Sunday, 28 May 2017

Larry Warren Auction Items. Document 2

This is a frame from video taken by Dave Kelly on 16th May 2015 as Mr. Warren opened the box of returned items from Special Auction Services, Newbury, Berkshire.

The above, we now know to be titled Time Machine (first draft),  had been at auction on 14th and 15th May 2014,  LOT 866:

*Jerry Garcia: Time Machine - acrylic artwork on heavy paper; this was the very first draft in his Time Machine series and the artwork is being sold on behalf of Jerry`s close friend John Clark; the work is signed to front bottom left J. Garcia and to the rear with notation `To John Many Years A Pal` J. Garcia also T.M draft 80, approx 16.5""x11.5*

The painting was obviously not sold and and went to auction again on 31st July 2014, LOT 531

*Jerry Garcia: Time Machine - acrylic artwork on heavy paper, the very first draft in his Time Machine series, and sold on behalf of Jerry`s close friend John Clark; the work is signed to front bottom left J. Garcia and to the rear with notation `To John Many Years A Pal` J. Garcia also T.M draft 80, approx 16.5""x11.5*

However, as we have seen, the painting was eventually returned to Mr. Warren, in a box with a number of other items, and received by him on 16th May 2015.

Previously, on 26th-28th February 2013, another version of Time Machine, purportedly painted by Jerry Garcia, went to auction at Special Auction Services, Newbury, Berkshire, LOT 994.   This Time Machine did not have the elaborate history attached to it as did the other.


*Music Memorabilia: Jerry Garcia, `Time Machine` original acrylic artwork. Painted on board & signed bottom right corner Garcia 88.*

This painting was indeed sold, and above estimate, for £8,000, as announced on Special Auction Services' Facebook page, on  27th February 2013.  
Note the signature and date in the bottom right hand corner, apparently that of Jerry Garcia, '88.
Curiously, a digital image of the very same painting (above) was found on my partner's laptop but with Mr. Warren's characteristic signature and 2012 in the bottom right hand corner.    The date of the digital image is 25th January 2014.
Detail of signature and date:
The two signatures compared:

This is a known genuine Jerry Garcia artwork - titled  The Green Machine (dated 1988) - a title very similar to that of the Warren/Garcia painting.
Note the year 1988 is common to both paintings.

*The Jerry Garcia Family is pleased to unveil "The Green Machine," an abstract pen and marker drawing by Jerry Garcia published as a limited edition giclée. Created circa 1988 by Garcia, the drawing takes its title from the predominant green tones and vaguely mechanical images. During this period Garcia spent much of his spare time creating art as an avenue of expression, a distraction from vices towards a healthier lifestyle and a great way to spend time with his kids, but also as a means of retraining his hands following a coma in 1986. Jerry's whimsical style of drawing can be compared to his musical explorations.*


Another artwork, this time apparently by Bob Dylan, titled The Coal Miner's Daughter, was being auctioned at Special Auction Services, 26-28th February 2013 - (the same auction as the green Warren/Garcia "The Time Machine") -  LOT 958.  

*Music Memorabilia: Bob Dylan, original artwork Coal Miners Daughter. This painting was given to Levon Helm (member of The Band) by Bob as a gift of thanks & to reflect his first big movie. Signed to front `For Levon` Bob Dylan 80, with inscription to reverse Thanks for you help `Levon Helm Keep Rockin`, with note orig work by Bob Dylan a gift to reflect my first big movie `Coal Miners Daughter` signed Levon Helms Woodstock N.Y. 1996. On thick card stock*

The Dylan painting was also sold on 27th February 2013 and at above estimate, for £8,800.
In the returned items package that was received by Mr. Warren from Special Auction Services on 16th May 2015, there was a painting that Mr. Warren said was that of "Miles Davis."   
Reference:  VIDEO
The Miles Davis painting had been listed in the Special Auction Services 31st July 2014 auction - along with Time Machine (first draft) second selling attempt.  The Miles Davis painting was LOT 534.


*Miles Davis Asian Woman - original artwork of multi media on thick card stock, signed `Miles ! NYC` to bottom right corner and Asian Woman inscribed to the reverse, formerly the property of Davis` PA from 1986-1989, approx 12""x16.5"", in excellent condition; an example of Davis` work produced towards the end of his life - much of his work represented women in one form or another.*

On my partner's laptop a digital image of this Miles Davis painting was also found with file date of 31st December 2011.
Digital image, signature detail and file properties below:

Digital images of other paintings by Mr. Warren that were found on my partner's laptop include those in the style of the late Budd Hopkins.  For example, this is very similar to Budd's "Guardian" acrylic painting on wood.

File properties for the above digital image:

This is Budd Hopkins' painting "Guardian"
Reference: Budd Hopkins Art

Comparing the two paintings, side by side:
Another interesting comparison was Budd Hopkins' "Processions" and a painting by Mr. Warren.   Digital image properties of Mr. Warren's painting show date that the image was captured as being 25th January 2014.
Reference: Budd Hopkins Art
On 14th and 15th May 2014, a Pan Am flight bag, apparently having belonged to John Lennon, was sold in the same auction as the red Jerry Garcia Time Machine (first draft) was listed.  LOT number 868.
The Pan Am bag LOA has a familiar look to it, that of the LOAs written by Charlie Lennon for the Italian Sunglasses and the Cowboy hat.  However, the handwriting is different from the other LOAs, though still signed by Charlie Lennon.  
There is a short handwritten note at top left of the image, detail below.   
Pan-Am bag LOA close-up:
The digital images of Mr. Warren's paintings were transferred on to my partner Dave Kelly's laptop from the memory card of Mr. Warren's camera. This was because Mr. Warren was not in possession of a computer at the time. Dave then kindly let Mr. Warren use his laptop for the duration of his stay with us.
As you can see from the evidence presented on these pages, there are grave concerns surrounding various paintings for sale and sold by Mr Warren in recent years.  There are many digital images of paintings on my partner Dave Kelly’s laptop. Some of them I have vague recollections of him telling me various things about them over the years. I believe he has sold more than is included in these papers. I am happy to explain to you further once you have actioned an investigation and require all images that are still in situ on Mr Dave kelly’s laptop.
One thing I noted during my research into the various styles of the artists in question, he does seem to have a lot of paintings very reminiscent of the various styles of these artists. In fact I would postulate that Mr Warren is the only artist I have seen or known who does not seem to have a style of his own. Each of these paintings would fit nicely into various themes by various personalities, although I must state that these are my own observations and opinions and I have no proof to show you. I am telling you because I think it is important to direct your attention to the paintings as well as the memorabilia sales. Many of Mr. Warren's paintings are stored and hung on the walls in his ex-wife’s  home.
I would suggest that further investigations need to be conducted by people with the correct resources. I believe that Mr. Warren has sold art works painted by himself and when people show an interest, or he requires money, he changes the signature to that of the artist he has imitated.
I believe that Mr. Warren recreated Budd Hopkins' work in the time frame when Budd was alive. He also knew Budd Hopkins personally.  In years to come Mr. Warren could possibly claim that Budd gave him one of his pieces of work and the age would be correct even if the paints do not match.  This is something I am sure one would not be able to necessarily recognise by eye.  

Since this document was finalised in September 2016, Warren attempted to sell various items through Ryedale Auctions also featured on BBC news Look North program .