Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Steve LaPlume comes out of the shadows to discuss his Rendlesham UFO sighting

Steve LaPlume 

This is the first interview Steven LaPlume has given after many years out of the scene.

Steve witnessed a UFO over East Gate at USAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, late January or beginning of February 1981 just a few weeks after the Christmas incidents which are now referred to as the Rendlesham Forest incidents.

It is exactly 39 years since he and his colleague Wendel Palmer witnessed a large craft go over their heads while on duty.

Steve talks to me about what he saw, how life was on base, how he got himself snapped out and later became a Mercenary, an Actor, a Motorcycle Racer in China and what he is currently doing.

It is one of the most frank interviews I have ever had the pleasure of, hard at times, some genuine laughs, some nervous laughter, on my part.

He is a very honest man and I really enjoy talking to him. I am more than sure you will enjoy listening to him.

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