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It was all quiet on the weirdo front for a while, but it didn't last. We were all just getting on with this that and the other, facebook pages clear of any of the Warren situation. They were still wittering on, especially one special little man who's built an an enormous conspiracy out of nothing just to involve himself in the situation. As you will read later, we won't be hearing from him again.

It's difficult to know where to start but I'll have a go anyway.

Recently I got a message from Mick Sayer. I've mentioned Mick before, he spotted the UFO in the A10 photo some years ago. He asked me if I knew a guy called Malky because he had just sent him a threatening message. I replied saying he is one of the man love crew, adulation of Warren and threatens everyone for breathing.

Malky says he got my home address from a friend of his who works in the NHS, he had a look at my medical records through this person and obtained my home address from them. He then used my address as a threat to me and my family through Mick. Malky says I stalk him, try to infiltrate his life. Says he can protect his family, can I protect mine? Apparently I talk about him incessantly, but if I did, Mick would know exactly who he is.

In this message he threatened to cut off Micks nose and kill his family for being a "Christie RAT". Mick and I rarely talk but we do chit chat on Facebook posts occasionally. When Mick told him he would knock him on his arse if he ever saw him, Malky quickly back peddled and said he was just testing him to see if he was a rat. Some test! Malky then stated if Mick made a move on him, he would go for me and gave Mick My address to prove he could.

The first time I knew anything of Malky he sent me a threatening message and has done nothing but call me Miss Bitch, a 'mental case' who needed evaluating and sectioning for his family's safety, and the safety of everyone else among various other delightful, original, well thought out, inspired names, all based on the lies of Larry Warren, formerly known as a Rendlesham Forest witness, currently known as a fraud.  I knew Warren personally for ten years, my partner and I put a roof over his head for four months, allowing him into our home with our children. These people have known him for five minutes. After his latest threats and giving my address to someone I only know on Facebook (fortunately Mick is a good and decent person), I'd had enough. I reported him to the police, they paid him a visit. He's no longer a threat nor will he be on the internet any time soon. Here is one of his special moments.

I then got a message from Chris Evers, who single handedly produces Outer Limits Magazine which is a free bi monthly publication and in September is holding his first Outer Limits Conference in Hull. Chris was in a bit of a quandary as Ben Emlyn-Jones had paid for a ticket to the Outer Limits conference using Paypal. Ben also messaged Chris saying he wanted assurances that I'd be kept on a leash, I paraphrase but words to that effect, so he could have a lovely day despite the fact he has written eleven blogs, produced several radio shows and videos all castigating me.

Not only that, he outright accused me of tampering with Warren's photographs! I told Chris, do what you feel is right but no one has ever put me on a leash and it's not happening now, but don't worry I won't embarrass your conference. I'd never do that but I can't guarantee that I won't say anything to his face about what he has said about me, all while hiding behind his keyboard. Who the hell does he think he is??? If I wanted to go to the UFO Truth conference and said that, what would the response be and would he think it unreasonable if I was banned? No... He'd write fifteen blogs, produce another video of his nostrils and record several radio shows.  He'd think that was righteous! Thing is.. He was only ASKED not to go. He was never banned!

Just NO Ben, you don't get any special treatment. You're not special. At the end of the day I bought tickets in March not knowing whether I would be going or not, but for the sake of a measly £10 entry fee each, I bought two tickets for myself and my friend Paula, fully intending to give them away if I couldn't attend. You also can't make a career slagging someone off on someone else's behalf and expect them to show you the slightest bit of courtesy in any situation ever. Get over yourself.

Since buying the tickets Chris approached me and asked if I would like to talk. I said I would love to, but I will have to see how I am health wise so no promises yet. After talking to a few people I decided that I am going and I will be appearing as a guest, I will not be giving a talk, we have something different planned! I will NOT be receiving any money, I NEVER take money for anything.

I said I will also have to have a chat with the lovely lady who works at the Job Centre I saw last week after a certain someone reported me as a benefit cheat for doing ufo conference talks, getting paid while running around in high heels and collecting donations!! I was reported for living with my partner too! Laughable and tells me everything I need to know about the way other people live. Dave and I live together, he is also my registered carer and they know he lives with me. We don't lie cheat and steal. Dave had his own business as a Telecoms engineer at liverpool University for twenty years and prior to that was a fully qualified tool maker. No gaps in employment. Unfortunately he had to go bankrupt two years ago. So even though we have been through all that, put a roof over his head, he tried to destroy what we have. We are not benefit cheats so there wasn't a problem.

Someone said he had also reported me to Social Services for being a drug addict and abusing my children who he says crawl around in filth and are neglected. If he did they didn't believe him. They did not pay us a visit. Besides, I called social services myself two years ago to ask for family support while we went through bankruptcy and had to go on benefits while find somewhere to live. They know me because I went to them!

Not that it is anyone's business, but to show you how much of a shit he is... We received support for a year via a charity we were sign posted to by Social Services. Am I supposed to be embarrassed about needing support while Dave dealt with his bankruptcy and I dealt with everything else, all with a baby? Well I'm not. I am also telling you all this due to the terrible lies being spread about myself and my family. I want you to see the kind of person he is. This is who he is and who his 'friends' are. He is in their notes about me as being a friend sleeping on the sofa until he finds somewhere to live. He is also in my notes as having been kicked out for cocaine use, drinking and inappropriate behaviour.

Shit happens as they say and it happened to us big time. Baby, bankruptcy, house move, the top three most stressful things all in one lump and all while we supported a man who is now doing this to us. BUT! We survived that and this onslaught of hate by gangstalkers who are not UFO researchers. Warren calls us the flying saucer heads, he says he hates ufology and owes it nothing Ufology owes him. So why is he even around? Why is he not talking to people in the Rock World? Why doesn't he send his items to the bigger auction houses, where if genuine he would get real money for his items. why is he selling his rock star fantasy to ufology which he says he hates?

Well piss off away from it then why don't you?!  YOU contribute literally nothing. Ben raises his profile by attacking people and crying victim, using all the right keywords to catch the minds of the people who think he is worth listening to. This past year he has done nothing apart from talk about me while calling me a nobody. Well if I am of no consequence, why is he crying like a giant man baby?

I told the woman at the Job Centre everything that was going on and pointed out that the conference referred to was five years ago, I was not on benefits, nor was I doing the can can on a table. I said watch the video it's on my Youtube channel. I took some posts in I'd printed off of Warren stating I am a benefit cheat and saying I am running around in high heels during my Rendlesham 2012 conference talk, telling them I am fit an well, I must be able to fake X-Rays and MRI's too. He also said I was drunk during the 2012 conference which Captain Bob Salas vehemently denied as he was the speaker after me, we also went out for lunch with Bob and his lovely wife Marilyn.

I also told her all about his activities and him trying to claim costs through a solicitor for a period when I know he was on benefits and sold various items while on benefits. I told her that he is the benefit cheat, he says publicly he has always worked, that his paintings fetch a lot of money, that his business is selling rock memorabilia and that he says he is a John Lennon authenticator. I told her he sold an item for £10,000 in 2015 while on benefits and that his bank statements for around May or June of that year will show them a small amount of undeclared money had been paid in. The rest came by courier.

I chatted with her about what I do and why I do it, obviously it was off the wall but she said "He's obviously just a crank, forget him, you told me everything before I even told you the full statement given over the phone. You've nothing to worry about".

Yet these people accuse others of being rats!

So the upshot of Chris Evers' very polite and reasonable message is Ben Emlyn-Jones throwing his dummy out of the pram while screaming victimisation and everyone joined in. BANNED he claims to be. He wasn't banned, Chris stated he wasn't banning him, he was asking him not to attend. Here are their messages;

So who throws himself up next? Nigel Mortimer Of course! Resurrecting old lies, accusing me of sending him photos of giant turds in a toilet again, claiming to have been gangstalked when in actual fact he is just another one who inserted himself into the contretemps between Warren and myself. I called Warren out directly and if he could string a sentence together without exploding while everyone encourages him, I'd still be dealing directly with Warren, but seeing as he can't answer questions he encourages others to attack me or anyone near me constantly. In fact as soon as Mortimer heard that Ben was asked not to go the first thing he did was bully Chris by asking him if he was banned too? Chris said no, you are not banned and explained the situation to him.

Show your support for Ben by buying Nigel Mortimer's book.

Portal Combat. Previous blog outlining Mortimers attention seeking techniques

Chris thought the best next move would be to release a statement to clear things up;

"The Outer Limits Magazine, as endeavoured for some time to remain neutral in the ongoing war of words between the debate concerning Larry Warren, et al… although we published an article by Sacha Christie in issue 6, we also offered in our brief write up, of the article, a right of response to Larry Warren, through Ben Emlyn Jones.
We have continued to concentrate on the build up to our first conference in September, this year.
But this as now brought us directly in to the argument.
Several weeks ago, Sacha Christie, Alyson Dunlop and David Young agreed to attend the conference and began purchasing their conference tickets. All well and good.
Ben Emlyn Jones, recently purchased a conference ticket via the OLM website Pay Pal account. Know ing of the position of Ben in his support for Larry Warren and his comments re the situation this left me in an awkward position.
Do I allow him to attend? Do I ask the other people in the argument to not attend? Do I give them all their money back and say no one attend? Would there be arguments in the hall? Or outside the venue?  Well, I am sure you can understand I cannot risk any of this happening as I do want the OLM conference to become a regular event in the British UFO calendar. This would NOT be the start to what I hope will become a good relationship with the venue.
In my view as David, Alyson and Sacha had all committed previously they would have first right to a seat at the conference. Also, Sacha was invited to give a surprise talk at the event, outlining her own experience of a sighting in Wales, so I could NOT ask her to not attend.
Would Ben really want to sit there and listen to her talk? Highly unlikely in my opinion.
Even so, when Ben purchased his ticket I mulled all the above over in my head, for a few days, before contacting him. I will also say Sacha and Alyson where aware of my full conversation with Ben, from the start and in no way influenced my decision.
Deciding on a course of action would not be easy, damned if I do and damned if I don’t.
Ben purchased his ticket earlier in the week of April 3 to April 7, 2017. I approached him via messenger on Wednesday 5 April:
“Hi Ben,
I thought it would be prudent to let you know the following regarding the OLM 2017 Conference.
It's highly likely that Alyson Dunlop, Sacha Christie, and David Young who as purchased tickets will attend the Conference.
While I am not stopping you from attending the event I felt it best to let you know this as I am, as are many, aware of the current situation between you all.
As the organiser, it's my responsibility to make you aware of this information which could prove to be awkward, and may spoil the conference for you and others in attendance. More so if an argument breaks out.”

His response:
“Fair enough and thanks for letting me know. I promise I will not interact with any of them so there will be no arguments. Despite their claims, my entire input on this controversy has been completely calm and rational. BTW, can I pay you for my ticket with PayPal? My own bank account has been frozen due to problems there.”

Ben then wrote saying he had sussed out how to make the payment.
He then sent to me the following:
“The OLM conference looks like it's going to be a great event and I very much look forward to it. 🙂 I knew Dave, Sacha and Alyson might be going too. Could you ask them also to keep good order on this matter please, Chris, seeing as I am determined to do so and want very much for there to be no trouble, Thanks.

My response to his message:
“Hi Ben,
I am afraid this is exactly what I was worried about to be honest.
I am not wanting to get involved in the current argument at all, (my offer to give LW a right of response in Outer Limits Magazine still exists, did you pass the message on at all?) and asking me to approach them on your behalf is doing just that, it is putting me in to a very difficult situation, a situation I do not want to be in, and forcing me to decide, I don’t really want to have to do this.

As I previously messaged you, that Alyson, Sacha, David and James are going to be in attendance. I cannot guarantee the behaviour of anyone at all, this is beyond my remit.
Please do NOT take this personally but as they have bought their tickets first, and have said they are going to attend, I feel it is better, until the present circumstances are changed and or the circumstances between you all allow, that you do not attend.

Please do not take this as a slant against you, it is not. IF you had purchased the ticket first I would have told them the same.

This is the first conference I have organised under the OLM banner and as such, I am sure you will appreciate, I have a duty of care to all attendees to ensure the conference runs smoothly, and to provide an atmosphere of enjoyment for all. I do think that if you are all in the same room, that I can guarantee that.
I ask you to respect this please Ben, if you have any questions then do please contact me.
I am sending you, your payment back including the £1 admin fee…
Hope you understand.”

Ben then wrote back the following:
“Hi Chris.
Of course, the last thing I want to do is put you in a difficult position. Yet I must protest. It was you who first approached me regarding this issue and seeking reassurance. You also told me you would not prevent me from attending and I GUARANTEED my good behaviour on the day. I am not asking you to approach them on my behalf. I'm not asking you to say anything to Sacha, Alyson or Dave that you have not already gone out of your way to say to me. I don't recall you requesting me to contact Larry for you. If you did and I missed it then I apologize (Larry is on Facebook and easy to get hold of if you want to ask him personally. I'm sure he'd like to appear in a future issue). I was hoping that Sacha, Alyson and Dave too would then offer equal reassurances that all would go smoothly and we could simply mutually agree to uphold a level of professional conduct. Don't you want this? If I am willing to do that at my end and they are not then WHY am I the one being excluded? What is it I'm forcing you to decide? Have those three said they won't go if I do? If they're going to be that petty, and they will not themselves guarantee to maintain good order at the event, then are THEY the kind of people you want at the event? Why am I the one getting the talking-to and not them? I realize that this is not a personal slant against me. However, how many more times is this going to happen to me? I'm being banned from a conference I really want to attend and hoped to enjoy when I've done NOTHING wrong and have explained in detail my determination to keep good order always. This is a PERSONAL dispute between me and them. It is not ME who wants to spread it out and turn it into some major scandal. All I have done is disagree with Sacha and write my own online articles countering hers. Therefore, I'd like to appeal. Please could you reconsider?”

Bens response asks me to reconsider, which is precisely what I was doing, when I find his post about being banned all over the internet… well on his page anyway, it first came to my attention as Heidi Neil contacted me asking why she had been unfriended by me, which I had no knowledge of, after explaining this to Heidi I looked on her Facebook page and found Bens post…

Now my post to Ben does not Ban him. It states the following:
“Please do NOT take this personally but as they have bought their tickets first, and have said they are going to attend, I feel it is better, until the present circumstances are changed and or the circumstances between you all allow, that you do not attend.”
It clearly points out his and their circumstances need to change, that isn’t for me to do but for the individuals concerned to do so. This is NOT an outright Ban on Ben attending its asking for the circumstances to alter, and then once altered it is fine.

Yes, seems harsh to some, but I am sorry as the organiser my responsibility is to the smooth running of the event on the day, for ALL attendees.  It is also my responsibility to the venue to guarantee no problems arise, inside or outside the venue.
Now though I find Ben has brought this out in to the public domain BEFORE I even responded, and with 5 months to go before the conference I thought I would have more time to think things over, but his blog about being banned as not allowed that. Well, shame on you Ben…
5 months could have been used intelligently to resolve any differences or for Ben or others to contact the others involved and resolved the situation or has Ben suggest agreeing to be amicable, when in the same room or venue.
I point out again that asking me to do so on any one’s behalf is above my actual remit to do so. It also brings me in to a debate on the overall LW/SC-AD et al. situation.

I am afraid though that by putting this out publicly you haven’t helped your cause"

Chris Evers

Did that clear things up? Of course not! The very next day Mortimer is in full attack mode, Chris Evers being the subject of the assault. Chris has not been antagonistic in the slightest.

So let's have a little look at the industry that is Ben Emlyn-Jones and see what he has been putting out there about me and let's see if anyone then thinks that I am not entitled to say to him, "Okay Ben, you say that is me in the photographs, why don't you take us through your research and your friend Joan of Arc's research, seeing as she is an expert.  Show me myself in those photos. Back what you've said up with the proof you say you have, but daren't show on the internet in case you get sued". As if producing my private correspondence and targeting me endlessly with petty whinging on Warren's behalf isn't bad enough. Laughable. Get to know the law. I have.

Well, he did post my private letter from Warren's solicitor online before I had even had my post delivered. Facebook read my letter before I did and he thinks there's nothing wrong with that! Why on Earth does he think he is entitled to be in the same room as me and that I am not entitled to even talk to him about the lies he's repeated about me? The false accusations, the libel, defamation AND slander, malicious communications, malicious intent and harassment.

Now Tino Megaro is making noise about attending the Outer Limits Conference and doesn't that make him look the big man?! Look at the size of his man love. Mr Bigman is going to come to the conference just to be an antagonist, yet they accuse me and others of being the antagonists, the stalkers and disruptors!

This is the very first Outer Limits Conference and they are trying to wreck it and trash Chris's reputation just for ASKING Ben not to attend. Chris has been under a total assault from all the usual names in the same gang that have berated and attacked myself and everyone else who asks reasonable questions about Warren's claims, as if he is the Messiah. How dare we ask him valid questions. He's precious. How dare Chris ASK Ben not to attend? Ben's precious too.

No bother about the fact they banned me in the first place when Warren was speaking, and in fact got banned himself for threatening to murder me on the spot if I asked him this;

"Why does Bustinza say he was in the forest with Halt all night and that he wasn't with you all night on Capal Green as you stated. Why did he say they were told to turn right at East Gate"

He perceived that question as a threat and stated as much. Then he threatened to put my windpipe through my spine and end my life. After that he orchestrated a hate campaign against me with a group of people who now stand with me and against him because after looking at my evidence and witnessing his behaviour for themselves, they could no longer believe a single word he says, in fact they are fully intent on exposing him for the fraud that he is. He has a new 'new' group of people, as he always does, as he always has to, they took the helm in a way the others never did. They were trying to protect their conference. These people have nothing to protect, they do it for fun.

I find it interesting that Warren body swerved having his documents authenticated for free yet spent money lying to a solicitor in an attempt to have us silenced so we cannot speak about him in any context. Nice try, better fail. He now says he is going to represent himself in court and prove that I tampered with his evidence, which is basically an admission his evidence IS tampered with. Good luck with that level of perjury and the financial cost. I will have a solicitor and evidence to the contrary. I have so many of Warren's private photos on my laptop which he put on himself by the way. He used it for the four months he was here. I can prove all of this! In fact I already have in previous blogs. Lots of his photos have that same camera reflection and his own home in the background with HIS face in frame.

Of course Ben's reaction to being asked not to go to the conference was to scream like a giant man baby about being BANNED. He wasn't banned as you can see from the above messages. Here is a list of his man baby chronicles, they are perfect for showing his victim mentality and his modus operandi of twisting the truth into his victimisation, he does this with everything. So now you can see how he operates. Attention no matter what the cost to anyone else.

The Larry Warren Controversy Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12 *
Part 13 *

*Larry Warren Returns  has to be the best HPANWO show to date. It captures the ethos of HPANWO perfectly. Lies, attention seeking and gossip. this is hours of actionable material. It is already in the hands of the police, IPCC and solicitor. Approximately 90 minutes of hate speech about myself and my family, including my children.

Then there are these videos, in response to Charles Halt's book The Halt Perspective but he also talks about myself and how he is going to prove in court I tampered with his evidence. Which basically says his evidence IS tampered with but he is blaming me for it. He blames someone else for all of the issues that will not go away. If you listen to him you will see he is utterly blameless throughout the 36+ years this has been going on.

Warren Perspective Part 1
Warren Perspective Part 2
Warren Perspective Part 3

Also the radio shows!

HPANWO Radio Show 197 Larry Warren Speaks.  This one is so fantastic it needed transcribing. Here is the Gdrive link. Show 197 transcript. Guaranteed to blow your mind.

This is also very precious. Tim Beckley and Tim Schwartz interviewed Warren and Jones. They obviously knew nothing about the situation. Tim declared "Yeah and I bet they've only met him once!" Ben let out a little butthead laugh and carried on talking. No Tim. He is also not a hospital porter but who cares about facts!! To be honest most of it Warren just rambles on in a very odd disjointed way, almost as if he wants to reel off his usual stories but daren't.
Exploring the Bizarre Tim Beckley Show

In this show Steve LaPlume is interviewed by Ben and Eno, an American father and son team who have kept up with the Rendlesham story and even hosted a show here in the UK in Woodbridge. During this interview Steve stated that Warren asked him to lie to Georgina Bruni for him. Something Steve refused to do. even though this is nothing to do with the mess, I thought it was a good show and included it for Steve's comment.
Behind the Paranormal with Ben & Eno

As you can see all the above proves that I am obsessed with Warren does it? I produce evidence,  Ben produces passive aggressive bullshit.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.....

In a recent post Chris Evers conference Warren states he has lots of pals in Hull, intimating a group of people will come and trash it and the behest of Warren, why? Because big baby Ben was ASKED not to go and was even told he wasn't banned. Tino Megaro states he might go. Why? To intimidate everyone or me? Whichever, it makes him look the idiot. How does he see himself if he thinks he can walk into a room and make the slightest bit of difference to the atmosphere. Maybe he will make us all laugh with his sheer arrogance and opinion of himself "Tino Ten Men Megaro".

Look in a mirror Tino and give yourself a reality check, you're not exactly the picture of youth and fitness either are you? Yet you think you can take on a room full of people! I'd love to see the scenario that ran through your head to make you say that. Unless you're a ninja too? Another secret Liam Neeson ''fighter type'' like you're a "biker type". Guilty of indirect harassment and targeting an individual under the malicious communications and harassment acts. "But I just shared posts and said stuff on other peoples posts" ... That's exactly what that clause if for. That goes for all of you.

Malky Smithson has been issued with a harassment warning since I started writing this blog. Turns out he isn't a train driver, he only drives virtual reality trains, the only time he has ever been in court is not to assess anything as a photography expert as he alluded to during the "Sacha faked the all of Warren's photos" comedy act, he isn't an expert anything. He has mental health issues and is well known to the police. He also still lives with his mum. The likelihood of him cutting anyone's nose off is zero, but the way I see it he did, he cut his own nose off to spite his own face, just to impress Larry Warren.

We won't be hearing from him again. His mum grounded him forever.

*updated 30.04.17 Malky was back online by the 24th April 2017 another lie from the police.

Because of the complex nature of this case (I assume), Merseyside have been deliberately obstructive. I have an accepted ongoing complaint running with the Independent Police Complaints Commission for wilful neglect of duty, obstructing the course of justice and witness intimidation, probably more by the time the investigation is complete. I fully intend to push this into Parliament due to the fact the Police lied to my MP after I wrote to him and told him about the situation. The police lied and told him it had been investigated when that was not true. Under the advice of the IPCC, Jackson Cantors Solicitors and Victim Support I am pursuing the rest of my attackers and will be wanting to know why the Police ignore victims of crime in the paranormal and UFO communities.

Unless of course there has been a directive set for them to ignore Warrens misdemeanors, or that he is an informant or a plant, or as Col Halt said to me "The spooks don't want him to stop messing this up". He might be right, or maybe Merseyside police really are feckless beyond belief? I will tell the full tale of their actions and non actions in a future publication.

I was told I would have to wait two weeks for an explanation from Merseyside Police. That was six weeks ago. However, my complaint is a constantly updating format and not set as a past event, its considered ongoing and after the last visit I had where an officer shouted at me for 40 minutes for wanting her to take a statement on behalf of Bradford police, as they had requested. She told me she doesn't work for Bradford Police and refused to take a statement. I recorded the visit. Also being transcribed and sent to the IPCC among other agencies.

I will also be writing a blog on how not to try and report harassment. I will tell you exactly how to report it, what to say and who to say it to, but more importantly it is HOW you say it. You need to spoon feed them laws and acts or they pretend they don't know what the law is. Although this WPC knew nothing of the law and when I asked her about a particular law she said she didn't know, she would have to look it up after saying only five minutes before that she knew the law better than me. In this instance she most definitely does not know the law, but I do.

As for the Holmfirth UFO Truth conference, it seems everyone is expecting a fight. Apparently Warren is going with a baseball bat as one commentator said to a friend who can't go. Shame you'll miss the fight. There won't be one obviously, we are not the freaks, we never said we were going because it's such a pathetic man baby thing to do.

In a way I would love to go! I want to know what they are going to talk about now that Adrian Bustinza has stated Larry Warren wasn't there, he stole his account and thinks he must have recorded him talking to him because he doesn't see how he could remember that much of his information and knows he wasn't with him. You can all look forward to hearing more from Adrian now.

All of this is much ado about nothing with Ben. He inserted himself into this situation after I called Warren out directly, obviously Warren can't speak for himself and now I can't imagine what he is going to say. I read in Linda Moulton Howe's transcript of her 1986 taped interview with Warren when he told her he lied about the underground bit and being with Adrian, he just thought it was important the story be told. He said to her "If all this turns out to be lies, it's because Adrian lied to me" the full transcript can be found here.

I wish the real witnesses of the Rendlesham Forest Incidents well, I hope now they have thrown the joker out of the pack they can make sense of things, the only reason it is such a mess is because a false landing and false story has been forced into the real story making it unrecognisable. Just because Warren says no one listens to me or the other investigators, it doesn't mean it's true. Just because Warren and Ben say we are a very small group of detractors, doesn't make that statement true. These people work on factoids and no matter how many times a person repeats them, it's still utter rubbish. He thought he could fake it to make it, but all he did was fake it and break it.

Recently I released one of the files I produced on Warren. It's the smallest one. Here is a link to his art auction sales and failed sales. Two Gerry Garcia Paintings given to him, A Bob Dylan, Miles Davies.. They all are very generous to him. I'm sure you will find it interesting. There are another 60 pages of this stuff.

Larry Warren Auction Items

This is another very interesting show transcript. Larry talks at (No I don't me 'to') Andy Young.

Larry on Truth Frequency Radio with Host Andy Young TRANSCRIPT

Lets not forget this little beauty. Alyson and the rest of the people interviewing Warren are all now opposed to Warren and in support of my research. Alyson has teamed up with me and has been conducting her own investigations into the situation. After looking at my evidence without prejudice, they saw the cold hard facts and turned their back on him just as his co author Peter Robbins has.

ADX Files Larry Warren Interview transcript.

Game Over Please Insert Coin.

8 updated 13/5/17

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