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Stars In His £yes,The Adventures Of Larry Warren And His Doctored Photographs.

                                                        When Larry Met Stevie

If you have read Left At East Gate you may remember Warren's claims of friendship with Stevie Ray Vaughan. The book even has a photograph of Warren and SRV together. More recently he made claims that he had been good friends with John Lennon when previously he said he had never met the man and that it was one of his biggest regrets. I think that regret might soon be replaced with one even bigger.

In the facebook post below he says he hung out with John on the 28th of November 1980, just ten days before his murder. He expects us to believe he is nineteen years old in the photograph with John Lennon which was actually taken by Bob Gruen at The Hit Factory at the end of August that year whereas Warren claims it was taken in November at Cafe Fortuna by Vinnie Urwand.


Obviously this casts doubt on everything else he says especially in combination with the discrepancies in his account of his involvement in the Rendlesham Forest Incidents. So I decided to take a closer look at his alleged friendship with Stevie Ray. It wasn't hard to find his mistakes. I don't actually know how much I really need to say to paint the picture, a picture says a thousand words and this has practically written itself. It's the most passive research I have done to date.

This is Warren with Mick Taylor, famous musician, played with the Rolling Stones as one example.

He was in the Mick Taylor band for two years, I have no idea which two and I can't help but wonder if Mick knows? It's ok though, he lives in Suffolk and gigs locally, I will be going to see him with Ronnie Dugdale this summer.

I think the next few need no introduction...

This poster can be seen in the background of the original photograph of Warren with Stevie Ray and Phoebe Snow. It was an event poster. If you have read my blog about his John Lennon claims you will have read that he wants us to believe that he was a security guard for the stars. Not that he included any of this in his book LAEG even though it is written in a kind of diary format.

Some of his more outrageous claims were said on a radio show on the Truth Frequency Radio Show with host Andy Young.

Excerpt from Left At East Gate

I would like to tell you about the guitar awkwardly positioned in one photograph, you can only see the signature, CONveniently. This guitar was sold in 1995 by Christies for £8000. Warren included his photograph and story in LAEG which was published and publicly available in 1997, the same year Christies gave the buyer a full refund when it was fully established that this guitar and the signature were not the star's. A black cap also alleged to have been SRVs was appraised and revealed also to have never been the property of SRV's.


On the Truth Frequency radio show in August he tells us how Stevie Ray Vaughan was at his first wedding! Quite a surprise that the only real mention of his wedding was a remark about the not so great Polka Dot Band playing. He also tells us some wonderful tales about Ringo Star on stage alone with the band locked out by some "dinner ladies" I think his patronising terms was. Then there was the time he found Joe Walsh in an upright piano. Oh the japes are endless.

Listen here for Warrens trip down false memory lane.  with host Andy Young.

This proves without reasonable doubt that Larry Warren lies and produces fake evidence to back up his claims. The only reason he included the photograph and SRV story in LAEG was to boost his image as a friend to the stars. Having successfully sold an item through a prestigious auction house he knew that the inclusion of his friendship in the book would boost his provenance. I am quite sure he expected LAEG to make him as famous as some of the successful people he met within ufology, it might have done too if the reality of Warren wasn't so combatant with the people he wants to believe him. If other discrepancies hadn't been so glaring I wouldn't have decided to forensically examine his claims.

I am currently working with people on handwriting analysis and other items he has for sale. His Jimi Hendrix painting was seen by me before it was finished. He also made the mistake of signing his name with two 'M's when it only has one. But that is for another post. Why am I having the handwriting analysed do I hear you muse? This is why... Note the way John signs his name with a little smiley face in this genuine sample of his handwriting.

This is Larry Warren's signature in the book Left at East Gate.

Oh I will keep on keeping on. I have to talk about the evolution of his Bigfoot sighting yet. Oh and so many more things. Some major, some just pathetic but it's "All true" to coin a common Warren phrase. .

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  1. I know Larry Warren and Duane Charleton. Duane produces documentaries and could very well be the best guitarist in Vermont and beyond.