front- page headline read “UFO Lands in Suffolk: And That’s Official”
I was shocked. Barry had found some copies of the paper in Boston and was sending one to me. The story included a copy of the Halt document and statements by Art Wallace, distorted beyond belief. There was also a copy of my drawing of the craft and A LARGE PHOTO OF Gordon Williams: He had verified the landing, but stated that he himself was not involved! Coverage continued onto the next page and included a picture of Fawcett, along with his supporting statements.
Page 102,  In November , we found out that Brenda Butler and Dot Street had sold the Halt document to the News of the World for two thousand pounds- nearly five grand here. CAUS, solely responsible for obtaining the document with the information I provided, had sent them the copy gratis solely to assist in their research. After that, we broke off all contact with them.
Page 107 Keith Beabey reports: The Colonel’s report confirms the strange events in the forest that night, but lacks the eyewitness detail given to us by Art Wallace, a USAF Security Policeman, now back in America as a civilian. He was sent to the site in a convoy of military vehicles from nearby Bentwaters and describes what he saw: “ We looked up in the sky and saw a red ball of light coming towards us from the trees. There was no noise, no sound at all, we were all mesmerized. All of a sudden, the red light exploded. The place was filled with an explosion of colours, all kinds of colours. We were momentarily blinded and when the colours died down, there was a machine”
Art said there were beings in the craft, but he could not see them as he was on the wrong side.” But others did, they said there were three, wearing silver suits.”
Art Wallace – we have changed his name for security reasons-tells his story on page 3 today

Bob Smith’s  article comes in from New York City and headlines page 3. He has just interviewed Art Wallace by telephone
UFO LANDS IN SUFFOLK: The Airman’s story
The forest exploded with blinding light. The first thought to penetrate U.S Airman Art Wallace’s brain as he saw Britain’s first authenticated UFO landing was that he was seeing something from Star Wars. To Art, the machine that landed silently in a forest in an explosion of red light looked like the spaceship from the movie.
He told me “It appeared to have a triangular shape and was covered with pipes and valves and things. It was about 20ft across the bottom with sloping sides up to the top 12ft to 15ft high…certainly big enough to handle people.”
Art’s rendezvous with the unbelievable came in the early hours of December 27th, 1980, after he was ordered into a jeep at R.A.F Bentwaters, Suffolk where he was a security guard.
Pages 108 and 109  The jeep drove in convoy towards nearby R.A.F Woodbridge, the pulled up on the edge of lonely Tangham Wood, said Art.” We were all told to hand in our weapons. I had a M16 rifle. Then we took lights into the woods. Amazing things seemed to happen even then. I noticed animals running in panic from the forest. Fuel gauges on vehicles registered empty when we knew they were full. As we approached a clearing we could see some very bright lights. We were a bit shook up to come across a medic treating one of our security police who had appeared to broken down and was crying.
“The clearing was full of R.A.F and U.S.A.F security people……about 200 of them. Several movie cameras had been set up and movie cameras had been set up and choppers were flying above. Then we saw an object it appeared to be resting on the ground and looked like a giant aspirin. It was transparent. We were in awe, never having seen anything like this. Nearby there was an airman carrying a radio. Suddenly we heard a chopper pilot telling him, here it comes”
“We looked up and saw a red ball of light coming towards us from over the trees. In the distance, it looked about 100ft high and appeared to be coming in to land .It came down right over the transparent object on the ground. There was no sound at all. We were all mesmerised .All of a sudden, the red light exploded. The place was filled with an explosion of all kinds of colours. We were blinded. When the colours died down we looked again and there was a machine there. A Captain motioned us to approach the ship. We walked up close enough to touch it. It was giving off a metallic bluish light. There were about three groups of four security men circling the thing.  Could see our shadows on the craft as we walked, they moved. But when we stopped the shadows seemed to take another pace, it was weird.
Suddenly a green light came on top of the spaceship it moved down the side of the craft until it reached our heads then bounced from one to the other along the side, just like in a video game.
Then I realised the vehicle was inhabited. There were beings aboard. I didn’t see them because I was on the other side of the craft, but others did. They said there were three and they were wearing silver suits, I had a strange feeling and seemed to black out. The next thing I knew it was 5a.m and I was waking up, lying half across my bunk, I still had my uniform on and was up to my knees in mud”.
“To this day I don’t know how I got back to the barracks, or what happened after I saw the green light bounce of our shadows. My roommate said I had been brought into the room by some people, he didn’t know who, and just dumped on the bed.
Later that day, myself and some of the guys who had been at the field were  given the once-over with a Geiger counter but we were never told why or what the results were.
“We were all called to the base security office at Bentwaters and told what we’d seen had been classified top secret. Several civilians were doing all the talking. We took them for C.I.A. They said if ever we told the story, no one would believe us. One guy added that if we did talk, then bullets were cheap. I thought “ This guy is actually threatening our lives, he obviously means it
“Looking back ,the one thing that bothers me is that the officers and civilians present seemed to know all about it, they weren’t all that surprised”
Art Wallace ,that isn’t his real name, was honourably discharged from the U.S.A.F in June,1981.He is now aged 22. If named, he could be jailed for saying what he saw.
Page 120 and 121 ,    6 November 1983 
The News of the World runs an article on the incident under what is surely the most lurid headline to date “Bug-Eyed Alien Greets Air Chief” Relative to Art Wallace, the update is a stew of inaccuracies and distortions:
Amazing new facts about the night a UFO came to Britain have been revealed by the U.S serviceman who saw the craft land.
The secrets were locked away in 22-year old Art Wallace’s mind. But following hypnosis, he has now given us:
A full description of the aliens who manned the ship;
Details of how a senior American officer actually communicated with one of the beings;
Evidence that the U.S. Air Force may have helped repair the damaged craft.
…..Since Wallace-now back in the U.S-revealed to us what he saw that terrifying night, his life has been threatened.
Recently, he received a phone call at his home and an unidentified man told him, “If you don’t shut your mouth then it will be shut for you “
This follows a frightening meeting he had with several men he believes were from the C.I.A, during which he was warned “ Bullets are cheap”
During his session with two hypnotists, Wallace….not only confirmed his original story but made some astonishing new revelations. He now says he remembers seeing a face to face meeting between one of the aliens and the officer who was in charge of the U.S base. The alien was between three and four feet tall, with a very large head and huge saucer like eyes. . .It appeared to have greyish skin and was wearing what looked like a dark jumpsuit and the outline of its figure glowed.
Wallace was unable to hear any voices as Wing Commander, now Brigadier General, Gordon Williams and the being communicated with much hand waving and pointing at the strange triangular craft. . . The four aliens appeared to be floating just above the surface of the ground and at one point became alarmed and formed themselves into a defensive line. One of them floated over the UFO near to where Wallace was standing and he blacked out.The next thing he remembers, he was back in his barracks.
Wallace believes the craft needed repairs after it hit a tree.
He was told later by some of his pals on the base that a U.S transport plane flew in from Germany just hours after the UFO landed, and was immediately was surrounded by armed military police. A package from the plane was put in a jeep which then drove off towards the landing site at Tangham Wood. Later that day ,the craft is gone.
The base’s deputy commander Lt. Charles Halt, admits there is “ one hell of a lot more to come out

Discrepancies in LAEG and what he told news of the world reporter Keith Beabey
In LAEG larry says the event took place on the 28/29th Dec he says that earlier in the day he went into Ipswich to buy an amplifier and haggled for hours  ( that would be a Sunday ) . the store he quotes Axe music Christchurch street I can find no records of and in any case it would not of been open on a Sunday as in 1980 Sunday trading was strictly forbidden and was so until the Sunday trading act was changed in 1994

In the news of the world interview he says he gassed up the light all and had a stand-off with an officer but in LAEG he says Bustinza filled it with gas, but the captain said it was not full and an argument ensued.
In LAEG he says he joined 40 odd other men in the field in the interview at least 100.

In LAEG pg 46 “The cameras continued to roll, suddenly a staff car arrived at the end of the trail, Col Gordon Williams and other staff officers got out and spoke with officers already on site. Most of them were not in uniform and some including Williams appeared to have been pulled from some official function or party”  
It’s impossible to get a staff car or any vehicle anywhere near the forest side of Capel Green 

In the News of the World interview he says there were beings but he never saw them because he was on the wrong side of the craft but others did 
 but in LAEG written 14 yrs. later he says

“Bustinza asked under his breath” Can you see them?”I saw their eyes and knew then they were definitely not kids. All personnel seemed in a trance and just watched them. The glow had faded a bit, so their features were easier to see.The one light then broke into three spate glowing cylinders, each contained what appeared to be a living creature.
They were small, about three to four feet tall and somewhat ghostlike in appearance.They had large heads and catlike black eyes.I could not see other facial features.They were not human at all but I was not frightened. Each wore very bright, almost silvery clothing. “
So here he is mirroring what was reported by Bob Smith US reporter from the news of the world who wrote the article on page 3 “ An Airmans Story “ that Warren claims was distorted beyond belief but contradicts what he told Keith Beabey.

In the News of the World article Warren says that after the green light bounced of his shadows head he blacked out but in LAEG pg 47 he says
“Our group was told to return to the trucks and wait, The sergeant gave me a pat on the back as I turned to look away. Once again looking to my right , I saw the old knotted oak and burned the image in my mind.I stepped over the wire fence, up the slight incline, and took a last look at the object and the entities, they were where I had last seen them. Commander Williams was conversing with the other officers, I then turned away, the thorns once again ripping at my pants.
During the walk back to the trucks we were quiet. There were many strange lights flying through the trees, and beams of blue light shooting from the night sky to the ground, I felt we were being watched”
Warren then goes on to describe his ride back to CSC saying his truck was the first to leave the area. He says he heard amazing things had gone on in the parking area as well.
He says he got back to CSC at 4.30 then joined another group from his flight in the lounge to drink coffee. He then says as A flight arrived for the day shift  he caught a police  bus back t, went straight to his room and collapsed on the floor”

This story has changed again since the making of UFO’s declassified, Red Alert, where John Burroughs says he could not remember events after being in the field at Capel Green with Bustinza. Bustinza also said he had memory problems from that moment on, Larry Warren is now saying he can’t remember from leaving the field either. It doesn’t add up. In arecent radio show he tells John that when he left the field he saw John Burroughs at the staging area, “ I saw you John “ he says “ Couldn’t miss you!”


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