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Flying Saucy Heads (with updates).

NK Kranda and Peter Robbins 

Special NK

There are some remarkable people in ufology. I have met one person in particular, whom I believe is going to do some absolutely amazing things for experiencers and witnesses of high strange, phenomena. She collates peoples accounts, archiving them, offers them an ear, some comfort, love and friendship. She is an experiencer herself, I won't go into her experiences because it is up to her who she shares her intimate horrors and traumas with. 

I think she is special, in a way that you do not see all the time. You know, one of those people you look at, you can FEEL them and you just know, she is going to help people. I knew it right from the minute I met her but couldn't figure out the draw but I am very drawn to her, as are many of us and it has nothing to do with her looks. I eventually figured it out, she gives good mind, she is funny, she is authentic, very insightful and intelligent. Everything the people in question are not and could never be. 

When I got to know her, I decided there and then, no matter what, I would try and help this woman achieve her goals, because she has got what it takes and her goals are my goals, we want to help people like us. She WILL heal people, she will do great things. She already does, and anyone who cares about experiencer support, should get behind her and give her everything she needs to do it. After all, she is up against a mountain of misogyny and she is healing from trauma, as all genuine experiencers are. We do not have easy lives. 

Misogyny Rules

But for the most part, Ufoology doesn't care for healing. It doesn't care about where it gets its bread and butter from. It wants the story, it wants the data, it wants the attention. Ufology gets all of its information from witnesses, then it takes a huge dump on them and leaves them standing. It also hates women as I have shown in my blogs previously. It is thick with it and it is up to the men of ufology to change that, misogynists do not listen to women. 

You can say what you like about Nick Pope but he stepped forward to highlight the outrageous misogyny in Ufology, during the relentless and insidious victimisation of myself and my family for telling the truth, about major lies within Ufology. 

Now I am not talking about every individual here, but even some of the women in ufology, hate women in ufology. Internalized misogyny in women is very real, I have experienced it myself from day one, because I am not meek, mild, demure, I am ME, I am not a professional and I am not a persona and I will not tolerate bullshit. I am living my life, my friend is also living her life. 

So what did I see? This.... 

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Edit: (19.05.22)

The conversation continues 

Dan Chaney:

"NK Miranda also likes to make videos of herself reading from books in her underwear to draw your attention & when you call her out on it like I did & others did-you get cussed out & blocked by her. You won't see prominent women in ufology doing that. Go ahead & cuss me out, rake me over the coals,etc.-Just beacause someones beautiful & in a bra & gstring doesn't add to the narrative of serious ufology-I'm calling it like it is".

William Pullin

"Your comments are spot on Sir,. Thank you for your honesty"

Dan Chaney

"William Pullin very welcome-if you want to be taken seriously in the field of ufology-have some dignity, respectability, taste & bring SOMETHING other than your scantilly clad body to the narrative"!

EDIT: Further conversation. 

Chad Laibly
Dan Chaney 1) you will never in your life know a woman half as amazing as her.
2) NK has never put herself out there as a UFOlogist, she deals with the paranormal but all the UFOlogists want to keep inviting her to talk.
3) What have you done in the field? Sitting on the couch with your hands in the hole in your pocket doesn’t count.
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Chad Laibly
William Pullin ha ha ha…spot on for an envious little boy. You don’t even know the first thing about her, if ya did you would know she’s a paranormal expert not UFO. She just keeps getting asked to join UFO conversations because she’s so well-informed.
Unlike you.
We’ve done a few interviews together and she’s always professional and mature and informative.
Oh I’ll wait while you Google those words to understand what they mean…clearly you have no idea what it’s like to be any of those things.
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Dan Chaney
Chad Laibly actually I married an amazing woman, a librarian who doesn't feel the need to do podcasts in her underwear or cuss people out for calling her on it! If she's not an 'expert' on ufology, she should stick to her field. And as far as what have I done in the field-I'm a contact experiencer & put my story out on Youtube for free-and not in my underwear, lol and I've been a guests on 3 radio shows & spoken at 2 Mufon meetings-all as an experiencer & NOT an 'expert', lol
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Dan Chaney
William Pullin I wouldn't be thanking him, he's just another troll in the 'hoping to get attention' club
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Dan Chaney
William Pullin very welcome
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Steve Bounds
Dan if you are calling it like it is, she has never taken videos of herself reading in her underwear and posted them to her FB. I can understand how you may want to see her in her underwear, she is easy on the eyes. She has though posted a video while wearing a bikini top and pants. The video ironically was a satirical piece in regards to woman’s reproductive rights and the misogyny in the legal system and how hypocritical men get all offended when they see flesh of an attractive woman in public, yet these same men are perverts in private.
What anyone posts on their private FB page isn’t anyone else’s concern and since you seem to know what type of underwear she wears that means you are either making up lies or you are a peeping Tom and stalked her. Both are unacceptable for someone that talks about dignity and respectability.
NK has never reported to be an expert at anything and yet she has been interviewed and talked with some of the most famous and respected people in the field.
For her not being an expert she happens to know more about ufology and the paranormal than many “experts” in the field.
If you had ever gotten to know NK before attacking her for her looks you would see an intelligent woman who literally has helped hundreds of people. It’s people that make accusations and rude comments out of the no where that keep people away from the ufo community. They are afraid that if they don’t fall lockstep with the community they will be attacked and shunned, you have proven this point. NK talks to those people that have been abused by the UFO community, those who literally want to commit suicide because of the stress they are under, she has helped talk many people off the ledge. But you ignore all that.
I would much rather see honest people living their lives and letting others do their thing and not get all huffy when they are ignored.
You very well could have just ignored NK but you chose to attack her all because she has boobs and you don’t like it. Don’t look at women with boobs and automatically assume they are sluts and selling themselves, that’s truly horrific that you jump to that conclusion.
I hope if you are ever in a situation where you have been abused, neglected and feel your life is ready to end, that someone with compassion like NK will be there, but I also hope that never happens to you because it truly is an awful place to be.
Her work is with and for people, people that have been through extreme trauma. She cares for them and is not judgmental at all, she will fiercely defend herself and others when attacked though.


So obviously the first thing I did was go through all of her videos and her photos. NOT ONE of them is she even nearly naked. 

There is a photo of her in a swimsuit but you can only see her top half, not even her midrif. There is a photo of her legs... Woooo.... My god, calm down fellas. Its not the 1800's, we can show a bit of ankle now. Makes me wonder why you get so emotional over her body. 

As you can see there are zero videos of her reading, even remotely naked. What can this mean? 

It means that Dan and William have sexualised NK, to the point of her being almost naked in their minds, as they think about her videos. THEY THINK they have seen her almost naked but in fact, they have undressed her mentally. She is FULLY CLOTHED in ALL her videos and photos. 

Then we have to consider the entitlement of them even saying these things. Telling the world, discussing it publicly, on her friends page, on a post advertising a recording with her and others. They think their preferences are important enough to be aired publicly. They think they have public support on this. Quack Quack Oops!

"Belated thanks to my Texas UFO panel for their participation our discussion of the recent Edinburg UFO Festival and Conference and all things Texas UFO on this past Monday's episode of "Meanwhile, Here On Earth":

May 2 - Noe Torres is a recognized expert in the field of UFOs and the paranormal, Noe Torres is an author, publisher, and former Texas state section director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) who holds a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Texas at Austin.
Since 2012 Jane Kyle (aka "UFOJane") has documented over a thousand UFO sightings in her home state of Texas -- and counting! Jane has been featured in local and international media, and has a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

NK Kranda went to school for horticulture sciences and graduated with highest honors. She has also studied psychology, trauma therapies, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, art, biology, physics, history and shamanism. She currently works in experiencer research and preservation and teaches those who have been traumatized to fight the stigma, to never stop telling their story, and to honor themselves for having survived.

Daniel Alan Jones is an investigative journalist and an amateur anthropologist as well as a history, nature, and wildlife enthusiast. He is the host and producer for The Vortex, a show that explores the mysteries of the world and beyond and has researched unexplained phenomena for over a decade. He is
also a musician and teaches drums around the Dallas-Fort Worth area".

They think they are entitled to discuss a womans body, behaviour and activities, like they have some right over her autonomy, or at least they wish they did. The only thing that ever kept us from being our authentic selves, was the man made law. The law of men making women property, controllable, controlled, opressed, repressed. OWNED.

Well unfortunately for Mr Misogyny(s) we have our autonomy now. We are no longer groomed to be wives, mothers, property. We are no longer required to have men in our lives to have bank accounts, mortgages, hire purchase etc. No... men have to be likeable these days, to be desirable. You have to get into our minds first, not our pants. 

So now we can be our authentic selves, they don't like it do they? Also... anyone else out there who can't cope with women being free, including you women, especially the woman who actually liked Dan's comments. You are letting the side down big time. Shame on you. Women should be bringing women up, not tearing them down. 

Her page is her personal page, it is private, she is not a persona, a public figure maybe but not in the way she conducts herself, otherwise she would have a professional page, not a private, personal page. 

So lets get back to what was being said and take a look at the people saying it....

William is a persona, his page is alllll ufo stuff and a bit about him being a tennis coach. I ditched him years ago, all his "using the scientific method" word salad, while posing the most bland questions you can imagine. Scientific method my third digit William. 

So swiftly onto Dan, the instigator in all this..... He is quite the hypocrite. Let me remind you...

Dan Chaney:

"William Pullin very welcome-if you want to be taken seriously in the field of ufology-have some dignity, respectability, taste & bring SOMETHING other than your scantilly clad body to the narrative"!

Let us have a look at what Dan brings to the narrative, seeing as he is sooooo disgusted by NK and her body. 

Seems like a nice chap eh? "Only Love can be divided endlessly and still not diminished". Yeah he needs to work on that.

He gives the impression of being a "Your body your choice" kinda guy....

He said 
Dan Chaney

"William Pullin very welcome-if you want to be taken seriously in the field of ufology-have some dignity, respectability, taste & bring SOMETHING other than your scantilly clad body to the narrative"!

Dignity, Respectability and Taste

These are some of Dan's public posts....... 

He likes this so much he has shared it twice

Nice, children and sex. 

Children and sex again

So Dan can be as rude  as he likes  but if a woman shows a bit of flesh, a leg, maybe she has a bit of cleavage, and he thinks she needs to cover up. He finds it offensive!!! He finds NKs gorgeous body offensive. He thinks he has seen her nearly naked but he imagined that. They both think they have seen most of her body, they have not..... Only in their minds.  

She does not need to change the way she behaves, they need to change the way they perceive women, they need to change the way they think. If we want to get up on stage in a metal bikini with an angle grinder, showering sparks all over the audience, while delivering a fantastic oration of flesh and blood experience, we will. 

We do not care about their ideas on how we ought to conduct ourselves. They are fossils from an era that should never have existed in the first place. 

They hanker for an era of legalised oppression and also would like forced professionalism on women in ufology, even though we are recounting our experiences, talking about our lives, or the lives of others, of our friends, our fellow experiencers. 

Let me point out 




Don't you dare let the opinions of middle aged hypocrites and dullards, ever sit in your heart or mind for even a second NK. You are everything they cannot have and cannot be. They couldn't even keep up if they tried and they know it. Smashing down beauty as they do, sad little men.

Ufology takes all the beautiful things and squashes everything together, like playdough, until it is all mulched and brown. It makes every exciting moment duller than ditchwater, they suffocate witnesses, they pontificate nothings, endlessly repeating ancient cases. So many experts of other peoples memories, other peoples events, other peoples lives, even if they have genuinely had experiences, it does not elevate them to be above anyone and it gives them ZERO rights on dictating how the scene should be or how anyone should conduct themselves. ESPECIALLY when their behaviour is atrocious.

Calling out a woman for being nearly naked when she was not at all, while posting pictures of dildos, butt plugs and other sexual references, paints a very clear picture to me. 

Nothing will ever change while you all sit back and allow this crap to happen over and over. Stop complaining about how bad it all is when you stand for nothing apart from your own careers, your image. Because you know how savage Ufology is, you stay quiet and do nothing, you don't want it to be you next, you are scared of it yourselves. Ufology is a rancid bully, do something about it. Say something. Stand for something that doesn't benefit you directly. 

Be the change. It is 2022 not 1822.


I asked Dan Chaney to point our where NK was almost naked and in her underwear, which is the lie he keeps telling. He blocked me. That was the reaction I totally expected, he can talk about women but not to them. 

THEY are disgusting we're not!!!

Edit 2: 

A very disturbing way to think about friendships between members of the oppsite sex. 

William Pullin who was previously reserved with his comments but was in total agreement about his disdain for NK, who they say reads books almost naked, she doesn't as you have seen.... Totally sexualising her to the point of her being almost naked in their minds. Now William has sexualised the relationships she has with the men in ufology. Namely Peter Robbins and Earl Grey from what I can see from their conversations. 

William cannot fathom that NK is well liked and appreciated. Not only has she had to endure the most insidious events in her life, she has endured them without a father figure. Not that this is anyones business and maybe I should keep that to myself but I think it is important here. 

We have paid attention to NK. We know her and her life, we see her ethos, her ideals, her struggles, her everything, the amazing and selfless acts she has pulled in her personal life (again I wish I could list these amazing things but it is her private life and not for me to say, if you know her, you know already).  

She is not a Ufologist, so I do not know why these men are expecting "professional Ufology" from her. She is an experiencer and she helps other experiencers.  That is her whole thing. We see her, we see what she does, we know what she wants to do, we want to help her do that, because it helps the scene, she helps the victims of phenomena. 

Pontificating about old cases while asking banal questions endlessly, adds nothing to the pot. Thats the problem with researchers though isn't it? They have to take it all, before they can give anything back and their interests are entirely self servative but in their pomposity, they think they are doing us a favour. They are nothing without witnesses, they have nothing without witnesses. 

So what is the deal with me then? If Earl and Peter and the rest, are just dirty old men being manipulated by a young woman.... What am I? Is he sexualising my friendship with her too? He thinks telling a beautiful young woman that she is beautiful is perverted. He thinks that older men such as Earl and Peter are lusting after her, that this whole thing is something seedy and disturbing and sexually motivated. We are her extended family. We see her as family. 

What is seedy and disturbing, is the fact that is all that William can see is something sexual. He cannot imagine that they are fatherly figures, supporting her, encouraging her to be her authentic self, supporting her efforts, being her cheerleaders. No, William sexualises everything when it comes to women. He cannot see a platonic friendship for what it is. I would be very carerful around someone like that.


So he thinks Earl and Peter and other men supporting NK is embarrassing and disgusting but all this is ok... 

Dan: NK Miranda also likes to make videos of herself reading from books in her underwear to draw your attention & when you call her out on it like I did & others did-you get cussed out & blocked by her. You won't see prominent women in ufology doing that. Go ahead & cuss me out, rake me over the coals,etc.-Just beacause someones beautiful & in a bra & gstring doesn't add to the narrative of serious ufology-I'm calling it like it is.


Dan: very welcome-if you want to be taken seriously in the field of ufology-have some dignity, respectability, taste & bring SOMETHING other than your scantilly clad body to the narrative!


All fine according to the men in question. The men who sexualise NK and her friendships with other men. 

Dan: I married an amazing woman, a librarian who doesn't feel the need to do podcasts in her underwear or cuss people out for calling her on it. 


Judging by his page, if she did, he would be an avid viewer. 

Dan: She should stick to her field.


Dear Manbabies

You both need to stick to your own business, her business is her business and you have zero moral high ground after the things you have said and supported. YOU are disgusting and embarrassing William. YOU are the one sexualising everything. You give men a bad name. YOU are the INCEL. YOU are the Misogynist. YOU are the problem here as is Dan. 

You act as if NK is in some deliberately devious, sexually themed, orchestrated relationships with other people, because you cannot imagine the truth. You are saying she is some sort of vamp, tempting stupid men into her web of drama and deciet in a sexual way. 

All she is doing is stuff she loves, helping people, reading books, nothing sexual. Unless of course you think I am lusting after her too? I bet you do don't you? We all just want sexy time with NK but the thought of that makes you feel disgusted. Worrying. 

Why would you infantalise a woman in her 30s? She isn't a child, "young woman"... nah she is almost a middle aged woman in fact and is far away from being a child as you intimate and why would the thought of intimacy with her make you feel disgusted....?? Oh yeah GROWN MEN AND A YOUNG WOMAN. That dear Billy Boy, is in your head only. All that totally was imagined by you. YOUR imagination, YOUR perversion, YOUR hang ups. YOU. It came from YOU. YOU are disgusting and embarrassing. Her reading in her underwear was imagined by the pair of you. You both literally imagine her naked and behaving in a sexual manner. I have watched her videos she does no such thing, the fact you think she does is very disturbing. The fact that it bothers you so much is even more disturbing. 

Only Fools and Perverts

What these fools do not even realise is this...  You say things about one woman, you are saying it about all women. If we aren't librarian like, then we are whores and anyone who likes us, is a pervert. Well only a pervert would think that. So let it be known, if you support NK and you are an older man, he thinks you are a fool and a pervert. He thinks women should be seen and not heard and when they are, they should be professional at all times. It is amazing how many regressive people there are, in such a progressive field. 

Do not, I repeat DO NOT wear a top that shows ANY cleavage, do not have your legs uncovered, do not be yourself, be a persona, do not act like a woman, act like a genderless robot, otherwise it makes men like this have sexual thoughts. 

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT post holiday photos of yourself in anything other a sackloth and ashes. Change your behaviour, because they can't have decent thoughts, change your behaviour, because these men cannot handle their emotions,  do not swear, they find it so offensive. 

And they say women are emotional?  Perhaps we should all wear Hijabs? 

This is from men who think they are so calm and collected and emotionally together, yes, thats why they can dictate, savage and publicly humiliate a woman, for being a woman and the men who support her are deviants but the men who hate women and post endless dildos and sexual references involving children on their pages, are fine.  Thats all fine. 

All the UFO ladies

Women, now you know the score, tell all your friends, these people are dangerous to your mental health, self esteem and emotional well being.  They want to be seen as professionals (laughable) and want to be famous. They deserve neither, they need relegating to the same bigot bin as racists and transphobics. AVOID.  

Their behaviour is for other men.... To impress other men, men they think have the same toxic patterns as they do. They dance this way, for other men. Question them, call them out and YOU are a deviant, because you believe in equality and have no beef with someone of the opposite sex or any other gender, you are embarrassing. Weird that. Kids, sex, dildos, butt plugs, behaving like a douche, all not embarrassing. 

I received a message from a woman saying this:

William, whos never had an experience, invalidating someone who has. 

Just to let you know when it is appropriate to comment on a womans body..... That is never. 

Especially when you are a sad, boring, overweight sad act, who looks like super mario in a snap cap who still lives with his mummy. 

"Dance then, wherever you may be, for I am the Lord of the Douche said he".

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