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My experience of Larry Warren. Document one of three.

My son sent Mortimer a message warning him about Warren. Mortimer produces a small section of the conversation completely out of context and Warren calls my son a tramp and my grandchildren tramps which obviously extends to myself and the rest of my family. This is the man who says he is taking me to court for slander. 


The documents I am releasing over the next week or so were compiled in 2016. They were finalised in August 2016. I have added a few comments which you will see are in brackets.

This was the start of everything. We are now heading towards June 2017 and a lot has happened since. Some of it might confuse you due to the fact former foes are now friends so I have added notes nin places.

Alyson dunlop made a statement after the glasgow conference saying;

Statement on the conduct of Larry Warren

I would like to make a statement about the events surrounding the Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference 2016.

The reason Larry Warren was barred from attending the conference was because he made an appalling comment which, although it did not directly threaten anyone in particular, was clearly still a threat of violence. It was certainly disgusting and completely unacceptable. I am sure many will already have read it, but for those who have not, his response to the suggestion that Sacha Christie would like to attend and ask him a question was:

“this is the outlaw way…I have family and very close friends at the conference! If you (whomever) makes a move on me or those I love…understand this,,,,i will jump off the stage and put your windpipe through your spine…you are a threat at that point and your life will end! REALLY and faster than venue security could deal with………… smart………….stay at home with your chickenshit internet baby!”

I deleted the comment, and phoned Larry at home. I spoke with him for an hour at 2am. In my opinion, he seemed to be under the influence of something, and was raving for the most part about various things. I assessed the situation and decided that a conversation about his conduct would be pointless. Read more.....

For a time we stood alone and apart, but after her statement I contacted Alyson and we talked about absolutely everything that had gone on leaving nothing out. Since that time Alyson has been a great friend and amazing support. she has also been integral to my investigation of Warren which has grown in numbers. Most of the fall outs were fixed and we all stand together in the quest for the truth. In fact alyson and i have become really close friends, we would never have known and would never have had this friendship. Every cloud has a silver lining.

I've become firm friends with James Welsh and David Young too. we have all invested a lot of time and emotion into this. It had to be done, the truth is what is important, Not someone's comfort zone or for the sake of their clogged up newsfeed. Lots of people have contributed to this.

Everything we have said or done has been met with personal insults and death threats, or threats of harm. Several people have joined in attacking us when it is no business of theirs, yet they cry victim if we dare to talk about them, talking about us. It has been a constant barrage of attacks with not one single bit of evidence provided to counter our evidence.

Even Peter Robbins' has cut all ties with his co-author and is currently writing a statement of his own after giving a very frank and honest interview on inception radio.  He stated categorically Warren did not tell the truth on a number of issues and he has looked at all the evidence I have presented and cannot deny there are serious problems.

What follows is the first document I prepared for the police, National Trading Standards and also Action Fraud. A phone call to national Trading Standards by fellow investigator James Welsh, revealed that they do indeed check every single report. this is good news as one of the auction houses Warren used is already under investigation by NTS for fraud.


Mr. Warren and I have known each other for ten years.

In December 2014 Mr. Warren started coming to our house frequently.  He never had much money, he was on job seekers allowance, and we believed he was struggling to manage on the money he was receiving in benefits.

He would often stay over and, as Mr. Warren is something of a public figure, we would facilitate his radio shows, letting him use our computers and internet etc. so that he could speak to the show hosts.
After a couple of months, Mr. Warren asked if he could stay with us for a few weeks while he found somewhere else to live. He told us that his landlord was always trying to break in, wouldn't fix the heating etc.  We believed his landlord was a bad landlord but in actual fact he wanted Mr. Warren to leave due to the amount of rent arrears. We found this out after speaking with the housing officer while assisting Mr. Warren in finding other accommodation.

In the end Mr. Warren's landlord agreed to write off the arrears to end the tenancy. However, the local housing office rules state that they will not accept applications from people with arrears, so Mr. Warren moved in with us and he was accepted onto the housing register.

We then received an eviction notice from our own landlord who lives in New Zealand. The property was falling into a state of disrepair and he had no choice but to sell it. We were immediately accepted onto the register having been excellent tenants. At this time my partner conceded that after 20 years of working at Liverpool University as a telecoms engineer, he had no choice but to fold his business. He made the decision to go bankrupt.

After two months of worry and Mr. Warren living with us, we moved into our present accommodation and Mr. Warren moved with us. Far from this being a few weeks, Mr. Warren had made no attempt to find accommodation by applying for three properties every week. I discovered this when I called the housing officer dealing with both his and our housing issues, where upon she informed me Mr. Warren had not logged into his account for four weeks.

After moving house we were constantly asking Mr. Warren to find somewhere else to live, but he said he couldn't get any money and that he needed his memorabilia back from an auction house so that he could sell it and then move out of our home.

I contacted the auction house, Special Auction Services, Newbury, Berkshire, but had no luck.
A mutual friend of Mr. Warren and I, Peter Broughan, stepped in and had his legal team contact Special Auction Services and eventually Mr. Warren's items were returned to him at our address.
My partner suggested that he film the opening of the package so that if anything was discovered missing or damaged there would be a record of that.

At this point Mr. Warren pulled out another bag of items that he already had with him and proceeded to show the contents to my partner Dave Kelly and myself.

He asked Mr. Kelly to help him sell these items and had an email sent to a small auction house.
Mr. Warren then asked both of us if we would sell his items through our eBay Paypal accounts. He explained that because he was on benefits, and any money going into his account would be noticed, he would get into trouble. I reminded him that we were in the same position and that we would not sell his items for him. I offered to set him up accounts of his own but he refused the offer.
Mr. Warren then told us that he had managed to sell something and he would see us "right" when he did. He said "I always look after my friends".

He then received, by way of courier and bank transfers, ten thousand pounds (£10,000) from a Mr. Russ Kellett for an alleged John Lennon sketch.  Mr. Warren did not tell us how much he had received, only saying that he had a few hundred pounds.

We know that he had some money delivered by courier because my seven year old son saw him opening the package. My son said that Mr. Warren had a stack of bank notes several inches thick, and he indicated with his hands how deep the stack of notes was.
Mr. Warren then told my son "do not tell your mum and dad".

It wasn't until my son overheard me speaking to my daughter-in-law about the money that Mr. Warren had been paid that he, my son, told me. My son was frightened that Mr. Warren would be angry and then he was frightened that I might be angry.
Obviously I was not angry with my son at all.

Mr. Warren made a lot of excuses which angered us greatly as at that time we were waiting for our benefits to come through and we were using food banks. He also was using our landline so much that our phone bills doubled and one even quadrupled.

Mr. Russ Kellett had, in the meantime, on 19th June 2015, gone public about the John Lennon sketch that he had acquired, and an article appeared on a number of media websites.


A short time after the sale of the John Lennon sketch, May Pang, who had been John Lennon's girlfriend in 1974, stated publicly that the drawing was a fake.


At this time Mr. Warren started going out and drinking and taking cocaine. I know Mr. Warren used to have a cocaine addiction but I had seen no sign of it in the first eight weeks or so. After that it was highly regular. He would come home ranting and raging.

One night he told me thought he had killed a guy and he had been stabbed. When I looked at Mr. Warren he had a tiny scratch on his arm. Evidently he had not killed anyone. This became almost nightly. He also urinated on our sofa twice and left his urine soaked trousers in the middle of our kitchen floor on two occasions. The second occasion was when my partner Dave Kelly totally lost his temper with him and shouted for him to get out of our house.   Mr. Warren left.

After Mr. Warren left the property, my daughter XXXXX informed my partner Dave Kelly that she was glad that he had gone because he gave her the creeps. When Mr. Kelly asked XXXXX why he gave her the creeps, she told him it was because Mr. Warren would watch porn on the laptop while in the same room as her.

One evening he tried to engage her in conversation about porn because of a screen saver that she had which was of an actress. Mr. Warren told her that the actress used to be a porn star and his conversation went from there.

Mr. Warren claims that it was XXXXX who was watching porn in the living room while looking at pictures of dead boys.

This is how I know that this event took place. XXXXX sociology homework project topic was serial killers. She was researching for her project and was thinking of taking up a career in criminal psychology and forensic photography. She now studies at XXXXX sixth form college, XXXXX, after being given an unconditional offer into the art and photography course she had chosen.

I contacted Mr. Warren a week after he left our home.  I was concerned about where he was, even after everything that had happened. He said he was ok and we were all good. Three days later he had removed me from his friends list on Facebook which upset me due to the fact that we had been good friends for ten years.We had a short spat on Facebook. Mr. Warren then threatened my home.

I told Mr. Warren where to go in such a way that, from that point on, every time I contacted the police to complain about new threats, ones which I had not responded to initially, I was refused assistance.
I was told that I was obsessed and wasn't going to be listened to because Mr. Warren talked about UFOs and Bigfoot on an internet radio show. This was a two-hour show where he was also tearing my character to pieces while telling disgusting lies and making threats.

Since this time other threats have been made, the police unhelpful and I have a complaint running with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Malky Smithson has ignored a harassment warning by the police. I won't go into that at the moment, that's for another blog.

Then Warren appeared on the  ADX-Files Show number 24.

Alyson removed the show in disgust.

Reference: (not available)

Here is the transcript

I then made a complaint to the IPCC who responded to me after speaking with my support worker who was helping me with my emotional needs, claiming benefits and helping me with my physical disabilities, getting me a new GP and also helping me due to the fact I have severe, diagnosed ADHD.

Officer XXXXX from the IPCC told me that if I gather the evidence I have against Mr. Warren, and take it to the station, an officer would then look at it and, if a crime had been committed, they would act.  But if he decided that no crime had been committed then obviously no action would be taken. (The police have consistently refused to take a statement even when requested by another force, i was assigned a second IPCC case worker)

This entire document is the evidence I have against Mr. Warren. I have had to endure months (18 months as I write this) of constant threats, four two- hour radio shows of libel and veiled threats. Direct threats of death and harm and a constant stream of Mr. Warren's associates and friends joining in is still ongoing.

(Ben Emlyn-Jones has written fourteen blogs about me without providing the slightest bit of evidence.)

I felt that my only course of action under these circumstances was to keep a 'blog of these events. If anything happened to myself or my family the culprit would be obvious.

Mr. Warren has already tried to start an altercation with my son in the street telling him "Say hi to your mum for me".  I posted this on my public Facebook page shortly after the incident:

I contacted the police again.  Again they refused to acknowledge that this was an extension of harassment of myself and harassment of my son. I was told that they would act against Mr. Warren for his actions towards my son but not why he was harassing my son XXXXX  while he was with his partner XXXXX and his two children, XXXXX who is two years old and XXX who was four months old at the time.

Due to the overwhelming evidence I have against Mr. Warren, the threats I have received and the lack of interest by Huyton police, I have complied this report for National Trading Standards and my solicitor. I am extremely angry that I have been forced to do this.

My partner and I haven't slept in the same bed together for months, one of us sleeps on the sofa in the living room every night. This is not doing my health or our relationship any good and the bottom line is, we should not have to live like this because of fear of our house being burned down while we are asleep.

Nor is it acceptable that I feel I cannot go into the city centre because Mr. Warren has stated that his ex-wife Susan McAllister is going to "kick" my "arse" and "my ex wife has a big family", we "should watch it" and "they need to watch out for my son."

He is accusing us of sending some "clowns" to his local pub which is absolutely not true.
He is currently telling everyone publicly that I am not actually disabled and I am a benefit cheat.
I have not been able to enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else due to this situation. My life has changed completely and I should not have to live with these constant abuses from people I do not even know.

I have suffered a complete character assassination and the fact that I come into the vulnerable adult category seems to not matter in this instance due to the fact Mr. Warren talks about UFOs and Bigfoot.

This also contravenes the Equalities Act 2010.


The Vulnerable Adults Act


As I have explained to Officer XXXXX, and would have done to the officer I spoke to initially had he listened, Mr. Warren knows how very ill I was when we moved into this property. I had had a difficult pregnancy on top of my disabilities and our daughter was ten months old at the time. We had gone through bankruptcy, had no money, were using food banks. I was being cared for, and still am, by the Crisis Team which Mr. Warren has also told everyone.
(Since this time he has started saying I was put into a 'nut house' by my mother for a year because she didn't know what to do with me, more lies. He also told everyone I am a drug addict, my children live in filth and are neglected and abused with other people repeating the same lies)

It is my absolute belief that Mr. Warren, knowing how ill I was while he was here, wanted to push me into killing myself. That is my absolute belief and perception of his behaviour.
I have included screen shots of several attacks and long posts of vitriol and lies so you can see the level of malicious intent.

His reason for wanting me dead is because he knows that I know that the memorabilia items he sells are not genuine and if I am dead I can not speak.


Links to my various online 'blog posts:


29th November 2015

February 2016

This post, in February 2016, by Mr. Warren refers to me having been included in the speakers list for a conference in April 2016

One of the organisers of the conference, Steve Mera, then explained to me that I was no longer speaking at the conference due to financial constraints and some "unforeseen events":

On 28th April 2015 I mentioned on my public Facebook page that I was going to attend the Glasgow conference on 25th June 2016 to ask some questions.

Further comments made by me regarding my intentions:


On the Sunday, 1st May 2016, the Glasgow conference organiser Ms. Alyson Dunlop made the following statement on her own public Facebook page.  (The statement was followed by a lengthy thread of comments and the whole thread was deleted from Ms. Dunlop's Facebook page two weeks later.   However, the thread has been preserved in an accompanying PDF file.)

Mr. Warren, who was scheduled to speak at the June Glasgow conference, posted this in response to that my intention to ask questions:

Three weeks later, on 20th May 2016, Mr. Warren was given an unbridled opportunity to voice his opinions about me in public on an internet radio show hosted by Ms. Alyson Dunlop.


Then, on 6th June 2016, Ms. Dunlop posted on an obscure but public Facebook page the following to explain away the above threatening post by Mr. Warren regarding the Glasgow conference.  The post was responded to two days later by Mr. Warren.

On 23rd May 2016 Mr. Warren was in New York state having spent the long weekend with friends.   Mr. Warren posted the following in response to many critical comments regarding the ADX-Files internet radio show.

Assorted further derogatory postings and comments by Mr. Warren

19th July 2016

21st July 2016

6th August 2016

28th August 2016

All my posts are un-deleted and public. If you have a facebook account please feel free to look through my profile yourselves. I have a few albums of photographs of the constant abuse.

This is part one of the three documents I created and finished last September. I will be compiling another from September to now. These will all eventually form part of my book The Warren Decommission.

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